Brandy Eyes March 2012 For New Album Release

Published: Friday 16th Dec 2011 by Sam

It’s been a long time coming (three years to be exact), but Brandy‘s new studio album is a-coming. In March 2012 to be precise.

Details after the jump…

The songstress, 32, shared particulars about the closely-guarded project with Billboard. Peep what she had to say about the LP, her first under her new label partnership with RCA/Chameleon, below…

On The Album’s Direction:

“What I’m truly excited about is how the album is all about R&B and figuring out the new sound of R&B, and that was the challenge for me. I wanted to do something different — I didn’t want to just sing about love over regular beats. I think the fans have been very patient with me, but I just wanted to make sure that this album was right — the right type of music, the right core. I feel like we’re getting to that point where I felt comfortable with putting something out.”

On Working With Frank Ocean (who joins the likes of Timbaland, Jim Jonsin, and Bangladesh on the project):

“We’ve always had that great chemistry [after working together on 2008’s ‘Human’], and we both understand music in the same ways. To work with him on this album was great as well, and I hope I can get in [the studio] with him some more because his music is just so moving; I’m inspired by him. I think he’s a great artist and he hasn’t even touched on what he will touch on in the future.”

On The Album’s Release Date / Tour:

“We’re aiming for March, but I don’t know if March is going to be the actual time the album comes out,” she says), Brandy says that, whenever the album is released, her first extended tour since 2009 will soon follow. “I haven’t been on tour in God knows how long, so it’s definitely time to revisit the stage and really look at the fans eye-to-eye. Nothing beats that” {Source}

The most potent quote from Ms. Norwood was her acknowledgement that her fans have been exceptionally patient. No doubt on of the perks when you’re an artist who consistently serves up quality with each and every musical outing. March certainly couldn’t come any sooner!

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  1. Boopi December 16, 2011

    I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Tristan December 16, 2011

    Let’s hope it sticks with March! I don’t know if I can take this any longer. Hurry, Brandy!

  3. V December 16, 2011

    This is the BEST NEWS IVE HEARD ALL YEAR!!!!!
    Brandy is the QUEEN!!!!!!!! I love her with alll my heart and I want ALL THE SUCCESS FOR HER THIS ERA and I hope the next era is right around the corner! Cmon Brandy!

  4. nerd December 16, 2011

    PERFECT!!! MY birthday in March and this is the perfect gift…. Anyone hear Brandy new leak? AWESOME!!

  5. Setitstraighter December 16, 2011

    Thank u @ V

    I couldnt have put it better myself.- Her music always tells a story, theres a depth with this one.. which is always worth the wait.. Single is round the corner..

    The leak is track from babyface ” Vibrany” its Bran nu

  6. …………………………………… December 16, 2011

    Good for Brandy! She’s making sure she gets it this time around! Atleast she knows what she has to do to get there and she’s actually listening to her fans cough* cough* Kellyr take notes.

  7. MelyB December 16, 2011

    YEA! So she should be dropping a single soon -ish, right. I can’t wait to hear some new music from Brandy.

  8. HURRY UP BRANDY!!! LETSSSSS GOOOOOO December 16, 2011

    LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! B-ROCKA!!!!!

  9. Davis December 16, 2011


  10. BRANDYALLDAWAY December 16, 2011

    Ive always wanted Frank Ocean on this album, and he loves her.. Brandy should do a cover of Swim good. Soon as I herd it.. I fort of her straight-away!!

    LOOKIN Forward to her to HEAT up this winter..wid her Single!!

  11. JP December 16, 2011

    Yeah!!!!!…lets get’em Bran Bran!

  12. hanophie December 16, 2011

    Wow….d instant i saw brandy’s name…my heart skipped……cant wait……… ya 2 much

  13. truthis December 16, 2011

    ummm ok……

  14. loveleeladee December 16, 2011

    Love Brandy! Real music is on the rise again. Between her and a few of my other fav artists making great music, I’m content. Sitting back, waiting for Brandnu baybee”

  15. Ci’Yonce December 16, 2011

    B-ROCKA is COMING. Get READY h***!!!!! =)

  16. RATEDXXX(tricks are for kids) December 16, 2011

    yes, yes, yes

    I luv me some Brandy…

    I cannot wait to hear what she has in store for us….

    I always felt she was very underrated as an artist……her voice…her passion….

    damn I luv me some Brandy..

    waiting for my Mimi album too….

  17. 0123 December 16, 2011

    I’m more interested in Monica’s new album.


  18. Ci’Yonce December 16, 2011


    AND the #STARZ don’t give a S***. Troll back into the cave you came from.—->

  19. ChrisBBeliever2 December 16, 2011

    I’m so damn hype 😀

  20. Yessss December 16, 2011

    LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!
    Brandy know what she doin!!
    Comin back strong!

  21. Yessss December 16, 2011

    tnx brandy i knw when ever u release an album, its always sumtng of da bst can’t wait !!!

  22. Girrrl December 17, 2011

    I’m buying it.

  23. nat December 17, 2011

    C’Mon BRAN!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bran Star December 17, 2011

    New single in Dec-January (music)
    10 episodes on the 4th season of BET’s The Game (acting)
    Album in March?? (more music)
    Support Role in Tyler Perry’s new film “The Marriage Counselor” (acting)
    A Tour to follow up the album!??!

    YESS Brandy, I’m here for this!!

  25. corey December 17, 2011


  26. NICK December 17, 2011

    I AM TOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love me sum brandy – i WILL BE FRONT ROW @ THE TOUR!!!!! SAN DIEGO BRANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE U GIRL-

  27. YOOSONDALOOSE December 17, 2011

    You know what. I am checking for this album now. I think it could be big, some great producers and sounds like a good sound hmmmm…

    BTW 2012 is going to be a big big big year for music I cannot wait!

  28. GAslickmouf December 17, 2011

    @ TRUTHIS Gurl u r a f***** hater!! U always saying b******* whn it comes to Brandy but turn around and give Monica the likes.

    TRUTHIS gurl u r a f***** Flake.

    If u dont like Brandy dont bring ya ass in here trick, and go pray dat Monica can come come back bcuz she done already f***** up 2 times already dats u her ass done went back to the studio to re-make and re-do New life bcuz dat life of hers had no pulse at all hun……..

    Kinda like u TRUTHIS

  29. Songscribe December 17, 2011

    Now my heart is racing, i cant wait. Tell us about the release date of the first single. Pliz announce the date of release so tht people are aware of wts going on. Luv u brandy.

  30. KASEY JR. December 17, 2011

    I’m sorry but March is way too early for Brandy to release an album. If she had a lead single out already then maybe but this is not enough time to promote. She’s not as big as she used to be, so rushing an album out is not gonna help it do well. I say wait till May to release it so you have at least 2 singles with both music videos out getting some good rotation on TV and radio then release your album while the iron is hot and continue promoting with at least 3 more singles and a nationwide tour.

  31. @DarealrastaBwoi on Twitter December 17, 2011

    I cant wait either, love u Brandy

    Follow me on Twitter @Darealrastabwoi
    and check out my videos and subscribe

  32. bitchplease December 18, 2011


  33. branfaninuk December 18, 2011

    Give us some Bran bcos we’ve missed you so much>

  34. my vocal bible December 18, 2011


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