Baby Talk: Brandy Dishes On Beyonce, ‘The Game’, and More With ‘ShowBiz Tonight’

Baby, baby, baby! Seems to be the talk atop Hollywood headlines since ‘Love On Top’ singer Beyonce and hitmaker husband Jay Z welcomed daughter Blue Ivy last week.  Joining the list of well wishers showering the two with blessings is fellow celebrity mom Brandy.  Caught making her promo rounds in support of her season long feature on the BET hit series ‘The Game’, the Grammy winning songstress has fans in anticipation for a few deliveries of her own this year – a new movie, album, and duet with Monica.

Until then, in what will work to whet appetites until her ‘Game’ premiere, Miss Norwood took to ‘ShowBiz Tonight’ to dish on all the happenings of her career as well as show love to the new parents.  See all the action after the jump:

Also spotted with the full cast over at Madame Noire (thanks!)

Catch ‘The Game’, featuring Brandy, as it makes its season 5 premiere tonight at 10/9c only on BET!

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  1. RobjrLovesCiara January 10, 2012

    Why is this whole damn interview abt Poison Ivy. Anyway, I can’t wait to see Brandy on The Game tonight.

  2. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    Damn brandy is one ugly ass chick man damn wow.. I seen her on 106andpark and that b**** look a mess man wow like who dresses like that b**** look like a two dollar hooker like real talk b**** look easy as hell man

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN January 10, 2012

    nice of her

    best of luck brandy

  4. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    @preittedphilly why are you post s*** on here go to youtub for that s*** man damn you and that hoods at chick next to you need to go somewhere matter of fact go download Gucci Gucci by kreayshawn hottest street single out right now

  5. White girl mob January 10, 2012

    @preittedphilly why are you post s*** on here go to youtub for that s*** man damn you and that hoodrat chick next to you need to go somewhere matter of fact go download Gucci Gucci by kreayshawn hottest street single out right now

  6. JP January 10, 2012

    Keep making them rounds, Bran Bran!

    I’m tuning in to watch you! Yeah, you on camera, I gotchu!

    I <3 Brandy

  7. juschill January 10, 2012

    (….) Follow me on Twitter @highndaski

  8. loumorgan January 10, 2012

    what is wonggg …
    i thought it was a brandy interview…

    but it’s all about that baby!!!

    anyway… follow me @loumorgan1

    shout out from paris france

  9. Theman January 10, 2012

    Brandy looks beautiful.

  10. Martino January 11, 2012

    Brandy Is Bomb Like Seriously All Her Music Is Dope Been A Long Time Coming Can’t Wait To See What Is Next For Her Congrats Ms Lady

  11. Girllll January 11, 2012

    @ white girl mob

    Your a hater and prolly busted brandy is beautiful get real bit*h! On another note
    I am mad her whole interview was all on speculation of beyonces baby damn

  12. Bey’knight January 11, 2012

    Haha Blue Ivy is the first baby in history to have haters. #winning already.
    To all u lessors, pls accept her shine :p

  13. BAA January 11, 2012

    @White S*** Mob……Please get the hell out of Kreyirrelevant c******. They B**** isnt sh*t and we neva b sh*t. The lame ass h** had all that promo for Floppi Floppi and was up for a Moon Man and still didnt pop off lmao….and u aint s*** neither s***. Go teabag a black d*ck w****, like u are good at doing.

  14. oh baby(b****** will deal) January 11, 2012

    as much as i love Bey,if i were in Brandy’s position i wouldn’t want to spend my whole interview talking about another singers baby when it’s supposed to be about me promoting my acting gig! i actually cringed when i was watching this interview!

  15. darealrastabwoi January 11, 2012

    Congrats teamBrandy can’t wait for 1st single n u was hot in #thegame last night ..go Chardonnay

    Follw me on Twitter :darealrastaBwoi
    Chk out for new video’s n subscribe

  16. LouLou January 11, 2012

    I liked B on the Game last night, but I really miss her voice. The 3 seconds she sang in the second clip made me smile. Where is the single??

  17. Jessica January 11, 2012

    @White girl mob: Little girl, why are you still embarrassing yourself?? How many times we gonna say this RICK ROSS AND DAVID BANNER WIPE THE S*** OUTTA CRAPSHAWN!!!! LMFAO!!! SHE’S DONE, SHE IRRELEVANT!!! LMAO!!! (DO YOU UNDERSTAND THE WORDS THAT IS COMING OUT MY MOUTH?) ( Chris Tucker voice) LMFAO!!!

    Anyways, forget this fool….. Brandy looked good, and I’m glad she shouted out to Bey and Jay because she knows them personally, haters this is what RESPECT means!!!! Brandy knows what its like to be a parent and gave a great advice because she had Sy’ri 9 years ago, so she knows. I agree, Bey should take care of her baby at least a year or 2, then come back and kill the scene. I hope Brandy and Bey do a song together, that will be hot!! Also Brandy and Kelly too!! That I will buy in a heartbeat!!!

  18. @antertain January 12, 2012

    Cool show.
    So happy for Bran

  19. YouKnow January 12, 2012

    I love Beyonce, but can Kelly Rowland and Brandy or any of these other girls do an interview w/out having to talk about Beyonce. I mean, get this out the way before you bring Brandy on…she’s trying to talk about her project not a Beyonce’s baby!

  20. arob January 13, 2012

    Is this a interview for Brandy or on the baby? I love Beyonce to death, but that has got to be annoying.

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