Global Charts: Rihanna Thrives As J.Cole Dives

Say what you will about Rihanna,  there’s no denying she’s found love in the form of Single buyers.

For Fenty has scored the #3 position in this week’s United World Track Chart with her latest release ‘We Found Love‘  – without the aid of a supporting video or major ‘live’ performances.

More chart info below…

Sitting atop of the United World Album Chart is Adele with ‘21‘. Elsewhere, J.Cole falls straight out of the top ten with his debut ‘Cole World: The Sideline Story‘, which is this week’s #13.

Moving 48,000 units this week across the globe is Lady GaGa‘s ‘Born This Way‘ placing it at #18, six spots above Jay Z and Kanye West‘s ‘Watch The Throne‘.

Back on the singles front, Adele’s ‘Someone Like You‘ is #2 while GaGa‘s ‘You & I‘ resides at #9, two spots above ‘It Girl’ by Jason Derulo.


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  1. RIHHI5 October 14, 2011

    Rihanna reign drizzles. Heavy downpour to follow. That Rihannna . . . .

  2. TruthTeller October 14, 2011

    Rihanna in the RULING QUEEN OF POP.

    WeFoundLove: No promo, No video

    #1 UK
    #1 Ireland
    #1 Scotland
    #1 France
    #1 Dennmark
    #1 Norway

    Top10 in every country it’s been released except Japan.

    Just wait when they video is released this sunday. It s gonna go from #2 to #1 in a whole bunch of countries.

    I feel sorry for her haters.

  3. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) October 14, 2011

    Good for her…

    I want to see what else type of music shes going to put on her album..before I decide if Im going to buy it..

    one thing about this chick, she can put out hits after hits…

  4. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) October 14, 2011

    to this day russian roulette is still in heavy rotation on my album..RATED R is her best album to date….

    can we get another RATED R def jam?

  5. Johnathan October 14, 2011

    Dag J. Cole and congrats to everyone else.

  6. Johnathan October 14, 2011


    Why would you feel sorry for the haters? Why can’t you just be proud of your fave who is doing well.

  7. Imgunnacheckuboo October 14, 2011

    I like Rilah but this is just a testament to her current popularity cause that song is a hot steaming pile of mess!

  8. Those That Cannot Do, Stan October 14, 2011

    Poor J.Cole, at least he started on top.

    Congrats to Rihanna, she knows how to make dem hits..

  9. MissImpartial October 14, 2011

    Rihanna is not Allah so stop using the phrase. Allah is God and she is no God she is just a singer.

  10. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE IS A STAR-RA October 14, 2011

    FLOPhanna>>>>>BLEACHonce ( and Caca 😉 )

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE KNEW BLEACHonce wasn’t pregnant and The Lying H** was using her FLOP baby to sell her SHITE album, 4closure.Too bad it had MINIMAL effect on the FLOP single ‘Love on FLOP’.THE GREAT LACEFRONCE sees through GIMMICKS like her and T***** Caca 😉

    Oh and
    SKANKanna = Washed Up! 🙂

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

  11. LAX October 14, 2011

    Good for Rihanna keep working RIH RIH

  12. kerihilsonsecondcomingofmj October 14, 2011


  13. kerihilsonsecondcomingofmj October 14, 2011


  14. is that so October 14, 2011

    I REALLY don’t see why…that song is ATROCIOUS. ..wait…i forgot we live in a time where talent only matters every once in a while…and/or you need a strong stan base.

  15. LAX October 14, 2011

    You or saying that RIHS Popularity has to do with her singles????? Well for your simple minded b***, hows about Rihanna selling 400,000 Single this week. Hows about Rihanna being voted the International Artist this month on the fifth in Brit. Hows
    about Rihanna being Named the digitial Artist of the 2000’s by Bill Board, Hows about Rihanna being the # 17 Artist of the Decade in a top 20 Artist Of The Decade. And What about the Fact that Rihanna has sold over 6Million plus of
    her “loud” album
    @@@@@ INQUNNACHECK,,,,,,And this is a testament of how LITTLE U Truly know
    about the Good things Rihanna or doing for her Career, and the music Industry and I Know you already know that she has already knocked out half of her 10
    sold out 02Arena dates and i know that you do realize that Rihanna has already
    did over half of her Sold Out 02Arena Dates. And i know that you know that the 02Arenas hold in excess of 23,000 people full. Rihanna is the first Artist to ever sell the 02Arenas full since the 02Arenas was built awhile ago, but since you follower Rihanna i know that you already know that right???????FUNNY How When Rihanna was not selling good in the US Every one and their dogs and cats was purrrrrrr and barking about she didn’t sell good she was giving tickets away and
    now that it is Gospel that she is the first Artist ever to sell the 02Arena full 10 time no one wants to TALK OR SPEAK ON IT, SIMPLY AMAZZZZZZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. JohnVidal October 14, 2011

    Ok the 3 females TGJ likes to talk the most are Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna. Why is Beyonce never mentioned when they do these posts about charts? They only mention Rihanna, Gaga and Adele. I mean, where is “4”?? In which position?? lol Oh wait, yeah I know the answer.

    But really Rihanna is a pile of crap, if the song would have been a little bit better it would have been #1 already cos of her popularity and radio friendly s***. This demonstrates the song is the worst among the worst, the most generic thing ever released by a female “singer” and that´s saying a lot seeing the current state of music. I would love for this era to end soon and Adele to be just a sign of it

  17. LAX October 14, 2011

    Diss the song all you want to call it what ever you can call it
    throw things at it and Rih no one cares. The people complaning don’t support her in the first place. Keep talking about her and her style of music because its clear that theres many people whos buying it.
    400,000 singles in one week with two singles, simply amazing, go Rihanna.

  18. flawda October 14, 2011

    Everyone second week numbers falls off, i don’t know why the Grapedrink is trying to be slick. Lil Waynes album had a 80% fall off it’s second week. You can’t expect artist to maintain their first week, especially when their fanbase went out that first week to cop the album.

  19. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE IS A STAR-RA October 14, 2011


    H** STFU!!!!!

    TRASHannas music is PURE SHITE just like BLEACHonces.THE GREAT LACEFRONCE finds 4/6 of SKANKannas albums UN-listenable.CLOUD = FLOP and FLOP THAT FLOP = FLOP FLOP FLOP 😉

    Top 10 biggest GIMMICKS in music.
    1. BLEACHonce
    2. T***** Caca
    3. Gimmick Perry
    4. SKANKanna
    5. Beat em Down Brown
    6. Sicki GARBAJ
    7. Taylor SHITE
    8. Justina Beaver
    9. Leatherface (Krim)
    10. OBESEdele

    Honorable Mention:BIGtina 😉

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth.


    I’m glad 4 her, she works hard and stays true to HERSELF!!.

  21. LAX October 14, 2011

    @Lace,,,,Thanks for the new title Wheres my Award, U Mangie Bytch

  22. X,Y,”and Z” October 14, 2011

    @LAX re: October 14, 2011 at 1:40 pm —

    About those “sold out” shows. That’s EXACTLY what was said during her last NYC Madison Square Garden show. And you know what? After a cursory check, there were LOTS of seats STILL available; both cheap and expensive seats. Here’s one thing I DO KNOW – Rihanna/Staff will “price-down to FREE” her concert tickets the closer you get to “concert time”. Rihanna is a fraud! She’s a lying, no-talent hack!

    But, as I’ve BEEN saying, just YOU wait till Nicki Minaj becomes a permanent fixture upon Europe’s landscape. You see, as of now, Rihanna has “free range” of the European Pop Culture Landscape. They don’t know any better.!!

    X,Y,”and Z”

  23. Yellow Gorillah October 14, 2011

    SLAYING So effortlessly

    NO PROMO Needed

    YES The song is a MESS But yall already know Rihanna is queen and the world crave for her.

    *Sips M***** Juice*

  24. LAX October 14, 2011

    Slayyyyyying Effortlessssssss
    Stacking that paper, stacking that paper
    Sold 400,000 singles this week shes working that
    shapely tight booty all the way off and getting them lovely back rubs @ night
    by that fine ass stud,,,,being a kept woman by Matt her handsome studdddd!
    matt keeps her with a fresh and exciting lube change and that much needed tune up! With “LOUD” SIX (6) TIMES & COUNTING How can she lose with what she use
    02ARENA SOLD 10 TIMES BY RIHANNA The fisrt time since it opened EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Shes living her life & shes very happy doing what she has always wanted to do. With her hard work and her focus she has cleared up all of her $$$$$ And shes
    in control of her career Shes calling the shots and she keeps the Heavy Weights around to keep the clowns away from her. She has a Well-oiled machine who work
    in conjunction with her and she knwos very well how to:
    Plan her work
    & work her plan
    keep talking smack
    keep doubting her
    keep trolling her
    keep bashing her
    keep calling her names
    keep the party going you Pukes!!!!!!!!
    She has come this far by faith
    and faith will see her through you scum!!!!!

  25. LAX October 14, 2011

    Nicki, kelly, jojo, gaga, rihanna,, mary, monica
    trey, chris, drake, game, rick, luda, j cole, j sean
    And Countless Others R all on a journey which
    takes hard work and focus and they have all got
    what it takes to make it and they all or well on their
    way. They will not be stopped by meaniless, negative vibes!!!!!!
    negative b******* has been around since the beginning of time and
    will be around this time fifty years from now if the world last that long.
    If Rihanna had ever listen to what many has to say about her negative than
    she would have thrown the towel in long ago and would be doing something entirely different she is doing something right, because we all see her shining like
    new money and RIH Says “LooK At Me Now”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sallyone October 14, 2011

    J .Cole album is Fire…I bump it everyday!!!

  27. Onyx October 14, 2011

    I love “We Found love” the beat is so 90’s.

  28. Alex October 14, 2011

    Like ThatGrapeJuice said a singles Queen.

    If only she could move album sales and concert tickets with such effotrtlessness.

    Haha. But no.

    Sorry that Rihanna shade just wont let up.



  29. Alex October 14, 2011

    And P.S.

    It’s #3 people not #1.

    It wont reach #1 because sales are already declining.

    Sorry but RIhanna’s reign does let up. If you call being second runner up reign. LOL

  30. LAX October 14, 2011

    @ ALEX,,,,You or a Non Factor and why or you so mad about rihannas progression to the finish line???? You or always negative dear you must relly live a miserable life. Get off your tired bichy ass and do something with your own life and stop being so dam negative??? Its okay if you dislikes rihanna thats cool with me but i just thought i’d offer you some advice since you seems to always be so dam mad all of the time. It is not rihannas fault that many of you live and exist in miserable surrounding and your lives or in the crapper. Dang get up off your tired asses and do something productive and then and only then will your many blessings destined for your sorry asses start trying to make their way back to you lazy folks. Keep bitching and stay DEPRESSED, THEN????????

  31. nice_gurl October 14, 2011

    Well congrats Rihanna, but the song is so boring. I don’t hate her cause she does have a few good songs, but the song was made to get a top 10 hit.

    Also congrats to Adele and Gaga.

    J.Cole’s album is so good, it should be within the top 10 on the chart.

  32. VA STAND UP!!! October 14, 2011

    October 14, 2011 at 9:44 pm
    Well congrats Rihanna, but the song is so boring. I don’t hate her cause she does have a few good songs, but the song was made to get a top 10 hit.

    Also congrats to Adele and Gaga.

    J.Cole’s album is so good, it should be within the top 10 on the chart.



  33. EDUCATION STAN- I stan only for education October 15, 2011


    why not post beyonce’s sales????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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