Hot Shots: Miguel Strikes A Pose In NYC

Published: Saturday 5th Nov 2011 by Sam

R&B breakout star Miguel was honored by Grey Goose’s ‘Rising Icons’ series last night in New York.

The ‘All I Want Is You’ singer has enjoyed much critical and (increasing) commercial success this year, a trend he’ll no doubt hopes continues when he releases his sophomore effort in 2012.

More pics below…

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  1. CIARA HAS N***** TOES November 5, 2011

    GOD HATES F******

  2. DTG November 5, 2011

    Words can’t express how silly he looks in those tight pants. Very gay, my homie.

  3. RIHANNA FAN November 5, 2011

    this f***** asss n***** needs a hair cut… who is he again irrelevant thats who lol i wonder why i waste my time on such a homosexual blog site… GOD HATES THE F***** HOMOSEXUALS BUT LOVES QUEEN RIHANNA <<< ran bye a pressed queen F*** YOU MARY J B IS GONNA FLOP TALK THAT TALK BABIES XOXOXXOXOXO

  4. nicegirl November 5, 2011

    He does need a haircut and a stylist, but his music is pretty good.

  5. jill November 5, 2011


    How can you call someone the n word but be a fan of rihanna? Last time I checked rihanna was black! You’re a confused kid! The apple don’t fall too far from the tree! Mary will probably sell more than rihanna, maybe the other way around, who knows. Nickelback album comes out the same day and their fans are very loyal, nickelback don’t sell less then 300,000. Rihanna will not sell near that amount and Michael Jackson comes out the same day. So cool it kid. I don’t like Miguel music but I won’t disrespect him like you have.

  6. jill November 5, 2011


    And secondly G-D does not HATE ANYONE, you are not here to JUDGE.

  7. ISTANN4GAGA November 5, 2011

    God doesn’t hate……….

  8. Justin Knows Best November 5, 2011

    Not that I a fan of his, but God does not hate anyone. That would be the devil and its obvious he is in the spirit of the first person who posted that stupid comment! Anyway never got into this dude or his music. Wish him the best!

  9. RIHANNA FAN November 5, 2011

    rihanna hates this f*****

  10. MONKEYTASIA November 5, 2011

    Ch….loooooool! I just can’t.

  11. SHESDUMB November 5, 2011


  12. Chile Please!! November 5, 2011


  13. mobwife November 5, 2011

    Miguel makes nice songs but he just looks so……ZESTY! Oh, and what in the world constitutes a “rising icon” these days?

  14. Mia November 5, 2011

    Work it girl

  15. iSimplyDGAF November 5, 2011

    MIguel is cool…he definitely channels PRINCE..which alot of mofos back in the day thought he was gay too AND WE ALL KNOW PRINCE WAS GETTING MORE C****** THAN A LIL BIT.

    I really love his music..its so different from your typical r&b tracks thats overly done in this age. Commerically…yall hit the nail on the head…the boy has sooooo much commercial success! like hes everywhere! and thats great! his career is just jumping off, his name is becoming household..idk about anyone else, but im curious to see what he puts out in the future..cause the freshman album is BANANAS.

  16. credits November 6, 2011

    Yup the first album is great, he is in a category by himself, untouched by lloyd, omarion, chris brown, trey songz and whoever else you want to name. His music sets him apart. and lol at how many of you call him gay….at least its clear he doesn’t wear makeup. lol

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