Lil Wayne’s ‘The Carter IV’ To Exceed Sales Expectations

Published: Friday 2nd Sep 2011 by David

Days ago, various reports indicated that Lil Wayne‘s ‘The Carter IV‘  would see first week sales around the 850,00 units figure.

However, fans of the Young Money Rapper will be pleased to know that the LP is now expected to exceed this sales prediction and is now set to  almost double the first week successes  of ‘Watch The Throne’ released by rivals Jay Z and Kanye West.

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After his now well celebrated performance at the  2011 MTV Video Music Awards , new reports suggest that the ‘How To Love‘ entertainer’s upcoming album is now expected to move between 925,000 to 975,000 units in the first week of its release in the US alone.

This would not only make the performer’s LP the highest selling Rap effort of the year but also one of the only LPs to move over 900,000 units in its first week alone in the last two years.

Surpassing  Lady GaGa‘s ‘Born This Way‘ which although sold 1 million copies in its first week, was only able to achieve this due to the fact that Amazon were selling its copies of the LP for less than a dollar.


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  1. kelly September 2, 2011

    Something seems fishy about this!! That number is just to huge for this fu*ckery! I don’t understand it!

  2. so me September 2, 2011

    Something seems fishy to me too. There is no way that Wayne’s Rebirth album and i think he had another one after that and they both flopped. But all of a sudden this one sells?…..I think young money is spending some money on lil wayne’s album.

  3. Geronimo Deuces September 2, 2011

    congrats haters fall back…………

  4. PaigeJ September 2, 2011

    @kelly Lil Wayne actually has a STRONG fanbase… He’s sold 1 million first week before so this isn’t a surprise!

    Anyway Lil Wayne> Gay Z


  5. Kisses September 2, 2011

    Something in the milk ain’t clean. You mean to tell me, Wayne’s last 2 albums flopped, but he turns around and goes damn near platinum in the 1st week? I don’t believe that….

  6. Kisses September 2, 2011

    @So Me

    If I would’ve seen what you typed, I would’ve never said anything. Sorry for jacking your comment 🙂

  7. Smokey September 2, 2011

    Congrats to Wayne I am so happy he out sold Jay-z horrible cd

  8. Senda September 2, 2011

    Yes Wayne!

  9. Senda September 2, 2011

    There nothing fishy about this. I know a artist right now that I thinks something fishy

  10. BREEZYTHEBEST( AKA CHRIS IS KING) September 2, 2011

    GTFOH Wayne had about 4 singles already out before the album came out,show me the receipts.

  11. SCHEIßE,SCHEIßE(IS†ANN4GAGA) September 2, 2011


    (I can’t believe I’m saying this) but in Lil LawnGnome’s defense,His last two albums were a mixtape and a “rock” album….

    Again…It MIGHT deal with the fact that it might be his last album before retirement.(but then again I got this from Wikipedia.)

    No matter how many copies this album sells,it still SUCKS.

    *Waits for someone to bring up that tired ass Amazon 99¢ excuse.*

  12. Gorozzo September 2, 2011

    Dude, Stop making commenting if you don’t know what you are talking about wayne’s rebirth album is a rock album, I guess he was just experimenting so it doesn’t count.

  13. KD September 2, 2011

    I’m guessing that all his children and baby mamma’s bought a copy then.

  14. Que_Baby80 September 2, 2011

    Bey stans get thr f*** out of here…theres something fishy about yout queen! Y’all just cant stand thr fact that beyonce is still in the 700k!!! All of a sudden she drop her scandalous father from being her manager and now shr struggles to jig platinum?? That’s fishy…obviously he was racking up on his own daughters album to get her better sales figures! Congrats lil wayne!!;-) Gay Z 🙁

  15. ruethewhirl September 2, 2011



    He is such an annoying poser now its pathetic.

    HIS RYHMES SUCK EXTRA HARD. Those b******* metaphors dont make sense.

    Watch The Throne was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better than this carter b*******.


  16. IS†ANN4GAGA September 2, 2011


    September 2, 2011 at 7:58 am



    He is such an annoying poser now its pathetic.

    HIS RYHMES SUCK EXTRA HARD. Those b******* metaphors dont make sense.

    Watch The Throne was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY better than this carter b*******.


    Nope, I had the TV turned AWF(OFF) and I really did NOT want to see his BORING ass performance…… I did see a pic of him wearing Zebra print leggings lolololol 😕

  17. Here i am….FLOPPED September 2, 2011

    I just hope Kelly’s broke ass non purchasing CD stans can see motivation went platinum because of wayne and not kelly. Wayne can even make lil mama go platinum. I want you guys to watch Lay it on me flop and death to kell’y career.

  18. b**** please September 2, 2011


  19. Frieda September 2, 2011

    Good for Wayne. Jay z is complacent in his career. He shows no growth, in fact he’s digressed as far as lyrical content. He used to tell stories but now he’s just blinging and bragging on his records. Jay z used to be the king.
    Kanye is hotter than Jay and so is lil Wayne. Jay uses them to stay relevant with collabs ect…
    I don’t consider him a King of Rap. Just look at Waynes sales. Jay had to collaborate with Kanye to do this good. Sad

  20. D.Strock September 2, 2011

    Oh really? That nasty auto-tuned mess is now “well celebrated”?

    News to me

  21. Here i am….FLOPPED September 2, 2011

    At the end of the day Jayz , wayne, Beyonce and Adele still have the best selling album of the year.

    Where is kelly Rowland??? Probably parking Bey and wayne’s car somewhere

  22. Que_Baby80 September 2, 2011

    Beys albums was one of the worst selling albums of 2011 so ^ take that s*** back where you got it from…..

  23. deen September 2, 2011

    @here i am…you ar such a child,stupid,useless,ugly and imbecile..what does this post gat to do with queen kelly rowland?she a threat to your low class need to get something doing with your pity life.Lay it on me is doing so well already,n its going to be huge morethan motivation..just go and take of your ugly a** mother who is dying of hunger at home coz hating on this chick wont do u any good.your life is such a flopp.hahahahahaha.queen kelly rowland 4eva

  24. nice_gurl September 2, 2011

    Even though I haven’t listened to this album yet, these sales are absolutely ridiculous. I probably wouldn’t buy this album because his voice annoys me.

  25. NICK September 2, 2011

    I live in Cali & LET ME TELL U-WHITE PEOPLE LOVE THIS NI**A!!! THEY SUPPORT TRUST ME, I am shocked, but hey, it is what it is child….

  26. Yo September 2, 2011

    If anybody says anything negative about this situation, you’re gonna sound like a hater becuz how can u do anything but respect that. “Oh its not fair because he’s trash” sounds like a lot of you.

  27. Mario September 2, 2011

    @ Que_Baby8….Know your facts lol. “4” is in fact the #6 selling album of the year. Learn to read 😉

    01. 3,144,000 – 21 – Adele (+83k) (27 weeks)
    02. 1,735,000 – BORN THIS WAY – Lady GaGa (+21k) (14 weeks)
    03. 718,000 – NEVER SAY NEVER – THE REMIXES – Justin Bieber (+ >3k) (28 weeks)
    04. 712,000 – F.A.M.E. – Chris Brown (+8k) (24 weeks)
    05. 702,000 – WATCH THE THRONE – Jay-Z & Kanye West (+89k) (3 weeks)
    06. 701,000 – 4 – Beyonce (+22k) (9 weeks)
    07. 678,000 – NOW That’s What I Call Music! 37 – Various Artists (+ >3k) (29 weeks)
    08. 658,000 – FEMME FATALE – Britney Spears (+8k) (23 weeks)
    09. 652,000 – Now That’s What I Call Music! 38 – Various Artists (+10k) (17 weeks)
    10. 558,000 – ROLLING PAPERS – Wiz Khalifa (+8k) (23 weeks)

    She is at #6 with no hit single and hardly any promo. She is also at #6 with only 9 weeks on the chart while EVERYONE else has almost 14-20 weeks (that’s double the time to sell).

    It may not be Beyonce’s best selling album but look at everyone’s sells. Beyonce is doing just as good. She will finish in the top 5.

  28. MALE MADONNA September 2, 2011

    Lil wayne is the s***!! Haterz stay pressed….

  29. > September 2, 2011

    all them fools talking about wayne last 2 albums flop…them albums was mixtaps and young money collab albums aand both of them are over gold so i want to know how is that a flop…the cartel is the real album..and he always do high numbers on them.

  30. True Hip Hop September 2, 2011

    Obviously everyone is oblivious to the fact that Wayne’s VMA perfromance sucked and was out done by JayZ and Kanye’s surprise performance and Beyonce pregnancy announcement. As washed up or as I call him “seasoned” as Jayz might be he is truly the best rapper alive, you really have to be a hip hop artist and fan and actually listen to his lyrics. Plus what man can change the lifestyle of people. He started the whole button up and jean faze and clearly look how quickly that has populated around the world. He sold reebook people reebok shoes and made hella money for reebok with that being their record high sales. also not to mention he was the highest paid entertainer this year beating out Diddy, come one Lil Wayne coined the phrase bling bling but aint showing that he really got the bling bling. COme on what has lil wayne done but create more babies in the world. I am not a hater of wayne I like his music but I hate gimmicks and people that talk about the same stuff all the time and thats all wayne does. Now all of sudden he is an alien. Well ET I think it is time to phone home.

  31. True Hip Hop September 2, 2011

    ppl keep talking about jay had to collabe with ppl to stay relevant your stupid clearly name how many no 1 albums and songs JayZ has had and Wayne has had. Jay wins that argument clearly hands down. Like jay doesnt need anyone hell he owns everyone what he need kanye for he is making money off his ass duh come on ppl dont let a simple and perculiar week of sales for Wayne make you think he the man now. I bet any amount of money JayZ was waynes influence when he was young so please.

  32. KAT DELUNA FAN September 2, 2011

    Lady groupon stans must be upset 😆 😆

    good for him,not surprised cause his songs always chart high but his music is garbage.just like nicki and drake.

    l am impressed,seems like Young money is surpassing Roc Nation artists 😯

  33. MichaelAngelo September 2, 2011

    just went to a Lil Wayne concert for the irst time. I was not impressed. he has a couple hits but the majority of the show was Bull ish!!! this album ain’t s*** either. Sorry wayne. I think he can do better.

  34. Que_Baby80 September 2, 2011

    @Mario Beyonce was everywhere promoting that album so dont even come at me with that ” no promo” s***…its not working this time around! Duces

  35. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    F*** Wayne Gay Ass and F*** Nicki Minaj for saying he’s the best rapper alive.Baby probably bought em for him.With their Ugly Gremlin Looking Ass!!!! Drake outshines Wayne anyday and he’s ver talented.He needs to GTFOFA. Them!!!!

  36. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    Went To See His Bitchass In Concert all the promoters kept saying every damn hour,he’s in the back smoking on purp.They said it for 5 hrs,kept bringing out local rappers.I want spend another dime on his troll looking ass

  37. Malibu Barbie September 2, 2011

    THEY BUY THEIR OWN RECORDS ..aint NOBODY checking for them like that especially now that wayne’s album leaked.. gurl PLEASE.

  38. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    I’m tired of looking at his as I’m Def Not Impressed with his tightlegged wearing wanna be a rockstar and skateboard wrecking ass he is a white boy wanna be now.Don’t look like he’s nothing but a sellout.He pulled that Imma kidnap Beyonce stunt to sell records.Publicity and trying to start beef with Jay-Z.

  39. Bey Fan… September 2, 2011

    No one is hating…… it’s being real

    Come on now…..I could see if he had a break out single, but 6ft 7ft didn’t do much and neither did How To Love.

    And the album leaked. Come on son…..

  40. swagg September 2, 2011

    i have only read a few comments so if no one has addressed this issue yet i will…the rebirth album was a rock album his fans aint gone support that ish im a huge fan and im not bout to buy something this man just throuh together to say he is a rock star 2..moving on i am not a human being didnt flop check record sales of ppl today almost plat is good for somebody who went to jail and couldnt promote which is only reason it didnt do better..hell T.I last went gold cuz he couldnt promote either…let that b**** rihanna or beyonce go to jail when they drop they will not sale as well either dumb asses..oh yea go wezzy!

  41. Bey Fan… September 2, 2011


    Dude….beyonce first week sales have been around 300k-500k for all 4 of her albums. Now “4” is her slowest selling album, we can admit that. But she hasn’t had a break out single.

    Now Lil Wayne’s rebirth sells 170,000…..but this is suppose to sell 900,000…f*** outta here

  42. BAM September 2, 2011

    @SWAGG Um how did wayne not have any breakout singles? 6’7 Foot Went Top 10, and ‘How to love also went TOP 10, AND ‘she wil’ DEBUTED at TOP 3 on BILLBOARD.

    Lil wayne has a HUGE fanbase.. DESPITE all the hate he receives from the BLACK community now for CATERING to the WHITE population, wayne still DEMANDS a large audience that BUYS cds. NOTICE beyonce album flopped BECAUSE she tried to CATER to the BLACK COMMUNITY. “)

  43. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    F*** Weezy tell him to stop letting Baby f*** him in his ass and mouth!!!

  44. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) September 2, 2011

    Both of Wayne’s last two cd’s FLOPPED (Rebrith, I Am A Human Being) and now we’re suppose to believe all those ppl actually went out and purchase The Cater 4???

    CHILE BOO, Im not buying that s***!!! Baby probably brought half of the copies just so Wayne could debut higher then Jay and Ye!!

    Im sure Baby saw wat ppl on twitter was saying about TC4 and he had to act fast, by purchasing Wayne’s cd!!

  45. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    Everyone said his new album Is Garbage days ago.Now he’s almost platinum!!! Get The F*** Outta Here!!!!! That Fucknigga bought His Own S***!!! On The VMA’s looking like a damn gay ass crackhead!!! Weezy Stop Doing Drugs and put a f***** rubber on.Everyone knows your Gay! Having Children Everywhere Don’t Change S*** !!!! Ugly Dog Looking B****! I’m glad Jay and Ye let the people buy their albums instead of doing it themselves. He Wants A Beef So Bad With Roc Nation I just hope they ignore his Bitchass!

  46. VA STAND UP!!! September 2, 2011

    Lol at ‘well celebrated performance at the 2011 VMA’s’! Really? TGJ did ya’ll write this article cause ya’ll know damn well people have been saying his performance was a hot sizzling ass mess! I swear it was like he was high during the entire performance. Nothing about that performance got praise! Ya’ll were beyond reaching with that one.

    Anywho, I guess congrats in order for Lil Weasel for selling waaaaay more than I think a lot of people expected him to sell. I don’t want to rain on anybody’s parade but I can’t help but look at this with a side eye. I mean everyone and their mama is saying how bad the album is, even his diehard fans. It’s getting horrible reviews and it leaked. I just don’t get it! I guess he has a solid fanbase, and I know a lot of his fans are white surburban kids but I still can’t believe these numbers. Wow, just wow.

    All jokes a side, I really wouldn’t be surprised it Birdman wasn’t buying a s*** load of copies of Wayne’s album just to get him a high debut. Birdman seems like the type who would do anything for his ‘son’ Wayne and I bet he really wanted to be able to say Wayne beat Jay & Kanye’s sales with WTT since they got a lil beef going. I really wouldn’t put it pass him to pull something like this. These numbers just seem so suspect.

    Oh well. I guess we’ll never know for sure. I’m seriously dumbfounded though! *shrugs*

  47. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) September 2, 2011

    Wayne was a world wide twitter topic all last week bcuz ppl were saying his album Sucked!!

    Watch The Throne was even trending bcuz ppl were saying its better then TC4….

    ThingsthatarebetterthanTheCarter4 was a world wide trending topic for 3 days after the TC4 was released!!

    Nobody is saying this cant be done, but everybody and their momma is NOT feelin Wayne and his auto tuned mic this time!!

  48. Another Star Will Be Born September 2, 2011

    For The B**** talking about Beyonce sold less because she’s catering to the black community!!! B**** Please this is the Best Album She’s Ever Done!!! I’m Glad she did exactly what she wanted and what her fans wanted.Either Way Her and Jay are still The Best So Go F*** Your Damnself

  49. VA STAND UP!!! September 2, 2011

    Bey Fan…
    September 2, 2011 at 10:54 am
    No one is hating…… it’s being real

    Come on now…..I could see if he had a break out single, but 6ft 7ft didn’t do much and neither did How To Love.

    And the album leaked. Come on son…..


    Um….are you kidding me?! Where did you get your info from?! ‘6ft, 7ft’ was HUGE and made it into the top ten on Hot 100 and ‘How to Love’ did just as well and was also in the top ten on Hot 100. ‘She Will’ debuted at No. 3 on Hot 100 and its only been out for a few weeks. I still think these sales are suspect as hell and I would love to see some receipts but ALL of his singles from this era have done really well. There is no disputing that! As over rated as I think Wayne is he does consistently churn out hits! He stays on the charts even when he was locked up.

    I’m not a big Wayne fan but damn! Check your facts next time. All you have to do is go to Billboard to see chart performance.

  50. VA STAND UP!!! September 2, 2011

    so me
    September 2, 2011 at 5:49 am
    Something seems fishy to me too. There is no way that Wayne’s Rebirth album and i think he had another one after that and they both flopped. But all of a sudden this one sells?…..I think young money is spending some money on lil wayne’s album.


    Me too!!

  51. Malibu Barbie September 2, 2011

    the same way they bought MASS copies of Pink Friday just so they had nice opening weeks and then their sales dwindled… THEY BUY THEIR OWN RECORDS.

  52. me September 2, 2011

    stop hating every 1 this album is more than great the best album that i ever heard after tha carter 3 so if u dont like it keep it for ur self dont hate yall kno that wayne sold a million before so just stop it

  53. KANE (KING BEY & QUEEN ADELE – U MAD?) September 2, 2011






  54. IS†ANN4GAGA September 2, 2011

    I live in Cali & LET ME TELL U-WHITE PEOPLE LOVE THIS NI**A!!! THEY SUPPORT TRUST ME, I am shocked, but hey, it is what it is child….

    I know….I even said that white people buy his stuff…….

  55. ibi September 2, 2011

    Nothings fishy bout this its just the best album right now so all u haters stfu

  56. F*** U September 2, 2011

    Baby bought them, like he bought Nicki’s

  57. carter September 2, 2011

    lmfao!!HAHAHAH wtf is this a hate lil wayne colt??lmfao n***** already know weezy the best! aint no discussion….hating on the next n**** gets you where in life??? please tell me, because i need a vacation too! stupid ass no life having haters.EAD

  58. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) September 2, 2011


    NOBODY is hatin on Wayne, his album sales are suspect as f*** POINT BLANK PERIOD

    Both of his two previous albums FLOPPED, and we’re suppose to believe TC4 album sales are legit??

    Wayne and his auto tuned voice raps about da same s*** on every track- so kill me for having an opinion!!!

  59. JohnVidal September 2, 2011

    I can´t understand! Thank God he is nobody outside the USA (like almost every other rapper and Taylor Swift lol)

  60. carter September 2, 2011

    @AAL b**** go on dat piff and search sorry 4 the wait!! thats all ima say to all you dumb ass bi tches on here! double fu cking plat!! lmao baby downloaded those too huh?? lmfao#owned

  61. AK September 2, 2011

    Lil Wayne’s last two CD’s didn’t ‘flop’, they just flopped compared to C3.

    The reason this is doing so much better is the last two weren’t promoted well. Rebirth was a rock album, which just sucked. I am not a human being dropped while he was in jail, and didn’t have powerful singles (just one semi-big single). This album has three singles and Lil Wayne is completing the biggest rap tour this year probably right now to support it

  62. princebarbietv September 2, 2011



    He will DEFINITELY sell more than FLOPonce, who had the biggest FLOp of the year next to Caca who had to sell his album for .99


    Ashanti>>>>>>>>>>>>BLEACHonce and Caca

  65. Rihanna Beyonce fan not stan September 2, 2011

    Yall r really mad. REALLY. Other people have fan bases. I know its hard to see it. The world does not belong to a select few. Damn!!!!!!!!!!

  66. THEMAN September 2, 2011

    His last two albums didn’t flop, they just didn’t do as well as the “Carter 3”. “Rebirth” should actually be certified platinum and the “YMCMB” is certified gold. That was just an album released for his whole group to make money. However, i do find these numbers fishy. I was thinking that he’ll sale about 375 to 600k at best. But almost a million ut of nowhere. Something does seem fishy.

  67. THEMAN September 2, 2011

    Beyonce is not a flop, she doesn’t have a huge single out as of yet, and if her next single is a huge hit it will only help her album sales, implus her album sales will increase this week.

  68. Bey Fan… September 2, 2011


    When I said break out single, I was comparing those singles to the singles from Carter III.

    Seeing the trend of album sells this past year, none of Lil Waynes singles have broken any records nor have they performed well enough to garnish 900,000 album sells in week.

  69. eightiesbaby8030 formerly known as Holla September 2, 2011

    I’m confused. Why are people so suprised about Wayne’s album sales? I’m not a fan, but clearly his album was going to perform well. 1. His singles stay in the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. 2. The Carter 3 sold over a million copies the first week. 3. Nobody was checking for those other albums, a mixtape, young money collabo, a rock album? Please! 4. He’s a crossover mainstream artist with a loyal record buying fanbase. The end.

  70. bo September 2, 2011

    You guys are idiots. Lil Wayne has 3 top hits a top 30 with John another song Mirror w/ Bruno Mars debuting in the top 10. On top of being apart of countless other hits (Kelly Rowland, Enrique Inglesias, Chris Brown, David Guetta, & cuntless other pop songs) The last 2 albums he released were EPs released by the label the 2nd one went #1 2 weeks in a row and produced a top 10 single with no promo WHILE HE WAS IN JAIL. Lil Wayne is running hip hop. Stay mad.

  71. lol:Lil Wayne is the “H**” ass n**** , Baby is the “Daddy/ Pimp” and Wayne fans are the “tricks” September 2, 2011

    Something is fishy about these numbers too , “john” and ” how to Love” were not well received as singles,”she will” is a basic ass song, and thew album leaked to bad and poor reviews on line many a wayne fans are saying wayne has fallen off but this dude still manages to pull these number i call bs, and id you see that VMA performance ?
    Runnin and jumpin around on stage (like he had to use the bathroom )in LEOPARD JEGGINGS!!! Flickin his wrisk and rufflin his hair like a Queen , i just cant

  72. lil wayne #1 FAN September 2, 2011

    This is for the haters just think about it lil wayne has almost 31 milion fans on facebook Jayz and kanye combined have about 18 million fans thats enough to make the carter 4 sales double Jayzs sales
    plus i live in the middeleast . people here are hyped about the carter 4 so thats more sales for him. may be not a million but definitely more than 700000.

  73. bo September 2, 2011

    State facts How To Love is still in the top 10 right now idiot been there for weeks
    & he did break records She Will is his highest charting single
    Mirrors w/ Bruno debuts in the top 10 next week. Y’all just maing s*** up

  74. Jared September 2, 2011

    Damn.!! All the hate on this page. I don’t see why y’all are so surprised. This is Wayne that we’re talking about !!!!!!! & for all the people that keep bringing up his last two albums- Wayne wasn’t even hyping up “I am not a human being” like he did for TC4. ain’t nobody was ANTICIPATING that album !! People been waiting for him to release the Carter 4 for a long time. So it’s no wonder he’s predicted to sell almost a million in the first week. & As far As the rebirth goes. That s*** was horrible. Y’all just need to suck it up & accept the fact that he could possibly go platinum in a week. He already outsold WTT. …… F****** haters.

  75. Frieda September 2, 2011

    I can’t with the hating ass Beyonce fans. They don’t want anyone to be on top besides bey and her man. Jay has a somewhat loyal following following but he’s gotten weak over the years. #Jay OVA NOT HOVA

  76. Bdaboss September 2, 2011

    there is nothing fishy about this at all this is little wayne….the best rapper alive!

  77. Jayla September 2, 2011


  78. Aaliyah was truly one in a million (queenbey) September 2, 2011

    If Wayne has so many dedicated fans they would have brought his last two album that FLOPPED!!

    His last two album didnt even debut higher than 200k….

    Im not drinking the kool aid….

  79. Jayla September 2, 2011


  80. Booty September 2, 2011

    The Rebirth and I am not human were quick EP’s that’s why…DUH!!! This is an actual LP Huge difference guys!!!

  81. mobwife September 2, 2011

    Well look at this right here……LOL ,2 snaps in a z formation for Lil Wayne!! Congrat….congrats!!

    Now Joe Camel TAKE THAT! Yeah he came for you and your wife. You thought you shut him down on Sunday….LOL….. I guess not! One short martian looking cat DETHRONED & DISPLACED you “Jay-Z the great”!! Now what other trick are you going to use? The pregnancy stunt did nothing for you…LOL

    LIL WAYNE…”ITS GOOD”!! 900,000k…dd da da damn 🙂

  82. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN September 2, 2011

    Wow, Lil Wayne’s out selling eminem’s fiirst week total. That’s quite something. He’s got my respect now:)

  83. DANI September 2, 2011

    yoh b1tchs come and cry on this blog… coz yoh dont like wayne doesn’t mean he dont have fans….. there are millions fans out there who like wayne and support him …

    i my self got me one!!!! wayne doesn’t need b1tchs like yoh who buys 3/4 albums to get there artist in top 10!!!!!

  84. mobwife September 2, 2011

    Lil Wayne has progressed and grown as an artists! The natural progression that an artist should experience see them start out having lean years and progreesively get better hence his current 900,000 1st week CD sells. This of course is added to his 1 million 1st week selling CD previously released! Unlike “Man CaCa”, he didn’t have 2 for 1 Best Buy deals and $0.99 two day give aways!! His fans stepped up and purchased his product!

  85. Adrian September 2, 2011

    hmmm what a sad day in the world!@ FRIEDA i see your janky ass still trolling GET A LIFE! K BOO!

  86. swagg September 2, 2011

    @ bam,,, i never said carter IV didnt have break out singles or promo…i said “the rebirth “and” i am not a human being” (those are his two cds before carter 4) didnt have either… one was a rock album the other was a cd that dropped right before he went to prison all the dumb asses saying his cds before now was flopping make no sense let Rihanna Beyonce Adele..hell Jayz Kanye or eminem drop a cd before they go to jail it wont do good cuz they cant promote it just like it happened to t.i and lil kim…btw i am #team wezzy…………….so dont think i was hating on him

  87. swagg September 2, 2011

    hate all u want wayne has fans and it doesnt matter that u mad and commenting on tgj lmao he still gone sale his ass off …and all his fans aint white i know my ass aint and i know plenty more black ppl that like him…he might not dress like us anymore and have questionable behavior but when it comes to rap skillz he slays the game right now haters stay pressed! #ymcmb

  88. Queen Beyonce Stann September 2, 2011

    Both Tha Carter 4 & Born This Way Are S***! But Atleast Lil Wayne Didn’t Have To do The 99Cents Deal, If He Did He Would Of Passed CACA By a Long Shot!

    Correct Yo Self *ISTANN4GAGA* RIP MUSIC In General, Not Just Hip-Hop 😉


  89. SHESDUMB (GAGA,JANET, AND PRINCE STAN) 19/F/FL September 2, 2011


  90. AC September 2, 2011

    “Hello motherfucka hey hi how ya do’ern? It’s weezy f baby come to take a s*** and urine on the toilet bowl b****** p**** ass n*****”

    Its a shame that people actually think that’s talent and will support someone who writes and sings lyrics like this. It says a lot about not only the music industry but also today’s society in general.

  91. Frieda September 2, 2011

    @Adrian, Hi h** 🙂 *waving and side-eyeying* I’m here just like you. *puts cigarette out in Adrian’s drink and walks off*

  92. Frieda September 2, 2011

    Jay z may not have been caught on camera kissing a man but his gay actions are well known about, don’t get it twisted. I didn’t like the pic if Weezy and Birdman but I love his music so what ever Wayne does with his ass hole and lips isn’t my concern. Just keep cranking the hits lil tunchie. We all know that Jay loves Ye’s ass and lips; and Beyonce is just Jay’s beard.

  93. F*** HaterS He Still GoNNa Sell…B******!! September 2, 2011

    LoL….. Look at all these haters… whats wrg yall mad… u want us to go buy bey cd,,, I think not… yall dont want no one to say nothing bad about bey… but yall got yall mouth wide open when it comes to others… Wayne must be important… u took the time in your day to stop by and comment… and to not be fans of wayne… u sure know alot about history.

  94. YMCMB September 2, 2011

    Right Above it with Drake was released as the only single from I am Not a Human Being and the single alone sold more than a million copies so please don’t hate on Weezy. Yeah the numbers are surprising even to myself but let the niggah enjoy the success!!!

  95. Dux September 3, 2011

    The reason his rebirth album didn’t sell too well is cuz it was an experimental rock album, I’m a fan but even I didn’t digg it all too much. I’m not a human being is an ep, it was actually supposed to be the carter iv but he never finished it so it was released as a mixtape, it was ayyyt, C4 on the other hand is quite good. Bumpin it as we “speak”. Weezy back, and he takin over!! President Carter!

  96. Carter II September 3, 2011

    Yall keep 4getting that Wayne went platinum on The Block is Hot, Lights Out, Carter I, Carter II, and Carter III and that doesn’t include the Hot Boys album so this sh*t is nothing new.. I’m Not A Human Being & Rebirth didnt go platinum b/c he was trying something new with the Rock and he got incarcerated therefore he couldn’t promote it.. I honestly can believe that he sold that many with the Carter IV b/c I bought it and know so many ppl who have as well..i didn’t like the Carter IV and I will never buy another Wayne album unless he go back to Carter I & II style of rapping with meaning to music.. But I can believe he sold that many so stop hating and do the research of his past albums since he’s been rapping if u don’t believe me.. The dude have a solid fanbase black and white GOT DAMN just get over it!!

  97. Juice September 3, 2011

    the cater 3 is triple plantinum what albums flopped? Rebirth went gold. Aint nobody f***** wit weezy!!!!

  98. Alex September 3, 2011

    Funny thing is it won’t. Because these people who estimate these sales are always wrong. They estimated that Katy Perry would sell 250,000-300,000 and she didn’t even scrape 200K. They also estimated that Britney would sell between 300,000-350,000 and she barely scraped 275,000. They also estimated that Adele would sell anywhere from 275,000-300,000 and she sold 350,000. They are never right. And as for that remark about Gaga. Gaga was estimated to sell 900,000-950,000 WITHOUT the Amazon deal, which she didn’t have anything to do with. Shade is funny but not needed. Gaga still has the 2nd best selling album this year and that’s with hardly any promo in the US and worldwide she has the best selling album.

  99. RRTO September 4, 2011

    To be blount and to the point…. It’s now about support cause “Hip-Hop” today AIN’T s***. For those who don’t understand metaphors, don’t get made, retake English. Face the fact that Wayne is untouchable. Plenty of many artists have flopped on some albums and came right back. It’s cool to voice your opinion just know what the f*** you are talking about. Read the message in the music cause he ain’t doin this s*** for nothing. #KNOWDAT And some of you all talk major s*** but can’t even sell a fraction of what Soulja Boy sold if you tried. Know the game then speak…. Better yet know the flavor of the Kool-Aid thenget in it. Until then as a PSA *Kill Yourself*

  100. ♛ Skin. ( i Love ( ♥ ) u Queen Britney ♛ ). September 6, 2011

    Lil Wayne >>>> Lady Ga…. 99Cents* 😀

  101. Snypes September 8, 2011

    @So Me, n**** are you dumb the one before rebirth was cart 3 and that went platinum which is 1 million sales and so did rebirth and 1 million sales is not a flop

  102. neon September 11, 2011

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    2. Blunt Blowin Lyrics
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  103. neon September 11, 2011

    dis shyt go hard

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