Preview: Kelly Rowland’s ‘Sexy Abs’ Workout DVD

Published: Thursday 8th Dec 2011 by Sam

This summer saw Kelly Rowland motivate music listeners with sizzling chart-topper ‘Motivation’. However, the singer is hoping to motivate folk’s fitness with her new workout DVD – ‘Sexy Abs’.

The project sees Rowland team up with trainer Jeanette Jenkins, and serves as yet another means of her building her brand outside of music.

Peep a preview of the DVD, which arrives on December 15th, below…

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  1. mhud December 8, 2011

    queen kelly rowland is f****** beautiful.

  2. osaz December 8, 2011

    This B**** is working her Butts Off; Haters continue hating cos U r d motivation She’s GOT!

  3. GLYNNJE December 8, 2011

    yasssssssssssssssssssssssss Kelly better werk!!!!


  4. Beud December 8, 2011

    December 15th,, thanks SAM: i found a christmas gift for my baby,,
    want her to look likes Ms Kelly,, “be my motivation weezy baby”

  5. Lax December 8, 2011

    Kelly’s body is Rock hard and really toned, her beautiful pictures
    with her great body will be the final nail in “XYZ’ COFFIN Because
    we already know that ‘XYZ” Is going to Lick and Lap KELLY’S S***

  6. Lax December 8, 2011


  7. osaz December 8, 2011

    XYZ am gonna have to buy you on of these DVD made by the 30-“something” years old S*** Beauty Queen Kelly!

    XYZ u luv Kelly so much, just admit it! Becos she didn’t giving u no attention when u needed her most, u resorted to Bashing her; don’t worry she will notice u one day, LMAO!

  8. X,Y,and Z December 8, 2011

    All love. I ain’t hating!

  9. posh December 8, 2011

    kelly earned her body… she is workin hard i everything she is doing… proud of her

  10. osaz December 8, 2011

    You are the fake XYZ lmao! She hates Kelly with every being in Her!

  11. EdwardPonton December 8, 2011

    Lmao @Osaz heck yeah that CANT be the real XYZ cause you know that’s a hater for you..

  12. X,Y,”and Z” December 8, 2011

    (Meh.. Absolutely ravenous, these busybody “Rowdogs”..)

    @EdwardPonton, OSAZ, and LAX —


    ..I have now devised an exercise regime that is not only certain to reinvigorate and re-motivate you slumbering Rowdogs, but one that’s sure to resuscitate your fave’s now obvious “hospice housed,” near-terminally-ill career. It requires of you NO joint/ligament trauma, nor ‘arm-pit-sweat-stain’ rigor. It ALSO has the added benefit of release of the “wonderful feeling” β-Endorphin, AND also, not surprisingly, will instantly bestow the canine “dignity”, and’ll be sure to put the “threat-of-teeth” back into the “Rowdog’s bark”:

    1.) Find your nearest ‘brick-n-mortar’ retailer. One preferably located in any urban, greater-London local, but, considering that pathetic less-than 200k now realized, any said walk-in retail establishment will suffice; be it in the “developed world”, or one withing the boarders of any bullet-riddled sub-Sahara African War-lord’s fiefdom.

    2.) Reach for, in a dramatic, bold and decisive manner, your credit card, or any means of ‘tender’ that ads to your country’s Gross Domestic Product (farm animals, or any such livestock, or even “trade-by-barter” will suffice).

    3.) Throw the aforementioned “means of tender” on the counter, and then BOLDLY announce “I’m a Rowdog, ya’ll bastards had better recognize, I’m here to support the head b****!!”

    4.) Then, in an even “LOUDer” “Rihanna-like on-stage shrill”, you DEMAND to be shown the “Here I am” CD rack location. Be sure to the ‘tap your fingers and stomp your feet’ with great anticipation, to further announce to the world your allegiance to that head b****.

    5.) You THEN demand to speak to that retail establishment’s manager/owner. You then voice your concerns and trepidations as to why “Here I am” isn’t prominently located in his establishment. Be sure to give him a PROPER tongue-lashing, as you ONLY do it for HIS benefit – not yours! Be sure to remind him of this.

    6.) You then grab, with ALL the “victor: capitalism, class-warfare peasant-disdain” your grip will allow, your 20-copies of “Here I am”, which you THEN demand, the now fully-traumatized cashier, place on separate receipts.

    7.) You carefully then plan your exit from said retail ‘brick-n-mortar’ establishment. You carefully measure your steps to the door, and those which’ll then place you out view. You then, upon dramatic, exit, while counting your steps careful NOT to ‘break stride’, throw up your “deuces”. You then slowly ‘roll down’ the ‘index finger’ leaving the ‘middle finger’ prominently displaying your contempt the ‘unwashed peasant hordes’ you’ve left in your gawking wake.

    And finally, you’re then certain, with you exercising your “rights of passage: demanding, demeaning, discriminating consumer”, that A-L-L is now ‘Right With The World’, as your ‘head b****’ is surely pleased: the dignity of her “Rowdogs” now properly restocked; as the haters will now know there will be repercussions for their insolence..!!

    As you were, ‘Rowdogs’ (in your “REM-heavy”, snoring slumber).

    X,Y,”and Z” – “Jedi Mind Trickery at its finest”

  13. cray December 8, 2011

    And there you have it folks X,Y and Z is in the building…shouting out his dream woman “30something year old Kelly Rowland”…I see you X,Y,Z

  14. truth teller December 8, 2011

    X,Y,’AND Z’ you are a disgusting human being for hating someone like that! Go back in your cage! You don’t deserve to be anywhere near human beings. You are a disgrace! Go get some psychological help before its too late. You must be the most evil person alive, or are you constipated? Usually people become horrible when they are costipated. Go and buy some Lactulose, it does help! Get a life love!

  15. tudde December 9, 2011

    a workout dvd.. cmon..!?

    no hate on kelly rowland.. but a workout dvd is pretty ass cheap.

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