Hot Shot: Kelly Rowland Dazzles At Cosmopolitan Awards

Back in the UK after suffering what can only be described as a well publicized cold,  a revitalized Kelly Rowland shimmered at the 2011 Cosmopolitan Women Of The Year Awards in London last night.

Armed with a pink dress and her now trademark style, her appearance at the ceremony comes just hours after she sat down with That Grape Juice to discuss her role on the  X Factor UK, new music and future plans.

Watch below…


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  1. KELLY IS A FLOP.COM November 4, 2011

    Whats with the pink? first Billboard Awards, BET Awards now this. Kelly let it slip that Beyonce is having a gurl! People are mad at her!

  2. Lebo(CAribbeanBoi) November 4, 2011

    She looks stunning … Black Barbie …

    Kelly didn’t reveal anything, it has been online since last month … And Kelly wouldn’t have said shyt unless it was ok with Bee, bcuz she has been asked about the baby’s gender before and she said she cldn’t say … Big deal will this baby gender forever be a secret, s*** !!!

  3. LMAO November 4, 2011

    Hey you moron with the first comment,don’t you have something better to do than hate?….SMH

  4. beth November 4, 2011

    she looks amazing and no she didnt mate!!

  5. KELLY IS A FLOP.COM November 4, 2011

    Damn these Kelly stans are mad! Why don’t ya’ll go buy her album. Its flopping big time! just like Lay It On Me! LOL

  6. KELLY IS A FLOP.COM November 4, 2011


    That was speculation/rumours but Kelly has confirmed it before Beyonce had the chance too tell everyone herself! And how dare you call her the black barbie! thats Nicki Minaj!!!!!!!

  7. Toya November 4, 2011

    She looks great! Glad she’s feeling better.

  8. luv music November 4, 2011

    glad shes ok..shes looks gorgeous as always

  9. @rebl_tkwon November 4, 2011

    PINK IS THE NEW BLACK,,,,,,u moron!! Breast cancer awareness & what better way 2 raise awareness than at award shows?? Anyways Kellz looked ace as always *ma dream wifey* lool @rebl_tkwon gooo

  10. nicegirl November 4, 2011

    I usually love Kelly’s style, but I am do not really like this look.

  11. nicegirl November 4, 2011

    Oh and what’s the proof that Bey is having a girl?

  12. Lo November 4, 2011

    @Kelly is a… Shut the F$#K up…. U R a hater do u know that.?? How does it feel? does it turn you on? R you mad that u r poor & Kelly is woth 18 million dollars? are u mad the when Kellys album drops internationally the numbers will increase?? See the truth of the matter is that us Rowldoggs love it when you Queens get your panties in a bunch when Kelly wins!! U cant stop this women & it kills you guys to the point where u guys will start writing essays on our girl posts!! wow keep on feeding these haters kellz it makes them so upset you might have to up your security!!! scary…. lol

  13. @rebl_tkwon November 4, 2011

    @Lo well said!!! ✓

  14. @rebl_tkwon November 4, 2011

    @Lo well said!! ✓

  15. Legend Kelendria Rowland November 4, 2011

    The QUEEN reigns supreme

    Support Ms Kelly!

  16. BeyonceLovesMe November 4, 2011

    Kelly looks amazing! So what if she let it slip we goin find anyway f*** all of you fighting Kelly and Beyonce fans fighting makes me sick Yall are stupid Beystans Kelly is family SMH

  17. LMAO November 4, 2011

    @ the moron with the name KELLY IS A … U commented first in a post you claim not to like who its about ok,I see you aint got nothing doing so I’m ma give you a job, Go Mop the Atlantic ocean with you hater ass!!

  18. Bey’knight November 4, 2011

    I dont necessarily think pink suits her skintone but its not a bad look overall

    Oh i kinda knew Beyonce was havin a girl, not sure how i think either Bey or her mum said or slipped something indicative in one of their recent interviews. I hope Babyonce becomes as successful as her mum if she ends up in the biz lol

  19. Girrrl November 4, 2011

    Wait Kelly is worth 18 mile and Bey is worth 300 Mill. Weren’t they in the same group?
    When is Sam gonna do a post about sales predictions for Here I Am? I predict 300k ww.

  20. VivaLaOnyx November 4, 2011

    Kelly looks stuning… All the haters can suck a fat one!!!

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