Preview: Cher Lloyd’s ‘Sticks + Stones’ Album

Published: Sunday 30th Oct 2011 by Sam

With the release of Cher Lloyd‘s debut album ‘Sticks + Stones’ drawing nearer, the singer is giving fans a taste of what to expect when the LP arrives in stores on November 7th.

Get familiar with what the 18 year old is serving up below…

Click here to preview ‘Sticks + Stones’

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  2. Love on top October 30, 2011

    Solid album “end up here” has to be one of my fav tracks love it

  3. skintightjeans October 30, 2011

    This bytch needs to go hide in a cave. She’s boring. The UK considers her edgy and urban and this chick is about as urban as Betty White. Sit your young ass down. You are not a star.

  4. Kurtz October 30, 2011

    The uk consider her edgy n urban ha do we?
    Love how u can speak for a whole country

    She was good on the show and shown potential she was a pop artist with an urban flare on the show

    Then the music come out she was pop straight up pop ta me

    Britney spears was more edgy urban n had more swagger in her . Boys, s**** 4you and overprotected dark child mix videos days

  5. ALI October 30, 2011

    LOOL. We consider her edgy + urban do we?
    Wha the f*** do you know?
    We hate her.
    She is the most hated person in the UK. but kids (+ idiots) buy her music.
    The UK has a huge urban scene + so we dnt care for her.
    You american or sumthin?

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE October 30, 2011

    Hmmmm very generic.

  7. D-MONEY October 30, 2011

    Whoa @Ali… What do you mean if he’s American or something? We Americans are urban, hippop, pop/r&b based. We don’t really listen to pure pop. That’s not us. There are certains states that listens to techno dance music, and there are the majority that loves real R&B. Now the music Cheryl makes will never make it here in the states. Hence the reason why Kelly is giving to album. here I am is urban r&b and two pop songs….and her international version is pop, which is for you guys.

  8. D-MONEY October 30, 2011

    Two albums*

  9. AndySaysSmile October 30, 2011

    That awkward moment when a Nicole Scherzinger fan calls another artist boring…@SKINTIGHTJEANS

  10. Scott October 30, 2011

    She is rubbish and is hated hope she flops and is forgotten come next year

  11. Ali October 30, 2011

    I just wanna if shes american cus i wanna understand where she got this idea that we find ChervLloyd edgy :S. We dont. And I swear katy perry got like 5 number ones in a row in america?? She is straight pop music. I dont know why your telling me about this anyway cause I never listen to pop music n neither do my friends…
    One more thing I cant see how america is urban, hiphop, rnb based. So many american rappers/rnb singers switch to making pop music to stay in the charts.

  12. Slaydele Slay$ha & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse October 30, 2011

    Excuse me b****? Are you even from the U.K? You dont speak for everyone. And who are you to say shes not a star when your fave was never a star? Cher Lloyd shits on that pole dancing c*** Nicole and you will deal with it.

    Its funny how everyone says shes the most hated even though that god awful Swagger Jagger debuted at #1. Face it. She has more fans than haters. Get over it.

  13. JUDAS666 October 30, 2011



  14. sam October 30, 2011

    want you back needs to be a single!!!!!

  15. D-MONEY October 30, 2011

    @Ali I guess your right, I wasn’t trying to argue or debate. I was just setting the record straight. But I really didn’t think about Katy perry . So I guess you got me on this one….

  16. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 30, 2011

    She’s performing on xfactor with her new single which is great and will be number 1 next wweek.. Im so gonna laugh at all the haters when next which.. she’ll have a blog about her being number1

    @ Scott. Stop hating on her.. you sound very bitter.

  17. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN October 30, 2011


  18. Bow Down to The Perrylicious… (The Queen of TGJ) October 30, 2011

    love her first single,..but seriously??? that album cover is stupid like hell!

  19. DeV October 30, 2011

    It’s just a bunch of noise! No-one seems to make music to last these days…. Shame, i don’t like her voice but maybe with album two (if she gets the chance) she’ll do something better

  20. Yellow Gorillah October 30, 2011

    She has more fans than haters. Get over it.

    ^^ NO She doesn’t..BYE

  21. Galuda October 30, 2011

    America doesn’t listen to pure pop? D-Money?
    How the f*** Britney Spears, N*Sync, Backstreet Boys and them get on and sell millions?

  22. tyra October 30, 2011

    if america dnt listen to pop how u explain katy perry 5 number ones and rihanna bout to go number one with that generic dance song

  23. D-MONEY October 30, 2011


    I didn’t come on here to debate, or argue with anybody. I was talking to Ali. I admit I was wrong. My point was, we are not all about pop music. There is a certain group here that makes up the majority versus those like myself that likes r&b, hip-pop, reggae.etc
    The majority is what gives Katy perry, Rihanna, those #1s. Do you understand what I meant? I’m not here to bash anybody.

  24. skintightjeans October 30, 2011

    I use to live in the UK to you dusty eurotrash h*** that want to address me. And YES you do. I use to listen to the radio over there you stupid trash dumps. Take a seat you dusty b****** and ride my c***. Eurotrash homos.

  25. Ali October 30, 2011

    Errmmmmmmmm I am not european. I am from the UK. I do not count myself as a european. And where exactly did you live? You would know this if you had lived here for more than a month. Youre gonna need to think of something better than eurotrash h*** to insult me.
    And let off D-Money man he did say he changed his mind :/.

  26. D-MONEY October 30, 2011

    Thank you 🙂

  27. skintightjeans October 30, 2011

    @ALI, I lived in Camden because I went to grad schoo at Kings College. I lived in Camden Square about 5 houses down from Amy Winehouse. So shut the f*** up. YOU DO BETTER. Like someone would make up that they use to live on that cold, dreary, inbred island. I ain’t talking to D Money. I’m TALKING TO YOU! And Nicole is taking over the world so you rusty h*** can take a seat in the back of the bus and shut the f*** up. Hating h***. Stick with your generic ass Cher Lloyd’s and Cheryl Coles.

  28. Jess October 31, 2011

    @SticksAndStones, you’ve no right to judge the entirety of England when you lived in a place in London where there’s a tacky market and half the people aren’t even English. Now, before you go and call me racist, I’m not. They’re not English and I’m not going to pretend they are because it’s considered racism; it’s not, they don’t represent English people as a whole and that’s the truth. I don’t look down on them, of course, but you can’t offend English people when you lived in an area surrounded by other races and ethnicity’s. As for “cold, dreary inbred island”, well that’s absolute b*******. I know nobody that comes from related parents, and I’m certainly not the result of sibling s**. Nicole Scherzinger, is reasonably attractive, yes, but she’s also someone who comes across to me as a slag. I didn’t derive this from nowhere, I’ve seen her in the music video of The Pussycat Dolls song “When I Grow Up” and her own song “Wet”. I’ve also seen her talk live on x-tra Factor and more. Also, I’m not a fan of Cheryl Cole, but she’s not generic. Actually she’s pretty similar to Nicole in more ways than one. So please keep your comments to yourself unless you have specific reason to tell other people your opinions. Opinions in which no-one wants to hear.

    Also, @Ali, I know quite a few people who like Cher Lloyd INSIDE the UK, where I live. I’m also quite a fan, though I can guarantee that I’m neither a “kid”, nor am I an idiot.

  29. Jess October 31, 2011

    I meant SkinTightJeans, not SticksAndStones, my bad :$

  30. ALI October 31, 2011

    @SKINTIGHTJEANS, the d-money comment wasnt aimed at you. And why are you even bringing up nicole? Shes just a stripper who can sing. What is you do better even supposed to mean? Im 17 I cant go to uni until next year and Im applying for Nottingham and Leeds to do economics anyway. And tbh I do not care if you hate enlgand. I love london, its the best city in the world, and I would not have been born anywhere else in the world apart from croydon if I could be born again. So f*** off. Simple.
    And @jess i know one person who likes cher lloyd which is my little sister.

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