Hot Shots: Rihanna Shoots ‘You Da One’ Video

Published: Wednesday 30th Nov 2011 by Sam

Bright colours, bright wig, dim talent. Needless to say, Rihanna‘s shooting a new music video.

The model, whose Navy spent so much time defending her they forgot to buy her poorly selling new album, hopes to keep the record’s flame ablaze with its second single ‘You Da One’ – the video for which she shot in London today.

Being the fair and unbias site we are, we won’t judge the clip until seeing it in its entirety. However, we just hope she and director Melina have conjured up something original. We wouldn’t want a repeat of the plaguirsm which marred their most recent efforts.

Your thoughts?


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  1. xd November 30, 2011

    OH. You forgot to say that We Found Love is #1 for a 5th week in the BBHOT100.


  2. DiBBS November 30, 2011

    Follow me on Tumblr and Twitter everybody! 😀


  3. I’ma have to send her to her maker November 30, 2011

    AHHH. Love this song. Good job with your album TTT Rihanna. I’m glad you returned to your urban roots. F*** the haters. Who cares if your album didn’t get a number 1 in the US. Americans are so hard to please. UK are open minded ppl. You will always be number 1 to them. And I see you getting that inspiration from the Clock Work Orange. Nice pics and I can’t wait to see the video. THis my fav song off the album.

  4. coolduddeduh November 30, 2011

    Damn yall dragged her lmao! i mean sure the album flopped but i thought the focus was on the new video being filmed? hahaha it was still funny as hell though buuuut if Melina is directing expect something simple and overly sexual..oh yeeea and yall follow me on twitter too @Dolo_Malicious i follow back

  5. Dale_23 November 30, 2011



    Those were the first to come to my mind.

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE November 30, 2011

    Looks good, very different, didn’t expect it to be like that.

  7. yasss November 30, 2011

    Reminds me of Nicki in these pics.

  8. Liver November 30, 2011


  9. TYLER November 30, 2011

    How can an album flop when its only been out a week.

    How can u call ciara Kelly Rowland albums hits when neither has even sold as much as Rihanna 1st week sales.

    I thought an album was a FLOP if it failed to sell after the coming. Watch this album be Damn near platinum by January if not platinum.

    I just got the deluxe and regular version st walmart this mornin. I am officially a new Rihanna fan.

  10. Bey Fan… November 30, 2011

    She looks. Tired of seeing her in these ripped up jeans and shorts all the time, but she looks good none the less.

    IIm sure You Da One will be number one. That song is kinda addictive.

  11. PAU November 30, 2011

    yesssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!! i can’t wait!!!!!

  12. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) November 30, 2011

    so MADONNA-ISH !!

    don’t tell me ” music video” + “sticky and sweet” tour intro * candy shop* outfit !!

    go riri !! but this particular song is the “meh” of the album for me 😡 !!!

    i will wait for ” watch ‘n’ learn” , “where have you been” and “ttt” !!!

  13. truciebedford November 30, 2011

    looks likes its going to be real cute. Iuv this song!

  14. 11 #1 singles & only 197k sold the first week November 30, 2011

    Is she getting fat? She can’t afford to lose her figure, seeing how that’s the only thing she has to distract folks from her lack of talent!

  15. MissImpartial November 30, 2011

    Where were you your girl Rihanna needed you yesterday she was being trashed here by all and sundry for her sales? Even the Gaga fans joined in which I was surprised of to be honest.

  16. Bey’knight November 30, 2011


    Wat are u sayin? Thats nothin like what M wore for Candy shop performance besides M was sitting on a grand throne not some working class furniture. U pressi g forward with that Black Madonna campaign eh. I see you 😉

  17. The Great Lacefronce. November 30, 2011

    TTT will sell 10 m ww…WATCH

    FLOPonce is still STRUGGLING for one million copies in the US

    T***** Cacas team shipped 8 million copies of Born to Flop & He has sold less than 5 m ww!!! Which means there’s about 4 million copies of Born to Flop sitting on the shelves somewhere collecting DUST While Rihanna has outsold T***** Cacas Born to Flop

    The GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth 🙂

  18. JohnVidal November 30, 2011

    She´s quickly becoming the biggest joke ever in music history. What was that??? Again??? I can´t believe people (a few) stan for her

  19. Matt November 30, 2011

    ^^that t***** Gaga you say has sold nearly 5 million copies in 6 months, such a flop ay. Even without the amazon 99c sales (440k) sales she would have easily have sold 600k sales. You would think rihanna would have sold more than 197k with thanksgiving and black Friday, LOL hilarious, can you imagine if Gaga released born this flop same time as rihanna, poor poor rihrih lmaoo

  20. @GLYNNJE November 30, 2011


  21. JESSIE November 30, 2011

    Dag! All I can see is Rihanna burning out. It’s coming people sit back and WATCH.

  22. JESSIE November 30, 2011

    Also it will be very hard for Rihanna to get a man that will be in her corner. After that 2009 thing what man in their right mind would want to be a steady boyfriend to Rihanna. Well seems like the tables are finally turning on her ass. TTT yea right!!

  23. tyra November 30, 2011

    Riri looks good with the blonde very edgy very pretty girl and sam u need to get over it ur hate for rihanna is pathetic. On another not riri gained quite a bit of weight them thighs and waist looking chunky she need to work with new directors or all her vids will start to look the same but I wish ther navy and beehive would quit arguing back and forth its kinda redudent the arguments are staring to souund the same all the time 🙂

  24. FAN November 30, 2011

    Personally, i can’t wait for the video.

    she’s so fresh, and full of youth. TTT is an amazing album, just like her entire discography.

    she’s going nowhere anytime soon, but eh? a lil dreaming nvr hurt nobody….

  25. mobwife November 30, 2011


    Looking cheap as ususal!

  26. FAN November 30, 2011


    it’s gonna be hard for you to find anybody while your on the internet being faceless and negative. so don’t even.

  27. BeBeJuJu November 30, 2011

    @Bey Fan i agree!
    but i got so addicted to it the first 2 days and now i don’t even wanna hear the beginning alone! SO OVER IT! and this was my fav song on her new album :/

  28. Abel Villas Boas November 30, 2011


    Yeah, u’re right…Sam’s hate for Rihannais PATHETIC! Excellent word to define what a “professional blogger wannabe” CANNOT BE!

  29. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 30, 2011

    Those video stills look really corny. Rihanna should hang it up. TTT is awful and failed to sell 200,000 in its first week. Flop.

  30. NIkNak November 30, 2011

    I actually find her quite boring now

  31. ihateher November 30, 2011

    i hate rihanna and everything she stands for because of my love for Beyonce but no need to hate because they are friends. I will be purchasing loud and talk that talk by the end of the week along with the live at roseland dvd

  32. WHUT November 30, 2011

    FINALLY a new video from the Queen its about time we got something that’s actually INTERESTING cause these gurls have been BORING US TO DEATH!! The ppl cant wait Queen Rih!!!

  33. Jacqui November 30, 2011

    let me start by saying i really like thatgrapejuice. it’s definitely one of the best pop culture blogs i know of. however. this fake rihanna hate every day is very puzzling to me, and it’s starting to turn me off.

    i really would like to know what rihanna did to this guy. i’m being serious, can someone tell me? because i’ve been following this blog for about a year now, and as a result, i know every move rihanna has made over the last 12 months or so. i didn’t give two sh*ts about her before, but now i find myself kinda intrigued by her, thanks to all the info i’ve gotten from the obsessed fan in disguise known as sam who writes about her every single day. sometimes multiple times a day. and follows her every move. what’s the deal dude? you obviously LOVE this girl. why do you insist on pretending to hate her? is this reverse psychology? are you actually promoting her? because that is exactly what you do every day- promote the sh*t out of the rihanna machine. maybe sam is really a part of her team, because i tell you what…i thought rihanna was boring and mediocre before, but largely thanks to the exposure she gets on this site, i have now come to appreciate her as an artist. if intentional, kudos.

    i understanding having artists that you love to hate. i have my own; i think we all do. but please do us a favor and be real with yourself. if you really thought rihanna lacked any talent or x factor, you wouldn’t be spending so much time and energy on her. just let it go and admit it: rihanna is a bad b*tch with hella personality, and yes, she can sing. everyone may not like her voice- it is a little goatish at times- but when it comes to singing ability, she definitely has a healthy amount. so for your readers’ sake, sam, come off it. you’ll feel better. much love!

  34. WHUT November 30, 2011

    @Jacqui its not hard to understand where Samatha is coming from. Just take a garner at the comments of all the other flops he post about! They’re boring as sin, no one gives too much of a f*** about them!! Even Beyonce who used to get loads of comments can barely reach 100 comments now!! Sam knows who is bringing the hits for his flop site so he HAS to post about the Queen daily! Its cool tho cause the navy is here to drag all who step out of line!!

  35. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 30, 2011

    rih rhi fashion sense has not been up to par……

    i miss the old rih rih bad bish style…….

    that grape juice is biased? much s*** yall talk about rih….

    the only people that screams that the u.s is the only music market out there, are the ones with favs who cannot sell outside of the U.S..

  36. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 30, 2011

    FLOPhanna is TRASH!!!!!!

    The H** can’t sell a single copy of FLOP THAT FLOP.Personally,THE GREAT LACEFRONCE illegally downloaded that SHITE trash.This washed up GIMMICK will NOT get a single cent of THE GREAT LACEFRONCE’s money

    2nd week sales: 75k


    Oh and FLOPhanna looks like FLOPonce. 😉

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth! 😉

  37. RatedX(basic broads favs) November 30, 2011

    side I the only person thats getting tired of seeing behind the scene of every single music video some people drop?

    or re release of music videos? where the f*** they do that at?

    i wanna scream, gotdang, if people are not buying ur album or ur singles, what the f*** makes u think we give a s*** about ur videos?

    some people cannot handle rejection…

  38. commanderofthedancefloor November 30, 2011

    when rihanna does something everybody stops what they are doing and checks her out, isn’t funny!

    all the haters commented first as usual. TTT is a flop? yet it has sold almost as much as loud did first week and loud is the best selling pop album of last year. just wait until the end of this year alone, those numbers will be consistent and then i want to see all the haters then.

    anyways the video is inspired by the movie a clockwork orange, the movie is cool, weird, even demented at some times. so it will be interesting to see what it looks like and the video should boost you da one into the #1 spot!

  39. Theman November 30, 2011

    Sam needs to get his head out of Rihanna’s a**. If you despise her this much then stop using her post to gain hits hypocrite. @Bey’Knight your opinions are ok, but you have been attacking Rihanna alot, something you claimed you didn’t do. Get over it. On another note she looks beautiful.

  40. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. November 30, 2011

    November 30, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    when rihanna does something everybody stops what they are doing and checks her out, isn’t funny!

    all the haters commented first as usual. TTT is a flop? yet it has sold almost as much as loud did first week and loud is the best selling pop album of last year. just wait until the end of this year alone, those numbers will be consistent and then i want to see all the haters then.

    anyways the video is inspired by the movie a clockwork orange, the movie is cool, weird, even demented at some times. so it will be interesting to see what it looks like and the video should boost you da one into the #1 spot!

    H** HUSH!

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE knows why FLOPhanna really goes to #1.

    FLOPhannas videos are SHITE
    FLOPhannas songs are SHITE
    FLOPhannas albums are SHITE

    All the h** has going for her is a cute face 😉

    When you are a GIMMICK and have NO TALENT you resort to giving head.


    FLOPhanna was really lucky she sucked the right d***.BLEACHonce is SHITE at giving head as well 😉

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth 🙂

    Oh and

    2nd week sales : 75k
    3rd week sales : 35k

  41. Yachi November 30, 2011

    Sam can’t we say the same for ur precious Beyonce? Y’all got her to #1, yet not a single top 10. Hell not even platinum in the US. Hypocritical much………..

  42. DTG November 30, 2011


    You don’t know what you’re talking about. 4 *is* platinum in the US. And if you’re album can reach #1 without a hit single, then you’re doing better than the chick who has a #1 single but couldn’t convince the public to buy the album it’s on.

  43. FAME KILLS November 30, 2011

    lmao @ Sams comment
    too funny & true. i dont think half of these people who are defending her even bought her damn album.

    these pictures… remind me of Keri Hilson trying too hard

  44. SANEGAME November 30, 2011

    @THE GREAT LACEFRONCE Are You Bipolar By Any Chance? Just Asking Because One Minute You Love RiRi And You talking about how great she is the next you are talking about she’s a FLOP!. You must have Multiple Personalities.Or you must just be Crazy.Why are you Having a Conversation With Yourself? Are You That Lonely? Do you Not Have Any Friends? Maybe You should Talk to someone Honey.I don’t know You And I am Not judging You.Maybe You Are Doing That For Attention.It’s either You Have Someone Or You Love Someone , That Simple.Choose!

  45. QueenofPopJanet November 30, 2011

    Talk That Flop.

  46. SANEGAME November 30, 2011


  47. Girrrl November 30, 2011

    I know you not talking about plagiarism when your girl bey stole videos and performances for the entire 4 era. Why do you think she “edited” that countdown video and claimed to be inspired with that billboard performance?

    In other news I have the info you’ve been waiting for. Kelly is NOT debuting in the top 10 20 or 30 on the uk charts. Too pathetic! Wait didn’t she still the concept of down for whatever.

    You stan for thieves and flops!!!

  48. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 30, 2011

    Rihanna is a pop star par excellence & I, personally, love it. Currently, here are the big names in pop: Gaga, Ke$sha, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Nicki, Selena Gomez, and Justin Bieber.

    *picks up tea and takes a sip*

    Now, you think I’m going to look at THAT list & turn around and shade Fenty? Hell nall.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy Stefani. A lot of people feel that “The Fame” and “The Fame Monster” are better than “BTW.” Cool–whatever. I think “BTW’ is far superior. ‘Heavy Metal Lover” alone massacres both of those albums.

    But at the END of the day, in the POP world, I will continue to support Rihanna.

    Skinny, pretty, catchy, pop brilliance. What else do you want?

    * bumps MJB’s ‘Empty Promises’ *

  49. Dax November 30, 2011

    The Rihanna fans are defensive because her album debuted with a fork already in it! 😆


    And as for that video…BLEH. She looks like a fool with that cheap looking blond wig.

  50. Black November 30, 2011

    All I think when I see this pics is…ITS BARBIE BITCCCCHHHHHHHHHHH

  51. Liver November 30, 2011

    HEY, I’m Pissed Off, I went to Best Buy and they Sold out on The Elements of 4…..I’m pissed!!!!!!!!!!!! And To make matters worst all the bestt buy I called…….4 of them…all sold out

  52. dang November 30, 2011


  53. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) November 30, 2011

    them stills look cheap….the blonde looks cute on her

  54. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 30, 2011

    @DANG, I don’t think she is going for “THE GHETTO LOOKN [sic].” I think she is going more for a “A Clockwork Orange” look. (Brilliant book and film)

    But hey, if you see “ghetto,” who am I to say differently?

    *bumps ‘We All Want Love’ *

  55. commanderofthedancefloor November 30, 2011

    before anybody starts they need to know the definition of plagarism!

    It is the practice of taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as one’s own.

    i hate it when people say beyonce’s videos are plagarised because she never actually says that the concepts for the videos are hers and neither has rihanna! same thing can actually be said for most artist, because you never see them say i came up with this and act like they made the video.

  56. commanderofthedancefloor November 30, 2011


    i actually like the styles that rihanna is doing this era. like someone said before it is like 90s london, and grunge.

  57. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 30, 2011

    @COMMANDEROFTHEDANCEFLOOR, yes! I am absolutely feeling her styles this era. Very “unkempt” but pretty at the same time. Very 90’s, even 80’s, London and grunge-yes. I’m totally into it.

    People have been making me feel like I’m crazy or something. I’m totally into “Talk That Talk. 🙂

  58. SHERYL November 30, 2011

    she is a flop but she has more number ones than beyonce!!!!!!!! jay z knows rihanna is beter thats why he supports her more than beyonce.

  59. SHERYL November 30, 2011

    she looks stupid!!!!

  60. commanderofthedancefloor November 30, 2011


    i completely agree with you! this style fits her the best. its stylish yet funky at the same time.

    talk that talk is really good in my opinion she has went back to dancehall and did more dubstep.

  61. Lax November 30, 2011

    @JACQUI…….. That was a great Read Thanks
    RIHANNA Has style, strengths and intelligence
    she’s Passionate about her work and she’s
    prepared to Tackle her work and each new
    project head on. She don’t put a lot of stock
    in the mean things people say about her and
    neither does the navy. I don’t let what “GRAPE”
    post bother me as a matter of Fact i have come
    to Appreciate this Blog spot as one of the main
    one’s that keeps all of us Gay, Straight, Cripple
    or Crazy up Dated with the latest in Entertainment
    news almost every hour on the hour. And besides
    that what people Type, Write or say about us does
    not Define us. Even the way as many think they or
    Trashing her and talking smack about her every move
    is so wonderful to see. Rihanna love all of the attention
    and the mad Passionate love shown to her by the very
    people who wants her to flop the most. Look at them running
    lie ants to a sugar hill to read the latest happening with he. Shes giving me Madonna in these shoots can’t wait to see what her latest Offering is going to be and hey loosers keep the good work up because life would be some what dull without all of you Looneys’ trying to Kill them Project
    Typewriters by beating the Hound Dog Hell Out Of Them with All that love for Rihanna, Thanks.

  62. Lax November 30, 2011

    @GLUNNJE Now with a kelly rowland sticker
    you have a lot of room to talk now don’t you?

    @Dax,,,You or a lying canchie donchie
    your mamma put you out and your daddy
    don’t want you.

    @DANG,,,Now i know good and well you or not up in
    the house talking smack, when you need to check on
    Porky Pig and see how her s*** is coming along since Ga Ga
    and her monster put her s*** out to pasture the last go round.

    @LACEFRONT ,,,Look babe i have told you before that it’s not rihanna or the navy fault that you was dropped on your head so many times it was your momma and you need to take that up with her now us, deery.

  63. Lax November 30, 2011

    @Haters You can’t break a good woman like rihanna
    down no matter how you try. You can call her album
    a flop you can keep downloading it for free, you can
    keep working overtime trying to trash and bash her
    and you will still end up out in the cold with all of
    your Dusty ass out to Pasture in the winter time

  64. Lax November 30, 2011

    The Black Madonna

  65. SHESDUMB November 30, 2011



  66. BitchIcantevenspellwelfare November 30, 2011

    @COMMANDEROFTHEDANCEFLOOR, “talk that talk is really good in my opinion she has went back to dancehall and did more dubstep.”

    Absolutely! I know a lot of fans are feeling ‘Ya Da One’ as the urban single while “We Found Love” continues to slay the charts. I wanted “Watch n’ Learn or Talk That Talk” as the urban singles b/c, come’on, they kill it! 🙂

    However, ” Where Have You Been” as the pop single and “Talk That Talk” or “Watch n’ Learn” as the urban single are going to muthafuckin destroy!

    If I’m wrong, I’ll eat it. But “TTT” is a solid effort IMO.

  67. Heh December 1, 2011

    Rihanna’s new album is already flopping.
    I see tired desperation in those video stills.

  68. arob December 1, 2011

    This looks like a different side of her, I thought she said last week or so she didn’t want to be a gimmick

  69. acem December 1, 2011

    She’s playing out. I’m tired of seeing her.

  70. Lax December 1, 2011

    @HEH,,,,,,Yep # 37 will do since it has been a yr ago

  71. EJonez December 1, 2011

    Originality?! Where is it Ri! We’ve all seen the blonde wig, suspenders and ripped up shorts with some crazy printed leggings with some wahcked out sneakers. Come on! cant you make up any look of your own that actually includes clothing?

  72. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) December 1, 2011


    lolz , I’M a guy ! 😆

    and sorry , i was having some exams and i couldn’t come her and stan for rihanna !

    but if i were here , you know what would have happened 😉 , anyway rihanna is slaying hard and they are just mad as hell !!

    here u have bey’s greatest fan ” @s***” pretending to be “@lacefronce” !! PATHETIC !

    WHEN THEY GONNA TAKE A BREAK ! all of them h*** get paid and they still waste their lives on ppl who do not know if they exsist !!

    but i will keep on supporting riri ! 😉

    @BEY’knight :

    boy , you know too much about me , now you are predicting what’s next i’m gonna do !! LOLZ !

    i’m guilty and i admit it 😉 !


    @LAX : hi bro , what’s new in the navy ?!


    sorry , that particular ” YELLOW” wig doesn’t suit rihanna !! she looks ” WRONG” !

    i miss the “LOUD” ERA with it’s high fashion looks !! 😡

    @shesdumb :

    the only thing that gained a weight this era is YOUR F*****’ SHAPELESS ASS !

    i don’t know what color you prefer to dye your ass’s hair with , but red will work good on yours , LOUD ASS 😆

    @FAMEkills :

    the nerve of you b**** !

    out of all fanbases , the ” remind me of” is not allowed when you are a gaga FREAK !! gaga is a PRINTER !! let’s not go there b**** !! 😉

  73. C December 1, 2011

    Say what you will about her music – but you cannot dispute the director is genius… take inspiration from everything the LaChappelle thing was ridiculous! Gaga’s entire persona is Madonna based, but I don’t see any lawsuits pending. Some of you need to do your research like the one person’s comment it’s drawing from A Clockwork Orange. Love in a Hopeless place was also inspired by many films the director is familiar with. Her videos actually help me get through her music as I find it to be mediocre at best.

  74. F*ckYou December 1, 2011

    Dude, you call yourself “fair and unbiased site” but u carry on like a bunch of hating b******… Rihanna has made more money in 1 year than you’ll ever make your entire life, and she does that for a reason. She may not be vocally the best but there’s more to ppl than singing, its called a PERSONALITY, get urself 1. Your review just stink, get the msg across, don’t add ur 2 cents crap that undermines ppl when u have no idea. So just get ur “facts” straight, cos they are about as gay as ur review… Oh and I’m gay so I’ll use the metaphor… :)))

  75. Observer December 1, 2011

    Let the haters keep hating! It feeds Rihanna’s inspiration to continue to succeed against the opposition. We can thank them for that. When they keep wishing and praying for their faves to succeed and Rihanna to flop, the oppposite happens and it makes them even more enraged. When you wish bad for others it comes back to the ones you love. It’s KArma!! LMAO!!! Rihanna will just just let them “Talk that Talk” and let future sales of the album speak for themselves. How long has it been out? How then can you call it a flop? It’s already #1 in the U.K. and debuting at # 3 in the U.S. is obviously not a flop as album sales on the whole over the years has dropped with he introduction of the internet. The mentality of the writer and some of the people with these hateful comment has to be seriously questioned.

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