Rihanna Gets ‘Blunt’ In Hawaii?

Published: Monday 16th Jan 2012 by David

Take a gander at these snaps of ‘Fading‘ star Rihanna smoking what appears to be a blunt of marijuana in Hawaii yesterday.

Dressed casually and seemingly unbothered by being photographed in the act, the shot- which will undoubtedly ruffle a few a ‘child conscious’ feathers – arrives after the Island belle was snapped on her way to state via LAX airport surfaced here yesterday morning.

 More below…

Taking to her Twitter account in alleged reference to the snaps, she insinuated:

“Kush rolled, glass full…I prefer the better things!”

If this is indeed marijuana that Ms. Fenty is puffing on, this is just one more bad habit she will have to overcome if she ever hopes to improve the instrument that is her voice.

For, as any good vocal coach would tell her (if only she picks up their call), smoking has and will always affect the intonation, stamina and vocal coordination of any act that has taken up the habit.  A fact which explains the oft heckled and exhaustion-ridden noises she stays making during her live sets.

Of course, as is the case with every adult, Rihanna can and will do just as she pleases, with no moral obligation to raise the children of – what will certainly be – many an angry parent.

However, if not for the sake of her public image, we hope the inevitable criticism from this will force her to analyze just how beneficial her alleged habit is to a voice which already has several odds stacked against and on it.

Your thoughts?


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  2. Roman January 16, 2012

    It’s her life. Just like Beyonce needs to focus on her child and NOT go back to the studio immediately and leave her baby with nannies. #BitchFallBac

  3. YAAAS BOO! January 16, 2012

    Where would this pressed blog be without Rihanna? If it weren’t for her, you’d have nothing to blog about >.>

    • Kris June 19, 2020

      Are you really that naive to think that this is a new thing she just picked up in her career? SMH… she’s definitely been smoking all throughout her career. She’s tired on stage because she’s one of the baddest in the game and running an empire that is Savage Fenty. Hit me up when your next album drops! 🤣

  4. Bey’knight January 16, 2012

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA. think you gettin something baby u ain gettin none

    Like father like b****


  5. ThankMeLater January 16, 2012

    SMFH this girl is so dumb. Watch her career go down the drain.

  6. ROB January 16, 2012

    shes a mess , look at her real hair showing

  7. Stans make me LOL January 16, 2012

    I’m tired of seeing this chick now. I like her music but DAMN!
    She is a grown ass woman so if she wants to puff on the weed she can, but for f*ck sake, her PR team need to keep her OUT of the gossip columns/blog sites because this act is getting real old, real quick. Also whether you’re a celebs or not I hate when people tweet s*** trynna make themselves look “hard” or bad”. If your smoking your weed just do it, why tweet about it. U don’t see snoop doing that s***, hell even Miley Cyrus don’t go there. Damn Fool

  8. 123456 January 16, 2012

    ive never taken drugs but it looks like a cigar

  9. Perry Power January 16, 2012

    She is a grown woman, and she’s allowed to make these types of choices. It’s not going to help her at all though.

    BTW, her vocals were all over the place in that performance

    What does it being her life have anything to do with Beyonce or what she does with her career and family? Its Beyonce’s life.

  10. Yellow January 16, 2012

    Well Gaga and Adele smoke as well. Although Adele doesn’t dance, Gaga does and she’s a beast on that stage..she doesn’t get outta breath.
    Gaga and Adele are blues singers tho, cause Gaga started doing blues before she did pop and a lot a blues singers I know smoke to give their voice that rasp and it sounds beautiful. It’s obviously not working for Rihanna tho.

    But can you blame her?!?! Most of the time she sounds like s*** and ppl (including the navy) complain about it but they continue to buy her s***. Really?
    She won’t change if everybody keeps supporting what’s she’s doing now.
    Like LA Reid always says to his artists; ”why fix what’s not broken?”

    So as long as yall keep eating the b******* like it’s vanilla iced cake Rihanna will keep giving yall vanilla iced cake.

  11. Queentina>>>Your Fave January 16, 2012

    She can hire the best vocal coach in the world and it wouldn’t make a difference. Her voice is so painful to the ears cause she doesn’t give a f***. This b**** will go out on stage, stiff as f***, and have her vocals all over the place lik in the video Sam posted. I doubt she even tries.

  12. Slaydele, Slay$ha, and R.I.P Amy Slayhouse January 16, 2012

    Im not sure I should be mad at: Sam for posting that bloody video or me for watching it until the end 🙁

  13. Slaydele, Slay$ha, and R.I.P Amy Slayhouse January 16, 2012

    I’d love to see the Navy justify that performance. I bet they will just bring up her numbers because thats all they have. Smh. The Queen of discounts, playback, and swagger jacking.

  14. Bey Fan… January 16, 2012

    January 16, 2012 at 7:10 am

    Im not sure I should be mad at: Sam for posting that bloody video or me for watching it until the end


  15. Bey Fan… January 16, 2012

    Damn this just made Rihanna so unattractive….

    Glad she’s relaxing or whatever…..but damn ma…. lol.

  16. Bey Fan… January 16, 2012


    It’s her life. Just like Beyonce needs to focus on her child and NOT go back to the studio immediately and leave her baby with nannies. #BitchFallBac

    what does any of this have to do with Rihanna smoking???? And where did any of this come from???

  17. SLAYFANISTANN. January 16, 2012

    Oh Riri Riri (Smoke like that)
    Smoke Riri Riri (just like that)
    Oh Riri Riri (All burnt out)
    Oh Riri Riri (make dem clouds)
    It’s ya turn now it’s ya turn now It’s ya turn now It’s ya turn now
    Watch me burn now Watch me burn now Watch me burn now Watch me burn now
    Oh Riri Riri
    Oh Riri Riri
    If you puff now If you puff now if you puff now I’ll pass.

    Really,I don’t get why celebrities are always either getting caught with drugs,caught smoking drugs,or admit they have done drugs.I know that life may be stressful but still,I’m pretty sure that some celebrities could use other measures BEFORE lighting up that blunt/popping them pills.

    LOL Riri,who do you get yours from….I need a fix LMAO

  18. Yellow Gorillah January 16, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAS 4 The QUEEN RELAXING in HAwaii while the BITTER and PRESSED Stay behind their computer screens green.

    + People are talking about her VOCALS………

    Hmmmmmm I swear the LOUD Tour GROSSED 90MILLION.

    For a singer who people say can’t sing she sure knows how to get people to GO TO HER CONCERT’S and SELL OUT 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 O2 Dates In London. Just stop, you don’t like her cool but The REST OF THE WORLD Disagrees with your opinion, + Nobody said Rihanna has the BEST Vocals she has the Vocals of RIHANNA Duhhhh I think that’s why people like her because she Is REAL and slays your fav with no effort.

    You can’t say somebody has NO TALENT But yet they GROSS 90 F****** MILLION ON TOUR. Some people are just ignorant

    + iF THE B**** WANT’S TO Smoke a ZOOT! Let her she is ON BREAK! YALL Asked her to go on a break that is what she is doing why yall still complaining…

    Funny how there is a Beyonce post under this one yet I still see the BeyH.I.V.S Have YET AGAIN Found their way onto a rihanna post. ….CUTE

  19. B@tch Please January 16, 2012

    You people are so use to these fake b****** hiding and afraid to be who they really are,You guys hate on a real b****.

    I love her weed or not.I’m sorry but I love my b****** real.

    GOOD DAY!!!!

  20. Slaydele, Slay$ha, and R.I.P Amy Slayhouse January 16, 2012

    What did I tell you? They brought up numbers.

    @Yellow Gorillah
    “You can’t say somebody has NO TALENT But yet they GROSS 90 F****** MILLION ON TOUR. Some people are just ignorant ”

    Britney’s tour grossed 69million, are you saying shes talented?

  21. whyohwhy January 16, 2012

    Yes! let her relax but dont glorify this. Rihanna could have done this behind closed doors. The next we will being hearing she is hard on crack will that be cute? Rihanna wants to be seen first of all and the second I hope this sad chick is crying out for help. It’s sad that someone put Beyonce and the baby in this. Beyonce and the baby has more talent than this sad chick here ever could have.

    Just think while she is going crazy over Chris Brown he is happy and free of this crazy chick and guess what? all her stuff that got swept under the carpet is going to come out once she goes over board and then everyone is going to turn on her… But bottom line, this is not a good look at all… Since she probably dont listen to her Mum since she is paying all the bills someone needs to get in there and help her out.

  22. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    Maybe if some of yall smoked a blunt every once in a while you wouldn’t be so damn pressed 😀

    And for the people who say Rihanna cant sing:


    No playback. No auto-tune. All natural voice

  23. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    January 16, 2012 at 7:29 am
    Oh Riri Riri (Smoke like that)
    Smoke Riri Riri (just like that)
    Oh Riri Riri (All burnt out)
    Oh Riri Riri (make dem clouds)
    It’s ya turn now it’s ya turn now It’s ya turn now It’s ya turn now
    Watch me burn now Watch me burn now Watch me burn now Watch me burn now
    Oh Riri Riri
    Oh Riri Riri
    If you puff now If you puff now if you puff now I’ll pass
    Lmao!! I like your redo of Watch N Learn 🙂

  24. whyohwhy January 16, 2012

    Rihanna and Brit are basically in the same catergory, them numbers dont add up to talent at all so stop focusing on them and stay on track with the truth she dont have any talent and she is based on a lot of image and technology. Look at her shows that arm extends out to the audience for help more than anyone we know. Stop with the numbers cause her’s dont add up at all. She is a big fake and it’s goingto come to an end…

  25. SLAYFANISTANN. January 16, 2012


    LOL thanks….

  26. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    What do Chris Brown and Beyonce have to do with this post? She has talent, her numbers add up, and she’s not going anywhere so sit.

  27. Stans make me LOL January 16, 2012

    @whyohwhy I have to say that back in the day Brit could dance and perform the hell out of a stage, she had that s*** on lock. As for RiRi, I don’t know what she can do well, everything is just mediocre…. not bad…. just basic.


  28. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    Ke$ha uses alot of playback in almost all of her performances, has discounted her album and singles, and has done some swagger jacking of her own. Lets not

  29. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    Please explain to me how Talk That Talk is a flop when its almost at 2million in less than 3 months?

  30. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    Im in the mood to drag some haters 😛

  31. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is enjoying the heck out of her down time and it is driving many of the “Looney’s Nutt’s” as always nothing new here. And besides that RIHANNA Know how to give them something they can feel and talk about now don’t she. It’s rihanna’s Life so Hey she’s living it. Now as far as all of the negative vibes well she get them all of the time and this is no different it’s just that she is Puffing on her Blacky mild and don’t give a Fu*% what any of
    you have to say. And as far as her trying to be Ms. Perfect then she is definitely not your girl. Beyonce is Mrs Perfectionist and Prefect Beyonce
    Carter The only Perfect Mrs in the Entire World.

    Rihanna on the other hand is a Realist and does what ever in the fu*k she want to do and to hell with those who don’t like it. Rihanna know already that she will never please many and she isn’t even trying too please your asses therefore if she posed it up in the Buff then suck it because there’s not a dam thing you can do about it but load more s*** talking to what you have already loaded and logged aganist the Talented Beauty.
    Keep Right On Trying To Play Her Talent Down….

  32. Minajesty January 16, 2012

    who cares if she smokes weed? she cant sing, but she can do what she wants, weed isnt as harmful as cigarettes anyway.

  33. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! January 16, 2012

    My girl smokes weed now? :O Smh…

  34. MISHKA January 16, 2012

    Looks like if she spends just one day without being on blogs, she would be devastated.

    Attention seeking graduate.

  35. LTM January 16, 2012

    plently of rappers smoke weed. wheres your post on them Sam?

  36. Bey’knight January 16, 2012

    Lol its really funny to me how rhitards cant stop pining for Beyonce to stay home n take care of her baby. Beyonce is getting back to business and you will deal. Worry about the blunthead u stan for, Bey has her personal life on track unlike this shipwreck.

  37. kimberly January 16, 2012

    To the person who dreamt of beyonce last night and couldn’t wait to type it.
    Beyonce can handle down time cause she works hard and it shows but this chick has down time and smokes. atleast turn your music on and try to slacken on her hard waist. smmmmmhhh

  38. Commander of the RihannaNavy January 16, 2012

    Rihanna has been on her grind since 2009. If the Queen wants to chill on the beach and light one up she can. She earned it

    How is Rihanna’s personal life a shipwreck?

  39. laos January 16, 2012

    who dat?? queen of pop! sorry people but at the end of the day its all about the music and music videos and this is where rihanna excels. rihanna is also really versatile, i mean who DOESNT have a favorite rihanna song. rihanna transcends genres, she does pop, hip-pop, r&b, reggae, alternative, dub step, dance pop, pop rock, country etc this b**** does it all with success and ease! no one is f****** with rihanna right now! not adele not gaga and certainly not beyonce!!! adele is a one time wonder who will be forgotten really soon, gagas a weirdo and can only pull off pop, beyonce is amazing but her music and her videos aint cutting it, cheap videos, and really just does pop r&b. what rihanna lacks in her performances she more than makes up with her image/music/videos sorry but when its comes to those 3 categories no ONE is in her league. #im done

  40. KAT DELUNA FAN January 16, 2012

    What in the Naomi campbell hairline hell is this 😕 😆

    This is probably her culture,or she is young,she is not a role model yada yada
    we heard it all !!!

    Her label & her stans dont give a f*** about her health or talent.They only care about numbers and statistics.

  41. Morgan January 16, 2012

    This b**** is so unclassy!!!!!! So not cute. Shes young why would she do this to herself. I hope she knows no man will find this attractive.

  42. kody3x January 16, 2012

    b**** desperate for attention

  43. zania January 16, 2012

    Actually, I think she is being herself, she looks relax, which is great she been working nonstop over the past few years. Rihanna do you I think a whole lot of people like the realness in her.

  44. SLAYFANISTANN. January 16, 2012

    mean who DOESNT have a favorite rihanna song. rihanna transcends genres, she does pop, hip-pop, r&b, reggae, alternative, dub step, dance pop, pop rock, country etc this b**** does it all with success and ease! no one is f****** with rihanna right now! not adele not gaga and certainly not beyonce!!! adele is a one time wonder who will be forgotten really soon, gagas a weirdo and can only pull off pop, beyonce is amazing but her music and her videos aint cutting it, cheap videos, and really just does pop r&b.


    It’s OK to defend your fave but do NOT resort to such DELUSION.

    Gaga can NOT only pull off pop,she shown us that she could pull off Jazz,Glam Rock,and Alternative (see Red & Blue EP),There’s also tracks with Urban Influences (Starstruck,Paper Gangsta) ,and Blondie type music (Summerboy).

    Your assumption on Gaga is incorrect.

    As for Beyonce…

    The girl EMBARRASSES the others on stage in many different Genres.Just because she may deliver R&B music doesn’t mean she won’t step out the box.
    Don’t let the CD fool you,Beyonce could tear up a stage.

    Even if some of her videos are “recession specials”,She still had the kind thought of putting some of them in an anthology for her fans.

  45. Those That Cannot Do, Stan January 16, 2012

    Retarded post.

    Men smoke blunts, other female singers smoke cigarettes.

    Nothing to say on them.

    The Navy better get ready, Sam’s gonna do a daily Ri post since Beyonce is off.

  46. youdumbfucks January 16, 2012

    You dumb f**** that are sitting here saying that it’s okay because Rihanna is relaxing. Rihanna is going to go that same path as Amy. You fans keep saying that this behavior is ok. I’m willing to bet that the media is having a different look at Rihanna right now. Sniffing coke,drinking & smoking along with her partying will be her downfall as we speak.

    Now someone said that she is smoking a cigar but they sell that cigar paper to roll up weed in.


  47. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! January 16, 2012


    When did she EVER sniff coke?

  48. Lax January 16, 2012

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Read her and weep Bytches , shes doing her own fukk
    thing and what in the hell can you do about it but throw them under handed weak ass punches. Everything you say and then some If Its Shock and aaah
    sells now don’t we. Rihanna will be Generic, Micro Wave pop corn and Talentless Just wht ever in the fukkk you dang dummys want it’s just fine with her.

    RIHANNA ‘S One Square, Block or Frame on and in her new Movie “BATTLESHIPS” Wher she Screams Who’s in Charge, TRUMPS ALL OF bey’s
    movies all of the put together. Every one know that BEY Is to Cute, Prissy
    and Lady Like to Pout really classic. RIHANNA on the other hand know how to get down and DIRY IN THE MUD AND DIRT. Rihanna knows the art of Acting really good and many of her music videos show her in action Case N’ Point, Distrubia, Russian Roulette, Rockstar 101, Te Amo, Man Down, LtwuL, wMm, We Found Love, SuaD, LyL & the making of her two Biggest Endorsements For Nivea and Armani.

    Beyonce’s Booty Pad Fake Titty Ass wan Luck to SNAGG One of the biggest ADS of her life when she Got Lucky and SNAGGED That ad
    Payed her 20 Million for Three Years. And as Quiet as it’s kept Rihanna have not had as many Television Sound Tracks as BEY Has that have payed her Millions and Millions but since RIHANNA & Her Team know what thee MONEY MAKER DEALS ARE YOU BET YO SWEET ASS HER TEAM ARE ON THE SEARCH FOR THE MONEY MAKING DEALS, BYTCHES.

    Rihanna has 6 albums in 6 years BEY Has 4 Albums and 5 dvd, remix are what ever in the heck you call them. Rihanna could have dropped “Loud”, Rated R so forth and so on but they did not and it is still good.. One thing you hating bytches had better learn and learn it fast and that is RIHANNA Do not give a flying Rats Ass what yo hating asses say because yall can’t stop a work in progress.
    Rihanna says screw what ever it is you think about her smoking
    and go after all of the RAppers and sport figures who smoke case in point
    JAY-Z, M JORDAN, A rnold, and other heavy hitters with Smoke coming out
    of their mouths, Bytches. And do not even go there with the million and million of Movie Stars who PUFFS LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN. AND IF SHE SEEMS DESPERATE FOR ATTENTIO SO FUNNNN WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. RATEDXXX(YOU MAD BECAUSE??) January 16, 2012

    last time I checked rihanna is a grown ass woman…that means if she wants to smoke weed, on her vacation, its her prerogative…….

    I swear some people are just so b*** hurt, that they have to be f***** bitter about every single s***, thats rihanna…

    and please keep britney’s name out of yall bitter asses mouths…britney is a legend..

    instead of worrying about britneys ass or rihanna, worry about ur fav, whos so desperate to stay relevant that she has to fake a pregnancy…


  50. Lax January 16, 2012

    hmmmm i wonder if BEY tried COKE
    Since the World know her Pappa is
    a Coke Head Too.

  51. Lax January 16, 2012

    The World know that Jay sold
    Drugs now do that make his
    a USER??????????????????

  52. honeydip January 16, 2012


  53. Lax January 16, 2012

    Yes Rihanna’s dad was a user and it
    could EASILY BE SAID That she learned
    everything else from Jay & Bey as well.
    Since Bey’s dad is a Coke head and Jay
    A Dope dealer whats the fukkn difference?

  54. Lax January 16, 2012

    I should recant and clear the air i mean Jay Was
    a Dope Dealer who Lifted himself up and became the
    MAGNET He is a a strong force in the entertainment Industry
    but if Rihanna’s dad can be mentioned then so can Pappa
    Knowles and Jay Asses be mentioned, Bytches.

  55. Lax January 16, 2012

    To those who don’t care about her and she
    has no talent and she’s a s*** why do you care

  56. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna reminds me so much of Grace, Whoopi, Queen
    Madonna, and others who came before her because she
    will not let them Type Cast Her and Pigeon Hole her into
    no certain Field are Box she Rails aganist any one trying
    to type cast her into any sacks, bags are boxes, period.
    Peopl say she Talentless, can’t do this and can’t do that
    and here she is enjoying the Hell out of her Down Time
    and she could have been SMOKING A JOINT AND HAD
    @jake the first ass hole to her post to try and smear hate and
    slander her.

  57. RATEDXXX(YOU MAD BECAUSE??) January 16, 2012

    wait a minute, people wants to talk about role model….solange who has a child is a known weedhead and a drunk..this chick stay tweeting about how drunk and high she is

    and shes a mother…

    so stop with all that role model b*******….

    and her sister is not innocent in that s*** either….talking about she doesnt drink..when the bish is a drunk and a cokehead…

    oh damn, I spoke too soon……………………………………………………………..

  58. Lax January 16, 2012

    @KODY,,,,Desperate for Attention and Getting it , Bytch.

  59. WHUT January 16, 2012

    And on this day, NOT A SINGLE F*** was given.

    YASSSSS for the queen being as calm as a monk as these pressed Queens stalk, then scurry from blog to blog in PURE UNADULTERATED ANGER!!!!


    STAY MAD!!!

    STAY UP IN ARMS till you’re even bluer in the snout!!

    STAY STALKING the queen’s twitter (which is now on 12 MILLION FOLLOWERS BTW #WINNING!) for EVERY song lyric she types. For in the end you see it means not a f****** thing muppets. The Black Madonna REMAINS UNBOTHERED and you REMAIN pressed! LOL!!

    Look at the Queen chilling in the cut, basking in the sun, unfazed, all zen-like while her songs SLAY EVERYTHING in sight without her so much as lifting a finger.These lessor stans fave’s be having to perform TWENTY SETS every 10 mins!! Have their c****** be a NET for all sorts sand particles and STILL each and every one of their songs have FLOPPED, WITHERED AND DIED most HORRIBLE DEATHS!!!

    Poor them. It’s so bad to the point that some of these lessor stans can’t even allow their fave the luxury of taking care of a newborn. 🙁

    Such was the torrid embarrassment and failure that was their fossil fave’s latest effort that they’re even trying to rob the b**** from quality time with Ingrid’s…..err….her own baby. What destitute embarrassments these clowns are.


  60. ki2012 January 16, 2012

    Is she an American citizen or permanent resident? If not, shouldn’t she be careful doing s*** like this. She’s using an illegal substance in public (hotel yard or not she’s posing for the cameras). People get deported for stuff like this.

  61. RichnBlack11(LIKE BEY) January 16, 2012

    Rihanna girl am all for the smoke but do it in pvt …..and what does Beyonce have to do with this?

  62. Lax January 16, 2012

    Equal Righs Bill was Passed, Bytches and therefore
    Rihanna is a grown ass Womans as
    RATEDXXX Stated so DAM WELL.

  63. Lax January 16, 2012

    Hmmmm there or pictures of Bey
    Smoking on Smokes with Jay z
    Whats the differenct?

  64. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna knows how to keep the
    Hen House Hopping & Jumping.

  65. ki2012 January 16, 2012

    Since when is it okay to smoke a blunt outside in broad daylight just so the paps can take a pic AND the cops are coming to lock her up for possession and use???? Let me go outside on my front steps right now and roll up and smoke and see if I get away with it. Where is her PR group telling her to bring that back in the room. But every Rihanna stan on here will agree that this behavior is acceptable because….what exactly??? But I guess her PR group will put out a memo saying she suffers from glucoma and the weed is for medical reasons, right????

  66. ki2012 January 16, 2012

    Bad weave and doing drugs. I’ve seen this movie before

  67. Lax January 16, 2012

    She is celebrating Martin Luther King’s
    Birthday when they said that as a black
    Woman who is single and free can do
    What ever in the Fukkk She want to do
    if shes Grown, Bytches.

  68. laos January 16, 2012

    im not saying beyonce and gaga arent great. they have their strong points and i guess your going to choose ur fave based on what ur looking for. gaga writes, plays piano, can perform her ass off and put on a show, shes had some great music videos and a few good songs, BUT as far as trying other genres, shes at her best whens doing pop, her 3 number ones are all pop, her image is a no, i cant relate to dressing in a meat suit(sorry), shes an average looking girl, her music videos are all over the place(she got a couple good ones though), and she just comes off as weird, corny and desperate for attention, and no one in the hip hop/r&b community is checking for her! now beyonce, absoluetly beautitul, arguably one of the hottest chicks in the game, she can sing, dance her ass off, i love the imagery shes giving us with 4, BUT im not feeling most of her music or her ‘recession special’ videos, all of beys #1’s are r&b pop.

  69. WHUT January 16, 2012

    and her sister is not innocent in that s*** either….talking about she doesnt drink..when the bish is a drunk and a cokehead

    #OOPS, SPILL IT!!!!!!!!

    I would these actions aren’t related to the supposed miscarriage……

  70. Lax January 16, 2012

    @K12012,,,And who gives a S***? Why are you so concerned
    about what Rihanna is doing in the day light. Rihanna is as
    sharp as they come and she know exactly what dam time it is.
    Its Rihanna “Take Some Down Time” In Beautiful Hawaii and go
    Out on the Back and Exercise, Smoke, Drink, Tan and Celebrate
    The Hell Out Of Your Coming ” OF AGE BODY ROCKING GOOD
    TIME” Many of her haters feel that she’s on her way to rehab, well i
    would already be in rehab if i could some how make the kind of serious
    &&&&&& cash she pulled in with 6 months of work.

    And what’s so relaxing is reading comments that says shes Talentless and
    seeing that shes getting paid really good for being talentless and burnt out is beyond exciting especially knowing that next week this time she will she can reflect back on what she did in 6 months of pay. Hmmm this will be huge even 5 years from now, Bytches and while you set at that computer and keep wipping slobbs from your face from all of the built up anger over Riahanna’s Successful & Stellar Career bear in mind that shes still racking up money on her Album sales and other business ventures Bytches.

  71. WHUT January 16, 2012

    and her sister is not innocent in that s*** either….talking about she doesnt drink..when the bish is a drunk and a cokehead

    #OOPS, SPILL IT!!!!!!!!

    I would hope these actions aren’t related to the supposed miscarriage……

  72. kyle January 16, 2012


  73. kyle January 16, 2012


  74. bey’knight January 16, 2012


    January 16, 2012 at 11:29 am

    Bad weave and doing drugs. I’ve seen this movie before


    so have i and i love how it ends. the fate of a sandcastle is inevitable 😀

  75. Lax January 16, 2012

    And about Beyonce’s Movie, every since Beyonce lossed to
    Jennifer Hudson for that Grammy she and her Pappa got
    their own Production Company They decided that if and
    when Hollywood keep shutting her acting down then she
    Will Just try and Buy Herself a GRAMMY AWARD. You know
    the Knowles Way, Pay the cost to try hard to be the Boss.

    Rihanna on the other hand is connected with a big time
    Heavy Hitter Movie Maker and shes “In Like Flint” Beyonce
    Can’t Act Her Way Out Of A Brown Paper Bag, If Her Life
    And Her New Pillow Depended On it, OPPS I MEANT “BIC”
    Rihanna’s latest and Newest person to try and Knock Rihanna’s
    Sext ASS down some Notches.
    Haters keep waiting for RIHANNA To Go To Rehab, Bytches and
    she did not Puff in the dark, Bytches try to tell Jayz and Snoop and
    Other Rappers and Movie Stars to stop Puffing in the light and do
    it in the dark, Bytches. Beyone had better hurry up and get her
    SOUND TRACK FOR A Star is Born” And she had better get her acting
    chops together because after all she will Buy herself a Grammy For
    this one since now Beyonce is the best Movie Star and better than any
    of the other Movie Stars in the World if you let her Deranged Fans tell

  76. Lax January 16, 2012

    SAND CASTLES Now that is something the
    B-H** Know about ohhhh so well now don’t they.

  77. bey’knight January 16, 2012


    aww hun, we can at least boast of an education, a means to livelihood. how are u doing in that department?i’d ask if you were diagnosed with cretinism but i doubt you’d know what it means.

  78. WHUT January 16, 2012

    @Lax dont let them get to you champ. LMFAO! They are weak sauce.

    I’m still waiting on @Rated to spill that tea on the crypt keeper dranking and snorting up a storm. I once again hope it had nothing to do with certain miscarriages……

  79. AYNON January 16, 2012

    Her hair….looks terrible

  80. INK January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is GHETTO there’s nothing classy about this HOODRAT

  81. commanderofthedancefloor January 16, 2012

    haha go ahead booboo i aint mad at you its your life and if anybody doesnt like it well theres nothing you can do because nobody here actually knows her or speaks to her!!

    on another note do any of thinks she cares?? i mean she could of sat inside and did it but instead she is relaxing outside where she could easily be caught doing it, and last time i checked there is no actual proof that what she is smoking is weed!! and rihanna always loves to play with the media and her haters!! so this proves nothing! but also because she might do pot means she is also a crackhead??? well beyonce drank before does that make her an alcoholic??? you see how stupid that sounds right!!!

    now i will adress her talent!! that performance was a mess but like every artist they have their share of bad performances just type in your fav and the bad performance and you will see for yourself!! its funny though you are quick to post a bad rihanna performance but you dont adress a bad performance by your fav??

    and she is obviously talented and has vocals hint a best vocal nomination at the grammys!! look up ckb american idol performance the b**** destroyed it!! so nice try but come harder hunny!

  82. INK. January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is so GHETTO! There’s nothing classy about this HOODRAT!

  83. DIONFATALEI January 16, 2012

    Ummm….I just don’t understand the point in that lengthy paragraph. Rihanna is a adult, she can do whatever the hell she wants. Why is a NON FAN like Sam so concerned with her smoking? I dont get it.

  84. Lax January 16, 2012

    We Love Rihanna Getto Fablous Ass.

  85. stacey January 16, 2012

    what beyonce sister is not famous period!

    where as rihanna is and plus this b**** meant to be a singer, how the f*** is smoking weed helps her vocal?

    i dont care, she can smoke hard, it is her fans that will suffer! she will continue to give poor performance!

    LMAO @ britney being a legend! nope she is not a legend period! icon yes! legend no!

  86. INK. January 16, 2012

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She sound a HOT ASS MESS on that video LIKE WTF damn she SUCKS!

  87. Lax January 16, 2012

    Look up Adele Smoking

  88. Lax January 16, 2012

    Beyonce Slammed For Smoking

  89. Lax January 16, 2012

    Ga Ga Smoke

  90. stacey January 16, 2012

    now i will adress her talent!! that performance was a mess but like every artist they have their share of bad performances just type in your fav and the bad performance and you will see for yourself!! its funny though you are quick to post a bad rihanna performance but you dont adress a bad performance by your fav??

    rihanna has always given bad performances! even her best is average!

    it not even “sometimes”, her bad performances is a lot!! x factor uk, US, tour, jingle bell! rihanna is hot right now! but what will she fall back on when she is not hot?

  91. Lax January 16, 2012

    And another thing if you don’t like what shes doing then do something about
    it, Bytches.

  92. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 16, 2012

    😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  93. Lax January 16, 2012

    In Rihanna’s performing when she give the crowd the
    very best that she have got, then tell me Ms Looney’s
    who in the Fukk are going to check her? Rihanna
    might not ever be as great a Performer as less say
    Many but she just has to be doing something right
    because if she wasn’t do you think she would have
    done as well as she has done up to now, Bytches?

  94. Lax January 16, 2012

    Hmmmmmm Empty Brain Empty

  95. ♛ pop royalty ♛ ( The BeyHive ) January 16, 2012

    Damn. i just feel sad to see this pic. call me whatever ! i won’t be in this post anytime again.

    this is just sad.

    i feel like she’s trying to please everyone but herself and this is the only way to try to please hers. smoke !

    i won’t go hard on her. i don’t know how her life goes. but usually ppl smoke those stuffs to forget bad things happened to them. and we all know her story.

    She found a love in a hopeless place. INDEED ! 😥

    and no one should make his kids look up to someone in this industry as a role model.

    this post and this pic is just sad and @sam you are a heartless b****. 🙁

  96. WHUT January 16, 2012

    The caption for that first pic should be “Where dem bloggers at” LOL!!

    The Queen stay feeding the 5 thousand!!! Only the Queen can command up to 5 stories a day blog wide. The Black Madonna is UNRELENTING. Chilling in the cut and her heel STILL be FIRM on these lessors throats!!

    Only the QUEEN! #WINNING!

  97. riri January 16, 2012

    @ whut, stay deluded

    Comparing rihanna to Madonna is laughable! Why? Because Madonna used to be able to sing and dance! Whereas your girl? Cant do either!

    Even Britney during her peak was able to dance! Both Madonna and Britney gave stunning performances during their peak! Your girl, rihanna has failed to give one yet!

    If rihanna is going to smoke weed, she should have performances that should have “wow” everyone! Like whitney! Before her crack days, she was amazing singer! Now, rihanna think she is “it” and smoke whatever she like! Right? Watch when people post even more appalling performances in this blog in future! It is you, the deluded fans that will suffer, your queen will give get the money from deluded c**** like you!

    Lord praise the queen!!!!

  98. WHUT January 16, 2012


    YASSSSSS you BETTA praise her bum b****.

    Don’t you find it funny how beneath you she is yet you seem to flock quicker than Usain bolt on Fast forward to all her threads? Yet you stay trying to convince us that she never had a good performance cause you said so? Yet your very username on this website is interestingly enough “Riri”? #Wheredeydodatat LOL!!! Gurl get it togetha.COM, you are only here because of the QUEEN. Without the QUEEN’S dominance you wouldn’t even exist on this site. STAY MAD bum, while we stay laughing at each and every fume coming from of your nose!

    ELLE-OH -F****** -ELLE @ this muppet!


  99. riri January 16, 2012

    riri is my real name: rihanna is my name!!

    like i said, stay deluded! I am on every other thread! LOL @ you checking for me!

    your gurl cant sing or dance for sh****! and you stay comparing her to Madonna? loon or what?

    LMAO @ me saying so! check out your gurl rating during her tour and what the critics have to say! same s*** as me! she cant give a good performance!!!

    you stay MAD, that every other person who is not her fan, is syaing your gurl is s*** at singing and dancing! btw keep posting CKL on american idol to rpove to us she can “sing”? lmao

  100. riri January 16, 2012

    Don’t you find it funny how beneath you she is yet you seem to flock quicker than Usain bolt on Fast forward to all her threads?

    Same s*** can be said about you on beyonce thread?

    LOL @ you checking for me! keep checking and being pissed! your “queen” cant sing or dance! pissed?

    keep comparing her to britney and Madonna! both whom during their peak were able to dance!

  101. WHUT January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is your name GAL?!!!

    #DECEASED!!! I CAN-F******-NOT!!!!


    Kiiii@ ‘in every other thread.’ Gurl your pressed ass in always in the Queen’s post no checking to be done. I even remember one thread where you wrote a 500 paged novel of pressassedness so sure the gurls would be furious. I LOL’d for LIFE when EVERYONE PAID it and you proceeded to s*** out back to back post of “LOOK AT ME DAMMIT!” followups for our attention!!!
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Poor clown.

    …and She IS the black Madonna! CONTINUE being irate s*** muppet, CONTINUE arm flailing around in ANGA it wont change a thing. She is the most relevant black chick in the game right now and she stays having you clowns pressed and coughing up blood in anger! Yup, the Black Madonna is just about right. DEAL.

    Oh the CKB performance was simply divine! Only a pressed hating ass muppet i.e YOU wouldn’t acknowledge what was simply a marvelous performance bae. Its to be expected tho hun and not a SINGLE F*** is given about your thoughts on the performance Kiiiiiiiiiiii. Btw If I were supposedly mad about non fans do you even think I would come to this site? Gurl stop being an embarrassment and try harder.

  102. Girrrl January 16, 2012

    Adele smokes
    Beyonce has smoked
    Gaga still smokes
    Amy Winehouse smoked drank and snorted everything she.could find and left her house in a body bag. I find it funny that a fan of hers would condemn Rih when poor Amy got laughed at while she mumbled and stumbled on stage right before.she ODed.

    Rihanna will be just.fine. I think she’s smart enough not.to use drugs or do so in public.

  103. oh baby(b****** will deal) January 16, 2012

    that weave looking EVERY TYPE OF JACKED UP! damn,all i see in these pics are a doped out,bleached air head who can’t sing…..explains a lot about her voice though,or rather yet,lack there of 😀 i can’t with this heffa and im done http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxly8eN8T51qc1vfso1_500.gif

  104. Krypton January 16, 2012

    I’ve got h***** yeah yeah yeah!

  105. josh January 16, 2012

    I wish i was there hitting that blunt with her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that would be SO FUN!

    Also it could possibly be the swisher with tabacco… we buy those take out the tabacco then fill it with weed and enjoyyyy, maybe shes just smoking tabacco…
    i think it would be WAY better if it was indeed a blunt (:

  106. jamir21 January 16, 2012

    Beyonce please help your gurl OUT NOW !

  107. Jil January 16, 2012

    She doesn’t need ‘moral obligation to raise the children of today’ , simply because thats not her job. She wasn’t assigned the job of the music industry’s role model so she doesn’t need to please parents. She’s a grown, celebrity status shouldnt revoke her right to be a human being, make mistakes and let’s face i it, to do whatever the fcuk she wants. How bout the parents of today stop relying on celebrities to raise your kids and do it your damn selves. Music will forever be controversial, you’re always gonna find something you don’t like or find innapropriate so how bout we all get over it. She could do crack for all i care, all i know is she’s still human and shouldn’t have to compromise herself for some ‘angry parents’ who have nothing to do but blame other people for their unruly kids.

  108. RedDead January 16, 2012

    You’re right about hurting your vocals through smoking, but who cares if parents get upset about her smoking weed. The kids should be looking up to their parents not Rihanna, she is simply there for entertainment.

  109. Another Star January 16, 2012

    A F***** Mess! Sad Sad Sad Poor Tink Tink.I knew she was on drugs because shes been looking terrible for the last year now.The industry has turned their s** s**** out.Young Dumb Talentless and Full Of C**.I heard she eats more p**** than van camp got pork and beans as well.Shes Mentally F***** Up.So all of these millions she has made her manager and label out of her 360 plan didnt make her happy did it.You Navy b****** dont give a f*** about R**** all yall care about is how much money she makes and her #1 singles.I dont care for her but I hope she gets some help before its too late.

  110. riri January 16, 2012

    whatever, do you think i care if you believe my name is rihanna?

    500 words? what is wrong with you, cant you count? my post must have affected badly huh, for you to still remember me 🙂

    Plus you are a hyprocrite, you spend soo much time on beyonce thread throwing shades at her fans. And that lengthy s*** you have just written? you need to s*** down somewhere because rihanna is not checking for you!

    like i said, she will never become black madonna unless you start to dance and sing, period!

    LMAO @ CKL being a good performance! go kill yourself or get a hearing aid!

    you are deluded as f*** (equally worse as beyonce fan)! you are mad because you spend time replying to me and other people who say anything bad about your gurl! she CANT dance or sing, period!

  111. riri January 16, 2012

    plus, i dont give a f*** if she is the most relevant black chick! being black and relevant will not make you a legend!

    Go ask prince! he was hardly broke records during his peak, he was hardly getting number ones during his peak! yet people still remember him for his performances! hence: why he is icon and a legend! you have to be able to sing or dance to at least be considered as “icon” or/and legend! hence: why britney is icon because during her peak she was able to dance!

    now ask yourself can rihanna sing or dance? no!

    no goodbye! (dont expect me to reply to deluded self after this!)

    best regards

    ……. :):)

  112. aROB January 16, 2012

    As a Beyonce fan, I feel bad for Rihanna. She is going through something guys, She seems stressed. And very much so trying to take a break

  113. WHUT January 16, 2012

    LOL!!!! @ this b**** still claiming her name is Rihanna!!! LAUGHING OUT LOUD IN REAL LIFE!!!!!

    Oh thank you clown ass b****. The laugh I had reading that was ALL and MORE!!! I LIVE!!!!

    B**** not a single word was read in that post and not 500 words, 500 PAGES!!! You tried so hard to rile up the gurls with that novel and failed MISERABLY. I laughed then I cried….with more laughter.

    I could never be a hypocrite hunty. I NEVAH once claimed to be above the messiness. If the BeyH.I.V wanna get messy on ALL the Queen’s post you can be damn sure retribution is a motherfucka! The Ki is most of them can dish but they just CANT TAKE. See @StanKnight as one of the prime examples. Weak ass b****** the lot of them…including you.

    She is the black Madonna. Have ANOTHER heart attack at the truth bae.

    CKB was the s**. I had a look through some of the archives seeing as I only arrived in all my glory on this site late last year and even Samantha admitted she slayed the scene when he made a post about it. That pretty much says it all.

    …as much time as you spend trying to convince us that your opinion is worth more than rat feces? B**** lets not get the game f***** up you @ me in here. YOU wanted my attention. Sucks for you and your 10 sec delayed mind you now have it.

  114. riri January 16, 2012

    So anyone who does not spend their time arguing with a deluded fan, is a weak ass b****?


    I don’t really spend extensive time or energy arguing back and fourth with a deluded person! Stating an opinion (which some people can’t handle) about why an “artist” who claimed to be in her own lane is not in her own lane yet by comparing her to others (icons and legends), is hardly asking for attention! I recall I have written that I have yet to see a fantastic performance from rihanna! I still stand by that! My god! I thought Beyonce fans are deluded at this stage calling her legend, queen, icon, f*** me rihanna fans are equally as deluded! And no I don’t support people because their black! Don’t give a flying f*** what people think of me or what skin colour their fav are, they have to prove their worth!

    I had no idea my opinions was here to change other people opinion? I must have had impact on people to make them think I am here for them! I aint here for nobody! I will say whatever I like! In this case, rihanna can’t sing but smoking whatever she is smoking is damaging the limited vocal she has!

  115. jamir21 January 16, 2012

    @ Riri

    Rihanna`s idol of CKB was amazing ADMIT THAT !

  116. Morgan January 16, 2012

    You would never see a clas act like bey smoking weed!!!

  117. riri January 16, 2012


    you want amazing? then look at Madonna and Mj performances during their peak! You want amazing then look at Chaka during her peak? you wank amazing then look at Prince during his peak!

    Man even keshia performance posted above is much better then anything rihanna had done! I give credit where credit is due! I thought keshia cant sing because of a lot of use of autotune in her songs! But when I saw her live performances! She changed my mind! I thought lady gaga cant sing until someone showed me her live performances before she was lady gaga!

    I think rihanna can’t sing! Some of her songs are good and she is pretty! But her stage presence, dancing and her vocal are awful!

  118. WHUT January 16, 2012

    I don’t really spend extensive time or energy arguing back and fourth


    Is English you first language? and not because you misspelled ‘forth’ more so because you’re constantly giving me contradictory moron tea in this b****. Baby gurl, hate to break it to you, but this is your 6 or 7th post towards me INCLUDING the one that started this little conversation where you @ me. Honey BUM what you’re doing is the VERY definition of ‘spending time going back and forth’. Slow much?!

    Cant handle your opinion?! LMFAO!!! Gurl imma have to ask you to kindly remove yourself from your own d*** K? You opinion hasn’t moved a soul much less me. Laughing at your pressed ass trying to cover being a pressed ass is all that been going on in the QUEEN’S thread today. Ain’t nobody bothered by your opinions boo boo. The pressed book you wrote in the other thread which was not read in the slightest was a Ki and was laughed at merely for its desperation in length and your follow up posts of panic, dejection and despair. Ki @ this hooka thinking her opinion holds ‘Star Jones’ weight in this b****. LOL!! Gurl Stop…STOP IT NOW!

    …and who’s telling you who to support? You’re a hater gurl and a pressed hater at that. Pressed haters don’t buy records bae. Just like your opinion’s the navy is not here for your support. We will continue to slay without your support and you will continue to be mad at all the slayage. It’s not our fault that the BLACK MADONNA slays to this extent rendering any possible support from a bum b**** like yourself unnecessary to say the least. Poor thang thinking we give a rats left shriveled up testicle about her support. Keep thinking that hun.

  119. Morgan January 16, 2012

    You would never see a class act like Bey doin this.

  120. riri January 16, 2012

    LMAO @ the long response!

    I don’t care for my spelling or grammar! Highlight my mistake like you have not made one! Hypocrite as hell! If i am a hater then why are you responding to me? Same s*** can said about you right like your constant posts in Beyonce thread? How about you take your own advice! You are not bothered about my opinion but respond to it. Now how does that work! Deluded as f***!!

    Listen Rihanna should be rihanna! She should have her own credit! It say a lot about you as fan if you looking to push rihanna as the black Madonna! You know rihanna can’t be herself! If my opinion don’t hold s***, don’t f****** reply? How hard is it? You are hurting boo! My opinion clearly means a lot if you are willing to respond to me with that b*******!

  121. Lax January 16, 2012

    Look her you fake RIRI Yo ass is getting checked because you are trying to cause s*** on a rihanna thread and you are going to get checked each and every time Yo ass swings out. And the nerve of you to hide behind Rihanna’s Name sake are you fukkkkkin kidddddddddddin the navy, bytch. Hiding behind Rihanna’s name sake want exempt yo ass from getting CHECKED, YOU NAPPY HEADED BROKE BYTCH.

  122. Lax January 16, 2012

    Aint nobody scarrrrred of no
    B H**, BYTCHES.

  123. WHUT January 16, 2012

    My choosing to drag you by your hooves in here is not representative of my feeling towards or being moved in anyway of your opinions clown. You @ me with 3-4 paragraphs screaming for my attention so let’s not complain about length. Take your beating like a man or simply be the weak hater b**** you are and give up.

    What part of my rationale did you not get Forest? Messy=Messy. Only my messy is sure to be much more effective seeing that the navy have educations and are extremely skilled in this dragging s***. That’s the part that sucks for you 🙁

    She’s constantly pushing the envelope and its in that sense that she is the Black Madonna. Madonna is an icon and a legend yes. The Queen is not an icon as yet but she sure as hell will be one and you know what? You’ll also be MAD about that too. LOL!!! @ hurting. Gurl drink some ‘clue’ juice. and AGAIN you’re begging me to stop the blows? Hunty it’s simple, tap the f*** out and this beating will be no more. It’s really not that hard. You started what you simply could not finish so leave with your tail between your hooves and this beating will end.

  124. Lax January 16, 2012

    Keep right on complaining bytches, keep
    up the great work because you sure in
    the hell can’t stop Progress.

  125. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is a risk Taker
    Rater R, Is proof and her
    Singing Cold Case Love
    Is Off The Charts.

  126. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna’s shine is shining as bright as ever.

  127. Lax January 16, 2012

    This is a blog and if anybody want to write a fukkkkkkin novel
    if GRAPE isn’t complaining then why is YO Rabbit ass complaining?

  128. WHUT January 16, 2012

    @Lax this Riri b**** is a Ki. How you gon @ someone then when they decide to give your ass the attention you’re craving be up in here begging them to let your head out the chokehold? This cant be life.

  129. riri January 16, 2012

    now now, don’t be upset because someone burst your bubble! Your gurl can’t sing or dance to save your life let alone hers! I can @ anyone especially to a deluded fan! Now, whether they respond is entirely up to them! You responded, and then have the nerve to say my opinion doesn’t matter? Then why are you continuing to respond to me?

    LMAO @ have you seen your paragraphs? Have you seen your long ass responses! You clearly do give a f*** about my post because you are responding period!

    LMAO @ you gurl pushing the envelope! Now, what has rihanna done to push the envelope? You are clearly an airhead! She is doing what ever other female has done already!

    What is there to finish?

  130. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna keeps right on doing Herself
    no matter what you air heads say or
    do. You are just bitter because she keep
    right on ticking even after all of your b/s
    she still travels on. She’s in Hawaii and you
    Bytches are making it a point to keep tabs on
    her and that Air Heads is what time it is. Theres
    always some of you trying to let others know just
    how much you love and support Rihanna by the
    things you say about her.

  131. Lax January 16, 2012

    @whut,,,We are going to have to take this FAKE ASS RIRI To Court
    and see if the judge will lock this bytch up for stalking Us.

  132. Lax January 16, 2012

    @fake riri,,,Why are you letting the real
    Rihanna get next to you ? Its clear that you
    are DERANGED, STUPID AND CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!

  133. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna don’t follow, she keep
    right on Leading, bytches

  134. riri January 16, 2012

    If I am attention seeker, then does that not make you a moron for responding?

    You believe your gurl can sing and dance! And she is capable for being the black Madonna!

    I believe your gurl cant sing or dance. and she is no where near Madonna!

    the end
    ———————————– xx —————————

  135. Lax January 16, 2012

    There’s many things the navy never has to defend Rihanna on
    Some being Fashion. And on that other Fashion Thread The
    People who Rihanna is working for will keep right on putting
    their money where their mouth is, hide and watch, bytches.

    bring up Rihanna and Armani and read Yo air Heads just might
    get lucky and learn something about Rihanna that you did not no
    about her and Fashion, bytches.

  136. Lax January 16, 2012

    @RIRI,,,,The Fake Rihanna the real
    Rihanna says to get Yo Ass a Pen
    and Paper and take Notes Bytch?

  137. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna the Super Star Says to never spend Major Time
    On Minor People.

  138. WHUT January 16, 2012

    Upset? Baby you don’t have the brain power to upset me. Didn’t you bark earlier you don’t spend time going back and forth with the so called deluded? *Sighs* @ the stupid. Hun your opinions on whether Rihanna can sing or dance have nothing to do with the repeated gutpunches I choose to impart. That’s the part you don’t get. I choose to trash your weave for filth because its fun to do so. If you didn’t want my attention or have no time for the so called deluded you would have never started this brow beating in the first place hun. Get brain.

    It’s called having a substantial vocabulary hun. That’s another thing that sucks for you the fact that I can clock your transparent weak ass creatively and in more than one sentence. Poor clown continue to beg for mercy its cute.

    The We found love video was a clear example of that. Such a deep, dark, daring risky endeavor that stirred controversy yes, but ultimately was full of #WIN and took major balls to do. Of course you would say you’ve seen hundreds of videos in that same vain cause its part and parcel of you being a pressed buffoon. Go ahead bae prove me right tho.

    Finish as in your repeated subliminal cries for mercy. LOLOL! Maybe should say a prayer for a brain then you’d stand a better chance.

  139. Lax January 16, 2012

    Theres no need to sweat the small stuff
    When ther is so much big stuff at hand.
    Rihanna and her BFF Katy will do some
    Down time together and remember rihanna
    Writes a lot and no one want to hear that
    because it will give Rihanna just too dam
    much credit for her own good. After all the
    Broke Bum B****** like it best when there’s
    a negative Thread posted to try and make
    her look small, but its all good. The clouds
    are still in the sky and all is well you can
    believe that, bytches.

  140. Lax January 16, 2012

    In the World where Rihanna resides people in the know
    and Rich & Famous Bytches do not look at the things
    their haters Harp on they are all looking at the larger
    Picture. Rihanna has a Lot on her plate and she and
    her well organized team are planning their next Take
    Over. Why do you think Beyonce’s ass is always trying to
    be Private with her s***? Beyonce is a winner and Rihanna
    is a winner and has all of a sudden stepped up right out
    from under Beyonce’s shadow and she’s her own Shadow
    right now and it is Killing the Haters. You can not and will
    ever be able to contain the “FYIAH” tHAT BURNS WITHIN

  141. Lax January 16, 2012

    The only reason KELLY Got to Tribute MARIAH And mariah
    made it a Point To ask for KELLY in Particular is because
    11 # 1″s Much Sooner and at a YOUNGER AGE THAN
    MARIAH GOT HER’S Mariah is a Bitter too.

  142. Lax January 16, 2012

    This scum bag is still trying, huh?

  143. Lax January 16, 2012

    There’s so many enitities trying to bury Rihanna
    and the harder they pull straws out their asses
    the further they will lag behind the Hottest super
    star on the Planet.

  144. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is Exuberant

  145. Lax January 16, 2012

    When they see or hear of Negative b/s
    they run like they or running a marathon
    to tell it on Rihanna, Ha, Ha, Ha Try
    and Try Again Bytches.

  146. WHUT January 16, 2012

    Oh this b**** is reaching for the STARS AND BEYOND. LOL!!

    Hun you’re such a proven fool. Even with all this reaching, it still doesn’t discount the fact that as a mainstream artist she and her team chose to present to the public such a dark, deep, daring risky video for a first single. That’s the definition of pushing the envelope having the guts to release what by no means is conventionally safe. Having the guts to constantly reinvent yourself over and over again. The Queen is such a star in that regard. Gotta love it.

  147. WHUT January 16, 2012

    Chow hun maybe next time you wont make the mistake of @ing at your own peril.

  148. riri January 16, 2012

    are you so stupid or what? most people know she copied another person idea! risky video my ass! if you call drug taking, abusive relationship risky video will i got news for you! other mainstream artists have done it the past!

    now, the actual video is a rip off, simple as! now, people will see that you are deluded!!! she jacked someone else idea and she will be sued for it!

    i cant be asked! you are still up her ass even if her or her team jacked ideas!

  149. riri January 16, 2012

    you are stupid as hell! and you have the nerve to constantly throw shades at beyonce’s stealing? then have the extra nerve to say “well at least she brought the video into the mainstream!” what did bring into mainstream? domestic violence? drug taking? Hyprocrite!

    my god, i am so done here! i can @ you whenever I want btw!

  150. WHUT January 16, 2012

    KIIIIIIII this b**** is OD’ing in pressed tonight!!! YASSSS!!!!!

    “most people know she copied another person idea!”

    Who’s most people hun? You mean the 109m viewers who watched the video on Youtube with the near 500k likes and near 200k comments of for the most part positivity and praise?

    DEATH @ these “most people” being non other than YOU and possibly 20 other hating pressed b****** of your ilk. Don’t put words in my mouth especially seeing as you aren’t able to spell most of them either. I never cosigned ANY of your claims as you reach and reach like a notoriously pressed assclown.

    DEATH @ you also not understanding the underlying theme of the video. The masterpiece was basically about love being a drug forest. All of the many highs and lows that come with it was the main message they were trying to show. I’m not shocked you thought it was about drug taking and abuse, seeing as you are an idiot and all.

    You’ve been done before you even laid a claw on your keyboard. You sure can @ whomever you want but please don’t b**** when the person you @ decides to dropkick you to the moon its not cute.

  151. Lax January 16, 2012

    a Long time ago Beyonce’s
    Long Lipped Ass has more
    Law Suits than she does Grammys
    and there’s no deyning that. When
    Rihanna get half as many as Beyonce then
    we will talk

    Rihanna’s Armani Ad Voted the Sexiest Ad of 2011

  152. Lax January 16, 2012

    Rihanna is a risk taker and thoe
    with a working brain know that.

  153. Lax January 16, 2012

    Those with a working brain know that
    she came to win and she is not going
    backward just because she has haters
    she is going harder forward wait until
    her down time & Her r&r is over. Then she
    will put the pedal to the medal while many
    will try and say she STOLE for “WFL”
    Just anything to try and get paid but that
    is why Rihanna them all have peole to
    handle that part of their business for
    them and if you don’t belive me then ask
    Beyonce stealing Ass.

  154. Brown suga (sweet stuff) January 17, 2012

    SHUT THE F*** UP! You guys are f****** annnoying damn.
    I wonder what you will all be saying when Rihanna has a
    breakdown? When she snorts the white suff will you be saying “OMG
    she’s relaxing let her be” blah blah blah….You’r girl is going down
    hill but all you care about is “pushing boundries” and numbers. SMH. The day Rihanna crashes I would love to see what you have to say….

    And for those bringing up Solange (although I don’t like her) at least she never aborted her own child. She owned up to her faults. But because she’s linked to Beyonce oh wow lets tear her down.

    Sometimes I wonder about some of you like LAX. In person what kind of person are you? Do you have a life? Friends? You’r always on this site. Something tells me you’r lonely and messed up…..Am I right Rihanna?

  155. Poison January 17, 2012

    I’ve Smoked Weed Everyday For The Past 7 Years. Managed To Graduate High School With A 3.68, Go To College, & Now Co Host A Weekly Radio Broadcast. Not Once Have I Ever Had the Desire To Try Another “Drug”. Some People Are Very Well Capable Of Smoking Weed & Not Letting It Smoke Them. Rihanna Has Been At The Top Of Her Game SInce ’06, Hell Why Not Have A Blunt Or 2. You All Are Really Reaching With This One.

  156. B@tch Please January 17, 2012

    Some of you people are to invested in others life……

  157. Yvette October 2, 2014

    Hello, all is going well here and ofcourse every
    one is sharing facts, that’s acftually excellent, keep up

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