Beyonce Enjoys Sales Boost On UK Charts

Could today get any better for Beyonce?

As if the successful arrival of her daughter Blue Ivy wasn’t enough to put a smile on her face, her UK based fans have given her even  further cause to beam.

Because, in response to the daily press coverage she and her pregnancy have been receiving worldwide, she has enjoyed a sales boost in the United Kingdom with her latest album ‘4’ and its supporting singles.


Full chart check below…

Rising  6 places to #6, ‘4’ now resides 4 spots above Rihanna‘s ‘Talk That Talk‘, which fell three places to #10 this week.

Meanwhile on a singles front, ‘Love On Top‘ is this week’s #20, two places above its position last week and now spot below Drake and Rihanna‘s ‘Take Care’.

Rihanna‘s ‘You Da One’ falls 8 places to #24 as ‘We Found Love‘ slips by 4, a commendable feat considering the single made its entry on the chart 14 weeks ago.

As is to be expected, Adele‘s ‘21‘ is the highest selling album in the country this week, even after being released 50 weeks ago, closely followed by Bruno Mars‘ ‘Doo Wops And Hooligans‘ which is #2 and Amy Winehouse‘s ‘Lioness- Hidden Treasures‘ at #5.

Following her separation from comedian Russell Brand, Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’ rises to #30, placing it 8  chart positions above Fenty’s ‘Loud‘.

Well done to all!

Your thoughts?

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  1. MISHKA January 8, 2012


    Bow down to the Queen and the Princess y’all !!!

    BUZZ BUZZ b*tches !!!!

  2. Arin January 8, 2012

    blue ivy carter already has more power than ur fav! lmao!! #musicroyalty

  3. Roman January 8, 2012

    Rihanna doesn’t need a baby or a divorce, she slays!!

  4. nanablacc January 8, 2012

    Go Bee!!!!

  5. bey’knight January 8, 2012

    YASS!!! Go Queen Bey 🙂

  6. INK. January 8, 2012

    Well the news of the Baby wouldn’t have to do with the charts this week

  7. bey’knight January 8, 2012

    i wonder how much it sold though, we just need 30k to cross 2.4 million mark 😀

  8. bey’knight January 8, 2012

    January 8, 2012 at 2:48 pm

    Rihanna doesn’t need a baby or a divorce, she slays!!

    all she needs is a demolised forehead and a STI-stricken v*****

  9. Sean January 8, 2012

    @arin “”blue ivy carter already has more power than ur fav! lmao!! #musicroyalty”” YYAAAASSSSSSSS!!

  10. gesile heart January 8, 2012


  11. Cockiness January 8, 2012

    We know the only reason why she is seeing this sale boost is because of her baby that all, not because the album is hot

  12. Cockiness January 8, 2012

    i expect it to fall back to its usual place on the charts around the lower half by next week…

  13. KAT DELUNA FAN January 8, 2012

    Congrats bey !! 4 is an amazing album !!!

  14. PROUD MEMBER OF THE NAVY January 8, 2012

    WoW this website is consistently throwing shade at Rihanna. It’s quite pathetic. You all report more negative news about her than good news. At the end of the day she had more commercial success in 2011 than Beyonce. So get over it. The fact that you had to do a direct comparison of her chart performance to rihanna’s is so stupid. Rihanna is an amazing talent whether you all recognize it or not.

  15. KAT DELUNA FAN January 8, 2012

    lmao at the mtfs

    The charts came out today which means the sale boost aint due to Blue’s birth today

    the sale are a weekly thing so she is selling since last sunday (7 days)

    get your cells brain game up 😕

  16. bey’knight January 8, 2012

    lool i knew rhitards would try to spin it that way. only a rhitard would think a baby borne on saturday night would impact on chart released on sunday evening lmao. Beyonce was number 7 on d midweek charts and 4 has been on the rise in both UK and US since December


    for d sake of all thats good in this world, i pray your ill-wishes would manifest on Rihanna. it must kill u to know Beyonce is enjoying success. what a pathetic excuse of a person u are

  17. Cockiness January 8, 2012


    I’ve told you a million times STOP responding to me, why are you like that, do i bother you that much…jeeez it’s a new year and i don’t want to cuss anyone out. so plz just leave me alone….HAPPY NEW!!!

  18. JohnVidal January 8, 2012

    My God I didn´t knew Adele was #1 in the UK again!!!! I thought she was #10 or something for a while now. Absolutely AMAZING. I need another b**** like her though. She is going to be the highest album seller of all time at this rate LOL and “21” is amazing but not the best ever. So sad this is not the 90´s and there isn´t real competition with talent like it was back then
    Also Bruno is doing so great in the UK. I just discovered two months ago his album was that succesful in the UK last year and he still is #2 now. Congrats

  19. Cockiness January 8, 2012

    And fyi the hole of last week were swirling about rumors of Beyonce giving birth and SAM actually posting a post on titled “RUMORS OF BEYONCE GIVING BIRTH GIVES HER BOOST ON BILLBOARD”

    so get your facts straight

  20. JohnVidal January 8, 2012

    *I didn´t know

  21. RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) January 8, 2012

    lol at the titanic member….y’all love reaching for the stars…go out and buy more copies of TTT baby BLUE IS HERE.

  22. KAT DELUNA FAN January 8, 2012

    My boy bruno is shitting

    cant believe Bruno and Adele’s albums came out 1 week apart in january and they still in the top2. 😆

  23. Girrrl January 8, 2012


    The real question is how far above are TTT and 4 over Here I flopped? Didn’t the UK version just come out? Bwahahaha

    Ps TTT is already a smash hit in the UK no matter how you slice it.



  24. JohnVidal January 8, 2012

    Yes I´m amazed. That´s what I said on my comment. The best talent in the top 2

  25. zed January 8, 2012

    gosh, u can tell grape juice are big fans of beyonce and hate rihanna! so its pretty biased, but can i say that the only reason why the album ‘4’ has climbed up into the top 10 is due to one reason only…the album pice has been reduced to only 4.99 on itunes in the UK! thats why the album is top 10. singles that are 59p end up doing so well cuz of the price aswell. u people are missing the facts!

  26. G.dee January 8, 2012

    Actually 4 was on sale this week. And a few others aswel. It came down to £5:99p. This included Bruno mars, jls, Cher lyod, the wanted, one direction, and about ten other people. This is at tesco. Beyonces ussual price is £8:99 on normal days. Rihannas talk that talk has always been £7:99p

  27. KAT DELUNA FAN January 8, 2012

    The only reason why many of rihanna lastest hits were #1 was because of discount.
    TTT was discounted aswell in the US & UK and wasnt even 2 months old 😆 😆 drink bleach

    Bruno and Adele were blessed last year.2012 is starting just as good for them

  28. xoxo January 8, 2012

    how can an album released over 6 months ago be charting higher than your “queen” which was released a couple of months ago with a #1 single? “we found love” was my favourite song of 2011, but as an overall album 4 > Talk that Talk.

  29. KAT DELUNA FAN January 8, 2012

    That’s what l am saying,bey album came out since june and was discounted only since mid december,only one top20 at the moment.

    TTT is discounted for weeks despite being released only weeks ago,had 3 songs in the TOP30.l mean the hell 😕

  30. gary January 8, 2012

    Surely with the album being on SALE this week it would jump back into the top 10, Rihannas album hasnt been reduced in price at all. TALK THAT TALK.

  31. Carl Neufville January 8, 2012

    wooooo!! GO QUEEN B!!

  32. WHUT January 8, 2012

    O O PS!!!!!!!

    I thought certain Stan…..Knight’s claimed the standard price of ‘no 4oriegn appeal’ wouldn’t EVER have to be SNATCHED in order to sell. Poor thang chalk up instance number 1294795610821 of her hypocrisy.


  33. BC January 8, 2012

    first of all LOT is 99 cent in the UK just like everyone else. This is 4 first price cut i believe. cus before it was 11.99 vs TTT being on sale and its only like 2 mouths old

  34. On the real January 8, 2012

    I wish all Stan’s would stop fighting over dumbness they both got more money than all of you and like each other even though one is obviously more talented than the other. Here’s a thing for riri Stan’s why bet is bet the wife and not the apprentice huhh.

  35. commanderofthedancefloor January 8, 2012

    this post is about beys boost in the uk!!! since ttt came out here in the uk it hasnt had a reduced price bey got a price reduce of almost half here that is why it sold more and riri sold more here in three weeks than bey did in 6 months and that was without a price reduce!!! sorry to shade bey after she gave birth but her stans just keep tryin riri

  36. Saetana January 9, 2012

    As an earlier poster remarked, the increase in sales on 4 and several other albums is likely due to the January sales in the UK, many albums have been discounted. Not throwing shade at Beyonce in particular but we will see how many of these albums are still in the charts come February after the sales are over as 4 had disappeared from the Top 40 until a few weeks ago (combination of Christmas gifts and sales). Adele’s 21 going back to No 1 can doubtless be put down to the same factors. Congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce on the birth of their baby daughter, I still struggle to believe that some of the media actually doubted she was pregnant at all for a while ;o)

  37. Lax January 9, 2012

    Like i have always stated, if Rihanna was crapping
    Gold Bricks and gikving these Chicken Heads One
    they would still hate on riri’s success they just
    hate it when she sale good, and keep making
    them power moves and riri nor her navy need

  38. Saetana January 9, 2012

    @LAX – You’re right, this is a topic about Beyonce, why do some people have do bring Rihanna into and get insulting at the same time? Rihanna is doing really well, especially with her singles, We Found Love is one of my favourite songs released last year, and I got Loud for Christmas, not too sure about TTT yet as I haven’t heard it often enough. There is room for all of them – Rihanna and Beyonce do not sing the same type of songs, really hate that sort of jealousy ;o)

  39. Bey’knight January 9, 2012


    If u dont want a reply keep your venomous pukes within yourself. The less unfortunate rhitards, the better anyway. Dont wish me happy new anything. I dont consort with miscriants. Cuss all u want, its d only way lowlife destitutes like u know how

    4 went on sale after 6 months of release. Flop that flop went on sale less than 6 weeks after release. Lets not even talk about load that has been on sale longer than it was sold at standard rate. No wonder rihaha is penurious, that bajan slave is not worth her salt

  40. Bey’knight January 9, 2012

    And fyi it’s been rising on d charts b4 last week. Was there a birth rumour d week b4 then too? She’s not d one slashin prices of a 3wk old album, exploiting her past w/ darling Chris Brown, gettin naked on an old man’s farm to generate buzz. Maybe Chris should finish wat he started so the slutbag can have something to exploit for her 7th album

  41. zed January 9, 2012

    i aint no Rihanna fan !lol, im just saying before people start saying, damn! beyonce album back in top 10, its just cuz its on itunes for 4.99! right now the vazzines are uk no.1 on itunes since its on sale at 3.99. hate to say it , but PRICE is a major factor why albums can chart well

    im an adele fan, the album has been 7.99 for a long time on itunes, and consistently not dropped out of top 10. thats quaity for ya, dont need to reduce album price to boost sales! if beyonces album went up to 9.99, watch it plummet down the charts. fact! and i hate rihanna so stop mentioning her aswell lol

  42. Saetana January 9, 2012

    Most people don’t buy albums on iTunes, singles yes but not albums (they aren’t that expensive for singles but their download albums are mostly poor value, you can often get a CD for the same price or less even) and pretty much all CDs in shops are a bit cheaper at this time of year, including Adele’s. You can tell because the iTunes singles chart is usually fairly similar to the official chart but the album chart is usually miles out ;o)

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