Guess Who?!

Published: Tuesday 13th Dec 2011 by Sam

Can you guess who was snapped parading in her bra and panties on stage in Italy this week? Find out after the jump…

Hint: “would you like fries with that fast food hit?”

It’s Rihanna

Of course it is. The 23 year old is currently wrapping up her ‘Loud Tour’ before inevitably amping up the promo for her ‘Talk That Talk’ LP – which to-date has been an underwhelming seller.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Steffon December 13, 2011

    That wig is a mess

  2. sandy December 13, 2011

    funny how she wearing blonde bob like mary j and keri hilson

  3. howard December 13, 2011

    keri hilson can dance and sing better than rihanna

  4. h December 13, 2011

    w**** s*** gimmick

  5. skintightjeans December 13, 2011

    I mean, I’m a fan but not a hard core stan and I think the child probably works hard for her money. Stop being a ole messy queen Sam.

  6. Girrrl December 13, 2011

    Hi Rihanna!

    7 2012 Grammy nominations
    #2 Billboard artist of 2011
    2 #1s in the US in 2011
    Won best r&b album at soul train awards over beys 4

    “Would u like some fries with that haterade?”


  7. dreamlover December 13, 2011

    Stay mad u b******

  8. Lax December 13, 2011

    RIH RIH BAD BYTCH.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. ttt December 13, 2011

    that wasnt realy hard to guess ūüėõ why yall hating spread love b****** POEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY THE WORLD IS LIKE IT IS TODAY SPREAD LOVE! realy the fck went wrong in your youth to make u act like dat?

  10. lola December 13, 2011

    It was obvious that it’s this washed up w****! She’s the only tall celeb who is bony up top and has stank, huge thighs at the bottom. I am so glad her album is flopping. Can’t wait until this b**** is officially over! She should just become a p*** star for all of the perverted people who love her.

  11. Onyx December 13, 2011

    Wow! how can’t someone hate a person you don’t even know in real life, some people go just to far, if you don’t like her, don’t waste your time, theres more information about others musicians and probably about your favorites on this site, so change page, don’t torture yourself, this site always make post about her and others, even about those artists who FLOP like your favorites.

  12. ThéLourson December 13, 2011

    There you go again TGJ… So even when there is nothing to say about Rihanna, you still have to take your time to write a “Guess who” … that is sad. Is your life that boring??? Come on now, do some sport, go for a shopping spree, sing, dance, whatever, but there are so many other things you can do to get rid of that hate deep inside of you… but hating behind a computer is really pityful.

  13. B. Hill December 13, 2011

    The flopstar who can’t sing, dance, sell 200k in her first week or score a #1 album.

  14. riri December 13, 2011

    why does she wear the same “clothes” every concert!?!

    i am starting to like her wig, it starting to suit her.

  15. Remey December 13, 2011

    Get em Rih! So glad the tour is finishing/ Now she can get a little rest. Even though TTT promo is about to go into heavy overload, she can use this album era to have fun rather than prove her star status. Take some time off and come back in about a year or two with fresh material.

  16. RIHHI5 December 13, 2011

    Its RIRI BABY! Who else but the navy’s COMMANDER of RIHANNANAVY!!!!!!

  17. common December 13, 2011

    my d*** nearly came out of my pants after seeing that!!!

  18. BLAH December 13, 2011

    lol @ this desperate h** having to strip down to almost nothing just to get a descent crowd =-( i feel so bad for her lmao and @ the h*** above the so called (flop navy) lol @ just because she’s nominated really doesn’t mean s***…. anyone and everyone knows shes not gonna win ūüôĀ don’t get too excited lmao but that is just pathetic though that she has to dress like that and do sexual s*** with a dude like that just to keep the fans happy lmao how low can d=this flop h** go? guess that’s what you have to resort to when you have no actual talent especially a big lack of real vocals (DEAD) let me go lol this is just embarrassing -nods my head-

  19. Lax December 13, 2011

    Her Resilient & Brilliant Keeps Right on Shining Through.
    Even the Lies, Slander, Hate, Dislike, Mean Spirited Vile
    and Evil Things that is stated on and about Her, She has
    Learned how to Take it all with a Grain of Salt and Keep
    Her Focus on her Career Goals. with as much as she
    has Accomplished this year along, it will soon be shown
    as a “Game Changer” In Her Life from now on. She is
    Definitely Swimming with the big Fish and the best is yet
    to come.Keep hating, keep slandering her name, keep
    doubting and stay tuned.
    Look over rihannas year that has gone down with only
    a few minor slow downs and shes having fun doing all
    of this while many or lying and bashing the hell out of
    a internet picture and a article on her that also has
    traits of that hate serum laced and written into it loool.

  20. Lax December 13, 2011

    That shot of her “Derriere” is one of the hottest
    on the face of the Entire Planet, that Derriere is.

  21. Anonymous December 13, 2011

    Sam is a$y. What’s wrong? Mom gave u 2 much estrogen. F.a..g$ should dye, they are an abomination to the human race. They do not serve purpose on earth. Their firery q***** that need needs to be hosed Down and taught to be masculine. Not this bullsh*t hater that will do anything to disrespect the opposite s**.

  22. I’ma have to send her to her maker December 13, 2011

    I take it the her haters mad cuz she glamorous and gettin money while they lame broke asses hate. *Kanye shrug* I mean she gives you great music and you all throw so much dirt on her name. Ppl stay pressed. SMH.

  23. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! December 13, 2011

    Did you even have to guess?!?

  24. Lax December 13, 2011

    @ The “Looney Tune Cartoon” Folks
    Take all of the Names, Slans, & Things And Add these Tibits
    December 2010 Rihanna Covered Las Vegas Magazine,,,
    Jan 2011 She Covered Marie Clarie Mexico
    April 2011 She Covered Vogue US
    2011 Rolling Stone
    Sep 2011 She Covered Glamour
    Nov. 2011 She Covered Vogue UK
    Esquire Sexiest Woman Alive 2011

    Choke on That U Hateful “Looneys” Who Take The J
    out of “Joy”.

    100 Million Digital Sales
    30 Millon Albums
    And has Earned the Title of International Super Star

  25. B December 13, 2011

    Why yall always hating on RIhanna, if not her Beyonce. Damn ok we get it now STFU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sodoma December 13, 2011

    I used to like Rihanna’s wigs, then I took an arrow to the knee.

  27. Lax December 13, 2011

    Rihann ruled Facebook 2011 December 13 2011 What did everyone like on Facebook 2011 from Harry Potter To Megan Fox Rihanna Ruled Facebook’s
    Memology 2011. Rihanna not only Topped the List of Musicians, she also had
    the most Listened to song thanks to her Chart Topping “wfl”.

  28. Boo December 13, 2011

    Her parading around in bra and panties is no worse than Kelly Rowland parading around with her p**** and ass out in her vid for ‘Down For Whatever.’ Dead at Kelly’s latest project being paid dust in the US and the UK even when she’s desperately selling her s**.

  29. Nate December 13, 2011

    Beyonce wore a onesie for 2 years in a row. Sam you could never talk when your favorite artists actually wore the same one piece bathing suit for every performance and video, while spreading her legs and poppin that cutch like shes well known for doing. Yup, infront of juelz, daddy & momma as well as the whole world. Get the hell out of here with that crap, you cant bash nobody for wearing something skimp cause Beyonce made a career off of it. PS Ri looks hot, I love that costume & wig! My girl knows how to throw it on!

  30. Sallone December 13, 2011


  31. Jessica December 14, 2011

    Still looking like a crackhead I see, Smh. I’m gonna keep saying this SHE’S DONE MUSICALLY!!! Now she resorting to stripping now just to sell her music, that’s just plain sad. No substance whatsoever. SMH. Rihanna, girl, your done musically!!!

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