X Factor Live Performances (Week 6)

Published: Saturday 12th Nov 2011 by Sam

The sixth live show of  X Factor 2011 aired tonight.

{For those unfamiliar with The X Factor, the show is the UK’s version of American Idol – with a twist in that groups and over 28’s are eligible to enter. Now in it’s seventh season, the show is responsible for birthing the careers of Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, and JLS. Its US incarnation launched this September on FOX}.

Watch this week’s performances below…

With the competition drawing nearer the finish line, it’s great to see the focus shift more towards the talent than the theatrics. A point well underlined by the performances of Misha B, Marcus Collins, and Craig Colton (who doesn’t give us ‘star’, but can oh-so deliver vocally).

However, it’s fair to say the return of Amelia Lily was the night’s hot topic. Indeed, the 17 year old delivered a soaring rendition of ‘The Show Must Go On’ – proving why she never should have booted in the first instance (*looks at Janet*) and ultimately why the public voted her back into the competition. For those nonethewiser, (following Frankie Cocozza‘s axing) a telephone tally was opened to vote back in one of the contestants ousted in that first week by the judges (as opposed to the public).

The X Factor UK continues tomorrow night on ITV1

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  1. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN November 12, 2011

    Amelia lily was the best by miles tonight.. She came in and out sang everyone!!! How comes Kelly didnt stand up for her after she sang.. and yet did with Misha B.. Hmmm

  2. MichaelScrewYuu November 12, 2011

    Amelia Shut The Show Down She Came Outta No Where And Ooooh Gosh I Hope She Wins And Proves That She Well Talented Good Gosh I Dont Know Who’s Gonna Win This Year………..

  3. mik November 12, 2011

    Ameilia is however gonna have to build a fan base in a short space of time….shes the only person that can take out Misha at this stage. If teh two of them end up in the bottom 2…its gonna be interesting. Misha is gonna have to stop holding back all that power and range and belt it out against her!!

  4. gio88 November 12, 2011

    actually a really liked Janet this week , i found her performance good and intense!

  5. mik November 12, 2011

    Janet might hit bottom two….

    Amelia can really sing!!

    Misha B seems to like the dance tracks but I really need to hear her bust out a power ballad!

    Craig killed it!!! Not a winner though!

    The rest will get weeded out one by one! Ameila is the only one that can take out Misha in a sing off and vice versa…..so we shall see

  6. ERIC November 12, 2011

    Amelia will slay this competition. The show feels a lot better with out Cocozza and Robinson around.

  7. gio88 November 12, 2011

    it’s just me, or it’s funny that in first week kelly had chosen sophie instead Amelia , and now Sophie has gone home and Amelia is back in the game!mybe destiny has corrected a wrong choice!

  8. antertain November 12, 2011

    Amelia sang with intentions of telling the acts left. Im back b******.
    She is polished but gotta come across my happy.


    Misha B was fire vocally but the clothes hmmmmmm & that blasted STOMP! No!

  9. kwame November 12, 2011

    Mishab must bring out some super power ballad cuz we’re yet to see her do that. Go MishaB ……… #teamalien 😉 😉

  10. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) November 13, 2011


  11. mik November 13, 2011

    we have been with the show….just that she hasnt delivered that kind of knock me the f*** out performance when its clear shes capable. Amelia did last night!! Misha has to step it out cause im voting for her

  12. turveydel November 13, 2011

    This is for u Taylor Swift

    Taylor b****??????????? what are u trying to imply now that Kelly has some sort of favoritism going on or she likes Misha b cuz shes black tr yin to play this race card again and if so fricking what!!

    when u can sing like Kelly!! dress like Kelly!! be a diva like Kelly!! bump like Kelly!! then we can talk about how many times she stood up or sat down b**** please !!!!!!!!!! take a running jump stop hating what u need to do as i told u last week go drink ya hot coco in yo room and play your JLS cd or Cher Loyd your pick b**** i hear your mama calling u lol!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. nicegirl November 13, 2011

    I want either Misha B or Amelia to win the competition!!

    Radio Little Mix has to go!!!

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