Hot Shots: 8th Annual Keep a Child Alive Black Ball *Updated*

The stars were out in full force tonight to attend the Alicia Keys-hosted 8th annual ‘Keep A Child Alive’ Black Ball, held at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom.  The star studded event, with previous years’ guest lists boasting names like Whitney Houston, Beyonce, and more, included appearances and performances from the likes of, Tyra Banks, Serena Williams, Mary J. Blige, Usher, and Mrs. Beatz herself (among others).

This year’s ‘Ball’, which honored late Beatle George Harrison, benefits Keys’ Keep A Child Alive foundation.  See more photos below:

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  1. ashgino November 3, 2011

    is she pregnate again?

  2. KNUCK November 3, 2011

    smh.. for some reason I still feel like Alicia should keep ha legs closed to this man even though he’s her husband.. I guess..

    Forever Alicia SLEAZE

  3. KNUCK November 3, 2011

    oh, King Latifah I SEE you

  4. Sonya November 3, 2011

    Keep doing your thing Alicia. Much respect and love.

  5. Jasmine November 3, 2011

    Serena looks great and I like her dress a lot. Clive Davis looks really good for someone his age (79 years old).

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE November 4, 2011

    All of them look lovely.

  7. Imma Be November 4, 2011 is God

  8. Kevin November 4, 2011

    Usually when a man touches the belly she’s pregnant.

  9. Kevin November 4, 2011

    Hand on the belly? Humm…

  10. MRB November 4, 2011

    I hope she isnt having another baby by Dead Beatz!

  11. if only November 4, 2011

    pregnant again congrats alicia

  12. x November 4, 2011

    alicia keys is a w****.

  13. nicegirl November 4, 2011

    I don’t think Alicia’s pregnant. Jay did the same to Bey a few years ago, and she wasn’t pregnant.

    They all look lovely though and Usher looks way better without the facial hair. Tyra’s dress is stunning.

  14. vicious vixen November 4, 2011

    Where’s the Spanx Hoelicia? Or has Sleaze Beaks knocked you up again? And why won’t someone on her team tell her to keep those elephant knees & cankles covered at all times? Ewww

  15. Sarah November 4, 2011

    @ViciousVixen dear, you are not vicious at all. You’re corny at the most. I’m almost 100% that she looks better than you, internet thug.

  16. vicious vixen November 4, 2011


    If you don’t like it then you are welcome to lick my whole entire a***. Like I said… her legs look fat & terrible, her husband is a cheating, triflin piece of s*** (equivalent of a dog in heat) & you “telling me about myself” while calling me “corny”, unattractive, and an “internet thug” would put you in WHAT category exactly? You got it… An internet thug. So in other words, Pot… Meet Kettle. #Dumbass

  17. Sarah November 4, 2011

    @vicious Vixen

    No It would not put me in the same category as some low life who sits on the internet looking to speak bad about people they don’t know. I called YOU an Internet thug because of your attack on someone who doesn’t even know you exist. Only a fool would not understand that, in that case why I am I wasting my time on one of them. I’ll never be a person that goes to different post of ppl I don’t like to talk about them, therefore THUG, this time you’re th lone broken ass pot.

  18. Lisa November 4, 2011

    @viciousvixen you are an idiot you dont like her yet you hop on her post? this post is about something that is of substance and negativity is what you got from it? says a lot about you. Alicia is a beautiful woman you must be an insecure hot mess, lets take a look at your picture. Sarah is correct you are a thug. SMDH

  19. Sonya November 4, 2011

    Sometimes the more a person gets knocked down or put down mercelessly for no good reason, the stronger they become. Keep going Alicia. You are definitely a superwoman and I say more power to you. Haters are just very jealous and unhappy people.

  20. Michael Vick Jersey November 9, 2011

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