Will Cher Lloyd Make It In The USA?

Published: Saturday 7th Jan 2012 by David

Days ago, in what came as unexpected many news to many in the Popverse, it was announced that Epic executive LA Reid has signed X Factor UK Royal Cher Lloyd to the label in a bid to push both she and her music to US audiences.

After enjoying chart success in domestic territory with her debut release, ‘Sticks&Stones’, there is little doubt the folk over at Epic will be hoping her popularity in the UK is some how indicative of how fruitful her project will be when its international campaign finally comes into motion.

Now we want you to add your two cents.

Do you feel Ms. Lloyd will make it in the USA? Or will she follow in the footsteps of fellow X Factor alum JLS and fail to capture the hearts and wallets minds of American audiences?

Let us know below!


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  1. queenofthenavy January 7, 2012

    YASSS y’all better stan for Queen Cher.

    If they are smart and market her like the second coming of Gwen Stefani then yes. She needs to go with the whole BubbleGum Chic thing, shes a sweet girl and she just needs feel free to let her personality show.

    Even though i used to hate i have to give props when props are due, anybody who can overcome the amount of hate (which i think was justified) she was getting and rise above it gets my vote.

    Rooting for you CHER! Dont let us down.

  2. chuckster January 7, 2012

    She’s very good, but no chance in the usa, her accent goes against her, too pommie, and the songs too england island, not unversal enough
    don’t mind been proven wrong tho’
    lets see

  3. Roman January 7, 2012

    She’s very versatile + current. She can make the US c**

  4. TIMMI January 7, 2012

    “Or will she follow in the footsteps of fellow X Factor alum JLS and fail to capture the hearts and wallets minds of American audiences?”

    …. Have JLS even yet attempted to release any music in the States?

  5. LadyGermanottaSlaysYourFavesAndGivesThemNoChoiceButToPout January 7, 2012

    Queen of the navy WOULD be the one to suggest cher copies Gwen seeing as her fave rose to fame copying Beyonce.

    Cher does not need to copy Gwen Floppani but I would suggest that she is careful not to allow her label to turn her too ‘light and bright’ and give her a subtle urban edge.

  6. queenofthenavy January 7, 2012

    ladygermanotta dont make me have to give you Judge judy tease and put your life on trial!
    You really wanna call Gwen a flop when Lady Xerox ripped her entire swag during The Fame Era, she even swiped the intro to 4 in the Morning for her ‘I am Lady GaGa and this is my house’ mantra and you really want to call her a flop?!

    “pulls ticket from ticket machine”
    You may now take a seat at the BACK of the f****** bus for that one sweetie.

  7. commanderofthedancefloor January 7, 2012

    i just dont see her making it in the US market but at the end of the day if she can manage just selling thousands in the US and smashing in other countries her ww sales could be great.


    who copied bey?? i know it wasnt riri their style and music are completely different

    bey r&b/pop
    female empowerment

    riri pop/dancehall/whatever else she feels like doing
    dont give a f*** attitude

    also i know a lady gaga stan is not one talking because isnt every move that lady gaga makes shown as a rip off of what madonna or somebody else had already done???

  8. pop royalty ( The BeyHive ) January 7, 2012

    no she won’t. 😥

    and there are 1001 reasons out there that will make anyone say that.

  9. MISHKA January 7, 2012


    Willow Smith and Cher Lloyd have the same problem: they are not cheesy or bubbly enough to impact the young audience, like Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Jonas Bothers, Britney Spears, Chris Brown were when they first came out.

    There’s no reason to act edgy when you’re not even 21 yet. America won’t buy that.

  10. TB January 7, 2012

    She’s definitly got a chance, I don’t think Astro featuring on her single did her any favors but she has Perez and loads more celebrities that will help her make it in the US

  11. Collegegirl January 7, 2012

    She want make it.

  12. Scott January 7, 2012

    Stop exaggerating how well Cher has done in the UK, her sales for her singles and ablum have been terrible.She has not even sold enough to go platinum. She has also not done anything in Europe. Swagger jagger was released in the US and bombed.LA Reid is a fool and Simon has made him sign Cher but she is not talented enough to make it.

  13. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 7, 2012

    scott. Just let the hate for cher lloyd go. Its been over a year now.. and your still at it haha.

  14. Yo MAMA January 7, 2012

    LA Reid should be in jail… he’s got to be the most infamous label head ever. Dude was about to be charged for fraud at Arista back in the day unless he resigned!! Epic fail everywhere he has gone or about to be fired before he leaves on his own. Looking at 3-4 labels already, smh. Check the history. Now he’s signing b-c-d listed acts on Epic records. More epic fail!! Cher Lloyd will NOT make it in the US. She sucks; cant really sing, has a shitty attitude, not bubble gum enough. She cant compete against the black chic acts stateside like Beyaawwnce, Rihanna, Pinki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, et al. Being english with that stank UK cockney accent aint gonna help. Certainly wont get the black vote in urban hip hop music. I dont see the cross over chic white tweeners latching on to her either… #FAIL!!

  15. Ali January 7, 2012

    No, just no. She hasnt even made it here yet.

  16. Ryan January 7, 2012

    I think she can, America won’t be fully aware of the negativity that surrounded her here, so she won’t have to push through all of that. Secondly, she has lots of celebrity fans that will help and push her to keep her known and popular. Thirdly, LA Reid can set her up on loads of shows and certainly get her an appearance on the next series of X Factor USA. She’s unique in her market, how many white female rappers do you know that can also sing, and throw in a little bit of Dubstep too? Think about it. She’s got great hope!

  17. antonio aniello January 7, 2012

    All the people blogging here saying that Cher will make it in the US because lots of clueless celebrities will help her out oh please get a grip will you, as it stands, Cher Lloyd is the most overrated singer that 2011 has thrown at us and if you understand anything about music business then you’ll know that no matter how much you try to ram someones name down an audiences throats they (the wider community) will ultimately spit her backl out even harder. There is no hope in hell of her making it in the states, her image is completely fake and transluscent, her image does not translate to her album what so ever and she cant rap at all proven on x-factor and her album and usually you’d have to learn a little something about the industry before you go jumping in head first. This girl aint got a clue. Currently her album and all of her current singles have sold like s*** in the UK and Europe and Australia and various European countries havent charted at all. SJ only got no.1 coz SyCo bought 20,000 copioes to put it in the UK no.1 spot before preorders came through, the truth is Chers move to the US was a desperate one because her fake image and stupid idea music (and by that I mean bastardising hiphop) are not washing with the wider audiences – period! I have a slight suspicion that she will invariably sell more records and lp’s in the states because it is a bigger and younger country with more white people to sell to (but not that much more) but that’s it. L.A Reid has only really had success with Justin Beiber and Rihanna and thats it. He has a long line of EPIC fails in the past JLS, Beyonce, Avril, Lopez etc and also has a bad reputation for missing his moments like Lasy Gaga and Jessie J etc, He is a 24 prized idiot when it comes to music management. Also do the US even know her when the the rest of her local community dont want to even know her?

  18. Saetana January 8, 2012

    Is it not possible to have a discussion about Cher Lloyd without bringing Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna etc into it? Some people on here appear to take any opportunity to have a dig at the other top females other than their fave.

    Cher is actually quite a decent singer – look up her X-Factor single on Youtube if you don’t believe me, and she has lost a lot of the bad attitude she had on the X-Factor. Saying which, the only song I like of hers is With UR Love, Swagger Jagger was the biggest pile of shite to hit No 1 here in the UK last year (needless to say, it was out of the top 40 in a month). Syco are trying to make her into some middle-aged man’s idea of what is “hip” and what they are really doing is making her into a caricature. I’m not American so I can’t say how well she is likely to go down there, but I am not optimistic given the amount of solo female competition around at the moment ;o)

  19. Saetana January 8, 2012

    EDIT to my above post – I meant her X-Factor audition not her X-Factor single, its very early in the morning here, lol ;o)

  20. POLKADOT January 8, 2012

    I LOVE CHER, but her music isnt what i had hoped for from her:/
    I just feel shes lost somthing since the x factor and has lost the sort of attitude her old performances used to have then.
    I love it when Cher raps but she doesnt really do that any more?
    the song itself isnt anything special tbh, i way prefer ‘swagger jagger’ and ‘with ur love’. I just feel this song lacks somthing for me but thats just my opinion.
    I do like her though so would love to see her crack the US!
    GO CHER!!

  21. Lamone January 10, 2012

    I think she gotta chance if she gets some better material. She has the talent to be next Gwen, but her current songs are like songs for Lily Allen. She needs to be more edgy. There are so many UK acts like Adele, Florence, Jessie and Coldplay crowding the US charts at the moment, let’s just hope there is room for a few more!

  22. KYLE LOPEZ January 11, 2012

    Cher Lloyd is a tramp. Cocky, self-obsessed, arrogant and a down-right common dog. She’s from a council house in Malvern and brings shame to the lovely greenbelt town she lives in. She is overrated with no talent whatsoever. Simon Cowell was a fool to sign her, her lack of popularity was proven after being in the bottom 2 several times and saved by the judges against better singers just like he did with the vile Katie Weissel even though she had the lower votes between the 2 acts in the sing off. She came in fourth and it’s rare he bothers signing anyone outside the top 2, even Mary Byrne who came 5th got a deal and her album bombed even with a TV advertising campaign (No6 and fell dramatically). Cher’s album has barely scraped gold certification after TWO singles which have also fell quickly. Most singles hang around for months in the top 100 now due to download sales. She’s crap and an embarrassment to Uk talent. People like James Morrison are our true talent who should be flying the flag for Great Britain, not tramps from glorified game shows like the X Factor.

  23. Tim August 24, 2012

    Aug 24th. For all those saying she’d bomb in the USA: first single sold a million and counting, went platInum. Feel foolish?

  24. biacch December 30, 2012

    December 30th.
    Her album went top 10 and is still in the top 40 itunes almost 10 weeks after being released, its higher than Rihanna’s and Kesha’s new album and they came out along time after Chers did

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