Leona Lewis Delivers Moving Performance On X Factor UK

Published: Saturday 10th Dec 2011 by David



In support of her recently released EP ‘Hurt’,  ‘Better In Time’ belle Leona Lewis took to the X Factor UK stage to perform the project’s title cut this evening.

Predictably understated and indicative of the performer’s growth since her days as a contestant on the series, her performance arrives months before the release of her ‘Glassheart‘ studio album.


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  1. KDBritBrit4EVR December 10, 2011

    LOVE LOVE LOVE HER…I don’t give a s*** what any1 says….people on this website think their so educated about music, they just need 2 shut up and coz they have no idea what they’re talking about

  2. Bob December 10, 2011

    Good grief girl. Flat and sharp at the same time

  3. Becca December 10, 2011

    People say shes changed…
    Same beautiful voice
    Same beautiful person (She still says thank you so softly at the end of every performance)
    Don’t mistake class, grace, and beauty for bland and boring.

  4. Dev December 10, 2011

    The only thing that moved was my bowels.

  5. thatBoi December 10, 2011

    Yikes she is flat and sharp….I guess her looks make up for her lack of vocal technique

  6. KDBritBrit4EVR December 10, 2011

    @THATBOI….lack of vocal technique? R u actually kidding me….r u actually deaf and stupid…obviously u r? I can’t even b bothered 2 argue coz there’s no point….u just need 2 get your ears tested

  7. Bob December 10, 2011

    You don’t have to be educated and music to hear that her pitch is way off. Alicia Keys would even call her pitchy and we all know she’s tone deaf.

  8. Dev December 10, 2011

    Oh, just watched. She has managed to make another cover sound like run & stop crying your heart out. She needs a&r help! She need jerry jam & terry lewis….. she needs intervention because this was blah and predictable.
    Is she still maintaining that she hasn’t had a nose job?

  9. Shelly December 10, 2011

    This is horrible…is this a joke? it sounds like someone overdubbed her performance with hideous horrible vocals….smh.

  10. thatBoi December 10, 2011

    @KDBritBrit4EVR no I’m not the one who needs to have my ears checked.,..clearly SHE does…and if you think that was a MOVING performance you are just as delusional as she is….
    sniff sniff cry!

  11. AndroidGirl December 10, 2011

    Oh i like this girl…wasn’t she like a runner up on America’s got talent or something….this performance sucked but I liked

  12. AndroidGirl December 10, 2011

    …like her

  13. KAT DELUNA FAN December 10, 2011

    Great,l mean this is what you call a singer not those jokes-with-a-mic :clap: lele

  14. YOOSONDALOOSE December 10, 2011

    She was amazing, her vocals and her style was beautiful, wish the song was better, she needs new material and strong material.

    Still love Leona though.

  15. AndroidGirl December 10, 2011

    I am a huge fan but I have to admit she was a little off. I have seen better performances from her but THIS was not one of them….

  16. @daRealrastaBwoi December 10, 2011

    No a fan but she is still a pretty face and nice voice

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi n check out my comments on xfactor Usa this week on my youtube page thx http://www.youtube.com/user/DaChatBoutMr

  17. TIMMI December 10, 2011

    Leona was amazing. I can happily admit that the beginning was a bit SHAKY for me, but she picked it up at the end and slayed, as usual.

  18. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN December 10, 2011

    Like leona, but another cover song? Come on, cant they write her a new song.

  19. Laurie December 10, 2011

    Girl you boring

  20. Mike December 10, 2011


    She only covered these songs because she was booked months in advance for upcoming performances to promote the new album but when she delayed it, they decided to do this so she’d still have something to promote.

    From what I understand, she wanted to save the new songs for the album.

  21. william December 10, 2011

    I think if she wants to do another cover her problem is, nobody has anything to do with it, I think ridiculous and annoying fans of rock bands get offended female artists who do covers of rock bands, each one has the right to sing WHAT want to, I found a great presentation, I am a fan and for me leona has the best voice in the world, say WHAT they say

  22. william December 10, 2011

    to me people who offend, or hate Leona without arguments are jealous of her voice, I love you Leona

  23. Theman December 10, 2011

    She can sang, but her tone ………

  24. MRDIVABITCH December 10, 2011

    I think Leona has a lovely voice, great range and is very tanted
    But inded her intonation could improve, and also her low register wobbles out of control, not cute.

  25. @antertain December 11, 2011

    I agree about her lower register being very low but its not her technique, she just has to be right on the mic as it’s a quiet tone.
    I dont overly mind that she come across boring because her voice and vocals are GREAT!!

    Not sure this cover suited her as much but like the dark themed arrangement.

    She is a under appreciated vocalist because she has defo one of the best techniques out there in the industry 2day.
    She is made for pop ballads, slow ballads, R&B, soul & some rock ballads as well.
    Leona can sing various genres but those are her strengths for me and the club sounding pop waters down her vocal ability, if song is not on her wavelength.

  26. turveydel December 11, 2011

    face it people lts a wrap for leona lewis this girl is so damm boring she has no personality just standing there with her awful pitch face the girl needs ar or some artist development cuz soon this ugly road runner b**** will be off the scene for good.
    i have never seen someone who could bore me to tears like she does as for her stans god help them id rather watch j ls and that’s really pushing it to the left leona and please don’t come back………………

  27. beautiful December 11, 2011

    perfect job LEONA!!!!!

  28. TIMMI December 11, 2011


    If you want people to read your b*******, you should learn to construct sentences.

    Commars, full stops, paragraphs my darling. And whilst your at it, check your spelling.

  29. JohnVidal December 11, 2011

    Great voice? Yes. But we all know what happens with her. And yeah it´s kind of a wrap for her

  30. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN December 11, 2011

    @Mike. Okay fair enough, but she’ll lose her credibility if she keeps singing cover songs. Hopefully her new album will be good and get her back to the top, where she deserves to be.

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