Watch: Willow Smith Channels Nicki Minaj During Shopping Trip

Published: Saturday 7th Jan 2012 by David

Get into this footage of pre-teen sensation Willow Smith sporting an interestingly different look during a recent shopping trip on Rodeo Drive recently.

Seemingly inspired by the wild and fantastical style oft sported by Pop Prima Nicki Minaj, the entertainer’s sighting comes just months before the release of her debut album, which is set to hit stores on April 3rd 2012.

Her trip below, courtesy of Necole Bitchie

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  1. ChristinasCOMING January 7, 2012

    This can’t be life.

  2. Ny January 7, 2012

    This b**** needs a slap seriously go back to your colouring books

  3. pam January 7, 2012

    What is up with her parents? This child is looking a hot as mess lately. Sorry to say this the get up makes her look ugly

  4. Nahjee January 7, 2012

    #iCan’t with willow man wtf is she doing… I’m done (chris brown voice)

  5. Tr January 7, 2012

    ..This is what happens when you have a narcissictic parent(jada), who’s intent on vicariously living though their kids!! A mess!!!

  6. Mr Bradshaw January 7, 2012

    She looks a fool.

    Another reason why Nicki Minaj needs to go back to obscurity.

    This is what music has become.

  7. DOPE OR NOPE January 7, 2012

    I feel bad kinda for willow like her parents is like putting her out there like this to the world but Nobody really wants it tho like really.

    Like Are you kidding me come on will & jada do something eles with this poor girl give her a tv show or something

  8. Malibu Barbie : Operation Kill The Carbon Copy January 7, 2012

    Congratulations LIL’ KIM your fashion and style has transcended on to WILLOW. the poor girl doesnt even know the woman shes channeling is in fact a shameless COPYCAT and notorious SWAGGER JACKER.
    i cannot wait until LIL’ KIM does a behind the music and truly SHOWS this dumb and gullible world WHO the Barbie B**** IS !! im sick of nicki minaj getting all this praise and awards .WHILE Kim gets slayed by the media.. Kim is the reason this b**** has a career.. why didnt that grape juice post the BAD reviews nicki got for “stupid h**” from her OWN fans ??? lmfao !! y’all are some twisted b******.

  9. bey’knight January 7, 2012

    Lawd this girl is irking me and i dont care that she’s a girl she’s certainly isnt carrying herself like one or maybe thge fingers should be pointed at hre non-challant parents.i had so much respect for Jada but i guess those ufufilled dreams of hollywood superstanrdom arent gonna live themselves. putting out her kid like the voguest toy of the season…. pimp away mama, its only la la land

  10. Army Of Queen Aaliyah January 7, 2012

    And This Is Why You Don’t Allow Gimmick Swaggajackers INSPIRE Your STYLE ! She Looks A HOT MESS!

  11. PYTFROMAL January 7, 2012

    I will pray for this child.

  12. aisha aguilera keys January 7, 2012

    i personally think that she’s too young to be dressing like that.

  13. Yellow Gorillah January 7, 2012

    CH…………………I can’t with this man NOW Can people see how STUPID Nicki Minaj looks!!

    + Can somebody please feed this poor girl she walking around looking like a gross hooper with a wig on!

    She needs some of my Monkey Bread in her system!

  14. arob January 7, 2012

    She needs a stylist. She needs to follow a different Celeb.

  15. lifee January 7, 2012

    She will have MAJOR insecurity issues thinking she’s not good enough and have hide herself under a wig. She’s only 11 smh.

  16. Jessica January 7, 2012

    What happened to having real music role models?? When I was her age, I had Janet, Whitney, 90’s Mariah Carey, Monica, Aaliyah, and Brandy, TLC, SWV, Jade, and Mary. They didn’t have to dress up like garbage like Nicki over there. This is why the newer generation is soo messed up in the head. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Smiths, but they need to influence the kids in a right direction when it comes to music and if they want them to get into it if they chooses. NICKI IS NOT A ROLE MODEL, SHE’S TRASH!!! I’m sorry, Willow looks horrible in that get up, and she is a nice little girl. This is horrible. SMH!!!

  17. ME MYSELF AND I January 7, 2012

    1st of all she needs to put on some longer pants shes only like what, 10?
    second of all this outfit is a hot mess!! FAIL

  18. JER January 7, 2012

    omg i can’t. i can’t at little Will Smith in a wig

  19. Layla January 7, 2012

    Can somebody kill Nicki Minaj.

  20. Roman January 7, 2012

    Yo @Malibu b**** if Kim couldn’t do it right who’s fault is that, It aint Nicki’s. Blame ur rap b**** for gettin sloppy, or maybe she always was but u b****** never knew class til Nicki came up.

    As for Willow, she looks hideous. 1st she tries to copy Rihanna, now Nicki. And look what she’s wearing, her next video will prolly be filled with crotch grabbing + masturbation @ this rate.

    That b**** needs 2 f***** sit down

  21. africandoll22 January 7, 2012

    I mean no disrespect but thats a hot mess

  22. Janay January 7, 2012

    What patent allows their kid to walk around like this? What in the bride of Frankenstein f*** kinda s*** is this?
    Shame on will and jada… SHAME!
    put this girl back in school. The Smith family needs Jesus smh

  23. :l January 7, 2012

    Layla,you wishing death on someone,you lifeless husk what a sad sad thing you are.

  24. MaZ January 7, 2012


  25. KAT DELUNA FAN January 7, 2012

    what the hell ?

    Nicki is gettiing free promo but her album smh 😕

  26. gia January 7, 2012

    too young?
    At what age would that ever look good? :/
    I guess if anything it’s more “ok” while she’s young cuz u guys know if an adult looked like that…..

  27. ThasRightIWentThere January 7, 2012

    @Roman……nicki n the word class should not be mentioned in the same sentence…this under cover d*** rappin bout stacking p**** up n all that n rappin bout pointing her to the best ass eater…yea…I’ll stick to lauryn hill. Prime example of class n bein a real black woman n not a wannabe white barbie doll wit blonde hair n fake body parts…to hell wit Kim AND Nicki for tht matter. Nicki and willow can have a seat…oh I pulled put this chair for you too…… _/

  28. ThasRightIWentThere January 7, 2012


  29. Kimsus Allah-Denise Christ January 8, 2012

    This lil b**** look a HOT ASS MESS, im sick of her fast ass and that tired ran threw delayed b**** icki garaj, OFF with they big ass heads. enough of these h*** already

  30. Roman January 8, 2012

    When last did Lauryn Hill release an album baby??????

    Nicki got her own style, idc what ppl say + non existent comparrisons they try to draw to lil Kim but it’s tiring…

    Lil Kim had her time she needs to stop acting like she’s still hot… In terms of s** appeal, Lil Kim use p**** + s** as grounds for her music…

    Nicki made a point of not relying on s** appeal to make music, if u l2 Pink Friday not one song is about s**.. It’s classy rap/pop/rnb *Eat a d****… So if she wants to have fun on the next album I think it’s fair. She’s proven herself in Pink Friday, she established a fan base. She’s not tryna prove anything to anybody else, especially ignorant people like you

  31. sweetnightmare January 9, 2012

    she looks like a damn fool, simply put.

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