Preview: Beyonce on ABC’s 20/20

Published: Wednesday 23rd Nov 2011 by Rashad

Fans have been getting quite the view of ‘Baby Boy’ singer Beyonce and baby bump as she’s made her rounds.  While many-a-murmur has accompanied the pregnancy since its unveiling at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, none more so the sex of the expected baby Carter.

In a revealing sit-down with Katie Couric, Bey may just be ready to deliver the news so many have been waiting for. Check out your preview after the jump:

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Catch the full airing Friday, December 2nd at 10p/9c.  In related news, the singer’s ‘Dance For You’ clip will also be unveiled in its entirety soon.  Lending the privilege to E! Network, the visual is set for debut on November 25th.

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  1. Beystanbish November 23, 2011

    The Queen

  2. Courtney November 23, 2011

    ooh I can’t wait to see that interview as long as politics don’t come up

  3. Nicole November 23, 2011

    Love it!

  4. Bey Fan… November 23, 2011


  5. HaterzStapPressed November 23, 2011

    What more can she say that she hasn’t said already? I’m complete, I’m whole, I’m happy, I’m in control, I took a year off to find me, I found me, I’m me, I love Jay Z, Jay Z loves me, I’m building an empire, want young ladies to be empowered, 4 is my art, it’s important to me, i’m pregnant, i’m having a girl, i come from a strong line of women, i love my momma, i love solange, i love kelly, i’m constantly working, love my fans, I’ve done a dvd, I’m happy….

    Bey I love you gurl but it’s time to sit down and enjoy your pregnancy. You earned a break! You will always be relevant! Just…. slow down. *sigh*

  6. White girl mob November 23, 2011

    I’m backkkkkkkkkk hahaha did ya miss me??? Oh and beyonce your a c*** Keri helson is better than you hahaha I see beyonce trying to Jack Keri helson style hahaha dumb b**** Anyway kreayshawn got new music out with juicy j called trippy man… It’s slays beyonce & Nicki minaj career them broke b****** hahahaha everbody wanna be kreayshawn & Keri helson but they can’t that’s why they mad hahahahaha Oakland in this b**** hahahaha

  7. Geronimo Deuces-Champion November 23, 2011

    its a girl……………..

  8. kingamI November 23, 2011

    LOLZ @HatersStayPressed, you hit the nail on the coffin! l love B, but its the same s*** with her, just a different d.*cough*..frontlace.

  9. mark ginnis November 23, 2011

    Finally we can hear about “Little Lebron” !! If it is a girl they can name her Labron_ce

  10. JER November 23, 2011

    hopefully she’ll have her fake belly pads fixed right this time and they won’t deflate on camera

  11. Bey Fan… November 23, 2011

    Umm guys she still has job…she still has to promote her dvd…. She still has an album out…and this looks like it was recorded a few weeks ago….chill

  12. Sean November 23, 2011

    u kno the insecure bey haters always try to get here first LOL anyway bey looks amazing as usual .. some ppl dnt do pregnancy well but she gets better lookin its crazy! I’m so happy for her and jay.. that’s one lucky ass baby too hav two parents that are two of the BEST in the business!

  13. besos…. November 23, 2011

    Loooovee heerrrrrr *longhair don’t care….*

  14. beystan24 November 23, 2011



  15. Pleassse!!! November 24, 2011

    Since beyonce be on sites.. I hope she see this… Sit the f#ck down… I know u tryin to promote but it makes u look selfish when ur not taking well deserve brake u need to garantee a safe child birth .. I know u want to work.. But draining ur audience with to much and by the time u really come back.. They would have had enough.. Slow down.. Take sometime out to love ur baby and jay.. God bless u and urs

  16. Waterfall November 24, 2011

    Why do yall need to know her intimate information. Can she have something to herself…Be a fan, or even a Stan and support her. Stop tryin to be nosey.

    I bet if she decided to do a reality show like Kim K yall would still be askin her to show more and tell more. Get a life of your own and create business of your own to be worried about.

  17. B_STANNING AND LOVING ADELE November 24, 2011

    i didnt see the interview but anyhoo hello beyhive

  18. Firstborn November 24, 2011

    LOL at Haterzstappressed. Very true. You nailed it.

  19. Kerry Johnson November 24, 2011

    Rihanna is the goddess of music 🙂

  20. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011

    is she going to show her wedding video? a video of her peeing on the stick?

    a video of shawn busting a nut in her? u know, that nut that created lil shawn carter or beybey carter

    than maybe ill make space in my dvr for it….

    cause u see on beyonce interview u seen them all..she has zero personality..

  21. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011

    as much s*** that I talk about beybey..i always admired her keeping her private life out of the media…..but she f***** that part up too

    i gained a litle more respect for her, when she told her stans to stop f****** with her money…

    i never thought i would see the day…her stock went up just a little bit…

    i see shes trying to have a little bit bit personality, by sharing her private life..but i prefer the robotic beyonce

  22. S*** (ITS R&Bey) November 24, 2011


    B****, WHY RU always so BOTHERED???? 😐

    She has “Zero Personality”??


    ^^^WHY didnt SAM post this Video yet btw 😕

    I find Bey way more interesting t& Cuter han RIHANNA whos kinda LAME sometimes toome, tries too hard to act hardcore/Careless & she has the ugliest Laugh I ever heard. So I dont really get how shes so Exciting while Bey has no personality/boring… Not true at all.

    Rihanna is LAME, Tries to hard & she looks really GHETTO in the face to me sometimes imo 😕

    While Bey Likes to play the CALM-COOL-DIVA 🙂 (just made up nother phrase yall) 😀

  23. RichnBlack November 24, 2011

    She so BEAT werk 🙂

  24. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011

    umm what the hell does rihanna have to do with this post?

    didnt beyonce tell ur mentally retarded ass to shut the f*** up?

    what does bashing rihanna going to prove about beyonce’s personality?

    i swear ur so f****** retarted..can ur stupid dumb ass stay on topic

  25. Bey’knight November 24, 2011

    Lol u cant tell a woman to stop working/ promoting if she loves it and has the strength. If u think her interviews are redundant then dont watch. Its u who’s bein selfish, her fans that care will watch it. Maybe if u werent so obsessed with Bey it wont like she’s always in ur face. We could do with less heat so pls stop clickin Beyonce posts, get tired of her, how wil u be posting multiple comments and complaining she’s still promoting, she obv still has ur attention.

    King B will always do her, for years haters been asking for break. She’s not about to start pleasing naysayers now.

    Cant wait for the interview, sure ratings will be as good as her 2010 thanksgiving takeover. If u aint known, Beyonce is ratings gold for the media, u take a hike

  26. MR. MISTER November 24, 2011

    @HATERZTAPPRESSED – Everything you said was the straight up truth! LOL. Damn, that’s bad when you already know what someone is going to say before they even say it. That just goes to show you that she says the same stuff over and over. And, if she uses the word “inspired” or “inspiration” one more time, I’m going to yank that lacefront off of her head! Lol.

  27. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011

    rolls eyes…..some people have zero room to talk..when it comes with commenting on folks u dont like..

    if u can sit and comment on folks u dont like, why cant people do it on beyonce?

  28. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011


    u r the biggest hyporite when it comes to hating on people….i see u all the time go in on rihanna..

    every rihanna post ur ass stay on why the hell ur getting mad that people dont like beyonce….

    whats ur deep hatred for rihanna?

    im bored and ur irkin my nerves with ur fake s***…

  29. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011


    i dont usually like to come at people for their opinions…

    but ur a hypocrite..

    i see u all the time go in at folks u dont like..but as soon as somebody make a comment on beyonce ur first to call them haters..

    u always try to go in on folks in act like ur above everybody….ur no better than a hater stop with ur b*******

  30. Bey’knight November 24, 2011

    So by simple logic @HATERSSTAPPRESSED and those who agree with them wont be checking for the interview, right? Who wan bet they’ll be one ofd 1st to comment when the interview is posted? Oh u jus gotta admire the hilarity in a catch 22 lol

    -i cant stand Beyonce bur imma refresh her post for d next 3 hrs
    – Bey needs to sit but 1st i gotta catch her latest performance
    – Bey doin too much, wait i ain checked her stats this week yet
    And it goes like that…..

    Btw i dont rmbr Bey saying she was taking a break, her album was released in June. Gaga been promotin since grammys, sold millions, got top 10s yet no slowing down(makes me mad at Bey for touring early IASF coulda done 9mil ww) Hate to break it to u but pregnancy is not disease, i recollect a certain Mariah promoting an xmas album with a big fat belly n hawking some goods on some shoppin network. MIA held it down on the grammys stage 9 months preggers

    Yall better check out for “a special appearance by Beyonce that will leave America talking” at grammys ’12. Performing live from the delivery room its Beyonce with record of the year, I Was Here 😀

  31. S*** (U MAD?) November 24, 2011



  32. Bey’knight November 24, 2011


    I speak d gospel on Riri cus her tone-deaf morally-bankrupt deliquent misfits of a fanbase are delirious enough to pit her against an entertainer thats superior to that poptart in every way. Anyways if ur not a fan theres not much good u can say about rih; she’s a poor entertainer and her lifestyle is dysfunctional

    How am i a hypocrite, pls expantiate? Ok i shouldnt have called them haters but their point is invalid n dead contradictory if they chkin for d interview b4 it airs since they sure it’l be redundant

    Act like im better than everybody else? WTH? pipe down woman! U dont even know me. Dont be running n tell that

  33. NAUDISWEET (Xtina Stan) November 24, 2011

    I’ve never been a Bey lover or hater, but I’ve watched her grow and become more comfortable with herself. What’s wrong with her sharing some personal deets with her fans? The problem is Yall are just straight up haters imo. If you don’t like her then don’t watch the interview or click on her post, simple. I don’t like Rihanna, and I have no idea what she’s up to because I don’t read any post about her. See how that works? : )

  34. Ms Lovely November 24, 2011

    LOL @ haters .Yet y’all still here, refreshing her post and still talking about her. Beyonce will continue to do as she damn well please,and if you don’t like it, have several seats and shut the f*** up!.

  35. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011

    i couldnt give two f**** if beyonce goes away or not….none of my money goes in her pockets

    everything i get from beyonce and shawn are free..

    as long as beyonce has the money, she aint going no pays for alot….

  36. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011


    so let me get this straight ur opinions about rihanna is the gospel..and her stans are stupid to worship the ground she walks on?

    but u worship the ground beyonce walks on…so why cant they do the same for their favs,,

    i dont want to here because beyonce can sing better and pop her c****** better makes her superior..

  37. YOOSONDALOOSE November 24, 2011

    Very excited!
    Woooo! Hope she reveals all!
    Love Bey!

  38. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 24, 2011


    ur a hypocrite because u always have negative stuff to say about rihanna..but get mad when people states their opinion on beyonce…

    didnt u come at me an say i had a deep hatred for the carters..umm did u know me than?

    so u obviously have that same deep hatred for rihanna, since u stay commenting on her post

  39. Bey’knight November 24, 2011


    1st i dont worship Bey. She’s my fav artist in d world it ends there. And yes rhitards shdnt do d same cus their fav is a GIMMICK- an embodiment of a great marketing. Used to be a fan of Britney,Jlo too but then i grew up, i still use them disposably though. they are lovely women esp Brit, i respect her, she’s an icon, cant say the same for rihanna. Hopefully some rhitards will grow up and realise what a nonentity they stan for.

    U asking me why Beyonce is superior to rih? No offense but thats a stupid question. Ask Barbra Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Bono, Chris Martin, MJ,MJB, Prince, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, Tina Turner, Sir Paul Macartney, Diana Ross …. And it goes like that

  40. Bey’knight November 24, 2011


    I dont hate anyone certainly not Rihanna. I dont care enough about her to hate her.

    Ur comments were bogus and i called u out. No more No less!!!

    I go on Rih posts cus i know there’d be more mentions of Beyonce than rih there. Its a Bey post indirectly. Thank the daft navy for that

  41. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 24, 2011

    @RATED xxx :

    damn girl ! you are BAD !

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove YOUR ATTITUDE !

    DAMN ! you always keep it real ! sometimes it hurts , but you always do it !! i do respect your points !! and that you do NOT STAN for any artist ! i love ppl who are like you ! who give their opinions signed with ” IDGAF h*** , that’s my damn opinion ” !!

    U GO GIRL !! 😉

  42. fatu sankoh November 24, 2011

    bey god bless you protect you the baby jay and you family for life keri and her fellow hatemonger have norting on you you can see the hate on keri face why keri you have so much hate for our bey go work on your self i cant wait to watch 2020 show bey your dvd is the best i cant stope watching it

  43. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 24, 2011

    @sam :

    why you do not let me post the damn mothafuckin comment and leave .. ?!

  44. Another Queen Will Be Born November 24, 2011

    @Bey’Knight Don’t waste your time on that high blunthead pressed non mother f***** factor.That geekmonster has been hating all damn year.F*** her she’s not worth a damn in the first place.B**** stack clicking and refreshing on all of Beyonce’s post.Always acting like she’s friends with the Carters.I know J he’s this or that…..I don’t have to pay for anything,I get their stuff and their personal business for free.Blah Blah.You’re the damn hyprocrite.If you hate them so much why do you want any of their free s***.Since you are a f***** snake.B**** why are you hiding behind an alias name.You’re So Damn Real let us know who you really are.Since you know so damn much.Like I’ve said before h*** grow nuts like a man in a safe place.Ratchett Snakeass B****!!!! Make Yourself Known

  45. Another Queen Will Be Born November 24, 2011

    Typo B**** Stay Clicking On Post and Rubber Necking and Checking 4 The Carters.What’s The Real Dealio H**!! What in the f*** have they done to your bitchass??? If they haven’t done anything then the Beyonce Fanbase need to continue to drag your Jealous Stupidass

  46. Another Queen Will Be Born November 24, 2011

    @Pop you’re one shady sneaky individual.You’ve never been 100%.I saw your comment on Rihannas post.You stated “I think I might jumpback on board with the Beyhive”after everyone started talking about Rihannas shortcomings and how their never satisfied with her whole album.You weren’t with her for real.I personally don’t think you like Bbeyonce for real.You just seem so damn fake and shady all of the time.

  47. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 24, 2011

    @ANOTHER :

    NO i’m not fake ..

    but yes i’m shady , i can shade rihanna too ! but when i shade my fav it is called honesty honey 🙂

  48. KAT DELUNA FAN November 24, 2011

    cant waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  49. Marketing Specialist November 24, 2011

    The industry is in a panic and trying feverishly to recoup its investment on Beyonce.

  50. Bey’knight November 24, 2011

    @Another star

    Trust she aint foolin me tryna act like shes in d know. Theres nothin she says that any hater cant randomly drop eg Jay is not as loaded as we think. Mmkay.
    Anyways we off that.

  51. jamir21 November 24, 2011

    Cant wait either !!!

    @ S***

    He`s sooooo DUMB !

    Cant always stay on TOPIC !

    Gottta bring up Rihanna because he knows he is a HIDDEN FAN !

  52. HaterzStayPressed November 24, 2011


    First and foremost, I was not even close in trying to dismiss or diminish Beyonce. I’m the first one to admit that she has accomplished more in 15 years than most. My problem is that right now there is nothing to promote, except her pregnancy and it comes off looking cheap and pressed. The album is dead…. the DVD will do marginally ok. The singles are all flops from the 4 era. What is left to promote? She needs to enjoy this time, take time off and have her bouncing baby girl just sit down for a bit. Walking around in New York for paparazzi shots wearing 6 inch red bottoms while that big and pregnant is coming off desperate. Doing interviews saying the exact same thing over and over is tired. I’m not the only one saying this as a many industry insider and executive are saying the same thing. She is dangerously close to over exposure!

    She needs to let this album go, have her baby, spend time with her new family, regroup, and slay the industry around this time next year. Now whether Beyonce stans accept that or not is really non of my concern and frankly I don’t give a f***. But it is what it is….

  53. kerihilsonsecondcomingofmj November 24, 2011


  54. kerihilsonsecondcomingofmj November 24, 2011


  55. B November 24, 2011

    Why yall worried about wether she sits down and take a break while pregnant. What concern is it of Yall?????..Let Beyonce do Beyonce and you do you. As long as she’s happy and pleasing the fans. Its really eating at you all that she still can do whateva the hell she want to do and looks fab, while pregnant. Yall some jealous hating b******. SMH

  56. Jazz November 24, 2011

    Can’t wait to see it!

  57. Jazz November 24, 2011

    Can’t wait to see it!

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