Lana Del Rey Talks Live Performances: “I Am A Studio Singer”

Published: Friday 20th Jan 2012 by Sam

Pop newcomer Lana Del Rey has been been a polarizing force since hitting the scene.

Indeed, while hailed by some sects, the 25 year old has attracted mounting critique – particularly as pertains her live performances.

Speaking to Fuse recently, the New York native gave her own 2 cents on her performing ability; confessing: “I am a studio singer”.

Peep the interview after the jump…

Kudos to Lana for keeping it real about something many an artist shy away from. She is an admitted studio singer. Does that need to change to ensure we’re still talking about her 5 years down the line? Of course. However, there’s something to be said for knowing your flaws – and being frank about them. And ironically very little that can be said, as she’s essentially admitting it herself.

It also helps that her artistry soars in other aspects (see: songwriting, all-round “creative”). Something other studio singers, ala the Rihanna‘s of the world, can’t claim they have in their arsenal.

Lana Del Rey’s debut LP ‘Born To Die’ hits stores on January 27th.

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  1. MISHKA January 20, 2012

    So Rihanna’s career is in danger if this girl ever goes pop.

  2. Twista January 20, 2012

    Straight from the horse’s mouth, she has no talent for live performance. There you have it – done before she even started. If you don’t have the ability to “turn it on” in front of an audience, you’re pretty much dead in the water. Touring is absolutely where the money is in the music biz these days, and it doesn’t sound like she’s cut out for taking her act on the road.

  3. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) January 20, 2012

    WISH RIHANNA realize she is ONLY a studio singer as well and a bad performer as this girl did confessed. 😆

    did she write this EPIC music video ?! 😯

    now b****. i’m your stan 😆

    her and adele gonna start cleaning the house from noisy bugs. 😉

  4. Wizard January 20, 2012

    @twista Have you seen rihanna tours She makes Lana de ray look like Adele And she has made millions off her tour sooooooooo

  5. Kingphoenix January 20, 2012

    At least she is hones with her self unlike others…This album might be pretty good though, i cant wait to hear the full version of National Anthem…People are coming down on her pretty hard, but in all honesty 90% of the music acts in the industry are not genuine at all, thats why they are quick to jump on band wagons and are always caught contradicting themselves. At least she is aware of her faults, owns up to them, and is not making a bunch of excuses.

  6. KAT DELUNA FAN January 20, 2012

    Sounding Awful live has never stopped a b**** in this lame ass industry anyway

  7. The Music Junkie January 20, 2012

    Katy Perry and Rihanna need to take note admit your flaws to yourself first and then work on them.
    Lana Del Rey will need to work on her live performances though because it is one the most important aspects of being a music artist

  8. MRDIVABITCH January 20, 2012

    That’s perfectly understandable, even top vocalists like Mariah Carey have called themselves a “studio singer”, because they are more comfortable in the recording booth and while making the music. That’s what being a recording artist means.

  9. JohnVidal January 20, 2012

    Man you were bashing her just two days ago 🙂

    I have to say I liked her honesty. And she has the songwritting skills and vocals sound beautiful enough for the music she makes. So it´s all good. I´m loving 3 of the songs I´ve heard. The videoclip is very good too.
    p.s.: Even with her admitting it, she is still a better live singer than Rihanna lol

  10. Blackrangr January 20, 2012

    Rhianna can sing if you have watched her of a good girl gone bad DVD your opinion will change, her voice is very pitchy but she can sing

  11. Wizard January 20, 2012

    Rihanna can sing No man Pls Rihanna makes good music But she can’t sing

  12. JP January 20, 2012

    She has already won me over with her honesty and courage.

    I’m going to have to start checking for her.

  13. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! January 20, 2012

    She does have a different sounding voice to everyone out there..

  14. Jasmine January 20, 2012

    I think a true singer can sing in the studio and on stage. Touring is the only way an artist can promote their music live. Her management and label are also at fault for not getting her ready to sing live before putting out a CD. Makes you wonder how she got a record deal in the first place since she can’t sing live.

  15. 123456 January 20, 2012

    her born to die video seems very illuminati ish.

    another devil ho

  16. Timago January 20, 2012

    What a dumb b****. So, she says she’s a studio singer, and she knew she’d performing on a show called, “Saturday Night LIVE”…


    I will NOT be checking for this slutface’s album.

  17. Timago January 20, 2012

    LANA DEL REY HAS SLUTFACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. SLAYFANISTANN January 20, 2012

    I knew they were going to find some way to include Rihanna in this…..

  19. tyra January 20, 2012

    she admit her flaws im a big fan of hers anyway aslong as she works on it and improves its all good

  20. Jordan January 20, 2012

    I appreciate her honesty but this won’t motivate me to go see her on tour or at a show lol. She should sell herself better.

    But I do like her music and artistry! And I’m mad that every post involves Rihanna lol

  21. Mariah January 20, 2012

    Studio singer?! Do you mean auto tune singer? Like riahna, perry, brit and others.

  22. DRB January 20, 2012

    I appreciate the honesty. Writing and her sonic vision are her strengths for me.

    Btw, she’s 25, you’re face shouldn’t be that damn stiff.

  23. Xadax January 20, 2012

    Couldn’t she just be thankful for her autotune.

  24. Quinouchette003 January 20, 2012

    Being a singer = being talented.
    If can’t sing live, then gtfo talentless biatch!
    Pretty much ANYONE can walk up to a studio, record a song and still sound good (thanks to autotune and all that crap.)
    why iz she even calling herself a “singer” ?! Please. In a studio, everyone is.

    And ppl say Rihanna too is a studio singer. And yet, she makes millions out of her tours (which obviously will never happen with Lana b****).

  25. kimberly January 20, 2012

    girl better start stripping on stage and use back tracks over her voice to make some money. no shade

  26. kimberly January 20, 2012

    If you are are a singer in the studio it makes no sense. THis is the place where the engineer gets rid of all the squeeking and sweeten the voice. If an artist cannot pull a mic and control their vocals live they are talentless and have no good legacy of a singer.

  27. Stephanie January 20, 2012

    So she should stick to her other “creative’ avenues & not sing…she gets no kudo points for admitting that she’s a studio singer aka “I can’t sing”…just another pretty face who’s banking on her looks to get her noticed & people will buy her cd b/c they’re in love with the visual & the studio trickery to make her sound good!!! #sickening 🙁

  28. DRB January 20, 2012

    There’s other parts to being a musician than the stage. Vocals, writing, vision, all of that

  29. DIONFATALEI January 20, 2012

    Rihanna has NEVER claimed to be a flawless singer. She obviously isnt the best singer ever but vocally she’s unique and can sing rather well, espicially her ballads. Watch her tour video footage of LTWYL, Unfaithful etc. and then talk. Rihanna is not a bad singer, She’s just not soulful like ppl expect her to be just because shes black.

    Im feeling Lana Del Rey’s music, its pretty good. SNL wasn’t the best representation of what she can do live because Ive seen better from her, but she does have a unique voice.

  30. JER January 20, 2012

    ThatFLOPJuice has THE most dubious taste. Pimping this ho and Jessie J and who knows what other talentless strangerbitch. Yet always throwing shade at other artists who have already PROVEN what they can do. Why you queens always on all these new girls d***? SRS. it’s so tired

  31. commanderofthedancefloor January 20, 2012

    oohh rihanna has no talent i bet she stays up at night crying because of what you said!! lol… forget actual music critics who have given rihanna praise and for her loud tour she got good reviews!!

    all your opinions >>>> respectable unbias critics

    i am sorry for all the sarcasm!!!

    and now more on topic… lana del ray wont be making alot of money if she doesnt tour seeing as how almost everybodies tour sells more than their albums!!!

    has anybody ever noticed that like loud sold 6 million and the tour grossed 90 million, or i am sasha fierce sold 7 million and her tour grossed 100 million the fame monster sold 7 million and her tour grossed like a combination of 200 million!!!

    their tours sold significantly more than their albums so that is where the money is!!
    its really odd also seeing as how their tickets cost more than their cds!!

  32. JohnVidal January 20, 2012

    You should compare copies sold with tickets sold don´t you think? Not copies sold with how much the tours grossed 🙂 I mean Rihanna sold 6 million, meaning 6 million persons buyed it, did 6 million of individuals go to her tour???

  33. number1k9 January 20, 2012

    Nice to see her admitting to this….

    BUUUUTTTTT, and I mean a big but, that is NOT a good thing to say of one’s (live) music… “If you come to the show, you really just come to hear the songs on the record that you like. You can’t expect too much from my show.” -Lana Del Rey

    You cannont say things like that, when in this day and age/era LIVE MUSIC is where artists are making the bulk of their money. NOT on album sales. But hell, if I loved her, and knew her live shows were bad (IN HER OWN WORDS), then why would I pay high ticket prices to go see her??

    She needs a better PR person/team. Or her career will end truly before it begins!

  34. phyl January 20, 2012


  35. riri January 21, 2012

    she is way better then rihanna!

    this is just the start, watch your space, this girl is going to be a hit!

  36. Tika January 21, 2012

    She doesn’t know what “studio singer” means. A “Studio Singer” is a background singer or someone who is hired to sing on a track but not be presented or given credit for singing. Martha Wash has been a studio singer and she can sing the socks off of anyone in the studio and live. “Studio Singer” does not mean that you sound better in the studio than you do live. That sounds like an excuse for someone who has to rely on auto tune to sound good in the studio.

  37. Thonny January 23, 2012

    been a “studeo artist” doesnt mean u have no talent, the gurls is amazing, her sound is dope, BTW i love RiRi

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