Hot Shots: Jennifer Lopez Parties At ‘Pure’

Published: Sunday 25th Sep 2011 by David

Take a gander at ‘I’m Real‘ performer Jennifer Lopez dancing the night away at Club Pure,  Nevada.

Snapped in the company of both her friends and fans, the recently single mother of two turned up to the club not long after her show stopping performance at the IHeartRadio Music Festival.

The event which  also saw the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lady GaGa take to the stage.

More shots from the ‘Fly Girl’s wild night below…

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  1. NikNak September 25, 2011

    j.lo needs to remember she is 42 not 22 n that she is a mother of two…..

  2. TR September 25, 2011

    S*** as all get out, but that picture ain’t flattering…WHATSOEVER!! She looks like a drunk 45 year aunty in the club that SWEAR she still got it!!

  3. Misfit September 25, 2011

    She looks spectacular! Hot damn!

  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 25, 2011

    Her facial expression does not help her, but her body is ON POINT and then some…WOW!!Enlightening!!! 😛

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 25, 2011

    Her facial expression in the last picture is slaying me!

  6. KAT DELUNA FAN September 25, 2011

    who said she looks younger than Beyoncé,perry ,etc…?!

    this thief is garbage,the dominicana queen Kat deluna shits on the non-vocal fake-ass

  7. VFB September 25, 2011


  8. Gavin Gavalli September 25, 2011


  9. Tahj M. September 25, 2011

    Wouah mama looking like a 39 year old all over again , go ahead girl !

  10. onyx September 25, 2011

    Hot as Hell, she’s Pure S**, i like this pictures because she looks drunk and just become more s***, imagine fu+k her OMG!.

  11. onyx September 25, 2011

    You are Dominican or what? what is you f*****’ problem with J.Lo, are you jealous of her, because she is famous and your ugly talented Favorite not.

  12. onyx September 25, 2011

    What is the f*****’ problem is she having fun, she works hard she deserve now that she is single again, she’s 42 years old not 80, my mother has her age and she loos fabolous too and i’m the first to tell her mom go to the clubs because you still looks hot and she does, i don’t know some people here are no open mind, this is her first appearance in public since her split with Marc Anthony and she has to remember him that she is still hot.

  13. tyra September 25, 2011

    onyx it aint the serious anyway she looks old

  14. KAT DELUNA FAN September 25, 2011

    Calm that kid before l walk in ..smh

  15. onyx September 25, 2011

    Hahahahah come on show what u got

  16. Bubu September 25, 2011

    Jlo looking so damn Hot,
    i dont care if she is 42, she looks like in her 30

    BTW Kat deLuna Fan…
    why always bring some bad comments to Jlo?…
    i mean… WHO IS KAT DE LUNA????

  17. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 25, 2011

    her body : 8/10
    Her face :

    without make-up : fresh and young
    with make-up : fierce
    With make-up and drunk : s*** and ready to get f***** baby !!

    for a 42 woman ! She’s s*** ! I know girls half her age that look older and uglier than her !

    I love? J.LO
    * plays waiting for tonight from her on the 6 album”
    That b**** has her own empire ! Hands down !


    Stop bitching 😉

  18. YAAAS BOO! September 25, 2011

    The way some of yall act like a 40 something should just exist and not LIVE. SHE’S NOT 100 YEARS OLD YOU DUMB F****!

  19. RICHANDBLACK11 September 25, 2011


  20. THEMAN September 25, 2011

    She looks great, she’s just having a good time.

  21. VA STAND UP!!! September 25, 2011

    She looks a mess in the face but the dress is cute and her body is on still on point! Looks like she has been partyin her ass off. She is entitled to have a lil fun, I’m sure the kids are with Marc somewhere so they are being taken care off.

    I guess she is taking the break up pretty well. Wonder who she will marry next….

  22. VA STAND UP!!! September 25, 2011

    September 25, 2011 at 4:24 pm
    who said she looks younger than Beyoncé,perry ,etc…?!

    this thief is garbage,the dominicana queen Kat deluna shits on the non-vocal fake-ass


    You have got to be f****** kidding me? Your fave is the definition of a flop! People don’t even know who that b**** is! J Lo’s wigs shits on Kat De NOBODY entire life! Go have a seat!

  23. Truth Seeker September 25, 2011

    She looks pathetic and old. I do like her dress though.

  24. Ghetto Fab September 25, 2011

    JLo has clearly got the Queens pressed! SAD really because her body and her face is sitting pretty.

    To that broke Dominican Kat Deluna that b**** needs to keep her s*** on the hushhhh. Nobody wants to hear that ghetto ass Washington Heights flop. So have several seats!

  25. nice_gurl September 26, 2011

    She looks amazing. Looks like she’s having fun…her performance was really good as well. I might have to go play Jenny from the Block later.

  26. honeydip September 26, 2011


  27. Bey’Knight September 26, 2011

    Go thru

  28. ray September 26, 2011

    she was born to stay and to slay ur faves !!!
    she’s been on music industry for more than 10 years and she still has some hits

    GO Girl:)

  29. J LO September 26, 2011

    jennifer is just looking better and better
    love her!!!

  30. thereallola September 26, 2011

    This b**** looks hot all right…. A HOT ASS MESS! Wow, this b**** looks old. She’s 42? She actually looks 45! I really hate it when her small group of stans try to convince everyone that she still has it and looks young. This b**** does not look like she’s in her 30s. She looks f****** retarded in these pics. It’s cool to have fun, but you posing like that while drunk is humiliating! She looks like her breath smells like s*** and her knees are saggy! I mean…. with all of these ugly ass fat Americans in the US her age…. I guess she does look “good” for her age, but in general, she looks old, washed up, and ugly!

  31. jesse lopez September 27, 2011

    ^^ be gone before someone drops a louboutin on you!
    I admit these pics are not very flattering but that has something to do with her doing the best live performance of her career like an hour before this and that heavy eye make-up….add in iling for divorce and two kids and I bet you wouldn’t look that great. also I don’t know if she is lying or not but she always says she doesn’t drink but everytime I see her coming from a late dinner or club she always looks drunk.

  32. modjo September 29, 2011

    i jst love everythin abt her . she is the queen JLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

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