Digital Divas: Rihanna Rules Youtube, Unseats Lady Gaga As Most Popular Female

Published: Tuesday 10th Jan 2012 by Rashad


They may not share the same (or even comparable) levels of talent, but the past few years have certainly seen their careers accomplish similar feats.  Chart dominance, successful tours, and fashion icon status alike, pop princesses Rihanna and Lady Gaga have mirroring careers that are continuously uplifted by their ever-faithful fanbases.  And while the Little Monsters and Navy have worked hard to keep both pop tarts atop many-a-social media tally, it appears the Navy is the group continuously sailing its commander to the forefront.

Already besting Gaga in honors of Facebook’s most popular and number of digital downloads, Riri finds her unrelenting reign extending to yet another Internet territory – Youtube.

Details inside:

Boasting a whopping total of 2,033,848,822 video views, Rihanna has dethroned Youtube’s former leader, Gaga (who currently sits at 2,031,947,914), by a commanding 2 million+ lead.  The latter need not fret, however.  Not only does the ‘Poker Face’ performer have an extensive Twitter lead, news of such turn of events will undoubtedly inspire an increase in views from the Little Monsters.  And, if all else fails, the two digital divas still set far above their nearest competitors Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift, and Adele – none of whom have passed the 2 billion mark yet.


Looks like the Navy might not much fans of purchasing her cds, but any free more cost effective options see them out in groves.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Jay Scorpio January 10, 2012

    SLAYING effortlessly since 2005…. That reign shows no sign of letting up!!!! Haters ur favz could never achieve these accolades without buying Grammy’s or selling albums for 99 cents. Rihanna NAVY keeps it legit! Too LEGIT to Quit bytches lol

  2. dang January 10, 2012


  3. WHUT January 10, 2012

    YASSSSSS Samantha gurl you betta bury the slayage deep into the night like the coward b**** you are!!! KIIIIIIIIIII

    Tell me why must the navy stay #WINNING this much?!


    Why must we be THIS MUCH GREATNESS!!!

  4. So So DEF January 10, 2012

    Congrats Island Queen!

  5. WHUT January 10, 2012

    No @Dang bum you Go RIGHT NOW and click Married to Floppage’s youtube vevo till your paws fall off!!

    Your b**** has been SNATCHED! It’ll be ok hun the Queen has a habit of doing that to frauds. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  6. dede January 10, 2012

    now only if she could achieve the ability of singing

  7. WHUT January 10, 2012

    This coming from a stan of the woman beating pencil-dicked lipsynching Circue du soleil poor rate Usher wannabe flop clown?! F*** outta here muppet! LOL!!

  8. #1QueenGaga January 10, 2012

    Gaga achieved all of her success with very few collaborations (Beyonce). Ritard had to suck numerous d*** to achieve hers. I ain’t hatin’ it’s the truth…!

  9. Floats Ya’ Boat January 10, 2012

    So, we’re counting Youtube views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers as success now? The industry is in the pits.

  10. said so January 10, 2012

    Misleading title.

    Since when was Gaga a female?

  11. dede January 10, 2012

    LOL AT LEAST CHRIS BROWN IS TALENTED besides using auto tune and sleeping around what is Ritard good at

  12. RihannaNavy January 10, 2012

    rihanna slayed Youtube before VEVO even came out. gaga’s vidoes gained this much from VEVO not the old Youtube. so for rihanna to be able to gain this much from vevo is an accomplishment.

  13. WHUT January 10, 2012

    No gurl the truth is your fave every other day looking like bag of laughs trying so hard for people’s attention. I bet you cant count the amount of times on your hooves when that b**** wasn’t out in public not dressed like a f****** idiot for attention.

    B**** show up at a show with spare ribs in her v***** and you wanna be in here talm’bout “Gaga is sooooooo DEEP!!”

    LOLOLOL!!! What a bunch of fools!!

  14. RihannaNavy January 10, 2012

    Queen of Youtube
    Queen of Facebook
    Queen of Digital Downloads
    Queen of Billboard Charts

  15. Bey Fan… January 10, 2012

    Both Gaga and Rihanna are good.

    Although I like Gaga video’s a whole lot better….I must have watched We Found Love about 1,000 times ….LOL.

    So i guess congrats Riri….

  16. WHUT January 10, 2012

    *Yawns* Usher been slaying the p*** out that failure for the longest. Whatever that flop been trying to do Usher has done and BETTA. Gurl just like the d*** the “talent” doesn’t impress us one iota. The only area I can see Christina Brown shining now is women’s boxing gurl. That flop needs to hang this music s*** up stat!

  17. gaaglooo! January 10, 2012

    Héhéhé!!!! Je n’ai rien contre Rih mais avouez que vous êtes pathetiques de comparer une chanteuse de 6ans dans l’industrie de la musique(rih) à une artiste de 3ans dans le domaine! Lllol cela prouve la force de ma Gaga!! Sinçèrement, qui est la vraie gagnante sans mensonge et hypocrisie les copains?!!?:-)

  18. JJFAN1814 January 10, 2012

    !!!! RIRI!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  19. Cee January 10, 2012

    My Opinion

    The only reason Rihanna is even popular or exists is becuase of Beyonce. Beyonce haters became Rihanna supporters and that is her fan base. Once that alleged affair rumor started bewteen Rihanna and Jay, then rihanna became popular. She is just another female who used Beyonces popularity to build her own. The only reason why some people even love Rihanna is bc they hate beyonce.

    All I can say is yes Rihanna you better work. Work yourself to death, throw up on stage, sell millions of singles and hundred of albums, dominate youtube facebook , AND KEEP PUTTING MONEY INTO BEYONCE AND BLUEs POCKET.


  20. ChristinasCOMING January 10, 2012

    Although I can’t stand Gaga, I do prefer her over this talentless Goat!

    @ Jay Scorpio-

    Honey please! Adele is slaying the s*** out of Rihanna and everybody else. Right now, Adele has the reign. She’s about to score her 3rd consective #1 on the Hot 100, 21 has tied with the Titanic soundtrack with the most weeks at #1 on the BB 200. 21 has sold over 15 million worlwide in just 1 year and continues to push at least 100+ every week. Whereas TTT keeps sliding down, then up, then down again. Btw You da One is flopping right now. For a “singles” artist of Rihanna’s caliber of pulling consecutive #1’s out of her ass, You da One is considered a FLOP!

  21. ChristinasCOMING January 10, 2012

    While Adele sells effortlessly!

  22. Cee January 10, 2012

    Jay makes money off of Rihanna therefore Beyonce and Blue make money of of Rihanna. Beyonce fans love to see Rihanna put money in Beyonce’s pocket.

  23. Girrrl January 10, 2012

    Go Rih! She is successful on ALL fronts and NO ONE can take that away from her.


  24. WHUT January 10, 2012

    Yes @Christina’s coming run to Adele for protection gal!! LOL!!

    Why no mention of the Blond Behemoth Beast in a dress you support hun?

    Wait am I’m seeing right?! You’re here for Gaga now when she was the one YOU claimed used her Lesbian Haitian voodoo Ninja Magic to DESTROY all things Bionic?! GURLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL


  25. So So DEF January 10, 2012

    Well since Bey ain’t making no money right now, guess Rihanna and Blue will have to. Jay is ALL about the paper.

  26. WHUT January 10, 2012

    @Cee PAID.

    This thread is about artist who are relevant in social media. We’ll check you when your fave is 1) relevant again 2) relevant in social media circles.

  27. ChristinasCOMING January 10, 2012

    @ Whut-

    Clearly you didn’t read my post correctly. I said “Although I can’t stand Gaga, I do prefer her over Rihanna!” I’m not showing any love to Gaga, just saying if somebody asked me to chose between them 2, it’d be Gaga.

    You better get ready baby because Christina’s comeback begins in a few weeks with the new season of the Voice, the release of her new single, and her appearance and possibly performance at the Grammys….rumor has it she is supposed to premiere her new single there. Rihanna and Gaga need to prepare themselves because once Christina regains her reign, it’ll be impossible for either of your favs to maintain success on the charts!

  28. RDK January 10, 2012

    they thought Riri and nicki was joking when they say,they came to win to fly to conquer.

  29. WHUT January 10, 2012

    B**** you prolly prefer Hitler and Osama Bin Laden to Rihanna you are THAT foolish and pressed bae.

    Orly? P**’stina? is gonna slay the game? Maybe if the game was p**’s feet eating contest then that blonde Behemoth would win effortlesslly, but are you seriously rolling in this b**** with Muhammed Ali confidence that the p** on hind legs you support is gonna slay ANYTHING after the absolute disaster that was Bionic gurl? You got some fat hairy balls b****! Real talk.

  30. Small_Angel January 11, 2012

    Love Rihanna.. Love Christina too…

  31. Jay Scorpio January 11, 2012

    @CHRISTINASCOMING Ammm lost though… what reign his Christina eva had?? cause as long as i can remember she has always been and remains in BRITNEY’s shadow….

    Christina needs to find herself as an artist cause she has the potential to be the next Celine if she doesn’t fukk her vocals up anymore…

    whether u care for Rihanna or not she is SLAYING your fav for FILTH!!!!!

    #JUSTdeal thnkx

  32. Rihanna Stans = Broke Navy January 11, 2012

    Dead @ Youtube views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers now being a sign of success. The Delusional Navy will celebrate anything to save face. The shade is, even with all these PR achievements, Rihanna is still getting her b*** kicked on the album charts by Adele and gaga. What good are all these fictitious achievements if you’re current album is flopping down the charts?

  33. Bey’knight January 11, 2012

    It’d be alot more impressive if she didnt have 6 albums in 6 years. It Chris Brown hadnt disfigured her big head talk that flop would prolly have been her 7th album. Gaga has 2 albums only, been around for half the time rhiscount has been

  34. Saetana January 11, 2012

    Congratulations to Rihanna, although I personally don’t think how many views anyone has on Youtube is really that relevant unless all those people are actually buying singles and albums, same for Twitter and Facebook followers – the social media generation are more likely to illegally download music than any other, unfortunately as that does nobody any favours ;o)

  35. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 11, 2012

    So, we’re counting Youtube views, Facebook likes, and Twitter followers as success now? The industry is in the pits.

    THIS !!!! 😡

    and adding to this :

    S** SELLS !

    just think about the average youtube viewer , who would prefer to watch a crazy woman who was rumored to be a hermaphrodite over other woman who’s always selling s** ?!
    who ?!

    and youtube is free u know !

    but remember Rihanna is there since ” 6 years” , so those views are the sum of viewers of every year of those 6.
    gaga is there for 3 years and she’s already catchin’ up with her !

    so ?!

    this proves 2 things :

    1. gaga is fading in the music-video game ! but she is stronger than rihanna , in just 3 f*****’ years with 3 albums.
    and her beauty is not her main weapon tBH.
    2. selling s** is still the main thing make the world go round and round .

    @Bey’KNIGHT :

    IKR ?!

    @WHUT :

    osama bin laden is s*** and u know it 😛

  36. Lax January 11, 2012

    Yesssss Siree Still Yet another Great Wave for the Others to try and
    ride until they can do the same, we will take it, we will take it.
    @DEDE,,,Well since i do agree that your fave can do all of the
    things you say he can do But where is her Charting At????????????
    Could it be that He is so dam good that he’s Charting on Your
    Front Steps, or Your Back Porch?????Let us Know when his Last
    2-Albums can Move, Push, Pull Or Drag It’s Ass Over the 6 Millon
    Numbers that Rihanna has Bought in for “Loud”? Not to Mention
    1.8 in Less Than Two Months With One Of It’s OFFSPRINGS “WFL”
    Burning the charts up. Why just Last Week a Very Impressive 433,000
    Your Fave can Dance, Sing and even Walk & Talk to let you and Others
    tell it All Better Than Rihanna But Where is the “BEEF” And i don’t Mean

  37. Yellow Gorillah January 11, 2012

    what do these titles really mean? Well, Facebook is the most popular social networking site in the world, therefore Rihanna is the most popular female on the most popular social networking site in the world. YouTube has become the primary source people view their music videos from today, therefore, Rihanna is presently the most popular female video artist

    ^^^ For those who are trying to downplay this feat!!!

    THE QUEEN Yet again Snatching TITLES Loooooool

    LADY GAGA is the only one we are competing with not the has been,

  38. Lax January 11, 2012

    Not to hurt any one’s Fellings Since the NAVY ARE THE UNBIASED
    Group of Great People that we or who tries Our Best To Not Be The
    One To “Pass First Blood” We feel good knowing that She Moved
    148,000 of “TTT” Last week and we all know that in this Ecomonical
    Climate that is almost Like Liquid Gold and let me see i thinK IT WAS #6 AND HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE AND they say She can’t sale Albums i wonder where that number of 148,000 Albums came from. And isn’t it FUNNY HOW RIHANNA OUT OF THE qUALLION aRTISTS IN THE wORLD hOW IS IT THAT SHE’S THE only single one who whored her way to 47.5 million digital sales,
    2 BILLION Youtube Followers, 48 Million fb over 11 Million Twitter Followers and Over 100 MILLION Singles and Over 26 Million Albums?????? How is it that she Was on Eminem’s Biggest Monster Single of his Caree and Selling Over a WHOPPING 16X pLATIUM AND COUNTING AND HOW Is this all Possible Ohhhhhh i know she Bumped & Grined Her Way to the Top. Rihanna you go girl because you or badder than they even give you Credit for, But i will never Understand that even if she did Bump & Grind her way to the Top and Her Label has Bought her all of these Wonderful Things Then why NOT buy her more that 2 World Wide #1 Albums Why did the not buy 50 More Albums when she did the 197,000 Copies and make her sells be a bit bigger in the US??????? And better still why haven;t they bought her at least 3-4 US #1’S???????You see how stuck
    on stupid many if you are.
    PS Since all of the other Artis are so much better at everything then Rihanna then Explain why so many do not have the success as ADELE OR RIHANNA?????? And remember that as long as you or human and not a robot, somebody had to have S** TO MAKE YO ASS! Hmmmmmm Rihanna keep many so Pressed & Stressed!
    Speaking of Ga Ga , She has Out did Many Others Also Look at that
    Digital Chart and Ga Ga sure has done Great and she keeps right on doing Great and Rihanna is not the only one who has dropped 6 Albums in 6 Years there’s Others who Has Dropped 4 Albums and made them SWELL INOT 9 ALBUMS AND STILL HAVE NOT DONE AS WELL AS RIHANNA AND THEY ARE THE ONE’S WHO HAS ALL OF THIS SO-CALLED TALENT, IF THEY HAVE GOT ALL OF THE TALENT THEN EXPLAIN WHY THEIR ASSES KEEP DROPPING, DROPPING SLIDING, SLIDING THEIR ASSES DOWN AND OFF THE F*&*%* CHARTS????????

  39. Lax January 11, 2012

    Always trying their hands at trying to Talk
    her Successes Down and always getting
    B**** Slapped, and knocked and bopped
    up Beside that Air Head By Her Navy, at
    Least the Ofc.’s who waiste their Work
    Days away Fu*%*%* Your Empty Brains

    This is the Digital Age not the Pukkkkkkin Horse
    and Buggy Age and RIHANNA is Plugged Right
    into the “Whats Happening Now” Plug Big Time.
    Rihanna isn’t Bothering A Soul, Its the “Looneys”
    Who is always getting their Fellings Hurt By How
    Rihanna Keeps right on TAPPING THAT ASS” For
    them and they can’t Help but Love It.! Rihanna is
    Who you Keep your Eyes On Because She’s Known
    For Always Doing It up Big & Bad Always And she
    Keep Right On Building Her Throne & Her Brand all
    at the Same Time and theres not a dam thing you
    Looney’s can do But B**** & Complain and try to keep
    Blowing Smoke up The Navy’s Tight Ass!

  40. SLAYFANISTANN. January 11, 2012

    January 10, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    SLAYING effortlessly since 2005…. That reign shows no sign of letting up!!!! Haters ur favz could never achieve these accolades without buying Grammy’s or selling albums for 99 cents. Rihanna NAVY keeps it legit! Too LEGIT to Quit bytches lol

    Actually,Amazon sold her (meaning Rihanna) CDs for 99 cents.

    Not only that but I need REAL proof that Beyonce’s buying Grammys.That’s nothing more than some stan speculation.

    Am I mad that Rihanna beat Gaga in Youtube wiews? No.

    Do some Rihanna fans need to sit the hell down? Yes.

    I really don’t go after Rihanna unless her cocky STANS start spouting BS.

  41. mariama January 11, 2012

    Go Ri Ri i love you and always will.Dont mind the heters keep flying till you touch the sky.

  42. Lax January 11, 2012

    @BEY’KNIGHT At Least she had her Head Beat in
    and she survived, but what have you to say about
    that empty head of yours which has been the same
    since Day One?

  43. Lax January 11, 2012

    @#1GAGAFAN,,,At Least Rihanna wasn’t Seen Sucking
    Her Own, Pencil D*** Like Your Fave Was. And Speaking
    of Collabs Your Ass Wished You Was “THE Hooks Queen
    and Hit Maker that Rihanna Clearly Is. Stay Mad Because
    There’s a New Sheriff in Town and she is a Bad Asses
    Black B**** The “HBIC”.

  44. JohnVidal January 11, 2012

    LOLOL So now this is an important achievement? You kids are pathetic!
    *Quickly leaving this post and searching for music

  45. TREY January 11, 2012


  46. TREY January 11, 2012


  47. Kingphoenix January 11, 2012

    Rihanna Congratz girl, you better be that manufactured machine Roc Nation made you out to be….YASSSSSSSSSS!

  48. Saetana January 11, 2012

    Test Post – Want to see if my new Gravitar is working ;o)

  49. Saetana January 11, 2012

    Obviously not :o(

    Maybe it takes a little while to filter through as I’ve only just created my Gravitar account…

  50. xd January 11, 2012

    SAM, STAY DA F*** MAD!

  51. WHUT January 11, 2012

    @Yellow LADY GAGA is the only one we are competing with not the has been,

    Exactly why I paid the Methuselah stans in here KIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I mean s*** that weak b**** be struggling to get to 1k hits on vevo without a Gaga collab. LOL!!

  52. Minajesty January 11, 2012

    man i used to like rihanna up until LOUD. now she is boring and her music sucks ass, shes jumping on to the dance bandwagon. i would say she should take a few years off and come back with an album but she will be forgotten about by then!

  53. WIG SNATCHER January 11, 2012

    Rihanna has 6 albums
    Gaga has 3
    Rihanna has 5+ collabs
    Gaga has 2
    Rihanna can’t sing or dance
    Gaga can
    Rihanna can’t write music ( yet I LOVE her songs)
    Gaga can
    True Tea h***.
    *Sips grape juice*
    I like Rih but I LOVE Rihanna. No hate just facts love.

  54. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 11, 2012

    Great to see the amazing Taylor swift being mentioned on this post:) <3

  55. riri January 11, 2012

    i rather support gaga. i used to think she cant sing until i saw her previous gig before she turned to gaga.

  56. veo99 January 11, 2012

    Rihanna can never have the same number in sales, because people are mostly interested in the visuals with her. Rude Boy for example has had millions of views because she is dancing in a suggestive way and she also has many other videos that are very s*** so people who would not buy her music or go to her concerts sit at home and watch her on Youtube. Its pointless really as she herself knows why her videos are popular and thinks it will generate sales, but in some cases it works and in some cases it does not work. The millions of views does not equal millions of fans as I know guys who hate her voice but don’t mind watching her on mute.

  57. UGh January 11, 2012

    seriously? youtube views? how and why is this significant?

  58. dede January 11, 2012

    @ WHUT yes chris does what usher done and he does it better….remember usher does not sing or dance like he used to

    @LAX CHRIS is successful, after being banned on so many radio stations and still manage to sell records is something. Sucess comes in so many ways not being number 1 on the charts

  59. Eric January 11, 2012

    LOOOL At the last shade in the last paragraph! It’s just two million. Little Monsters will get that the right way in no time.

  60. aynon January 12, 2012

    This means NOTHING… Justin Bieiber is undisputedly the king of youtube, which doesnt mean sh*t because he’s certainly not the biggest/best male artist out at the moment….well done Riri for getting your kit off and seducing people into watching your videos.

    The Navy Need to take a Seat..

    Its not an achievement in my eyes… It means you’re a bandwagon sheep. WELL DONE ANYHOW.

  61. suspicious January 15, 2012

    you should add that she is the music artist with more followers on youtube 😉

  62. Kil January 20, 2012

    Um Rhianna has about 14 more videos than Gaga, so of course, she is going to do better.

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