Hot Shot: J.Lo Goes ‘Hard’ On Set Of Video

Published: Sunday 30th Oct 2011 by Sam

In the words of diva rival Mariah, Jennifer Lopez looks hot tamale in the shot above.

And while you’d be forgiven for thinking the pic depicts the singer in her heyday, a throwback post this is not.

Indeed, it was snapped this weekend on the set of the video for‘s latest single ‘Hard’ – which the 42 year old mother features on.

Needless to say, Ms. Lopez is proving that, while some age like milk, she’s ageing like the finest of wines. Work!

Your thoughts?

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  1. DestinyBoston October 30, 2011

    MMMM I’m not sure about this angle

  2. Beyoncefan October 30, 2011

    SHE’S HOT.

  3. QueenSize October 30, 2011

    J lo body is banging but this look seems desperate. Bodysuit yes. Cut off shorts yes. Thigh high leggings and panties no.

  4. pan86 October 30, 2011

    She looks sooooo HOT! The video is gonna be SIZZLIN’ . . . and the track goes HARD!!!

  5. S*** (U MAD?) October 30, 2011

    DOES THIS B**** EVER AGE?!! 😛

  6. ModelesqueBoricua October 30, 2011

    Mamita AY DIOS MIO!!!!!!!!! Jennifer looks amazing!!! Finally girl it’s time to bring s*** BACK! 42, with kids or not. Yall mother fuckers wish yall would look like this when you get old! Brush them mother f****** haters off boo! Puerto Rican Latina curves diva can’t get no better

  7. S*** (U MAD?) October 30, 2011

    Her music SUX Though… (Thought Id throw that in there… Oh The SHADE! 🙂

  8. Queentina>Your Fave October 30, 2011

    Girl bye!

  9. Onyx October 30, 2011

    The best body in the world. The latinas has the best silhouettes, this woman is pure s**.

  10. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce October 30, 2011

    damn !!!! SEXYANDCURVY.COM

    ppl all over the world will be jerking off to this pic 😛

  11. lol October 30, 2011

    The actual name of the song is T.H.E. (the hardest thing ever). Step ur facts up Cranberry Juice

  12. commanderofthedancefloor October 30, 2011

    j.lo is doing something right she looks like she has not aged at all since she was 25. i like the song but mick jaggers part is kind of off to me.

  13. BeyStan October 30, 2011

    Gurl has curves for days. The reason why Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian got b*** injections.

  14. therealest October 30, 2011

    britney is 29. Jlo is 42. DAYUM!

  15. jesse lopez October 30, 2011

    that b**** bad! badder than a m***********! this look is sooo fierce,the hair and outfit…..i’m thinking she should have changed into something like this for the dance break on papi or even the whole vid.

    jlo-making other b****** do their squats since 1998.

  16. YOOSONDALOOSE October 30, 2011

    Jlo is on it, she needs to promote everywhere though for Papi!

  17. ryan October 30, 2011

    what a girl!!! she is pure beauty and sexyness 🙂 what a bombshell

  18. delroy October 30, 2011

    Jlo and salma hayek are my fave lationo honeyz blessed with tue cures not the boney type that Europeans talk about. Jlo looks banging in this pic and i do agree 42 years of age 2 kids and still look hot unlike another artist that is younger than her lol. Can’t say that i have or will listen to the song as it is a Wil-I-am song i just can’t stand him and with Mick Jagger thrown in the mix makes me want to stay away from the song even more.

  19. I AM ME October 30, 2011

    @s*** b**** u pressed, go get a life. Matter of fact, why don’t u go in a corner & face the wall and suck your thumb you whiny ass b****. Go suck up Bey ass some where!

  20. kamilo October 30, 2011


  21. jesse lopez October 30, 2011

    nobody’s is sucking as much as your fave.that’s who you worry about hunty,and that oragami of a child growing in that belly that is like a UFO…some claim that it exist but many doubt and have to see it to believe it.

  22. tyra October 31, 2011

    @i am me and jesse love are u illiterate or something if u read s*** u mad comment anyone with intelligence would know the comment ment she aint aged at all man kids these days

  23. LOVEMUSIC October 31, 2011

    OHHH WOW!!! What a body!!! THE BEST !!

    JLO is my fav POP/RNB singer!! she is great in all

  24. mmm October 31, 2011

    ooomg! look at her ,,DAM,,BABY,,U,,R,,SO,, F..Kin HOT
    an yes i agree this would have work very good for papi video
    this is tha way tha style for papi

  25. sallyone November 1, 2011

    umm sorry but she looks real stink in that pic…with them chicken legs….

  26. modjo November 2, 2011

    she is simply amazinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn > Love JLo and the song will be a hit

  27. jesse lopez November 2, 2011

    uh hunty are yo dense? if you look at @s***’s 2nd comment she/he clearly states that jlo’s music sux. sheesh “adults” these days,i use adults loosely because i think you are a pretender whilst i am 21,not a kid!

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