Leona Lewis Pushes ‘Glassheart’ To November

Published: Tuesday 24th Jan 2012 by Sam

Ever since Leona Lewis‘ sophomore set ‘Echo’ failed to set the charts blaze back in 09, the songbird’s career has worn a ‘fragile’ sticker.

From poorly charting singles, to a dwindling presence in the States, to the incessant delay in delivering her “comeback” LP ‘Glassheart’, it’s been a rocky few years for the vocalist.

And yet it seems the turbulence is far from over; for it has today been revealed that ”Heart’ won’t be hitting stores for  another 11 months.

Full story below…

Originally set for a Summer 2011 release, the Syco set was bumped to March of this year. However, the ever-reliable Amazon today re-listed the LP with a November 26th 2012 store date.

While this is the messiest of messes (second only to Nicole Scherzinger), it’s still salvageable. I mean, for all the garbage handling of the project, it’s clear she remains a top priority.

Legendary Sony exec Clive Davis has to adopted the LP as his pet project, and, as reported, has enlisted the likes of will.i.am and Polow Da Don to re-mould the album.

What’s more, beyond the heightened generosity of shoppers during the Holiday season, November will see both the UK and US versions of the X Factor on – granting Lewis two major stages to showcase material on. Material which’ll need to be all sorts of ‘the business’ if she’s to mop up the mess on aisle #9.

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  1. JohnVidal January 24, 2012

    Omg and where are the guys who said 4 years ago she was the new Mariah but better???? Not when it comes to talent and not when it comes to success. I think it´s not even necessary to do the comparison righ? 🙂 I also remember some people saying she was better than Whitney…

  2. She’s Crazy!!!!! January 24, 2012

    If she thinks that 3 song EP is suppose to last me till then she’s CRAZY. I like you but your gonna get forgotten…

  3. SHESDUMB January 24, 2012


  4. aynon January 24, 2012

    oh leona such talent… she and Adele need to a duet it would be groundbreaking

  5. JimmyBoy January 24, 2012

    I hope Clive sorts this out….. would be a shame to waste yet another great voice on a trash album. At least the Adele buzz would have died down by then leaving a space in the market for a UK female vocalist. Good Luck Leona

  6. ChristinasCOMING January 24, 2012

    This is best.

    Considering she has to go up against the likes of Christina this year. Leona is vocally talented but the songs she’s released thusfar suck ASS.

  7. Ld23 January 24, 2012

    hang it up honey…its a wrap

  8. Lax January 24, 2012

    Young Power House and reminds me
    of CELINE for some reason.

  9. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! January 24, 2012

    Take as long as you need to tweak the album Leona. I want a quality album this time around! I want ANOTHER Spirit! 🙂

  10. MaZ January 24, 2012


    She should release the album in his actual form and record a whole brand new album. That makes no sense!

  11. TIMMI January 24, 2012

    This is sad, considering Leona is one of the best vocalists around right now. She needs to go HARD with the promotion for this album, she has delayed it so much that there is a risk she will fade into irrelevancy. There is too much talent out now; people will move on.


    B****, you and your stupid abundant comments. Let’s talk about “Bionic”. I highly doubt Leona’s label care about competition from Christina.

  12. REALRasta January 24, 2012

    Thank god bc she is just pretty but boring,,,ugh

    Follow me on twitter @DaRealRastaBwoi and check out my videos and subscribe http://youtu.be/M_FAQpYwchA

  13. Martyn January 24, 2012


  14. RATEDXXX(YOU MAD BECAUSE??) January 24, 2012

    who the hell said Leona was going to be the next Mariah..BECAUSE I WANT TO SLAP THE STUPID OUT OF THEIR MOUTH..

    nobody is ever going to be on my Mimi’s level of talent..even on her worst day she still can sing circles around these so call KING/QUEENS.

    now back on topic..Leona has a great voice, but I dont think her label knows what to do with it…

    and its never a good think if your album gets pushed back after pushed backs…

    and now and days having a great voice doesnt mean s*** to record labels….so they would rather push down a fake bish down our throat, than give us real talent…

  15. YOOSONDALOOSE January 24, 2012

    OMG! I am a massive Leona fan and I am devasted and happy about this, we need new music from her and the wait is so long, its going to make her look bad, but the November is such a good time, she will have the x factor slots and lots of time to work out singles and stuff.

    So I guess i’m happy, poor Leona.

  16. RATEDXXX(YOU MAD BECAUSE??) January 24, 2012

    that s*** really pisses me off for real..when real singers/entertainers with 100% talents, are put on the back burner

    these people work their asses off for years perfecting their crafts

    while some fake bishes, with average voices and dancing skills, and average music .. gets all the damn shine…

    music is down the shitter if average is whats considered to be the best of the best in music…

    thats why I cannot wait for my Mimi, Brandy, Monica’s album this year…

  17. JohnVidal January 24, 2012

    Believe me I had to suffer hearing it even from radio presenters here in Spain. Of course only 3 years ago when the girl was hot for a little while. I hate when people try to downplay real legends just cos something is new and knowing from the start they are the first ones who are going to forget about that new artist real fast. I hate it

  18. JJFAN1814 January 24, 2012

    This is SAD! I was kinda looking forward to it! Doubt I would’ve bought it, unless the 2nd single was fire, the 1st single was OK!

    I hope Clive brings the business and Will doesn’t ruin it with some electronic s*** where Leona can’t display her vocals! I just don’t know how to feel abut this project!

    I’ll just stay checkin for Alicia Keys, Janet, Gaga, Bey and maybe NICKI (if she dont get her s*** together, she aint getting my $$)

  19. tyra January 24, 2012

    rated xxx u chat s*** weren’t the one talking about how great riri is now u sayin i hate it wen real artists dnt get the same recognition as mediocre artists u r a hypocrite but u stan for riri

  20. Meli~mel January 24, 2012

    #1: I don’t understand why there are so many haters leaving comments—focus on the artists you DO like and leave the ones you don’t alone.
    #2: I’m disappointed at the pushback, if it’s even true. BUT, I will wait ever so *patiently* for this album and any other materials she will release because IT WILL BE WORTH THE WAIT.

  21. dfbnknk January 24, 2012

    she better push it and stop making flops… she need to work with beyonces slow songs songwriters

  22. number1k9 January 24, 2012

    Wasn’t she supposed to perform on this 1st season of US X Factor… Damn, she’s gonna wait until then and when she actually performs to release her album…

    OH s***, she did perform on US X Factor, didn’t she…. well if she did it was not very memorable!

  23. commanderofthedancefloor January 24, 2012

    she bette release love birds as the first single that was amazing and more along the lines of bleeding in love that collide stuff doesnt float only certain artist are able to make a change from r&b to dance and still make it work.

    i understand why the album got pushed back. everyone expected collide to be a success and made an album with similar material now that they realize the mistake they are reverting back to hopefull spirit and hopefully nothing that will i am usually puts out unless it is along the lines of american boy by estele.

  24. RATEDXXX(YOU MAD BECAUSE??) January 24, 2012


    what does rihanna has to do with this post?

    i swear to Gosh some of you just like to start stan wars for no freaking reasons..

    what was the purpose of bringing up rihanna..?

    did u see me name names of the people that I think has average voices, singing, and talents? NO

    I was talking in General, and here u are trying to start some mess…..sick I tell u..

  25. JER January 24, 2012

    omg. puleaze

  26. Teflon Boy January 24, 2012

    I actually think her and her team are incredibly lazy and uninspired with her musical direction…., something that is clearly the result of having been fast-tracked to musical A-List without having had to earn it. I also think they should stop basing her entire promo campaign around these tired reality singing competitions…, the main reason is that she does not utilize enough platforms to showcase what she’s about. Just a dull and predictable performance of either Run or Bleeding Love year in year out on the X Factor or whatever other Syco funded tv show is out.

    She seriously needs to distance herself from these shows and stop letting her one ‘yearly’ performance speak for her entire existence. Case in point, those shows are so family focused and homogenized nothing interesting ever happens…, at least if she performs elsewhere there’s more chance of a charismatic set up…, and lastly, why when urban music is ruling the world is her image still so white-washed…, it made sense at first but why is she still not single quote unquote ‘black music’?

    ^I think when some of these questions get answered we might finally start to get somewhere with brand Leona.

  27. nuhoh January 24, 2012

    RCA/Sony is a mess, hope Clive corrects this..how does RCA stay in biz with all the albums/artist they ruin..I do see that they got the Payola working for Kelly Clarkson’s single…but they really hurt the rollouts of newer artists…

  28. Billy the Realist January 24, 2012

    i actually like her and I dont like many, but if they push her album til November.. I wont know who the hell she is nor will i care at that point..

  29. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( iMusic ) January 24, 2012

    she better re-think about this album cover. it’s not attractive.

    this girl has a great voice. but she can’t use it.

    and she didn’t find her niche , and when she was hot , her label didn’t capitalize on it.

    but she got my respect and “collide” is great.

    i hope ppl gonna buy her album !

  30. @antertain January 25, 2012

    Whole new everything!!!

    The voice is being wasted trying to give her songs that dont suit her persona..
    Urban, Pop, Soul mid-tempo’s + ballads + one or 2 out of the box tracks is a Leona album.

    I dont want her going on these shows with NO COVER SONGS, only ORIGINAL promotional material.

    I think Marsha Ambrosius & Emile Sande should write a song or 2 for her also.

  31. YOOSONDALOOSE January 25, 2012

    Feel so bad for Leona, wonde rif shes preggers? that would at least give us a reason.

  32. Oliver January 25, 2012

    This is gettingfucking stupid just relase the f****** album, your going to loose respectand fans you have lost my support, I would rarther buy Cher Lloyds album b****

  33. Lenny January 25, 2012

    Maybe she’ll be one of the judges in X Factor, season 2 in USA and that’s the reason for this movement.

  34. Stephanie January 25, 2012

    I can’t stand it when artist “continuously” push their cd’s back…to me, it makes the artist look weak & unsure of themselves…if the artist doesn’t have any confidence in their product, neither will the public… & when the cd FINALLY comes out, in the words of the great BB King, “the thrill is gone”…stop fishing for #1 hits & creating “buzz” singles & release a full cd already!!! :-/

  35. CameronCheungVEVO January 26, 2012

    Are you serious? November? I’ll die! Leona, feed me a few singles first. When I first saw your album was going to be released Summer of 2011, I was so excited I could hardly sleep, beautiful voice. Then suddenly I sort of fell when I saw the “March 2012” notice. Now November 2012. Can’t you released like what you have then give a follow up EP or even a follow up album half a year later? Or even a deluxe edition afterwards, ’cause you have no idea how many people are dying to hear this album. We heard an amazing “Collide”, I would say it was like a “Forgive Me” type of song, strong single, but not yet “Bleeding Love” or “Better in TIme”, but we have heard the “Glassheart” live… That was a “Bleeding Love”, if not a “Footprints in the Sand”… Leona. please released a few singles first. I love you, but if I have to wait any longer, we’ll forget you. Leona Lewis and RCA, how long can it take? Should the world end before 2013, we only get about a months time with your album, not that the world will end. Yes, maybe I’m sort of over-reacting, but Leona Lewis I’m serious, I want singles, preferably “Glassheart”, “Fireflies” or “Blank Page”. I can’t wait but I’m upset now. If you take all this time, I expect ADELE’s 21 quality. Thank you.

  36. dugw55 January 26, 2012

    its never been about talent its all about promotion that sells music, leona is one of the most talented singers i have heard, her management have took her for granted with the great start she had, and never really promoted her enough in her own country let alone the states, clive was far to busy promoting whitney and his american x factor girls . It seems that leona was signed by clive, did well and then held at arms length by clive while he promoted his american girls.
    people can try and shoot this girl down but the reality is she is a top class singer

  37. Ny January 26, 2012

    Seriously you would think corporate labels would have only the best songwriters but NO! Seriously I have about 3 songs that would fully showcase her vocals and also remain relevant in today’s charts and style

  38. dugw55 January 27, 2012

    It would be nice to be able to contact clive davis and simon cowell and congratulate them for letting leona down. she deserves better management than they have given her, has simon forgot gary barlows comments about leona, that it up to you simon to make her the best records. he knows that a great voice needs great songs and thats what whitney and mariah where given, lets not forget that..
    When she won what song did simon give her, one of kelly clarksons used songs, what a cheapscape. no wonder the americans look at our artists as second rate from the reality shows. The people who saw leona win the x factor need to remember what she brought to the x factor, and that was class. Simon needs to wake up before the public forget a great singer, being on x factor once a year is not good enough. What did simon give us cheryl cole who cant sing a note, but she knows will i am, so thats good enough, i feel sorry for girls aloud.

  39. Steve January 28, 2012

    Leona Lewis’ career is over. Some facts:

    1) She has never toured outside the UK

    What the hell?! This is the biggest problem. Why hasn’t she toured outside of the UK? She was meant to be a global superstar, but that’s not going to happen if she doesn’t gig in other countries.

    2) Her latest singles have been covers

    That “no song is sacred” speech are words spoken by a typical hack, who would rather ride on the success of others.

    3) Adele, Florence + The Machine, Lena Del Rey

    Look, I don’t really need to add anything more to this one.

    4) Fickle Fans

    Her fans are mostly made up of the fickle audience of Saturday night TV viewers, who are only interested in getting on board until something better comes along. This is not how you create a sustainable fan base – you need to start small and organically grow it.

    5) X-Factor

    She’s a product a of talent show, which basically makes her a corporate puppet. Right now, Lewis is showing to have been a poor investment and a red-hot brick, one that will be dropped very, very soon.

    Her third album will be her last. After that, she will announce that she is taking a break from music for a few years. She’ll release the odd song here and there, and then retire and open a horse sanctuary.

    Frankly, the sooner the better.

  40. dugw55 January 29, 2012

    You sound like a nice person,
    1-she has promoted outside the Uk all around the world in fact, Simons her manager he should have made the money available for her to do so,while she was red hot property . no1 over 30 countries and selling over 20 million records hardly makes the girl a failure to me.
    Happy, better in time,I will be, and many more on her albums where great songs. have you ever listened to her records all the way through or is your opinion blind.
    2-her latest ep was just for fans to have something to listen to while waiting for her album, it was not promoted, all artists have to go back to the drawing board at times.
    3-I am a fan but not fickle, she is for me the best singer that has come out of these shows, and i wish her well no matter what, but in comparison to you i cant read the future. I love doctor who and sherlock holmes remake of the past, sherlock is great, im old enough to have watched the old series and the new, the new series is better, how great is that, arrogance never comes over well mate.

  41. Steve January 29, 2012

    “You sound like a nice person”

    I am. But of course, you’re being sarcastic. I’m just being honest.

    “Simons her manager he should have made the money available for her to do so,while she was red hot property”.

    This single statement contradicts the rest of your post, and is an admission that she is past it, as I have said.

    “no1 over 30 countries and selling over 20 million records hardly makes the girl a failure to me.”

    I never said she was a failure. What I did say was that she is not the sustainable global superstar that was promised. Cowell promised the world steak, but ended up serving tofu. You can see the desperation to push her: a song written for Avatar, the title track for the western version of Final Fantasy 13, singing at the opening ceremony at the Olympics… Sadly, all of these have one thing in common, and that is that no one will or ever cared.

    “her latest ep was just for fans to have something to listen to while waiting for her album”

    That’s fine, but there is a lot more to the music world than you see on the surface. More like it was contractual obligation and also an attempt to prove to people that she is still relevant. Which she isn’t.

    “but in comparison to you i cant read the future. ”

    Nor can I. I just look at the past to predict the final outcome.

    “I love doctor who and sherlock holmes remake of the past, sherlock is great, im old enough to have watched the old series and the new, the new series is better, how great is that”

    Sorry, but I have no idea what you’re talking about here. The only thing that Leona Lewis would want to do with a TARDIS is to jump back to 2006 and stop herself ever appearing on the show, going independent and taking command of her own future, instead of becoming a corporate puppet.

    “arrogance never comes over well mate.”

    Not arrogance, mate, truth. And sometimes the truth hurts.

  42. dugw55 January 30, 2012

    your now it all statement is what makes it arrogance, nothing else, you need to stop talking down to people and realise there are other people who still care about leona, its obvious that you just want to put the girl down for some reason.
    the sherloch holmes statement was obvious a remake is like singing a cover, its already been done, but there is nothing wrong with that.
    No matter what you want to say, i am not a fickle fan as you describe people,
    As i said i believe leona is a great singer , and i understand there are artists who never get a look in,
    Its seems that you have to be loud, drunken,druggy, stripper like to get on, well so be it i just hope that leona stays as she is, a good person who doesnt put fellow artists down and if that negative so be it.
    You may have looked up her records but i dont believe for one bit that you have listened to them,

  43. Steve January 31, 2012

    “its obvious that you just want to put the girl down for some reason”

    Because she’s a hack, mate, pure and simple. Leona’s latest statement that no song is sacred smacks of arrogance and entitlement. She’s the most overrated singer of all time. Sorry!

    “the sherloch holmes statement was obvious”

    I get what you’re talking about now. The Doctor Who reference was completely wrong, though. Dr Who is a series that purposely evolves as time goes on; the whole regeneration thing was the creators’ way of getting around the chance of actors. Getting back to the point: it’s all very well to do remakes and covers, but if you base most of your successes on that, then it shows that you aren’t much without them.

    “a good person who doesnt put fellow artists down and if that negative so be it.”

    She’s put plenty of people down, Alexandra Burke and Lady Gaga in particular.

    I’m glad that we have Adele, Florence + The Machine and Lena Del Rey, as they are exposing Leona for being what everyone always knew – a girl with a great voice, but a boring personality.

    And you need more than just a great voice to make it in this industry.

    Her next album will go to #1 in the UK for… hmm… 2 weeks, tops. It won’t make the US top 10. Top 20, maybe. Top 10, no.

  44. dugw55 January 31, 2012

    leona has put nobody down, you have anger management issues that you need to deal with before it takes over your life with bitterness, i can see that you are only making comments to dis people so sad that you cant allow people to like peope.
    If you want other artists to suceed buy there records and spread the gospel, stop putting other artists and people down. you need to grow up. tell you what i’ll let you have the last word on the subject, that tends to satisfy my kids.

  45. Steve February 1, 2012

    I’ll take that to mean that I’ve won the debate, then. Thanks.

  46. Andre February 17, 2012

    leona is too busy saving the animals of the world LOL

  47. Toobloo February 20, 2012

    People can’t be serious here… Leona is easily one of the best singers out at the moment… It is not her fault that her record labels don’t know what to do with her.

    It would actually be best for Leona to remain irrelevant for a while… Right now, the arrogant people in the states are thinking “there’s that girl who sang that song that got popular, then I didn’t like her new song… She mustn’t be a good singer anymore…” She needs to start fresh over there, Glassheart has Sooo much potential, potential that is just sitting there waiting to be explored.

    Trouble is said to be utterly amazing, blank page is another one which critics who have heard it have stated is a step in the right direction for her vocals on the ballad side of things, lovebirds is a gorgeous song which showcases Leona’s vocals quite well, fireflies is a collaborative work which will garner some attention and Glassheart the song is beautifully cold, dark and flavoured.

    Leona’s making a comeback. To me… Echo was basically there to add to her UK tour and build that up in the end and now Glassheart is the album that will propel her career forward if she releases it in time.

  48. Jake March 10, 2012

    If will.i.am is helping on the album I ain’t getting it 1 he can’t sing 2 non of his songs are going in the charts 3 her album ain’t going any where with him in it I might as well say bye bye to leona Lewis she was my idol but since she been going all over the place her voice has changed she can’t hold a long note like she did in bleeding love

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