Watch: Kelly Rowland Makes ‘Kimmel’ Bump ‘Like This’

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2011 by Sam

Kelly Rowland‘s show-stopping set on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night set many a tongue wagging.

And while viewers got a taste of the seasoned solo performer the Ms. Kelly has become, it was fans in attendance who got the full-on good good, when the singer treated them to a number of songs off-air.

Check out Rowland and her troop of male dancers getting down to her 2007 hit ‘Like This’ below. New choreography, buckets of sass, and one foxy lady await…


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  1. lawayne September 27, 2011

    I LOVE kelly!

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    She nailed it!I hope she’s going to get some new moves for the next era, though 😉

  3. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) September 27, 2011

    that was nyce !!! break it down KELLZZ

  4. cume September 27, 2011

    where has this Kelly Being? LAWD HAVE MERCY!!!!

  5. jerzydiva September 27, 2011

    My girl is doing it! Great job Kellz!

  6. bey’knight September 27, 2011

    hmmm Sammy, “bump” and then that pic, u so silly lol, kilo n she e?

    yay Kelly i love “like this”

  7. Royalkev September 27, 2011

    This is actually my favorite Kelly single. I didn’t care for this live version. Again, it’s just terrible breath control. Anyway, I’ve made that point already in another post. I really like Kelly’s sass. This was very funky at the end. Kelly’s body is amazing too.

  8. bey’knight September 27, 2011


    ur fav ? i dint know that, i loved it when it was out newly, still do but i prefer work (twas a single in Europe YASS!), On and on, motivation

    others i really dig but not as much as like this are; train on a track, my every thought is you, still in love with my ex (remix ft young texas), commander, down for whatever, stole and comeback

  9. aisha aguilera keys September 27, 2011

    VERY energetic! Work, work Kelly!

  10. Ty Hawthorne September 27, 2011

    I loved it. GO KELLYYYY!!!

  11. josh September 27, 2011

    omg this is the video my friend recoreded for me lol yes thats me u here singin

  12. EightiesBaby8030 September 27, 2011

    I really enjoyed the breakdown at the end!!

  13. Bdaboss September 27, 2011

    I want to see the ending of the performance.

  14. HALF AMAZIN September 27, 2011

    I’ve always liked Kelly but I’m sorry…her albums always give me a late sorta feeling. I understand that she’s always been in the shadow of she who shall remain nameless but I feel like she’s just soooooo late trying to get some swag up. Not so much her fault, but clearly her album sales are a reflection of such. I absolutely hate ‘Motivation’ but I thought it would be her chance but outside of a hit single it really didn’t do much for her. I’m not trying to be mean at all just provoking a thought. I think its hard for people like her to ever really “come up”

  15. HALF AMAZIN September 27, 2011

    and yes…i BOUGHT her album.

  16. …………………………………… September 27, 2011

    I loveKelly!!! Again, I’m so proud of her! I stayed up late lastnite to watch her perform on Jimmy Kimmel & my momma said dang Kelly got sum big ol thighs & she got a b*** too! Gooooonnnneee Kelly!!! Lol!!! She said all her songs she is coming out with are good.

  17. BeyonceandKelly2011 September 27, 2011

    ENJOYED It ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. seandretta September 27, 2011

    Come on Miss Kellys with an S!

  19. Tee September 27, 2011

    yasssss! kelly!

  20. JuanR September 27, 2011

    She nailed it!

  21. youarenotelizabethtaylor September 27, 2011

    bey has set the standard so damn high. aint nobody do the stage like her.

    kelly needs to be more critical of herself. because she could do ballet and stuff. make her dancing better. her singing better.

    live that is.

    i despise beyonce off stage. her personality is so arrogant these days.

  22. Here i was September 27, 2011

    I wish kelly looked this thick in person lol. Girl is hella skinny in person.

  23. GLYNNJE September 27, 2011


  24. VA STAND UP!!! September 27, 2011

    Dang! I forgot all about her being on this show, plus I never watch Jimmy Kimmel, I don’t even know what channel it comes on. *shrugs*

    Anywho, she definitely killed it. Her dance moves were on point, her energy was on 10 and her vocals were good, you could tell she was a bit out of breath but she still sounded good! Not to mention she looked good. It was just the right amount of s***, she was showing leg & a lil cleavage but was still modest. Her legs are her best asset.

    It was definitely a solid performance! The crowd was perfect too. Ain’t nothing worse as a performer then when you are giving your all and the crowd is just sitting there staring at you. It seems like they knew all the songs and were singing with her. She been bringing it with her performances lately! She definitely acting like a woman who has an album to sell! Now if she would just bring it with the correct singles and some hot videos she can push some units. I’ve been hearing nothing but positive reviews on twitter about her FAME tour performances too. Now I’m really bummed that she won’t be at my show. *shrugs*

    ‘Lay It On Me’ still hasn’t grown on me though. Its so annoying. I’m ready for the next single. Hopefully it will be ‘I’m That Chick’. *crosses fingers*

  25. Fleur September 27, 2011

    I enjoy the DC medley more this time around. Well Done Kelly.

  26. RashadAlon09 September 27, 2011

    yeah Ms. Kelly, I wish I was able to see her on tour guess iam have to wait til next go around BUT THE ALBUM IS DOPE I HAVE IT FAVOR SONG WOULD BE “all of the night” ft rico love

  27. nice_gurl September 28, 2011

    She was amazing. I think she gets more nervous when the performance is going to air on tv because she always does better when it’s not aired. She was very energetic and the vocals were pretty good, but she may need a little more improvement on that.

  28. Matthew Charlery-Smith September 28, 2011

    I don’t understand why when Le Toya and Kelly do Destiny’s Child medleys they are incapable of singing the verses! Didn’t they write the songs too? They will fail to stir any imagination in onlookers as they aren’t singing songs everyone knows with THEIR voices. She stands there and for 20 seconds dances to DC’s biggest hits, boring! Anyone can do that! Why not sing the song! I still say Kelly’s best work was SImply Deep and Miss Kelly was an amazing RnB album.

  29. obbergton June 25, 2012

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