Lana Del Rey Talks Youth, Music And ‘Video Games’

Published: Monday 16th Jan 2012 by David

Billed by some as a sexier alternative to Adele and lauded by many for her 60s inspired look and sound, Lana Del Rey has undoubtedly become the breakthrough act of 2012.

Now, peep this insightful interview shot  in December2011 which sees the ‘Born To Die’ maestra explain her creative cause, what inspires her and show case her love for times gone by, below…

While ‘Blue Jeans’ and ‘Video Games‘ have reaffirmed our view that Lana is very talented, we’d be lying if we said we  were wholly convinced by the ‘easy breezy beautiful’ vibe she is trying to give off -and judging by what is being said about her on many a social media outlet- we know we aren’t the only ones.

Only time will tell if Ms. Rey  is as ‘organic’ as Interscope would have us believe she is.

Or, if the hype that surrounds is really the result of her father’s wealth and connections as opposed to the talent and skill her ever growing fan base have become so enthralled by.

Your thoughts?

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  1. riri January 16, 2012

    love her!!! i am going to buy her album! she is new and has time to work on her live performance!

  2. GermanottasLoveChild January 16, 2012

    I really want to like her, but Im catching a fakeness from her. With Adele its easy to like her, but with Lana its like there’s so much baggage, from all the criticism she gets online to the fact that we know her daddy is part of the reason she got her deal.

    Will give the album a listen though and i hope her live performances improve.

  3. stan January 16, 2012

    “the” breakthrough artist of 2012?


  4. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. January 16, 2012

    This H** will FLOP!!

    The fake lip H** has NO TALENT and she is a GIMMICK!
    She is a JOKE.
    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE will give this H** a year before she fades into Irrelevancy. 😉

    Born To FLOP 😉

  5. GaGa, Rihanna, Beyonce—–All Others pale into insignificance January 16, 2012

    Her song “Off To The Races” is TOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    But her dad is a millionaire and indeed helped her with everything to this point which I don’t knock her for but I much rather artists who do it on their own, not with their families millions.

    She’s not a great live singer and the comparisons to Adele are ludicrous!!!!! She’s different from what is out now so thats why she has so many eyes on her. If she continues with tracks like Off to the races and improves her live performances she will probably be one of the new hot artists out.

  6. KAT DELUNA FAN January 16, 2012

    oh interscope send the checks l see 😉

  7. jill January 16, 2012

    The music industry always try to duplicate another artist…..smh

  8. Yellow Gorillah January 16, 2012


    So wait..we are supposed to KNOCK her down because her dad is Rich =/

    Not everyone get’s BORN into poverty..Her dad being rich has nothing to do with the fact she is creating CLASSIC… refreshing music. NOT Everyone will like her just like how not EVERYONE Loves ADELE. Kmmmt I’m so sick of that FAT B**** she is sooooo Overrated!! please Video Game ALONE S***’S on 21! That’s just my personal opinion. The girl want’s to create music and she is an Artist not just another POP Star listen to her words and I know a fake when I see one and LANA is not it.

    TGJ Will be JUMPING on her d*** when she reaches the success like they always do. SMH

  9. JohnVidal January 16, 2012

    I agree we don´t have to not like an artist just cos he/she comes from a millionaire family. I don´t care, if it´s good is good and if it isn´t then it isn´t. I just discovered her today thanks to TGJ. It seems I´m late cos her video has 11 million views on youtube. I kind of like the music, at least is different. But I´m not too convinced at all

  10. riri January 16, 2012

    how can someone write that this “h**” have no talent? are you deaf?

  11. D.Strock January 16, 2012

    “THE breakout artist of 2012”

    It hasn’t even been a month yet

  12. Katy+GaGa=Queens January 16, 2012

    She isnt a great singer or songwritter, assuming she writes her own material

  13. Michelle January 16, 2012

    Please compare the rubbish performance Lana gave on SNL last week to the brilliant performance Ledisi gave on Jay Leno. Lana is a typical mediocre singer who is hyped because of her looks and not talent. She is terrible live and does not deserve the hype.

  14. A January 17, 2012

    if you want to feel a new talented singer…

    check Emeli Sande out.

    she’s from UK and her music is Amazing.

  15. queen drake January 17, 2012

    Nobody is saying she can’t be rich but ud b stupid to think her dads money hasn’t given her an unfair advantage .her music is great but how did she get a deal when shes terrible live

  16. ME January 17, 2012

    To clear something, HER DAD did not help her!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She was sign to an indie label before Interscope. It was because of the song call “Video Games” went viral that she got signed.

    I get really annoyed when people say “Her rich dad help her get where she is” which is f*cking not true. Do ur f#cking research!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why are people get so jealous!!! When u’re that talented, write incredible songs, great vocal talents…u don’t deserve success?? I MEAN REALLY JUST COZ SHE’S RICH!!!

  17. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 17, 2012

    lOOK , i will give her a second chance.
    her music is Listenable. but her Live performance aren’t great. maybe stage fright , but she should get her s*** together !!! she’s a New artist , no one will give her 10000 chances till she get her s*** together , everyone is struggling in this industry !!
    And this chick is not better than ADELE , sorry (U__U)

    if she was as good as ppl always keep on saying she is , she could have given me something like this :

    but she’s SUPER-hyped the same as Kim kardashian got Over-hyped after her s**-tape 🙄

  18. Oh My January 17, 2012

    Ummmmm he4 did help her and she’s said it herself. He even put money into her marketing. And no one said they don’t like her because her dad is rich…….all they’re saying is her daddy’s monwy pretty much helped with her hype………….and what are u talking about poverty? All artist aren’t born onto poverty idiot so clearly no one is saying that. The readers on TGJ need to enroll in the nearest primary school

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