Leona Lewis Announces New EP

Published: Tuesday 22nd Nov 2011 by Sam

As studio albums go, Leona Lewis boasts a talent which should see her selling records by the bucketload ala fellow Brit Adele. However, as her sophomore set and serially delayed 3rd album have shown, things haven’t quite played out as such for the LA-based Londoner.

Indeed, following the so-so performance of her latest single ‘Collide’ this Summer, her 3rd opus ‘Glassheart’ was bumped to next year, much to the chargin of her fans.

However, a ray of light has emerged in the form of a new EP which Lewis is lining up for release much sooner than you may think.

Details after the jump…

Kudos to Ms. Lewis for continuing to press on. For her sake, though, she needs to bring ‘it’ and then some. Because the marketplace is too crowded to be miss-shooting (as she has) with limp material.

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  1. Dope or nope November 22, 2011

    Aww.. Poor baby your last album was ok I “GUESS” but at tha end of tha day nobody is really checking on you bobo #imsorry you need to team up with Rihanna or something cus she is POPPIN rite now. This gets a BIG NOPE!

  2. skintightjeans November 22, 2011

    SNOOZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE City! I mean she is so boring. I almost fell asleep typing this!

  3. NATALIE November 22, 2011

    Leona’s voice is just out of this world. For her sake I hope this EP does well for her.

  4. Nahjee November 22, 2011

    Her career is just #sad I’m telling you I hope this album hits 10 ten on iTunes probley won’t tho

  5. jusnot4m33 November 22, 2011

    Love her

  6. JER November 22, 2011


  7. Josh November 22, 2011

    She has an amazing voice,
    when she performed whitney houston, ive NEVER heard someone so close to sounding as good as whitney on that track. “i will always love you”
    Im no big fan, im barley a fan of leona, but she does have a very pretty voice.

  8. Judas666 November 22, 2011

    Yaaawwner. she’s done!! College is very good option for her… 15 sec of fame are over.

  9. Danny November 22, 2011

    Cant wait to hear it, her voice and music are amazing, very underated artist, some people on here really need to do one, if you cant write something nice then dont write anything at all. She has achieved alot in her career so far not to mention being one of the best vocalists in MUSIC 🙂 good luck Leona, I will defo be buying this 😉

  10. antertain November 22, 2011

    Her team is shiiiiit what a waste
    Both Leona & Alexandra Burke should be at least know worldwide with those voices.
    Leona needs to stay in her lane of BALLAD singles and a little experimenting on album. THAT VOCAL MUST NOT BE WASTED on pop song that dont show her gift off. HER GIFT of vocal ability will serve her well with songs types that ultimately won her the x-factor in the 1st place.

    YES she’s gotta show growth and progression but it doesnt mean straying away from what drew fans to her.

  11. YOOSONDALOOSE November 22, 2011

    YAYAY so happy for Leona, her voice is amazing and she is so gifted. Hope her songs are great and that she plays her cards right.
    Lots of promotion and GOOD music!
    Please Leona! She is so good, she needs the sales now!

  12. butlerny November 22, 2011

    Leona is going to slay with her new album…cant wait for the EP…oh and Dope or Nope…bringing Quality is better than quantity full of throwaway pop songs…
    and leona would rather do something for animals for a year than get her tits out for a hit record….nuff said…

  13. Cuntina Piguilera November 23, 2011

    She just needs better material
    A lot of her stuff just sounds dated
    And her attempt at dance music was a MESS
    The song sucked ass
    She needs some hot music, I would suggest
    Rihanna’s or Gaga’s producers.

  14. Mike November 23, 2011

    This is just a charity EP release I think, with some covers. The new official single should be out in January.

    And to those who say she’s done, I wouldn’t say that. SHE made the decision to delay the album because she wanted to do more work with Frasier T Smith, who did Set Fire To The Rain and a couple other big songs. Most people who have heard the new stuff have said it’s her best material to date. Her team of course made a dumb decision in releasing Collide, when it’s been said it’s the weakest song on the album. Luckily, they didn’t send it to US Radio.

    If the title track from the album is anything to go by, the new album will be good and I’m glad she’s going to hold it off for a much less busy time.

  15. Humberto November 23, 2011

    I absolutely love Collide. I hope she sticks with that style, even knowing she flopped hard.

  16. Sleazy November 23, 2011

    Lmao you already know what these dumb ppl are gon say she is boring But adele who sits on her Ass whole day Isn’t boring! Wow Rihanna who sound horrible on stage and walks Around on it Isn’t boring? Leona atleast sounds amazin Damn Yall are haters and run with what ppl say If they say your mom got gang banged by your college friends you will believe it damn thuink for yourself Adele . Mariah . Whitney them doesn’t even do exciting things Because theiur voice does the work So does leona’s so bye

  17. Sleazy November 23, 2011

    Echo Has sold over 2mil albums Its not that great But hey its something Cus the material wasn’t that great

  18. skintightjeans November 23, 2011

    Sleazy, the difference between Leona and other singers with powerful voices is they have a presence! Whitney had it, Mariah had it, Christina has it. Can’t speak on Adele because she bores my mind to bust. But Leona has zero stage presence. Even her looks can’t save her and believe me, she’s a beautiful woman but she has NO and I mean NO presence. I’ve had a better time going to the toilet.

  19. Bader November 25, 2011

    In the article, it should be chagrin not chargin.

  20. ZSM November 30, 2011

    I’m a fan of her’s so I’m biased, but I’m actually hoping that this EP contains more dance oriented music. I liked ‘Collide’ enough, but ‘Glassheart’ simply sounded fantastic when she performed it live at G-A-Y. I want her to pursue that sound; her power ballads are always amazing, but releasing more upbeat songs like the ones I have heard from this project thus fat will demonstrate the diversity of her voice. Leona, make me dance!

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