2012: Year Of The Female Rapper?

Published: Tuesday 24th Jan 2012 by David

In many ways, Nicki Minaj is to female Rap what  Amy Winehouse was to British music.

From the buzz she garnered between’08-2010 to the well endowed commercial effort that was her debut LP, her success has led to a rise in the number of Femcees scoring major recording contracts, putting the oft overlooked sect back on the musical map.

So, with the likes of Lil Kim, Charli Baltimore, Missy Elliott and Da Brat readying long awaited come back albums, and Iggy Azalea, Kreayshawn, Paris and  Azealia Banks gearing up to release their debuts, we want to know:

Could 2012 be the year of the female Rapper?

And if so, which one are you  most excited about?

Weigh in below!

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  1. Nahjee January 24, 2012

    Azealia banks all the way I can see it she sings & raps yup she is on here way.

    Iggy she alright she might make it I’m checking on here tho.

    Nicki who isnt checking for nicki everybody checking for nicki looking forward to that album tho.

    Kreayshawn well irrelevant the only person checking for her is white girl mob lmao

  2. NickiIsMyMutha January 24, 2012

    LOL at Lil Kim comeback? The only place that b**** is c****** is on her tour bus after getting group ‘loved’ by her team of underpaid ghostwriters.

  3. miroboi January 24, 2012

    Nicki & Iggy >>>>

    Azealia is throwing too much shade towords nicki, so we’ll see. I really that track tho.

    Missy!!!!!! Can’t wait for her.

    but as we all know its NICKI’s year AGAIN.

  4. Dope or nope January 24, 2012

    Azealia f****** banks this girl has it in her to go far (now 2012) I was not a big fan of that record could not understand what she was saying so that track was awful.. Until I check out the rest of her music and to tell you the true she is pretty DOPE!

    Paris – I do not know who the f*** she is

    Iggy azalea – I like her video for the last song that was pretty nice look s*** in there I also check out her mixtape I gotta give it to her she did her thing I give her mixtape a B+ I can see her making some moves in the game if people give her a chance.

    Kreayshawn- not really a big fan of her cus the whole N word s*** and v nasty crap going on.. Kreayshawn always beefing with rappers to get attention smh just to much s*** going on with her.. Her mixtape was wack/trash she was playing around on there acting like a little kid smdh. Not checking for her

  5. aishaaguilerakeys January 24, 2012

    Don’t know about 2012, but w/ FB absent from the musical scene, I’m looking forward to Missy’s album

  6. kimberly January 24, 2012

    lmao at sam youa ctually placed Curticia on her!!! lmao that pic of niki just scared the s*** out of me

    I don’t feel niki this time around. I feel like she mislead the children who loved her for superbase and now want to have them singing stupid h**. well atleast the colors will do for them.

    Missy elliot should come back she always have some dope stuff also Eve, but I will wait on lil kim. I was there through her career, and she can come with some dope stuff again and show niki how to do it without all the colors and the stupid facial expressions.

  7. codeyDAboss January 24, 2012

    Uhm Sam u even said it the world is waiting on what Lil Kim has to offer…she won’t disappoint!!she never does!!#5mics for these b******!!goodluck to the others tho….

  8. Elvis Madore January 24, 2012

    Kim, Missy, Charli, Khia, Lauryn, Eve, & Lil Mama

  9. NickiIsMyMutha January 24, 2012

    Lil Mama? Lil Mama?

    Im sorry, she seems like a sweet girl but she is righteous flop!

  10. Team Sam January 24, 2012

    I really like missy music she has nice beats to her stuff so missy yea I’m excited about her album!

    Lil Kim not really next…

    Iggy azealia – ..ummm don’t know yet she got the looks tho far as rapping goes she needs to work on that just a little.

    Da brat- she still rap (shade) ain’t checking for her

    Charlie- music sucks nuff said

    Kreayshawn – irrelevant

    Azealia banks- 2012 suck m***** balls wow was that s*** awful damn

    Yea missy is my choice her album gonna be fire

  11. MISHKA January 24, 2012

    They wish.

  12. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Steve Jobs) January 24, 2012

    Oh, so happy TGJ is hyping Azealia Banks! She def deserves it!

  13. MRB January 24, 2012

    Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks are the only 2 on this list that are actually on some rap girl ish!!!!! These chicks actually have REAL HIP HOP in there blood! Lil Kim is STILL THE QUEEN! Yall Nicki fans can hate but at the end of the day she will ALWAYS be a common copy ! Lil Kim said it the best! Its a whole bunch of FRAUD in the game now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. kimberly January 24, 2012

    I really don’t know why niki make that stupid h** song and video becaus ewhen i was that video I see a stupid h**. everything about it screams stupid h**. I know lil kim must be having a giggle. The kim diss track is straight hood and can i say even if i like miki alittle everything kim says is true and evident.

  15. blv21 January 24, 2012

    Azealia banks all day!!!!she’s bout to blow up this year..I’m not really feeling iggy her voice is annoying!

  16. HaterzStayPressed January 24, 2012

    Missy, Iggy Azalea, Da Brat, Nicki are the ones I’m looking forward to this year. I’m happy that female hip hop is back!

  17. Another Star January 24, 2012

    Iggy Azalea all day way..her vids are dope..check out the last song..!

  18. Minajesty January 24, 2012

    Lauryn Hill is the Queen of Hip hop. but you cant deny the fact that nicki brought back interest in female rappers

  19. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) January 24, 2012

    NO. it’s not gonna be year of female rappers. the only genre which will still dominate in 2012 is dance-pop.

    and please :
    1. with all due respect , and from a fan of amy winehouse , she wasn’t respected till she died. no one helped her or respected her talent when she was suffering when she was alive.
    so that New-found ” amy to british music” is just pathetic , she was be called naes while she was alive and no one respected her talent when she was alive. so miss me …
    2. there’s nothing called british music , music always gonna be international.
    3. Nicki is not a rapper now , she is a basic pop artist. and her biggest hit is not in the rap genre , it is in the pop genre.
    and her impact as a rapper is Over-rated TBH ! considereing she is famous for some pop/dance songs like ” super-bass” and “turn me on” more than she is for her rap songs !!!! so she is not gonna be compared with the real female rappers who don’t do pop ad still SELL 100% pure rap albums like LK.
    4. REAL female rappers don’t have that buzz nowadays.let alone that impact on the music scene.
    5. other names beside LK , NM and ME aren’t big names , so i don’t know if there’s anyone who is checking for them in the first place , let alone 2012 being their year.
    6. putting 50 cent with female rappers is too much hilarious 😆

  20. Anne January 24, 2012

    I doubt that 2012 will be the year of the female rapper in general. I think Nicki will continue to be an exception and of the others named above, Missy is the only other one that holds any interest for me. I’ve never heard of the last four (outside of seeing the name Kreayshawn a couple of times) and it’s hard for me to invision a comeback for Lil’ Kim or Da Brat and I don’t think Charli ever had much of a career to begin with. Bottom line, I don’t see 2012 being any bigger for female rappers in general, with maybe of couple of exceptions, than any of the other recent years.

  21. >So Disrespectful_ January 24, 2012

    nicki i don’t need to say no more on her all now how i feel,that azealia bank chick i like that 212 song even though she is c-cky and shade nicki…natually if you are coming in the game as an underground rapper and you are taking the dis lane you are going to go at the rapper with the must light on her,it is what it is,missy always bin one of my favs so i am looking forward to her too.

  22. boogie January 24, 2012

    I hate that foxy hearing has put her out the game … Hate her or love her,her presence is being missed! Tru bad gal of rap !!

  23. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 24, 2012

    nay at all of them except Nicki.

    I want to hear from Snow the product.

  24. Rihalla January 24, 2012


  25. THATORANGEJUICE January 24, 2012


  26. Kingphoenix January 24, 2012

    Azealia Banks is about to blow-up! I would love to see her and Nicki have some healthy competiion but if Nicki keeps up with that bubble gum s*** Miss Banks is going to eat that rap b**** up!

    Iggy has the look but lacks the flow, i really can’t see her being anything but a quick fad…

    And LOL @Pop thinking Dance-pop is going to dominant that’s over and done with…next

  27. NYC-Superstar January 24, 2012

    Who???? This post is a FAIL on all levels… LOL

  28. terrell January 24, 2012

    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way

  29. Alex Smif January 24, 2012

    might be forgetting Khia? she’s got that new single out Pay Yo ‘P**** Bill’…

  30. BEN A.K.A chicago_ben January 24, 2012

    yoo Iggy is the best female rapper out right now SHE’s a BEAST don’t Believe watch D.R.U.G.S …love you IGGy. i mean Lil Kim & Azealia Banks are pretty GooD i don’t care for Kreayshawn and we all know Nicki but don’t know enough about Ms Paris tho…BUT
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way
    Iggy Azalea all the way

  31. Megan January 24, 2012

    The New Classic – Iggy Azalea
    She’s super intelligent and knows what she’s doing. Just wait and see.

  32. Minajesty January 24, 2012

    as a nicki fan, i hope this new album delivers. “stupid h**” is the worst song shes ever done, “turn me on” is dance pop and roman in moscow is okay. anyway if the rest of the album is good this will be nickis year and iggy azaleas.

  33. Minajesty January 24, 2012

    also i forgot, i cant wait for Missy to come back! shes always been one of my favourites. if i had 1 wish Lauryn Hill would come back.

  34. Very Funny January 24, 2012

    Female Rappers do seem on the comeback. Still, I do not know if it will equal radio play and record sale. The Female rapper must put out hit songs and the fans must Support them. Lack of fan support, it was killed female rappers in the first place.

  35. kayla January 24, 2012

    Uhhhhhhhhhjj…….ITS BARBIE B****…and imma leave it at that one…missy, brat cool too

  36. BEN A.K.A chicago_ben January 24, 2012

    AWWW yeah i forgot i like ayoo_angie and plus i might do a song with her later 😉 so yeah AYOO Angie should be on this list sum where thank you 😉

  37. Yellow Gorillah January 24, 2012


  38. KreayshawnStan January 24, 2012

    Kreayshawn & Lil Kim>>>>

  39. beagle January 24, 2012

    I’m only here for Azealia and Kim. Iggy and Charli cancel each other out. Kreayshawn can go back from whence she came. And I’ve been ready for Nicki to disappear since 2007.

  40. Greg January 24, 2012

    “In many ways, Nicki Minaj is to female Rap what Amy Winehouse was to British music”
    Ya’ll funny!
    How could anyway compare a 5 star restaurant to McDonald’s??

    ANYWHO, F*** Nicki,
    I’m ready for Iggy & Azealia to make some big moves
    Paris, who? Hilton maybe. Idk who this trick is..
    & Kreayshawn/V-Nasty, I’m interested (let’s say) to hear what they are gonna come with but as of now, Kreay is looking to be the next 1 hit wonder a la Lil Mama, etc..

    MISSY! She’s one of the best artists of the early 2000’s. SHE CAN DO NO WRONG!
    Lil’ Kim has fallen off in the past couple years… That said, all of her real studio albums have been rap GOLD, so I can’t wait to hear her LP either
    Brat & Charli are completely irrelevant..

    I am ready for my girl Charli XCX to slay in 2012 though 😀

  41. AmbeRussell January 24, 2012

    that whole nicki/amy thing was dumb. yes amy was big when she cam eout in the usa in 07, but she was far from the 1st n as we saw, it didnt catch on really for the british invashion until adele rolling in the deep. its not like amy as the break out brit singer to bring over all these other brit singers to america. natasha bedingfield has success, Corinne Bailey Rae as well, estelle had a hit single, but all this would of happen regardless what amy did. amy didnt bring them over with her. and nicki isnt braking down doors for other female rappers. if that was true, she would feature other female rappers n be their friends, bu she wanna call them stupid h***. and nicki yr is starting off bad (poor reviews on her latest SINGLE/MUSIC VIDEO (WHICH WAS A SINGLE UNTIL IT BECAME A PROMO SINGLE BC POOR FEED BACK N IF IT WERE A PROMO SINGEL, WHY THE REAL SINGLE AINT COME OUT 2 WEEKS B4 THE ALBUM ORGINAL RELEASE DATE?) AND AN ALBUM PUSH BACK). nicki wasnt nor has done anything for females in rap. missy would be fine with or with out nicki being successful bc nicki most successful single wasnt even a hip hop song, it was a pop song with the lyrics rapped.
    amberussell on youtube

  42. Nikko January 25, 2012

    I think Iggy will be big Kreayshawn was a one hitwonder.. anyways
    #KIM&KHIA 2012 CANT WAIT…. :))

  43. Playafly January 25, 2012

    Da Brat B******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sleep on her if you want.

  44. javonte January 31, 2012

    Lil Kim cause she a boss
    Missy E. B/c she a beast
    Da brat b/c she can take on anybody from girls 2 boys

  45. HuggiePacino February 13, 2012

    NO ONE MENTIONED RAPSODY! IT SHOWS THAT NONE OF YOU GO PAST THE MAINSTREAM, TV OR RADIO! SMH! *youtube* Rapsody….this is the best female rapper by far! Subject matter that all REAL women and troubled women can relate to! 9th Wonder found a diamond in the dirt

  46. Tbozfan10 March 1, 2012

    I’m hoping they ALL are successful (even lil Kimberlee I guess) because, there SHOULD be enough room for them all! There are so many male rappers out it would take you a year to list them all. Female rappers you can list on maybe 2 hands if you’re lucky. And whether TGJ admits it or not, the reason for this at the end of the day is sexism.

    Of course I’m looking forward to Nicki, hope to hear more from these newer chicks as well, kinda wanna see what Missy’s like now and how’s she’s grown as artist. But the main veteran chick I wanna hear from is Eve. I hope it happens. “Tambourine” was the S*** a few years ago. And of course I’ll keep an ear out for Trina.

  47. Dee February 5, 2013

    What about Angel Haze…?

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