Watch: Brandy Soars On ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’ Live

Published: Wednesday 18th Jan 2012 by Rashad

2012 may have seen R&B veteran Brandy land a starring role on BET’s ‘The Game’, but when it comes to vocal displays, we all know, she. does. not. play!  As if there aren’t already a wealth of performances and recordings to reiterate such, the songbird took to Los Angeles’ ‘Sing-A-Rama 2012’ recently (an event she annually guests) to sing ‘His Eye Is On The Sparrow’.

Previous years have seen Ms. Norwood turn the event out with her stunning vocal demonstrations, but none quite like this!  Get an eye and earful of the ‘Long Distance’ diva in this short clip after the jump:


Yes! Go Ms. Norwood!  Much like long-time idol Whitney Houston, Brandy’s versatility lends itself once again to the genre of gospel – a genre that undoubtedly help shaped the runs and riffs listeners have loved for her nearly 20 year career.  A return that coincidentally follows the suit of ‘The Boy Is Mine’ co-star Monica.

As fans prepare for the two’s return to charts with their highly anticipated duet next month, Mo can be found guesting gospel hitmakers James Fortune and Fred Hammond‘s ‘Hold On’.

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  1. A January 18, 2012

    praise his light!

  2. MrIncredible January 18, 2012

    Um, Brandy can sang her ass off but this was over done… sometimes she just does to much. She does not have to run on with every single note… damn

  3. Your Point Is January 18, 2012

    B.E.A.S.T. What an ear for music she has

  4. Tc23 January 18, 2012


  5. gio88 January 18, 2012

    not impressed….other singer would have sing it better , and the lauryn hill version is million times better!

  6. Brandy – The Vocal Bible January 18, 2012


  7. B January 18, 2012

    I Adore Brandy…I Cannot wait for the new album..B-Rocka 2012 is gonna be your year.

  8. Quan January 18, 2012

    When I tell you I may be a Monica fan, but I still love me some damn Brandy! Her musical ear is much better than ANY female singer out right now. She may not be as soulful as Mo, but Brandy’s techniques she does with her voice far exceeds many singers. Go ahead Brandy, I cannot wait for your new album. Until then I have Human on repeat!

  9. WHUT January 18, 2012

    This was very good.

    I don’t really use Brandy like that but I wont be disrespectful to downplay her influence in the game.

    I still remember that thread where the BeyH.I.V’s were trying to downplay Brandy’s influence. Just look at the runs this woman does and you’ll see how she influenced their fave who attempts some of the same runs only to come off contrived #noshade. Oh well.

  10. JJFAN1814 January 18, 2012

    Rihanna would have sang this song so much better

    🙂 That Rihanna Reign jus wont let up!

  11. Brandy – The Vocal Bible January 18, 2012


  12. King Z January 18, 2012


    if rihanna had sung this song, his eye would not have been on the sparrow honey. his eye woulda been on sum aspirin!

  13. Ci’Yonce January 18, 2012



  14. BrandyNMonicaStar January 18, 2012

    chills… that is all. #TEAMVOCALBIBLE #STARZ

  15. Bey Fan… January 18, 2012

    I LOVEEEEE my B’s…..Beyonce and Brandy are my favs….

    BUT I didn’t love this rendition. Sorry B-rocka….. Maybe she needed a piano are something. It was little all over to me.

    Anywho, can’t wait for the album. Human was PERFECTION… I know this album is gonna be great.

  16. Bey Fan… January 18, 2012

    KING Z
    January 18, 2012 at 8:29 pm


    if rihanna had sung this song, his eye would not have been on the sparrow honey. his eye woulda been on sum aspirin!


  17. truthis January 18, 2012

    didnt care for this at all….brandy can sing but sometimes it seems she strains a little trying to reach a higher vocal level…just keep it in your tone cause its smooth.
    umm but ive heard better on this song!

  18. credits January 18, 2012

    Okay guys….i’ve been working on my runs lately lol, but how in the world does she get them to sound like that?!!!??! so smoooothh like tit’s just rolling out of her throat.

  19. BeyStan January 18, 2012

    Chile I dont know folks give Brandy so much…all them damn runs are ANNOYING!
    Just like you dont have to SCREAM to show you can SANG!
    You dont have to RUN at the end of every sentence

    and where did her range go? She use to sing so soft and sweet yet powerful…she went all deep with a whole bunch of runs on me. I dont use.

  20. Brandy – The Vocal Bible January 18, 2012

    ANOINTED NOT annoying

  21. JJFAN1814 January 18, 2012


    I know a CIARA FAN isn’t coming for Rihanna….

    LOL! When was Ciara on top of any charts or nominated for anything….B**** couldn’t even book a performance on Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show if she TRIED!!!!

  22. truth January 18, 2012

    I love Monica and I love Brandy just as equally

    You go girl- good rendition. I got chills

  23. pat January 18, 2012

    whether you’re a fan or not…if you know anything about music…you know that her musical ear shyts on anybody in the r and b game (besides maybe jazmine sullivan)

  24. Ci’Yonce January 18, 2012


    Get your CREDITS checked A**. F***, SINCE your FLAMING ass was putting that goat of YOURS on the same PEDASTAL up against VETERANS like Brandy, CLEARLY your #PRESSED, IN DENIAL, and MAD? AREN’T YOU. And the Ciara shade antics are GETTING OLD and LATE. Come UP with someting that is new F***, Ciara got your MIND. So PIPE DOWN and DEAL with the FACT not only Ciara SLAYS your fav but others like Brandy and so forth on. Your raggedy TRANS-LESBO A** looking ass came TROLLING through a Brandy post just so you can get your fav attention. #BLOOP no one cares. EXIT your PATHETIC GREMIN ass out the front door. ——–>

  25. the real January 18, 2012

    This was amateur at best.
    Brandy is no ones vocal bible.
    Aretha,Whitney,Mariah,Patti,Chaka,Gladys,Barbra are.
    Someone said anyone with an musical ear would be able to see that this is good?
    She has had better vocal performances as an teenager.
    Someone also said Beyonce couldn’t do…..this?
    She could in her sleep and sound way better.
    Stop trying to make it hot for bandy.
    I own every single album from brandy-Human.
    She makes excellent albums but she is nowhere near an top tier vocalist.

  26. earl January 18, 2012

    whitney houston = vocal bible

    this had too much unnecessary runs and straining

  27. credits January 18, 2012

    For those who are saying she is not a top vocalist, just because she’s not doing those high notes, You are the ones who cannot appreciate a singer who has mastered her craft and technique within her range, harmonies, runs, riffs ou

  28. Lina January 18, 2012

    All she does it hit runs. Her voice has no range no falsetto, no headvoice.

    Whitney was a vocal beast at Brandy’s current age

  29. Lina January 18, 2012

    Brandy would make a great background singer for Beyonce

  30. Diane January 18, 2012

    Too many runs. Not great at all for a professional paid singer. It’s great for a bathroom singer. Listen to Whitney and Lauryn Hill’s version. Not impressed at all. No, she can’t hang with the church girls. Monica will throw her to the ground on this song.

  31. It Was Ok… January 18, 2012

    Um calm your puss….the way you described this post was as if she was hitting Celine Dionne Notes. Her runs were cute, it was nothing spectacular and im a fan of hers. I know she actually do better then this.

  32. NikkiIsChillin January 18, 2012

    I got goose bumps. SANG Brandy!

  33. slick January 18, 2012

    this is gospel people and when u feel it! u will make them runs! flawless

  34. Ci’Yonce January 18, 2012

    Wow you F**** are #PRESSED? lol! Tell me who can ACTUALLY sing these days? And for y’all to try to DOWNPLAY on B-Rocka as a vocalist TRY AGAIN. Who can atcually hold notes, GRACEFULLY harmonize riffs/runs without all this belting, screaming, grunting, and groaning. The singers you mentioned Whitney, Mariah, Aretha, Patti, Chaka Khan. They’re NO different from her. Everybody has their OWN vocals. Not putting the greats such Patti, Aretha, and Chaka because they’re all were great and STILL great singers who PAVED the way for SUCH artists LIKE Brandy Rayana Norwood. She has carved a LANE on her own just as they did. Brandy IS a VOCALIST. #DEAL INCOMPENTENT APES.

  35. Independent Thinker January 19, 2012

    That was decent. Brandy can certainly sing, however, when a secular artist sings a gospel song, they are taking a big risk. It’s the equivalent of a woman who has been sexually promiscuous all of her adult life (and has never repented of such) wearing white on her wedding day. You just shouldn’t do it; it’s a lie. Gospel music is sacred (or at least it should be). It’s MINISTRY. The anointing (aka the infilling of the Holy Spirit) is a requirement if/when you are doing God’s work. If you’re only singing a song to show off your vocal prowess (which keeps the focus on you when it should be on God), then sing a secular song; it’s clear that’s where your heart/passion/commitment is any way. I don’t have anything against secular music (for the most part). I do however have a problem with recording artists (gospel/secular) failing to recognize the seriousness of being consecrated (set apart) for God’s work. If you have chosen to be a secular artist, then be a secular artist and leave the gospel music to those who are actually ANOINTED and CALLED to sing it. If you are a gospel artist, then STOP asking these secular artist to feature on your albums just so you can potentially get a hit. Instead of using them to “cross over” and “reach people” (DECEPTION), try witnessing to them and telling them the TRUTH of God’s Holy Word.
    When are we going to stop watering down (compromising/contradicting) the gospel in the name of “reaching people” (that is a deceptive statement). The Holy Spirit is the One who does the work of conviction and conversion, not man; but the vessel (man) that He uses to share the gospel must be Holy. Don’t take my word for it, read it for yourself in 1Thessalonians 4: 3-8.

    It’s time for people to wake up. God will not be mocked, and He is NOT pleased. Thank God for Jesus (and His atoning sacrifice) because if we were still under the old covenant, NONE of us would be here. But, it is important to know that God is a promise keeper, and that day of judgement is coming. Are you ready? Or are you busy defending celebrities on the internet? They don’t need “stans” they need deliverance.
    WAKE UP!!

  36. Ci’Yonce January 19, 2012



    Does it f****** matter who sings a gospel song? By all means necessary your rant and raving shows PURE INGORNACE. EXIT—>

  37. GAslickmouf January 19, 2012

    LMao….. So true CI’YONCE. These days no one can really sing and to hear Brandy sing this so great was very much needed!!!!!

    Ok lets start of with the list hun

    1 NO brack ground track

    2 NO big dramatic hair blowing

    3 No over the top naked dancin

    4 NO back ground singers

    5 NO voice echo!!

    6 NO band

    Brandy has pulled off what many singers ((((((these days)))))) just either cant do, and thats a stage and a mic with nothing else to distract attention from the voice.

    Now lets c if yo faves have done wat this list have shown……… Yea umm.. Times up yea, I thought not!!!!

    This s*** was str8 up live, N a MIC!!

    There are not many singers that can do that now days!!!

  38. Marc January 19, 2012

    She killed it! To those hating…you are just a jealous hater and there aint nothing else to say! This is a gospel event so she was singing FROM HER HEART. Not for you people who think all songs need to be sung a certain way. And she was holding back.

  39. LMAOOOOO January 19, 2012

    i see some pressed ass Beyonce stans. wow, you guys are somethin’ else. what, can’t nooooobody else get praise but Beyonce? you guys are a trip. Brandy is a beast and you will DEAL!

  40. honeydip January 19, 2012


  41. Songscribe January 19, 2012

    She an exceptional singer. If you want to confirm that please chec these three unreleased songs produced by Timbaland: Believer, Who’s the loser and Home. I tell you guys she is dangerous. How she comes up with those runs? I dont know. The backing and harmonies are so compact and flawless. Just state one singer who can do tht.

  42. Bey Fan… January 19, 2012

    LMFAOOOO every time a Beyonce fan doesn’t like something their pressed or hating….SMH

    Reading thru the comments , no one said that Brandy was a bad singer, and she’s actually one of my favorite singers. But can someone not like something without being called pressed.

    See the reason why Beyonce fans call ppl haters is because ppl tend to bring up s*** off topic. EX: “Beyonce is walking in a store. “…… I guarantee someone will post something like ” She’s a thief” or ” She needs to go take care of her devil baby” or “she’s so fake”…..totally random and off topic.

    But when ppl comment on the topic, more specifically her singing this particular song, they’re just giving their opinion. We all know Brandy is a good singer. I just didn’t find her rendition of the song to be that great. Esp since we’ve all seen Brandy kill it.

  43. I’ma have to send her to her maker January 19, 2012

    It was good. But lauryn hill and tonya blunt is still the best version!

  44. Nikki January 19, 2012

    Why all the damn comparison….we are talking about this performance not everyone else in the world who has done the song….Brandy bought it and served it….

  45. KD January 19, 2012

    Lauryn Hill…that is all.

  46. MISHKA January 19, 2012

    Everybody is a fan of Brandy even Queen Beyonce. That voice, gurl!

  47. Wizard January 19, 2012

    Lmao A Ciara Stan can goooo Innnnnnn lmaooooooooo o lawd

  48. ROCKO January 19, 2012

    but why are you h*** hollering about a recorded version by Lauryn Hill?! Yes, that as amazing, but this was just some impromptu thing that she probably sang to please someone. I have sang this song many times myself and I would do a longer version.

    Just wait until her album comes out. The girls all up Beyonce’s puss will be reminded!!

  49. JP January 19, 2012

    I’m really shocked so many posters are attempting to downplay Brandy’s talent right now. lol

    I can understand not appreciating her rendition of the song. There is nothing wrong with that.

    But the blatant and unwarranted scolding? Constructive criticism is one thing, but this is just mega atomic cray. LOL

    Anywho…I have no pity for haters.

    B-ROCKA 2012, boo!

  50. dontdoit January 19, 2012

    Ciyonce b**** have a f****** seat somewhere.
    Everybody trying to call others who didn’t like it have a seat too….
    The nerve of some ppl!!!
    Look Beyonce had nothing to do with this post.
    But if we’re going there Beyonce>Brandy
    Teenage beyonce>Teenage brandy
    Lets have a talk about that tone def t***** you Stan for?
    Better yet,Ciara is that you?
    Stop talking trash and get it together because you haven’t matter since the evolution…

  51. Twhist January 19, 2012

    I just heard James Fortune song “hold on” featuring Monica! Nice song and the vocals from Mo are killer. Love both ladies

  52. DEENA January 19, 2012


  53. JP January 19, 2012

    Beyonce is the better performer and Beyonce arguably may have the better voice…

    But I’ll always prefer Brandy’s vocal ability and style of arrangements over Beyonce’s.

    I think it’s cute though that some irate fans of other artists are getting so dramatic.

    Anywho…I have no pity for haters.

    B-Rocka 2012!

    Sidenote: It’s 2012, it’s quite crazy the most Black people won’t allow for multiple Black entertainers with talent to be successful. So small minded. It’s always Rihanna against Beyonce or Monica against Brandy…and that type of mentality usually translates to the way we do things in every day life.

  54. Songscribe January 19, 2012

    @jp. U said bey is a better oerformer. I agree. Bt i beg to differ about better voice. Interms of what? Besides range. There is more to singing than just being able to hit higher notes. I think brandy’s voice and technique are polished and bey even knows that. Ask CB and Rihanna as well as Kanye west. NB: i am not taking anything away from bey but she is respected for her performances, epic videos and beauty. But her vocals only?, i don’t think she could realy compare to Brandy. Dont get me wrong i have so much respect for Bey.

  55. Songscribe January 19, 2012

    @jp. U said bey is a better performer. I agree. Bt i beg to differ about better voice. Interms of what? Besides range. There is more to singing than just being able to hit higher notes. I think brandy’s voice and technique are polished and bey even knows that. Ask CB and Rihanna as well as Kanye west. NB: i am not taking anything away from bey but she is respected for her performances, epic videos and beauty. But her vocals only?, i don’t think she could realy compare to Brandy. Dont get me wrong i have so much respect for Bey.

  56. pat January 19, 2012

    i hope no bey fan said brandy did too many runs…..lmao….bey can sing, but with the unecessary vibrato, and excess outdated yodels and runs…i can’t ….

  57. Songscribe January 19, 2012

    Pple must learn to giv preps when and wher they r due. Brandy can sang circles around many artists. The fact that she doesnt wait to finish a line but she creatively supports it to create a solid sound its a standout factor. The gal is just magical.

  58. Lurker January 19, 2012

    I LOVE love LOVE Brandy but this was overdone. The words lost all of their value because of all the runs a pitch problems.

    Brandy can sing anything, but everyone already knows that.
    Not that it really matters, no one except her fans and a few others will even see this video.

  59. @antertain January 19, 2012

    Love Brandy & Jessica Reedy to blend vocals.
    The chills i’d get would get would explode one or two brain cells

    So glad Bran doing her thing.
    Great to see her looking so great

    The MoBran combo may give me a heart attack from excitement but i’m ready for it.

  60. JP January 19, 2012


    I totally agree with what you said. That’s why I added the word “arguably.”

    I personally believe Brandy has the better voice, but many believe otherwise.

    It really depends on what criteria is used for the assessment and there is also some level of subjectivity.

    But it shouldn’t matter who has the better voice, honestly. The two ladies are extremely talented Black entertainers. No need to try to pit them or anyone else against one another. I personally prefer Brandy, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to attack Beyonce’s talent.

    B-Rocka 2012!

  61. SAYINSOMETHIN-NICE January 19, 2012

    THank you Brandy for this Impromptu Performance, Not planned – just expressing as she does everyday..

    Go head wid ur Humble self.. Its so Dope that can say.. U know what.. I’ll do a bit of Church Singing Today..- A Small Sample of Her Vocal Catalogue!!

  62. mobwife January 19, 2012


  63. SAYINSOMETHIN-NICE January 19, 2012


    I havent heard someone please Brandy and Timbalands efforts for a long time. I love Porcelin Doll, Whos Da Loser, and I think DRum Life shuda bin a single.- Its so edging and dope.-

    I Love my Bran Bran.. and the great thing about her voice is that she Verteran and RNB royalty as she is.. She STILL has untapped vocal range.. and for that 1 out of many reasons Im more interested in Brandy’s Sound, Voice, and everything she does!

  64. Bran Star January 19, 2012

    I see there’s a bunch of bitter, angry, mad, and pressed h*** in here hating on Brandy! You h*** need to have a stadium full of seats and shut the hell up…The hating is LATE.

    Her voice is AMAZING. All these people trying to say she was just “OK” or “alright” by comparing her ability to other singers need to sit down somewhere. If every singer sang everything the same way, there’s be no flavor in music. No taste, no variety. Brandy has a very distinct sound and style, and she effectively used that to make this song her own. Because of that, no one compares to Brandy. She is just pure talent. Great singer and impressive vocalist, hands down.

    Brandy is a singer’s singer. Not a pop star or an “IT” girl like she was in the 90s…She’s crossed over into being a musician’s artist, with albums like Full Moon and Afrodisiac being one that other artists mention.

    The idea that she doesn’t sing like she used to, or can’t sing at all is mainly because:
    1) she’s not a dominant force in pop culture like she formerly was AND
    2) she has crossed over into becoming a singer’s singer, and the general public (who aren’t musically aware) don’t know how to embrace her or grasp the musicalities, so people equate her greatness or vocal ability to when she was a force in pop culture (the 90s).

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