Watch: Michelle Williams Rocks OK TV

Published: Wednesday 30th Nov 2011 by Sam

Following another successful acting stint with the play ‘What My Husband Doesn’t Know’, Michelle Williams is back.

The Destiny’s Child alum has teamed up with European DJ’s Electric Giant Beatz as the guest vocalist on their single ‘On The Run’.

Aptly, then, the 30 year old is currently here in the UK doing the media rounds in support of the release. Check out her energetic showing on Channel 5’s  OK! TV today.

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  1. HONNYBOOM November 30, 2011


  2. quanberg November 30, 2011

    Amazing Amzing Amzaing Michelle Killed this performance, she came and she conquered !!!!

  3. Style November 30, 2011

    Sounds like a dying cat. My goodness.

  4. quanberg November 30, 2011

    Here we goes HATERS in 5, 4,3,2,1 !!!

  5. Style November 30, 2011

    P.S – I bet they wanted Beyonce or Kelly on this record really…hehe lol.

  6. HONNYBOOM November 30, 2011

    Ok at first I was happy being first….thats b4 I actually watched this..poor thing as a case of intonation…proud shes branchin out tho…

  7. jonathan Lewis November 30, 2011

    this was tired .. come harder next time lol

  8. 954/305 November 30, 2011


  9. X-ray November 30, 2011

    I loved it!!!!! That s*** was tight.

  10. ThankMeLater November 30, 2011

    wtf is this s***…i think my ears just died.

  11. vti.nty November 30, 2011

    That Opening note was KILLER….After that it was an pitchy mess. Michelle you can do better but again that opening note was everything. She needs to learn how to mix her head voice and regular tone. Sigh…I Miss DC3..Hasnt been a group like them since 2005

  12. Crystal November 30, 2011

    hell to the no

  13. BeBeJuJu November 30, 2011

    OMG,her voice doesn’t go with this song at all!!! but still love all my DC girls 🙂 again Sam,Michelle is 31 not 30!

  14. NO POINT AT ALL November 30, 2011

    PURE S***.

    What the f*** is wrong with yall- who gave her a deal?

  15. Fleur November 30, 2011

    This picture of Michelle is very fierce Sam. I love that first note in this performance.

  16. Bam Bam November 30, 2011

    Not my style but it was good…..

  17. Quanberg November 30, 2011

    Michelle slayed this performance no argument there !!!

  18. oralanthony November 30, 2011

    love Michelle!! love this performance!!

  19. Brand’Nu November 30, 2011

    The video doesn’t work anymore. Is there a new link?

  20. College girl November 30, 2011

    what happened to the video???

  21. Sleazy December 1, 2011

    She f***** slayed love her Wht hate on her Go hate on the Lip syncers Back track users Bye

  22. carl December 1, 2011

    I think she has really grown just lookin back at her destiny`s child days n I think its her turn kelly had a good year n we know beyonce did michelle its your time!

  23. YOOSONDALOOSE December 1, 2011

    Very good performance, Michelle is very talented and I love that song.
    Hope it gets a top 40 chart position.

  24. MICHELLE December 1, 2011

    Michelle is NOT 30 she is 32 YEARS OLD

  25. Jonathan Gardner December 1, 2011

    The label that released the song have had the LIVE PERFORMANCE removed from YouTube due to copyright – so silly, do they want the song to be promoted online?

    Anyway, I capped the audio. Here’s a link to the LIVE PERFORMANCE AUDIO:

  26. oralanthony December 1, 2011

    she looked beautiful she sounded strong and in control, really wonderful

  27. mona December 1, 2011

    love it

  28. mona December 1, 2011

    love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. @VuyoZucch December 2, 2011

    To all the haters, a quick reminder; Michelle Williams has sold millions of albums worldwide, what have you done with your lives? How much does spreading hate and negativity pay? I’m sure it pays you a lot

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