Chelsea Handler: “There’s Nothing Real About Mariah Carey”

Published: Tuesday 24th Jan 2012 by David

As one of the world’s leading comedians, Chelsea Handler has never been once to mind her words.

Renowned for  her outspoken style and sometimes controversial comments,  recent years have seen her rise to fame as the star of two E! produced TV shows, ‘Chelsea Lately‘ and its spin off ‘After Lately’.

Now peep her commenting  on songbird Mariah Carey, weighing in on her body and the comedic skills of her husband Nick Cannon below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Courtney January 24, 2012

    Chelsea Handler needs to shut her mouth she’s just jealous Mariah actually has talent and a husband & Children that love her. why doesn’t she pick on someone her own size like Paris Hilton

  2. Kingphoenix January 24, 2012

    Chelsea going after Mariah, Joan Rivers, and um um…can’t wait to see how this all plays out…All of them are masters of shade, not Ciara so much though after she let Ri snatch her wig on twitter.

  3. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 24, 2012

    This b**** better shut up for MC fans break one off in her a$$

  4. TrucieB January 24, 2012

    wow! hate much? lol

  5. MISHKA January 24, 2012

    Why is this news?

    Urban (Black) blogs need to stop reporting on irrelevant white trash like Chelsea or Roseanne.

    When The Game or Wendy Williams diss white celebrities, you don’t find any of that on their blogs.

    Let’s keep it even.

    Chelsh*t, just shurrrrup, girl. No more black dingo for you, just deal.

  6. t January 24, 2012

    I really dislike ghetto racist trash that thinks everything should black this or white that. Stfu and get over yourself!

  7. CzarM January 24, 2012

    Chelsea’s right. Mariah is a phony who become more and more juvenile with age.

  8. suga puss January 24, 2012

    January 24, 2012 at 3:05 pm

    I really dislike ghetto racist trash that thinks everything should black this or white that. Stfu and get over yourself!



    I feel bad of them,,- that the choice to view the world like that.

  9. Gus January 24, 2012

    Chelsea is a biggest looser! Stupid!

  10. ThankMeLater January 24, 2012

    watch as MC stans attack in 3……2…1 LOL

  11. RosaRubbel January 24, 2012

    Bu I guess her success is real huh? 😉

  12. Matty January 24, 2012

    Chelsea wants to get in Mariah’s panties. That, or she’s really trying to arrange a three way with Mariah and Nick. She’s constantly talking about Nick & Mariah, it’s just odd.

  13. Alex January 24, 2012

    I love Chelsea, and I love Mariah.

    If you take anything any comedian says seriously, then you’re stupid. Take whatever stick is up your ass out and live a little

  14. ChristinasCOMING January 24, 2012

    I love when celebrities are brutally honest/blunt on their opinions of other celebrities.

    I hate Joan Rivers. She’s just a hypocritical two-faced b****. She sits back and criticizes people about their wardrobes, their weight, etc…and LOOK AT HER!

    Although I love Mariah’s music, and sometimes her personality, she’s a bit too much. She presents herself in this “pretentious” manner and I’m glad that Cheslea has no shame in putting people on blast.

  15. Licious January 24, 2012

    @Mishka Ummm I’m white. Should I leave? Is this a black only blog? I didn’t realize that we were segregating the internet. Nor did I realize that music had a racial preference. GTFO of here with you’re immaturity.

  16. YOOSONDALOOSE January 24, 2012

    Chelsea trying to get some attention? Just coz Mariah is the queen!

  17. jill January 24, 2012

    I dn’t understand why chelsea ALWAYS open her damn mouth…. Why do people always have to bash somebody. She doesn’t know Mariah so she needs to shut the hell up!!

  18. Theman January 24, 2012

    Chelsea always has Mariah in her mouth. Will she get a real hobby…

  19. Dev January 24, 2012

    I agree with the Mariah Carey comment. Honestly, i love Mariah’s voice but i know left to her own stupid devices with no direction her music would be dire.
    If Mariah never had a voice she would be Paris Hilton . She needs to grow the f**k up!

  20. xoxo January 24, 2012

    i like mariah, but i love it when celebs keep it 100 and say whats on their mind.

  21. @antertain January 24, 2012

    Maybe Chelsea wanted Nick & Mariah WON!!!

  22. RHI RHI IS QUEEN January 24, 2012


  23. mobwife January 24, 2012

    Worthless Chelsea “I LIVE ON MY BACK & KNEES” Handler needs to slit both wrists!

    *50 Cent had a brief ,meaningless JUNGLE FEVER moment with this thing. She needs to stop trying to make it anything more. She “dropped it low and spread it wide” and that was that!

    *Joan “BUSTED FACE” Rivers is the talent this c*nt could never be! Joan is at least funny!

    *MC is everything this h** could never be attractive, talented, admired…..the list goes on! Worthless Chelsea both wrists hon and make sure the cuts are deep!

  24. REALRasta January 24, 2012

    Chelsea is a comedian n dont hold her tongue,, i do Love MIMI anywys so leave herB ms HANDLER<<<Lol

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe

  25. Texas Cowgirls January 24, 2012

    I like CHELSEA. She is not afraid to speak the truth even if it hurts some people feeling. Most Celebrities, people in general for that point, don’t express their true thoughts or feeling. I must see the entire interview.

  26. JohnVidal January 24, 2012

    It seems the ridiculous one is this Chelsea girl! And you all say she often talks about Mariah? Then it´s just jealousy. You can smell it from how she says it

  27. TIMMI January 24, 2012


    Honest opinion? How is Chelsea Handler’s opinion “honest” when it’s based upon her perception of Mariah through the media? She doesn’t know Mariah at all, let alone well enough to make an “honest opinion”.

    The only basis of her comments on Mariah was that her weight fluctuates. What was her point? Is Mariah’s weight any of hers, or ours business? She just came across mad. For no reason. Which usually means… Jealousy. I can’t blame her though… Mariah is considered one of the most successful females of the entertainment industry. Chelsea pales in comparison. 🙂


    Mariah’s music would be dire without direction? Erm… How so, if Mariah’s debut album was a massive success and the greatest of the 90s yet half the songs, including the released singles, were written, produced and recorded before she was signed? Just wondering…

  28. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) January 24, 2012

    this b**** is just Jealous.
    with her Fugly face.

    i won’t even p*** on it !! oh and puh-lease for god sake , 50 cent is gay and she is Lesbian ! 😆

    so who is dating who now ?! 😆

  29. Brooklyn January 24, 2012

    Chelsea your the one that is ridiculous. What’s mariah’s game plan let’s see 1. she is one of the biggest female singers of all time 2. she is worth 350 million 3. she is a wife and mother **in that order** …Chelsea maybe you need to follow her game plan. P.S the only people that know about HELLO KITTY are mariah’s fans (are you a stan) #imjustsayin

  30. Martyn January 24, 2012

    Chelsea who?

  31. Godriah January 24, 2012

    this isn’t the first time this c*** has spoken ill of the queen. she is just pressed MC doesn’t want to make an appearance on chelsea’s flop show. stay mad bb

  32. Gary January 24, 2012

    Chelse is pissed cause she looks 65 year old. Plus, she’s a smelly k***.

  33. LiCari January 24, 2012

    LMFAO Chelsea is a fckin’ joke. She’s obviously jealous, and when Nick confronted her ass months ago when she was talkin s***, all we heard was “UM.. NO, I DIDNT SAY THAT…” She obviously likes to talk shiet because she thinks she won’t get a response. The Lambily is coming after you now LOL

  34. ChristinasCOMING January 24, 2012

    @ TIMMI-

    I mean in terms of not being a chicken s*** when it comes to speaking your mind. Granted, it’s not a healthy thing to diss somebody else but every now and then some people, like Mariah, need to be brought back down to Earth!

  35. JER January 24, 2012

    This b**** needs to sit down. Don’t f*** with legends. This 4lop b**** wouldn’t exist with Joan Rivers. And trying to come for Mariah? I can’t @ a nobody unfunny comedian saying anybody doens’t have a sense of humour.

  36. Queen Navy January 24, 2012

    LOL@you silly Mariah stans mad because Chelsea told the truth about that fake. Mariah is a ridiculous muppet and always has been. Her and Nick are a live action version of Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog.

  37. latina_gal January 24, 2012


  38. DMWN January 24, 2012

    Mariah is a joke. The b**** is always going on TV drunk or having a breakdown. Eminem handed her her ass with “The Warning” and to this day it’s still hilarious!!!!

    I would love it when Em went on Chelsea’s show and the 2 of them just clowned Mariah together.

  39. Vincent January 24, 2012

    To be honest, Mariah doesn’t have success. The only reason people are still talking about her is, first, because of what she has achieved in the past, and second, because she’s ridiculous. I like her voice… very much so. But her whole career was based on that dumb-faced-big-chested-girl persona (I still have no idea wether this was a decision taken by her management team, or she’s just THAT dumb in real life) but once you hit 30, that kind of persona just doesn’t look cute anymore. She’s a woman now and she should start acting like one. (And I repeat, I have no idea who she is behind the curtain. No one does, not even her fans. Maybe she does act like a mature, responsible woman/mother at home, but she sure knows how to look empty-headed in front of a camera.

  40. Billy the Realist January 24, 2012

    Chelsea is another dumb woman who constantly gets f***** in the c*** praying for somebody to finally love her instead. Until she finds some weak dude to love her she will keep talking about others and their happiness in jealousy.. A lost woman who craves attention like this is another stupid h**.. like totally..

  41. Theman January 25, 2012

    Vincent what the heck are u talking about? You sound pretty delusional. Mariah carries herself appropriately. She has personality which is a great thing. Next, do you know how stupid you sound? She doesn’t have success? Really whether it be then or now it is still success. You are clearly clueless as your comments. Just to brush you up on something she had to xmas albums charting not so long ago, and is the first to have an xmas song cross the 2 mil mark. That is all recent from previous albums. She doesn’t have anything out yet to discuss as far as a new album. Lol now you are in the know.

  42. NikkiIsChillin January 25, 2012

    I used to like Chelsea, but she need to chill. Leave Mimi alone! Who is Chelsea to talk….she used to date 50 Cent :/

  43. jesse lopez January 25, 2012

    Tellthe truth chelsea gurl! that’s my gurl and she ain’t never lied, mariah is ridiculous…but so is her talent, chelsea is good friends with leah remini who is bestfriends with J.LO, so maybe that’s why she dislikes mimi, cuz mimi threw shade at j.lo.

  44. Nichole January 25, 2012

    LOL. I love Mariah to pieces, but even I don’t think she’s all there upstairs but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It depends.

    I think she should put more focus on her music, work on her artistry and stop running around acting like she’s 12. Going on 42, and being a mother of two, that kind of stuff just don’t look right.

    Eventually the b****** poppin, Hello Kitty, eternally 12 and dumb bimbo act will have to go out the door.

  45. soulmusiclover January 25, 2012

    this woman can sing her ass off, she was better in the 90’s but still can sing better than all of these new artists. chelsea is a hater, for real she just needs to shut up and f*** off, i used to think she was funny but now it’s just pure hate. who cares if she had operations? thats her own damn body, jeez

  46. DonnyP March 15, 2012

    Mariah Carey doesn’t give a s*** about anybody but her self, she looks so f****** fake in that commercial it makes me want to puke.

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