New Song: Lil’ Kim – ‘I Am Not The One’

Published: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011 by Rashad

Fashionista/femcee Lil’ Kim is back in a big way with ‘I Am Not the One’ – the latest Itune single from the rap Queen Bee.  Formerly Hip Hop’s female frontrunner, the diva now finds herself trying to catch up with the likes of another rapping wigged wonder.  Yet, while busting Paypal charts wide open with her most recent release, such presence has yet to translate into Billboard placements.  But, with new music on the horizon, that maybe set to change.

Is ‘I Am Not the One’ the one Kim needs for a hit? You decide after the jump:

Maybe not necessarily single material, but definitely a refreshing reminder of Kim’s spit over bars.  Unparalleled delivery, even when her subject matter is questioned (or questionable), her voice fits the track and gives you a real New York feel.  Unfortunately, even with that said, the dated number, which has been making rounds across the net, sounds like leftovers from a 2003 G-Unit session.  Let’s hope it is the aforementioned and not real indication of what the Queen is cooking up.  Because if this is even a hint at what she and Universal are readying, her fans will continue their starve for filling material from Miss Jones.

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Your thoughts?

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  1. DONT TRY IT B**** November 23, 2011


  2. Tiffany November 23, 2011

    Real queen of hip hop HOTNESSSSSSS!

  3. JoJo November 23, 2011

    OMG TGJ this s*** is old news like 1-2 months old smh

  4. lifee November 23, 2011

    I liked it.
    It refreshing having an artist giving out real hiphop/rap and not that techno and Pop stuff. I love them something but it got real tiring after a while :/

    This was good though

  5. LILKIMLDN November 23, 2011


  6. Soyeahj November 23, 2011

    Not single material. It sounds dated.—so if this sig doesn’t chart, are we officially allowed to say nicki is queen?

  7. Asiaa Socialite November 23, 2011

    Quit Hating B******. Lil Kim Gave Hip Hop That Breath Of Fresh Air . Your Biased Ass Articles. How You Showing Love YET Shading Kim At The Same Time?

    ANYWAY — Go Purchase I Am Not The One On iTunes! It’s HOT.

  8. Kim career DEAD ghostbuster November 23, 2011

    Hayol Naw!! this s*** will only set her back 2 years. lol….This bish ain’t got it in her no moe. Kim’s Albums were all written by Biggie. Thats why she gave him credit on em…cus he wrote em. she needs to go find another hobby…cus…well….Just LOOK at my username.

  9. Sheltop November 23, 2011


  10. Napaul November 23, 2011

    This is real Hip Hop! Love it! It’s sad that the younger generation has been brainwashed by payola and garbage spreading across the airwaves describing itself as Hip Hop. Jay, Kayne, Mob Deep, Wales, Dip Set, Common, and Kim is keeping the streets alive. All that Techno Hip Pop is in a different league, I mean lower level but Young Money got ya’ll brainwashed. All hail the real queen of hip hop, not Pop Hop Minaj.

  11. Piinkiie November 23, 2011

    L0VE IT i b0UGHT IT blast full bass bumpin no stopin dropin it like is hot lil QUEEN B shes a go getter let her do her thinng she’s R0YALTY theres no need to be hate let roll so bow down to the majesty of them all…!!!!

  12. yasss November 23, 2011

    i think this is going to FLOP. . . the beat is soo DATED. i mean i understand the real hiphop thing people are saying, but this is just plain BORING. and the lyrics are a BIGGER SNOOZE fest…. she says the same s***.. loubtions/shes a queen/ etc.


  13. Lexx November 23, 2011

    Love it..but not for singlee..but deff could bump to this in my car…

  14. Hellen Keller’s carpet November 23, 2011

    This is what real hip hop sounds like. I’m digging it.

    Bish said she is Casey Anthony and u her child tho lmao yaaaassssss!!

    No shade to other artists but I only Stan for KIM. Since 97.

  15. Gucci Gucci November 23, 2011

    This song is #108 on itunes Hip-Hop chart already!! I love it, Im excited for a new album

  16. Cray November 23, 2011

    Look if there is a website that should not speak about Hiphop it is this website. You guys know nothing about real hiphop. Lil Kim just gave real Hiphop and i’m not surprised it went over y’alls head—————-> _/ _/ _/ have several seats Sam and co

  17. DOPE OR NOPE November 23, 2011

    If this charts then I will give her props but if it don’t then it’s over for her & teamkim cus they didn’t put there money where they mouth was.. Nicki would be crown queen if Kim does not hit tha charts. I will give this a BIG NOPE for now cus it does sound dated

  18. Nahjee November 23, 2011

    I wanna see if this hits tha top ten if it dont and its only at 55 then it’s a wrap like that! Teamkim better prove teamminaj wrong or eles

  19. Smdh at your career November 23, 2011

    If this thing does go to tha top ten it won’t mean anything.. Nicki will still be winning awards left & right like it’s nothing and Kim will still be sitting at home watching lifetime

  20. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 23, 2011

    THIS is hip-hop! I don’t have time for the other foolishness.

    Yes Kim!!!!

  21. Sheltop November 23, 2011

    @Kim career DEAD ghostbuster.. sooo biggie wrote all her albums but died after her first one……. hmm last time i checked. kim put out 3 albums and 2 mixtapes since his passing. I never knew the dead could write!

  22. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 23, 2011

    @CRAY, will you PLEASE say it again!!!!! I was thinking the same thing! lol!

  23. HaterzStapPressed November 23, 2011

    Kim spit like a dude on this and not a lot of females can see her when it comes to some real hardcore s***. The music is dated. Sounds pre G-Unit… more like old Wu Tang/Ghostface Killa type late 90’s ish. Give her a beat she can ride to.

    Is it true this single is only .55 cent? If so, TeamKim better come HARD and buy the s*** out of it.

  24. Diane November 23, 2011

    This is good. This is recent music because she spits about Casey Anthony and getting off scott-free. So, this is after 2003. It’s too short to be a single with only clocking in at 2:27 but yes it is a nice reminder why we fell in love with the Queen Bee.

    Add up the songs, O.D., Spend a Milli, Warning (BOMB verse), I’m Not the One shows that the Queen is s-l-o-w-i-ng doing what she needs to do. She doesn’t need to compete, she only needs to do her.

    Clap, clap Queen Bee.

  25. dgraten8 November 23, 2011

    this is fire…hip hop i wanna hear…its def what i thnk she needs to be a reminder of whats she’s capable of….metaphors that make sense

  26. DaHotNig November 23, 2011

    LMAOOOOOOO! At all this “this is real hip hop” s***. You kim fans are so STUPID! kim does NOT write her own s***, every era she has new teams of ghostwriters. The beehive, the irs, etc. kim’s voice was altered to sound like this. She can’t rap that low cuz she has no nostrils anymore. This is horrible.

  27. RDK November 23, 2011

    at least this is not a nicki diss..thats all i got to say about this.

  28. Lior Devereaux November 23, 2011

    @ yass like nicki font be saying the same dhit…most if her punch lines and metaphors are the same you stupid brainwashed b****

  29. White girl mob November 23, 2011

    I’m backkkkkkkkkk hahahaha yea this is real hip hop lil Kim be killin em.. Kreayshawn also be killin em her gucci gucci song is at 55 on hip hop charts on iTunes.. Nicki minaj can’t see Kim & kreayshawn I’m going to call them double k haha Nicki is wack to me Oakland is back in tha mf’n house b******

  30. Lior Devereaux November 23, 2011

    this S*** is not about no #Team minaj or #team Kim they are two totally different peopleone is two and one is pop…half on mucous fanbase is between the dvds of 10-17,kims fanbase is the ’80’s early 90′ s who appreciate the real music from that area…Kim proved herself while nicki played gay to get her a fanbase,cuz before that her ass was rapping in pissy staircases so gtfoh trying to throw Kim shade

  31. JER November 23, 2011

    best thing about this is the single cover

  32. Diane November 23, 2011

    Nicki is too busy BOWING DOWN TO TAYLOR SWIFT for singing Super Bass on the radio and turning the song into a sensation, which was not necessarily her intention, instead of BOWING DOWN TO KIM, WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR HER ENTIRE IMAGE!!!!!!

    She would rather thank Kim in a collective group, Female Rappers past, present and future. SHE OWES KIM A SPECIFIC SHOUT OUT now that she is in mainstream. I don’t care how much Nicki gave Kim props when she was underground, she needs to do it on a large stage like she KISSED TAYLOR’S FEET ON A MAIN STAGE FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!

    That’s why i can’t do Nicki no mo. She would rather name drop Anna Nicole Smith, Eli Manning, Dolly Parton, Ricki Lake, Lindsay Lohan than name dropping black hollywood scarlets.

  33. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 23, 2011

    @DIANE, right! I thought I was the only one who found that ingratiating move towards….um, that girl, nauseating.

    But Nicki is not the queen of Hip Pop for nothing.

    *bumps Dear Old Nicki*

  34. I’ma have to send her back to her maker November 23, 2011

    It’s sad ppl can call this real hiphop. There’s such thing as having good ol hiphop and just plain boring music. jay Z an old head you don’t see him releasing boring ass music. No he still respected in the game cuz he can evolve with music of the young and old generation and still be the s***. Umm, Lil Kim can’t say the same. Her warning song had a better beat than this. This is crap, outdated. She need to go harder than this. This isn’t 2000 anymore.

  35. DaHotNig November 24, 2011

    @DIANE If Queen Nicki had come out rapping about sucking d***, gettin f***** with popcorn butter, and stuffing kilos in her p**** then I would’ve said hold up she’s biting kim! The only similarity between the two is a few wigs, one pose, and a few outfits.

    I think Nicki does s*** on purpose to egg kim on and like a true moron kim falls for it and begins making songs about Nicki which makes Nicki look superior which now of course SHE IS! Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. Nicki broke records and kim is just well, broke.

  36. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 24, 2011

    @I’MA HAVE TO SEND HER BACK TO HER MAKER, In terms of this song, I totally respect your opinion.

    But speaking of the year 2000 and using Jay-Z as your reference, MANY people have called The Blueprint 3 (2009) absolute garbage. However, his 2001 album The Blueprint DEMOLISHES The Blueprint 3- this is fact. I happen to like The Blueprint 3 but close to The Blueprint.

    An age of an album has nothing to do with its artistic integrity. Check Nas’ Illmatic. Would you call this album “outdated?”

    You hear a “dated” beat on Kim’s song. I hear a classic New York style beat that I will never tire of–simple.

  37. Joey November 24, 2011

    I love lil kim to death and im waiting for her to drop a track that will bring her back on top, but as the title of the song says, it is not the one. I like the fact that she stopped the high pitched squeaky thing she had going on and her flow is great. What i dont like is the way she is rapping. For example: QB about to drop bombs, taliban. To me that’s such a cheap way to rap. It sounds lazy and unskilled. Nicki does raps like that all the time and that was one of the reasons why i always saw kim at a higher level, but if she keeps this up she will lose respect as a lyricist. She can do much better than this. It wasn’t bad but i’m not feeling it.

  38. TWITTER.COM/ESSENCE_OF_SEAN November 24, 2011


  39. Yeezy November 24, 2011

    TGJ yall need to quit…. stop throwing wack h** a** nicki down our throats!!!! Kim is a legend. This is my last time visiting this site

  40. King November 24, 2011

    Im sorry but Kim go jard in this s***…. Kudos


  41. Malibu Barbie November 24, 2011

    Another Lil’ Kim CLASSIC under her belt. RAW HIP HOP. something the game lacks , this is the KIM everybody has been waiting for.. all the nicki fans regard ANY hip hop track (DATED) aslong as its against a generic pop club banger beat its a hit. but when its against a classic and melodic beat its dated. y’all just hate on kim for no reason. if nicki were to spit this same were for her second album y’all wud praise her for it

  42. antertain November 24, 2011

    She had flow but the hook gotta have Kim doing it.
    Her voice and delivery decent especially verse 1 but this IRS thang needs to take a back seat

  43. Malibu Barbie November 24, 2011

    @antertain when you say this IRS thing needs to have a seat. what do you mean by that ?

  44. YOOSONDALOOSE November 24, 2011

    Hmmm… don’t like the beat and the song sounds old.
    Boring, she needs something fresh!

  45. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 24, 2011

    great track !

    go LK !

  46. NickiLuv November 24, 2011

    Hey Kim, its not 2000 anymore!!!!

  47. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) November 24, 2011

    Production wise it’s really sloppy, but her delivery is great.That’s the side of Kim I want to hear more often, she’s really coming back in terms of the quality of her verses.

  48. TEAMLILKIM November 24, 2011


  49. LKFL November 24, 2011


  50. FEMME FATALE November 24, 2011

    THIS IS MY SONG!!!! <3
    <3 LOVE LIL KIM !


    <3 QUEEN BEE



  51. KELIS November 24, 2011


  52. Aaron November 24, 2011

    why it gotta be Kim better or Nicki better? yall dont do hat when it come to 2 men in the game. They are two different artists doing they thing. THIS MAY SUPRISE YOU BUT YOU CAN ACTUALLY LIKE BOTH OF THEM!!!! :O

  53. leslie arnelle November 24, 2011

    I like it [shrugs]

  54. Mickie November 24, 2011

    Nice. And I like how Kim KNOWS this sounds dated, she even said she just did it for the fans who thought she lost her “hardcore” flow

  55. Diane November 24, 2011

    @Mickie, when did Kim say that? Link please.

  56. edubb November 24, 2011

    On hot 97, this is just a hold over single until she announce her record deal next yr!

  57. HEREFORKIM November 24, 2011

    This site is a trashy mess! always coming for the QUEEN but the only way anyone will even read or come to this rejected wannabe mediatakeout trashpile is if yall are talking about Kim! There is clearly a LATE F***** BEHIND THIS SITE! lmfao! Get A Life! Kim is #76 on iTunes in less than 24hrs and still rising and hun Nicki has yet to do that! mind you Kim has no single or album or promo out! SIT!

  58. roman November 24, 2011

    This s*** is wack as f***. The production is horrible. She needs to leave the Supa Dapa flow to ppl who know how to use it. Buzz single, official single, whatever the f*** it is…dis is wack as f***!!!!!!!! Kim career is over. She should just make music for her fans cuz the world cud really give two f**** if dis B**** make music or not… Just sayin

  59. kool kid November 24, 2011

    this is a snippet

  60. The Naked Truth November 24, 2011

    Guillotine Kim!!!!!


    P.S We all know Sam & Staff want’s to Walk a Mile in Nicki’s Louboutins….D*** Riders!

    *Hits Repeat*

  61. Army of queen aaliyah & lil kim November 24, 2011

    I Swear some of you h*** are sloopy ! Hating on queen bee, if she is outdated why are you checking for her by commenting ? ……. Oh ok !

    This song is definately Real HIP HOP ! Compared to all these GIMMICKS running around having people BUY their Awards ! *cough*

  62. VFB November 24, 2011

    Sorry but Kim is a straight rapper hands down; they made Nicki into a straight up clown with no rapping skills. You can’t even put Nicki into the hiphop/rap category.

  63. jmoore November 24, 2011

    I cant wait for Queen Bee to drop her new album. Naked Truth still on rewind!

  64. ImMadAsHell November 24, 2011

    TGJ won’t ya’ll telling 30 yr old Nicki to act her & a set up her vocabulary. She the reason why people saying Hip Hip making kids dumb. Her phoney disses. Her drawn out words, does not make her diss anything special but her sounding like a r*****. Then when her fans repeat what 30 yr old Nicki saying, make them sound even slower then Nicki.

  65. I’ma have to send her back to her maker November 24, 2011

    ^^Shut up, f**. Do you even listen to nicki’s music? Nothing dumb about her metaphors. That’s why nicki’sgreatestpunchlines was #1 trending on twitter. “B****** like crabs in the bucket. You see a bad b**** getting shine you should love it. Cuz everytime a door opens for me that means just gotta better opportunity to do you.”

  66. iSimplyDGAF November 24, 2011

    the beef is sooo petty and childish. I’d rather see them do a track together.

  67. Mo November 24, 2011

    @ I’ma have to send her back to her maker, That Tragic diss, how she drawn that word Raggedy Ann, I’m sure slow kids thought that was weak. Roman Revenge, hang up Flatscreen, weak. Washed & Ghostbuster, really Nicki.

    Tell 30 yr old Nicki it’s time to be a woman or go after the true people in her lane Lil mama or Willow Smith.

    & what’s up with the name calling, really f**, that’s all 30 yr old Nicki can teach you.

  68. reallest November 25, 2011

    GRAPEJUICE equals BUTTMUNCH Hating on real Rap equals your downfall @ ThatGrapeJuice. Although you have your opinion ….WE LOVE KIM’ and Her Music DEAL WITH IT

    Dear Grapejuice —Get Over Yourselves and get your head out Sesame Street Rap ass!

  69. slick November 25, 2011

    omg that was too short!! take them dudes out and make it longer it it would go OHH SOO HARD!

  70. ImMadAsHell November 25, 2011

    Can Lil Kim just bring out music for her fans. As long as her fans love. what does it out to do with 29 yr old Nicki fans.

  71. @antertain December 3, 2011

    Malibu Barbie
    November 24, 2011 at 5:21 am
    @antertain when you say this IRS thing needs to have a seat. what do you mean by that ?

    Thats her new crew IRS they called. They need to disappear with there wack rhymes

  72. MrSoulshock44 December 31, 2011

    she killed it, end of the story!

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