From The Vault: Christina Aguilera – ‘Dirrty’

Published: Sunday 30th Oct 2011 by David

The year was 2001 and a certain Britney Spears had freshly shocked the industry with an altogether raunchier image and attiude courtesy of her ‘Slave for You’ video.

However, as the age old saying goes, never count out the underdog. A statement which rung true and then some when longtime chart-rival Christina Aguilera roared back with ‘Dirrty’ a year later.

The first single to be lifted from her  highly-praised and mega-selling sophomore set, ‘Stripped’, 2002’s ‘Dirrty’ served as an introduction to Ms. Aguilera’s explicit and controversial alter-ego Xtina.

Leaving behind the safeness which defined her earlier effort, the one-time girl-next-door, was now leaving her doors open – both lyrically and visually – in a way we’d never seen before. Ditched were the Pop-by-the-numbers tracks, in favor of a filthy urban sound and sexed-up demeanour, ‘Dirrty’ (and the ‘Stripped’ era) marked a turning point in Christina’s career.

Joining forces again with Rockwilder, the very man responsible for her then-latest hit ‘Lady Marmalade’, Aguilera wanted something radically different from than anything she’d done before to usher in her newest project. The result was this bodacious, unapologetic party anthem based on featured rapper Redman‘s hit ‘Let’s Get Dirty’.

And while the 30 year old might be a judge on rival show, The Voice, she definitely served up the X-Factor. Helmed by the great David Lachapelle, the accompanying video depicted an underground party headlined by biker chick Xtina, where dancing suggestively was a requirement and wearing as few clothes as possible a staunch obligation.

From the classic choreography to the now-iconic leather chaps, it’s safe to say that Dirrty sits effortlessly within the upper echelon  of the Top 5 female videos of the 00’s.

And with the mother of one now in the studio working on a comeback (after a series of commercial disappointments), we can’t but get excited that she’s already christened the sound as echoing that of ‘Stripped’. Of course, we don’t particularly endorse her re-treading ‘Dirrty’ water (see: ‘Not Myself Tonight’); however we seriously hope Baby Jane can recapture that imperfectly-perfect combination of strengh, hope and vulnerability that made the album it called home so captivating and relatable.

When you hit rock bottom, the only way is up. As such, let’s hope ‘Moves Like Jagger’ global chart success is but a small indication of what’s to come for Christina Aguilera, one of the most gifted artists of this generation.

Your thoughts?

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  1. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce October 30, 2011

    TO DATE !!!


  2. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music October 30, 2011

    LegendTina! She is the Goddess of music and the voice of this generation!

  3. Love on top October 30, 2011

    Omw I bow down to her!!! This was just hot she is an amazin dancer she dancers waaaaay better than all these other white chicks Her voice is on point her looks I like the sounds she makes in this song the (Oooh) Diiiiiiirrrrrrrty Is just so xtina!!!! “Stripped” her best album Its a beautiful amazing album

  4. CHRISSY October 30, 2011


  5. Love on top October 30, 2011

    But why did xtina take 4year breaks though Who does that? Lol she would have more albums out which means more music! I take my hat of for her 4 years ? She brave

  6. ChristinasCOMING October 30, 2011

    Christina….please give us a sequel to Stripped. You already gave us the sequel to Dirrty.

    Show all these other manufactured POP gimmicks what real talent is.

  7. bey’knight October 30, 2011


    errr…error sweetheart, dirrty wasnt well-reserved its not particularly a great song either she just wanted to make a statement with it, kinda like Gaga with BTW as 1st single

    id say she’ll be remembered most for “beautiful”

    series of commercial disappointments? cmon Sam it was 1 album, 1 era which if u ask me, had more to do with propaganda this political , pardon me, i meant music industry perpetrates than the music

  8. bey’knight October 30, 2011

    hope that joke of a kreayshawn stan doesnt spam this post

  9. Queentina>Your Fave October 30, 2011

    Classic video!!! This video really defined her career and opened doors for her

  10. XXXDIRRTY October 30, 2011


  11. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, RIHANNA, BRITNEY, NICKI, MARIAH ! October 30, 2011

    Dirrrty Dirrrty not my favorite song of her`s but its ICONIC..but there is nothing wrong with this video though….its not nasty or anything…like some other artists videos *side eye*

  12. XTINA IS #1 October 30, 2011

    Christina Aguilera is so beautiful and talented! She will OWN on her next album! I am so EXCITED to see what she will bring. Bionic is a great album NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE says. I like most all her songs off Bionic- I am (Stripped), Stronger Than Ever, Lift Me Up, Prima Donna, etc. All awesome songs, and so different from anything you hear on the radio today. She is not just a Pop artist, she is any artist she wants to be. She has a song for EVERYTHING. Her hit Moves Like Jagger was a major smash, one of the biggest songs of the summer. Also, The Voice is already competing with American Idol. Xtina can help promote her album with the large format of The Voice. 1 bad album does not mean much, she just had bad luck. Everyone has had bad albums- Usher, Pink, Britney, Mariah, etc. She will be “stronger than ever” (get it?) and be beating out these other singers. Sorry, but Adele doesn’t mean much when she’s competing with Xtina. Xtina is on another level. #2012

  13. White girl mob October 30, 2011

    @bey’knight oh.. I see you said my name huh b**** you betta slow your role b**** you don’t want it with my white ass I’m from Oakland b**** we don’t give a f*** down here we be f****** mobbin on b****** & n***** out here. We will mob on your fav if we have to she a f****** flop anyway married to a big lip fool name gay z. Kreayshawn & v nasty gonna take over tha rap game & billboard charts real n***** & b****** got her back out here. Team beyonce ya don’t want beef with us we don’t play out here in Oakland we some white girls who be mobbin beating fake b****** ass beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki minaj,

  14. Onyx October 30, 2011

    OMG! i remember this, back when MTV was cool and people has good taste in Music, this was so controversial, that was when the name Xtina was born, anyway she is one of the true heirs of madonna alongside with Britney, she has earned her legacy, i miss those times. Go Christina.

  15. Legendtina4Life October 30, 2011

    My favorite videos from Xtina are from the Stripped era, especially Dirrty and Fighter. Beautiful is the most iconic song and video of hers, but I think Dirrty comes 2nd. Thanks Sam for posting this!!

  16. Legendtina4Life October 30, 2011

    @White Girl Mob
    This is a Christina post. No trash allowed. Please leave 😉

  17. JAKE (KING BEY, QUEEN ADELE & EMPRESS GAGA) October 30, 2011






  18. Commander of the RihannaNavy October 30, 2011

    Wow. That was hot.

  19. LegendTina The Goddess Of Music October 30, 2011


    Stripped era was when Christina Aguilera THE ARTIST was born! This album was everything and almost 10 years later still better than most pop albums! She sang on this album, this was the album when she started WRITING and PRODUCED. She’s a icon! Stripped was about sexually, double standards, female empowerment, being yourself.

    This is the album that made me know she is just more than a POP singer! She can be rnb, gospel, rock, pop, neo-soul.

    Loving me for me, Walk Away, Fighter, Impossible, Can’t Hold Us Down, Soar, Dirrty, Get Mine Get Yours!

    The stripped intro’s gave me life!

    • Öz Firdevs October 19, 2012

      I love Stipped still so much

  20. LTM October 30, 2011

    no one can rock ass-less chaps like Xtina 😉

  21. White girl mob October 30, 2011

    @legendtina4life b**** that beyonce fan mention me first so i was defending my self b****. And you don’t tell me what tha f*** to do b**** you don’t know me and I don’t give a f*** bout your dirty w**** bag fav get tha f*** out of here b**** this is kreayshawn world who tha f*** are you let me put it like this so ya can understand my white ass.. F*** christina, f*** Nicki minaj, f*** beyonce, f*** Rihanna, yea b****** I said it who want beef with white girl mob??? Huh??? Who gon stop us huh????

  22. Legendtina4Life October 30, 2011

    October 30, 2011 at 3:41 pm


    Stripped era was when Christina Aguilera THE ARTIST was born! This album was everything and almost 10 years later still better than most pop albums! She sang on this album, this was the album when she started WRITING and PRODUCED. She’s a icon! Stripped was about sexually, double standards, female empowerment, being yourself.

    This is the album that made me know she is just more than a POP singer! She can be rnb, gospel, rock, pop, neo-soul.

    Loving me for me, Walk Away, Fighter, Impossible, Can’t Hold Us Down, Soar, Dirrty, Get Mine Get Yours!
    All of this!!

  23. RosaRubbel October 30, 2011

    Those were the days.
    Hell, I even could do the whole dance routine.

  24. #1QueenGaga October 30, 2011

    # 1 FLOP B****!!! Prepare for 2.0 flop comming soon….

  25. Maura Duval October 30, 2011

    Another great video to check out – Beyonce’s “Countdown” via Vevo

  26. Legendtina4Life October 30, 2011

    @White Girl Mob
    Nobody cares about your basic b**** faves. TGJ doesnt report on them because nobody gives a damn. Kreayshawn is local darling, call me when shes world wide with multiple Grammys and has an album sell over 17million world wide.

  27. HaterzStayPressed October 30, 2011

    I will never underestimate this chick. Christina has a raw talent and powerful voice that really can’t be rivaled. I think her new album will be fantastic! I think Christina’s last album would have hit but she had bloggers and different outlets working against her… specifically Perez Hilton.

  28. Queentina>Your Fave October 30, 2011

    B**** your Fave is DONE!!! LMAO!!! Her ass is burnt out, nobody is checking for her boo!!

  29. Rollin Up The Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter October 30, 2011

    @White Girl Mob
    Calm your tits boo!! You need to stop starting s*** with everyone and wait for a Kreayshawn post.


    @ White Girl Mob
    At least Rihanna, Nicki, and Beyonce are more relevant than your fave !
    Your fave`s career is DONE….You heard me DONE !
    That wack ass song “Gucci Gucci” FLOPPED ON THE HOT 100 !
    At least my fave`s singles make in the Top 20 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I`m glad she didnt win that VMA Award….because I would have been done with MTV !!!!!!!
    Your fave is ugly…..and looks like she smells like S*** ! AND C** !

  31. Rollin Up The Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter October 30, 2011

    Shut the hell up!!! You always hae dumb s*** to say. If Gucci Gucci floped then what the hell do you call Romans Revenge and Massive Attack? Nicki had a powerful group, label, hot collabos, and hype and yet Massive Attack failed to chart. Gucci Gucci reached #57 without all of that, it was just a viral video. Sit your gay ass down!!

  32. Dollar$ign$kills October 30, 2011

    Ass-less chap Xtina!! I want her to bust them out again(ou know she keeps them somewhere) and rock them in a new video. F*** what people have to say

  33. White girl mob October 30, 2011

    I don’t give a f*** what ya gotta say about me & and I know kreayshawn don’t either we some white girls that’s gonna take over tha charts soon and ya are scared & mad as hell I’m gonna say it again cus I know ya can’t stand to hear me say it.. F*** Christian w**** ass, f*** Nicki minaj Kim clone ass, f*** beyonce flop singles ass, f*** Rihanna stealing ass, who want beef ya ain’t f****** with us it’s white girl mob against tha world

  34. jamir21: October 30, 2011

    @ White Girl Mob
    I want a beef …. B**** !
    Come on BRING IT THE F*** ON !!!!!!!! I`M READY !

    @ Rollin Up in the Catnap
    F*** OFF…..I was talking to you…B****** NEED TO MIND THEIR BUSINESS THESE DAYS

  35. Queentina>Your Fave October 30, 2011

    @White Girl Mob
    Girl bye!! You and your fave aint even on my radar

  36. Rollin Up The Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter October 30, 2011

    B****, I dont give a f*** who ur talking to, Ima check you!! Dont like it? Dont talk s***!

  37. Rollin Up The Catnip & Shittin In Ur Litter October 30, 2011

    @Queentina>Your Fave
    Keep it cute

  38. Legendtina4Life October 30, 2011

    Well this post has gone down hill.

  39. Survivor October 30, 2011

    ICONIC!! I was shaking it to this song every time this played on TV. This era was her most defining era, and one of the album eras I liked the most throughout the past decade. The songs, the sounds, the image, the messages – the sexiness, the vulnerability, the ugly is pretty-message, AH THIS 2002-2003 CHRISTINA MAKES ME GO CRAZY!!!

  40. irene46 October 30, 2011

    @ bey knight…

    you’re so right about the propaganda that permeates the music industry. political poison runs throughout with hate and negativity as the toxin.

    that’s why on their jlo post tfj can call jlo the “comeback queen” when her ‘comeback’ cd sold only 63,000k the first week and has still so far only sold 265,000k to date. not to mention her previous cd only sold around 53,000k the first week. she’s part of a successful tv show now so i guess that must qualify her as “comeback queen”.

    christina sells 120,000k of her ‘bionic’ cd the first week and 280,000k to date. her ‘burlesque’ movie soundtrack has sold 490,000k in the u s alone. she’s also part of a successful tv show; but somehow she’s remains a flop that still needs to prove herself. this is proof of nothing but a ‘hate christina’ propaganda campaign.

    anyway, i think ‘dirrty’ is a great song even though ‘beautiful has more substance.

    dirrty, fighter and candyman are christina’s greatest videos. they really show off her great dancing abilities that don’t get enough attention…they gotta keep the focus on the negative ya know when it comes to christina!

  41. I’ma have to send her back to her maker October 30, 2011

    Cristina is a very original artist. I like her. I hope her next album does good. Her vocals so beautiful.

  42. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 30, 2011

    This song is just EPIC, there’s no other way to describe it.An established urban pop classic!!It has aged brilliantly, it still sounds fresh and the video still looks impressive 😀 Pop masterpiece!!

  43. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 30, 2011

    There are some bits of this article that I disagree with btw, but I’m only here to appreciate ‘DIRRRTY’, so I won’t bother 😀

  44. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare October 30, 2011

    lol! I actually listened to this song today after another one of my favorites from “Stripped”- “Get Mine Get Yours.”

    Always loved and respected Christina.

  45. HearingPerfection October 30, 2011

    WOW this is the first post where you said something good about Christina I’m so proud of you

  46. LaLa October 30, 2011

    When Dirrty MV came out for the 1st time… I was like.., WHAT??! Where’s my debut cuteTina??! She’s so skanky in this. & I’m not into the song either. xD but after heard the entire album & see another singles like Beautiful. Fighter & CHUD, The Voice Within, she had me!!! & her “Stripped” record still had impact until this days. I love that she took a big risk with this image after those bubblegum debut. That’s why Ms. Aguilera had my respect. Salute to her 😉

  47. dang October 30, 2011


  48. hahaha October 31, 2011

    the only iconic song/video of her is BEAUTIFUL, (the song that was stole from pink)

  49. Teflon Boy October 31, 2011


    This song went HARD back then and it goes HAAAARD now…., everything is right with it and it has aged amazingly well. And not to unfairly diss any of today’s charting acts but in comparison this harks back to a time when what constituted a hit wasn’t so tightly formulaic and artists could combine artistry and a sense of self onto their music and still make it a hit…., I mean Christina’s vocals on Dirrty are EPIC! In an age where DIVA voiced singers (with the exception of Beyonce) just stand there, Christina deserves way more respect…, singing like THAT while selling such strong statement moves and visuals, this is talent and rawness at it’s best on a beat that is FIRE, the dancing is natural and what the song needs, the visuals are Iconic and Epic in their delivery, the LATINO beefcake refreshing considering how all-American and wholesome her label tried to promote her as. Nah, not enough shade in the world can dismiss how great Christina has the potential to be when her s*** is on point…, and if she never has another hit again she can be proud that DIRRTY and it’s accompanying album pretty much slaaaayed the game when it mattered and continues to be remembered so favourably.

  50. LaLa October 31, 2011

    Shut up.. Geez! The owner of “Beautiful” is Linda Perry. & She gave it to Aguilera. & if the song given to Pink, the impact of the song&MV might have different route (since Linda didn’t want the MV to be that literal with the lyrics)… Pink now has “F*****’ Perfect”. (which I love the Song & the MV). & You forgot about Fighter?! That’s also (an Art &..) Iconic MV/Song.

  51. irene46 October 31, 2011

    i’ll never forget when the ‘dirrty’ and ‘beautiful’ videos were both on the mtv countdown (forget the name of the show with carson daly. this was the first time i’d ever seen an artist have two songs voted into the mtv top 10. for some reason mtv decided to have the audience choose which video would stay on the countdown. ‘beautiful won.

    this was some christina hate even back then because it made no sense to vote one off since viewers had choosen both to be on the countdown.

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