Keyshia Cole Previews New Songs From ‘Woman To Woman’ Album

Keyshia Cole‘s ‘Woman To Woman’ album won’t be available to fans until February 2012 but that hasn’t stopped her from titillating her support base with previews of the anticipated  material.

Hosting a  Ustream session last night, the singer  used the opportunity to play snippets from a number of songs, including ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ as well as the album’s title track.

Confirming Esther Dean‘s contributions to the project, Cole also expressed her desires to collaborate with Rapper Drake on an unfinished number named ‘Forever’.

Watch Cole’s Ustream segment below:

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We can’t wait to hear ‘Can’t Make Me Love You‘ in full as it undeniably sounds like a well thought out to attempt by Keyshia to further cement status as the reigning Queen of Urban Radio.

Judging on what she’s shared so far, she just may be onto a winner this with project. Let’s just hope her fans feel the same way and support it with their money as well as their mouths.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RosaRubbel October 23, 2011

    ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ sounds like a nice throwback R’n’B song.
    ‘Woman To Woman’ seems to be a great song. It shows growth.
    Both snippets remind me of ‘Calling All Hearts’, which was so UNDERRATED!

  2. YOOSONDALOOSE October 23, 2011

    Poor Keyshia. She is going no where FAST!
    @YOOSONDALOOSE – Twitter.

  3. TRICKorTREAT? October 23, 2011

    First thing is, I love her hairstyle.

  4. Nahjee October 23, 2011

    Finally she got a another single out!!! I know lil Kim mad lol I remeber they had that fight on Twitter that was a classic I would never forget that

  5. MISHKA October 23, 2011

    Yeah…the hairstyle of her heydays…

    She left her spot to the likes of Melanie Fiona or Estelle. Let’s see how she is going to fight back.

  6. Truthis October 23, 2011

    Lol..keyshia think drake gonna save this album and that song Cant Make U Love me sound wack..Woman To Woman song was already been done by JHud and Fantasia a few years ago also sound like she trying to copy brandy and monica Boy Is Mine but a adult woman version..imao Keyshia CANNOT SING..never could..her 15 minutes about over and im glad my ears cant take nomore of that offkey howling.

  7. TRICKorTREAT? October 23, 2011

    Baby looks yummy.
    Lotta talk b 4 they got to Cant Make U Love Me but its a cutey ustream. Real cool.
    Love Cant Make u Love Me already. With that beat all I need is the lyrics and Im bumping.

  8. TRICKorTREAT? October 23, 2011

    Lol @Mishka with Keshia fight back. We’ll c.

  9. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 23, 2011

    previews of the anticipated material.
    to further cement status as the reigning Queen of Urban Radio.

    ROFL.OK then…”Queen of Urban Radio” is probably the most hilarious thing I’ve ever read about her (apart from her Twitter feud with Lil Kim of course 😉 )

    Anyway, the clps sound surprisingly promising.Not mindblowing or amazing, but smooth and not vocally overdone.I don’t think I’ll be really checking for her, but I may listen to her 1st single.

  10. STONY October 23, 2011

    the both songs sucks then they gonna be mad when rihanna will shine an d shine and shine again it s simply because her team cook hits after hits for her not that kind of old mess without any creativity

  11. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare October 23, 2011

    @ROSARUBBEL, I completely agree with you that “Calling All Hearts” is underrated.

    “Sometimes” and “So Impossible” are STILL in rotation!

    I”m feeling “Can’t Make You Love Me.” Looking forward to it.

  12. MusicismyLife October 23, 2011

    I WAS FEELIN that song playin in the background that the girl was doin the ad-libs . i HOPE thats gonna be on the album

  13. F*** TGJ October 23, 2011

    You guys took this entire post from somebody else’s blog…WTF….it’s the EXACT same writeup…

    Here is the other dude’s post:

    Keyshia Cole’s ‘Woman to Woman’ album won’t be available until February 2012 but she has already started titillating her fans with previews of her new material. The singer hosted a Ustream session last evening and used the opportunity to play snippets of multiple songs, including ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’ as well as the album’s title track.

    Cole also named an incomplete track from ‘Woman to Woman’ entitled ‘Forever’ on which she hopes Drake will feature. Furthermore, in addition to several songs that she wrote herself, Cole noted that Ester Dean has also written music for the album. The first single from ‘Woman to Woman’ will be released in December.

    Watch Cole’s Ustream segment below:


    These snippets sound like definite winners, especially the 1990s R&B-flavoured ‘Can’t Make You Love Me’! Cole is clearly focused on regaining her position as a leading act on Urban radio and judging by what we’ve heard thus far, she is on the right path to success.

    Read the post here ——>

  14. RosaRubbel October 23, 2011

    @ BitchICantEvenSpellWelfare

    I still remember everyone hating on that album calling it a flop and weak, while it wasn’t that bad. The album actually show Keyshia’s current life. She has grown and evolved so much.

    ‘So Impossible’ is my favourite off the album. I would even say it’s one of her best song in her entire career.

  15. IWillRead October 23, 2011

    Same ole same ole, about love, SHE WILL NOT MAKE IT, NEXT

  16. Robier October 23, 2011

    Not bad

  17. pops October 23, 2011

    keyshia cole cant sing that good but i like her songs.

  18. beyonce flop singles October 23, 2011


  19. Classy_Guy October 23, 2011

    Woman to woman sounds like It’s gonna be a hit! Luvin my girl Keyshia Cole

  20. Chile Please!! October 23, 2011

    LMAO! @ that run she was trying to catch on to. She can’t sing! She was cute in the beginning but now she sucks! H.A.M.!

  21. Derrick Andre Wallace Jr. October 23, 2011

    i love era thng about her flat out

  22. DEv October 23, 2011

    Brandy would sound good on Woman to Woman

  23. jason October 23, 2011

    Loving the update!! GOD I CAN’T WAIT FOR THE ALBUM

  24. MelyB October 23, 2011

    Luv KC and cannot wait for the new music. Both songs sound great and along with the other posters who actually bought & listened to CALLING ALL HEARTS, it was truly underrated. That track SO IMPOSSIBLE craps all over a lot of s%$# playing on the radio today.

  25. SHESDUMB October 23, 2011


  26. The-Truth October 24, 2011

    I Really Hope Brandy records Woman to Woman

  27. Fred S. October 24, 2011

    Those songs were trash. I would not bump them if someone gave them to me for free. Keysh, you are too talented to release this type of ish. You should be trying to make a come back after that last album, but by the sound of it, that last album may be better than this new one! I hope you get it together. And whoever was singing on that ” stroke it like you use to” song is fresh. Someone needs to sign that girl. Her voice is off the chain! Get it to and gether Keysh!

  28. notadummy October 24, 2011

    @Fred S. That was Keyhia singing on the track genius. The girl was just lacing the backgrounds. ANYWAY!!! Go Keyshia, sounds like great material. You seem happy with your new camp of producers, writers, managers and the like. You made a wise decision!!! Can’t wait for the new music.

  29. swagg October 24, 2011

    big keyshia fan the song clips was good not outstanding but good just listen to your first two albums and add in some new elements and you will do us justice keyshia!!

  30. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare October 25, 2011

    @ROSARUBBEL, yes! “So Impossible” is definitely one the best songs of her career. So glad you love this song too!

  31. God’s Special Gift October 26, 2011

    Stop hating on Keyshia. Everybody has their day. She sounds real good and when has singers stop making repeats of other songs. She did her version and I feel the sh*t is off the chain. Keep up the good work Keyshia and don’t let ur haters bother you. If you didn’t have them you wouldn’t be famous. Peace and Love

  32. ivontay October 26, 2011

    HATERS keyshia cole is doin her thang

  33. traytaisa November 5, 2011

    I love keyshia cole so much but she changed alot evry since she had a baby. her last ablum sucked the only song i liked was take me away. But i hpe on this ablum she brings back the used to be keyshia!!

  34. Sandywhispers March 28, 2012

    I am so sick of people trashing Keyshia Cole she has a beautiful voice someone on here even went so far t say Rhianna would out shine her! Get serious Rhianna can”t sing at all she does is screams always have!! There are few R&B female singers out there today who can actually really sing and Keyshia is denfintely at the top of that list. The Calling All Hearts was defintely unrated I loved every song, my 2 favs on there was Long Way Down, and Thank You which really touched my heart! We have seen Keyshia grow since here first CD and all in a positive way! As for the Haters on Keyshia what great thing have you done and when is your CD going to drop LOL!! Keep doing your thing Keyshia I am a big fan! Im waitig for your CD Woman to Woman cant wait!

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