Lady GaGa Performs For Bill Clinton In Los Angeles

Last night, attendees of the Bill ClintonA Decade Of Difference‘ ceremony in Los Angeles were privy to what can only be described as an ‘insightful’ performance by Pop royal Lady GaGa.

Performing cuts from her latest studio release, ‘Born This Way‘,she most certainly was one of the night’s many highlights.

Watch below…

We wonder how Mr and Mrs Clinton felt about the lyrics to ‘Government Hooker‘.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Ealdorman October 16, 2011

    She was really disrespectful with the Government Hooker thing…

    I know she likes to shock people but this time she went too far…

  2. BEYONSAY October 16, 2011

    Okay…first ill say this..gaga f****** killed it, with these performances..the music was right…the background vocals fit perfect with was GREAT Sound Quality as well! wow!

  3. BEYONSAY October 16, 2011

    Mad respect for gaga for the Gov. Hooker HAHHA!

  4. matty October 16, 2011

    How was it disrespectful with the gov hooker song? Lmao, he knew her and her music and that’s why he invited her, another reason why she is a very big step above her contemporaries

  5. TNA2802 October 16, 2011


  6. La-Q October 16, 2011

    Lady Gaga performing for the elite. Shes selling like fire-crackers around the globe.

    What has your favorite done lately?

  7. GROTSKI LIL BYOTCH October 16, 2011


  8. GROTSKI LIL BYOTCH October 16, 2011

    Um… Next?;-D

  9. YOOSONDALOOSE October 16, 2011


  10. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 16, 2011

    Her performances were cool because they were less try-hard than her usual stuff, but still not that interesting.She did a fairly good job.The sets, the dancers and the costumes were AMAZING.I don’t know if it was her lack of stage presence or the obvious lack of choreography that made me a bit bored 😕 Her tour will be great in terms of staging, sets and budget if these performances are anything to go by

    Singing GH was a brave move.I LOVED it but she didn’t even sing the whole song 😐 And I loved the beginning of BTW but when she came out it became lacklustre.I can’t put my finger on it, but, despite the big production and the stunning staging, something was missing

  11. Skin. ⁽ ̶I̶̶`̶̶m̶̶ ̶̶B̶̶a̶̶r̶̶b̶̶i̶̶e̶̶,̶̶ ̶̶B̶̶i̶̶t̶̶c̶̶h̶̶!̶ ⁾ *ᶠᵁᶜᴷ ʸᴼᵁ* October 16, 2011

    Government Hooker sounds very damn good !!! <3
    … The rest is TRASH ! 🙂

  12. Clark Smith October 16, 2011

    Lady Gaga is probably a government hooker herself.

  13. Yellow Gorillah October 16, 2011


    I live for that song!!

  14. THE LEGENDARY LACEFRONCE. October 16, 2011

    T***** Caca= GIMMICK

  15. Laos October 16, 2011

    that rihanna reign just won’t let up!

  16. Alex October 16, 2011

    Exactly TheGrapeJuice: Lady Gaga Pop Royal.

    And more exactly new Queen of Pop.

    Her performances were amazing as per usual.

    And LOL I also thought that her singing “Government Hooker” was clever shade for referencing Bill Clinton’s affair.

    That and her singing “Bill Romance” instead of “Bad Romance.” HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

    Gaga is such a clever cookie.

    I love Queen G!!!!




  17. Alex October 16, 2011

    And just remember Katy Flopperry, Princess RihRih-tarded, and Keshity fans.

    Katy Perry plays victoria secret runway shows, RIhanna plays no shows, and Kesha plays in dumpsters.

    And Gaga!? Gaga plays for presidential birthdays and government fundraisers.

    Haha. Just remember your favs may have some spotlight but at the end of the day they still plays second fiddle to Gaga.

    Because at the end of it all everyone knows where your favs stand according to where Gaga stands.

    Gaga says jump and these other b****** respond with: “How high?”

    Exactly. Haha.

  18. Alex October 16, 2011


  19. Straintina Offkeylera October 17, 2011


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