Florence and The Machine Cover Drake & Rihanna’s ‘Take Care’

Published: Friday 25th Nov 2011 by Rashad

In a welcomed display, true vocalist Florence Welch lent her signature stylings to that of another true vocalist, Grammy winning vocal less Rihanna, when she tackled ‘Take Care’ – the title track from Torontoian rapper Drake‘s #1 album.  The cut in its original form has already won fans over, but what happens when a person with discernible talent drops her voice over the two autotune abusers?

The results after the jump:

True vocals 101.

In all fairness, Welch did not exactly capture Rihanna’s lower registry parts as well as Drake’s.  Whereas it may not be difficult to outdo either Rihanna or Rihanna’s flunkie, given that vocal mediocrity is where Riri shines brightest, there is an essence to the song that she provided in her barely there vocals that gave the song signature.

But, such comes with putting her own spin on the song.  For, seemingly with minimal effort Welch did something the power of two couldn’t do – make the song impressive.  Not hard to do when covering the type of artist who can’t even do his/her own song justice.   The only thing more impressive would probably be seeing Drake & Rihanna do this song live and it be…well…”ok”.


Your thoughts?

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  1. movementlove November 25, 2011

    THIS IS WHY I LOVE HER. AMAZING! Augh. <3 <3 <3

  2. MISHKA November 25, 2011

    “Whereas it may not be difficult to outdo either Rihanna or Rihanna’s flunkie, given that vocal mediocrity is where Riri shines brightest, there is an essence to the song that she provided in her barely there vocals that gave the song signature.”


    Well that’s Rihanna: she signs (not “sings”) but can’t deliver.

  3. JohnVidal November 25, 2011

    it´s so funny how absolutely everbody and their mammas can do a Rihanna song justice, better than her. Even kids. (well not Rihanna songs, more like songs in which the poor thing “collaborates”)

  4. Beystan#1 November 25, 2011

    Omg she took my breath away <3 I am a Florence and the machine obsessed freak and she just added 2 things to the song the original didnt have… Emotion and talent <3

  5. winning November 25, 2011

    I prefer Rihannas version…. I see she is rocking Rihanna Red hair now…

    Rihanna sets the standard

  6. A November 25, 2011

    great version

    she made a totally new song with it.

    the end was specially great, all those violins and band….. really really good

  7. voneeluv November 25, 2011

    nice , real nice now if that was the album version i might cop that. It has soul! then the live element is crazy too. cool things happen when you think outside the box and try different artists instead of using people you have a crush on i.e. Rhianna and Nicki

  8. is it any of your business? November 25, 2011

    you really sound like a hater; just give a song props if it’s good why so negative, florence does a good job @winnning what?? florence’s hair has always been red!!!

  9. The Naked Truth November 25, 2011

    That was gr8t!!!!

  10. winning November 25, 2011

    I like this version too but Rihanna/Drake is better and her hair is not that red

  11. Santi November 25, 2011

    the person who came up with the hair thing simply has no clue. what a jerk…
    cudos to flo. she’s a blessing to that effed-up industry … check out their new album “ceremonials”, it is gorgeous!

  12. nuhoh November 25, 2011

    Great cover…RiRi and Drake did an excellent job on the original..RiRi’s vocal game on this track is the BIZ…Drake is an awesome songwriter…

  13. Wappy November 25, 2011

    She delivered and awesome performance, still, there’s no point of comparision since both Drake and Rihanna have yet to deliver this performance on live. Or at least that is my logic.

  14. Dev November 25, 2011

    I agree with wappy although i know that Drake cant deliver live as he can can’t deliver in the studio. Everyone sings a Drake song better than Drake.

    I have to agree that Rhianna sounds goo on this track, lets just hope she doesn’t sing it live.

  15. DIONFATALEI November 25, 2011

    Vocally Florence is NOT all that. Seriously.

    Just f***** admit Rihanna sounds way better and move the f*** on. Not that serious.

    He’s doing too much in that paragraph to try and spin s***.

    Anyway, I appreciate Florence cover of the song. Everything isnt about a Competition, these artist are just doing what they love.

  16. c*** November 25, 2011

    let’s be real, pretty much anyone could cover this song and sound better than rihanna.

    but florence is a flawless queen, haters will deal and are pressed their fave sounds like a goat yodeling.

  17. King B November 26, 2011


    “Vocally Florence is NOT all that. Seriously.”

    What would a Rihanna/Britney stan know about good vocals? Stop being so pressed, you make yourself look stupid.


    Please, I’m sure you’ve never even heard of Kate Bush prior to Florence + The Machine. Next time you try to come for someone, try coming up with some original shade.

    Anyways, she slayed this song. The original isn’t bad, but Florence breathed life into it. Though TGJ could’ve afforded to let up on the shade. We know Flo can sing Rihanna and Drake under the table, but dedicating a paragraph to this obvious fact wasn’t necessary, and makes the writer seem pressed.

  18. King B November 26, 2011

    And might I add that I’m surprised (and glad) that this site is FINALLY covering Florence + the Machine.

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