Chris Brown Unveils ‘Fortune’ Tracklisting

Published: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012 by Rashad

‘Turn Up the Music’ maestro Chris Brown is looking to turn up the heat on the promotional campaign for ‘Fortune’ – the highly anticipated followup to 2011’s Grammy winning ‘F.A.M.E.’.  Already taking off with ‘Strip’ and ‘Music’, Brown has unveiled the full (tentative) tracklisting for the March 16th due project.

Listing few features, Brown takes center stage in what is sure to quickly become a fan favorite.  Get into the list below:

Chris Brown ‘Fortune’ Tracklisting


Deluxe Edition:

As the listing above does not reflect the order in which the songs are set to appear, word has it the album’s final features are still in the works.  Furthermore, in addition to ‘Birthday Cake (remix)’ and ‘Turn Up the Music (remix)’, sources report that former girlfriend Rihanna has joined Brown for an original song which may or may not land album listing.

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  1. KC February 22, 2012

    A lot of these songs already leaked, but stil pumped for the album

  2. Roshun February 22, 2012

    I love his music… Follow me @roshunzolanski

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN February 22, 2012

    No bruno?


  4. Alex Thomas February 22, 2012


  5. MISHKA February 22, 2012

    No “Treading water”? Okay, good, I’m not going to stay up until midnight this time, like I did last year.

    In case Rihanna and Chris Brown don’t know it, they don’t sound good as a duo. “Cake” sounds like a Rater R Fraggle Rock song. There, I said it.

  6. Lax February 22, 2012

    Looks great Chris…

  7. Lax February 22, 2012

    @CHRIS,,,,,Your song “Stuck On Stupid” Need to be Dedicated
    To people in general and you need to give that Single the Royal
    Treatment Because there are many who are “Stuck On Stupid”
    In Real Life Young Man.

  8. xoxo February 22, 2012

    judging by the titles and features, sounds like its gonna be materialistic, bling bling music that will be forgotten about by summer.

  9. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. February 22, 2012

    FISTopher has been threatening Rihanna. She is scared for her life & felt obligated to do this remix to his SHITE song !!! Poor Rihanna!!! Chris is manipulating her!!!! 😕

  10. JOYCE February 22, 2012

    How can you tell about CB & Rihanna song sounding wack together. The track was all chopped up. Anyway I used to talk big s*** about Rih & CB. I am 26 years and most of my friends are 29-34. They tought me alot about being a mature woman. These two people are black just like me and my friends said to me, do you ever hear of a white person going against their own race.

    I hated what CB did but we all have done things and most of us can’t bounce back. With all the haterd I had against them I have been missing out on their great music.

    Look out for the ones who are trying to seperate you from your race. UNITE

  11. VA STAND UP!! February 22, 2012

    This is the third track listing I’ve seen in the past 3 months and its even different feom the one I saw earlier today so I’m not believing it until RCA confirms it. Since TGJ doesn’t care about reporting FACTS anymore and insist on taking info from other sites, I don’t trust that they know if this is the real tracklist either.

    I don’t see the song with Nas on here and I can’t imagine he would leave off a legend like Nas. Especially after hyping it up in twitter. Several of the songs that were so called ‘confirmed’ aren’t on here. ‘Open Road’, ‘Fools With You’, even though they leaked forever ago, but then again so did ‘Trumpet Lights’ and thats on the list. Doesn’t seem right. shrugs*

    ‘Strip’ was such a basic single choice an should have never left a mixtape IMO. Hopefully he will pick better single choices from now on. Looks like he already has with ‘TUTM’ though. A top ten debut aint bad.

    Welp….I’ll be waiting for confirmation on the tracklist.

  12. commanderofthedancefloor February 22, 2012

    rihanna i think might be on i love you since it is a hidden track! if not then stuck on stupi sounds like it would be good especially with how people are reacting!!

    oh ya somebody was tweeting earlier that riri has a name for her 7th album “Album X” its most likely fake but the name sounds cool to me!! lol

  13. Mydg February 22, 2012

    ugh… I’m just ready for some NEW Neo-Soul genius talent. I’m tired of these M.J and Usher impersonators with their over-saturated generic, mediocre, autotune filled music.

    Chris is a great dancer….. that’s all.

  14. jay February 22, 2012

    @KC umm no the f*** they havent leaked n**** stop trynna sound like u already heard them u f***** retarded ass b****!

  15. $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills) February 22, 2012

    Im definately going to be pre ordering!! Chris Brown has never disappointed with an album. He needs some hits and needs to do more promo though.

    IDK about that collabo with 2chainz. I heard his song he did with Kreayshawn called Murder and she killed him on his own song. And if Kreayshawn looks like a better rapper than you on your own song, there is a problem

  16. $$$$$$ (Dollar$ign$kills) February 22, 2012

    Appart from his dancing, how is Chris Brown a MJ impersonater?

  17. Lucky star February 22, 2012

    “Marlon Brando” i need to listen to da song, i’m a huge fan of Brando, but why Marlon Brandon with the N at the end.

  18. Onyx February 22, 2012

    @Lucky star
    Marlon Brando, i need to listen too, he was my favorite Actor.

  19. Yessssssssssss February 22, 2012

    yeah Chris

  20. HeavyHeavy February 22, 2012

    boring features, wheres nas, ciara and bruno…thought seven or teyanna would of been on there too

  21. mobwife February 22, 2012


    Press you cheek against the screen so I can kiss it! 🙂

    Well said. After what I saw the so called good folks in America pull after Chris won his 1st Grammy, what you said rings truer than ever. For ppl to go back three years to drag him through the mud for winning an award he deserved was crazy! And for them to use the same old excuses, I’m still in shock! All I can say is Glen Campbell knocked Tanya Tuckers teeth out while beating her which they said he did quite often. Did you see the crowd -especially the ones throwing Chris under the bus- cheering happily? *side-eye*

  22. mobwife February 22, 2012


  23. mobwife February 22, 2012

    I’m not sure if this is the actual track list but it looks like we should get our money’s worth. CB might be down but the boy is never out! He always delivers something for his fans & detractors to marvel over…lol! 🙂

  24. mobwife February 22, 2012


    Y A W N! Chris and Rihanna decided to do remixes together to show the world they have moved on. You might want to stop riding the short yellow bus and do the same!

  25. Lax February 22, 2012

    @MOBWIFE,,,,Preach…… I do Agree With U!
    IT’S Waaaaaay Pass time for people to move
    They can see that they truly have!

  26. Nav February 22, 2012

    Rihanna is starting to look (Blonde) & sing (e.g: Man down, WFL) like BEY. Bey should get in the studio so she can claim her spot back ASAP!!!

  27. VA STAND UP!! February 22, 2012


    February 22, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    ugh… I’m just ready for some NEW Neo-Soul genius talent. I’m tired of these M.J and Usher impersonators with their over-saturated generic, mediocre, autotune filled music.

    Chris is a great dancer….. that’s all.


    WTF does Neo soul have to do with this post?! I’m so sick of people bringing up irrelevant s*** to shade CB. If you like neo soul so damn much then GO LISTEN TO THAT!! Chris has always been a r&b/pop artist & he isn’t trying to do no boring ass neo soul!

    MJ is CB’s idol so he pays tribute to him! He hasn’t done anything in reference to MJ since the ‘She Ain’t You’ video and Chris for damn sure ain’t trying to be no Usher!! FOH!!

    FYI: You don’t win Grammys for dancing! B****!!

  28. VA STAND UP!! February 22, 2012


    February 22, 2012 at 7:13 pm

    judging by the titles and features, sounds like its gonna be materialistic, bling bling music that will be forgotten about by summer.


    How the f*** are you gonna judge songs by the titles?! Who the f*** still says ‘bling bling’?!?! Sit your ass down somewhere!

    FYI: Songs from his last album still get radio play. Chris is NOT the type of artist whose music is forgotten! B****!

  29. Trisha24 February 23, 2012


    I agree 100% Notice the woman country singer & that punk guy are both white and are going after the young black men. They could careless about DV let alone in a black woman. One thing I’m glad about Rihanna &. CB doing those songs You would think those two would see that they both are friends and has moved on. Life goes on because if it didn’t we all would still at the same age. LOL

    Anyhow we have to get our monies together and purchase Fortune.

  30. Kayla February 23, 2012

    I’m telling you, if him and nicki did a song that was like enough for her to dance and enough for her to be roman, muuurrdda (DMX voice)

  31. Justin February 23, 2012

    Oooooh my baby looks good in this picture. He looks all manly.

  32. JER February 23, 2012

    He needs to slip Birthday Cake remix on there. At least SOMEONE can have it on their album

  33. kimberly February 23, 2012

    I am happy this boy is getting back on his feet again, I just need him to take an english class and stay away from twitter and all the negativity. Please Chris no more replies to the haters, it takes you no where. As you grow older you will understand that SILENCE makes the most noise.

  34. YOOSONDALOOSE February 23, 2012

    Thought it would have more features

  35. gistre1097 February 23, 2012

    All his music sounds the same, no growth at all. I won’t waste my money on his non-singing ass.

  36. HAPPYFace February 23, 2012

    I cant wait!!

  37. The Music Junkie February 23, 2012

    Oh Boy….. I hope this album is good.
    I have gone right off him since the Grammys; his attitude stinks all of a sudden. I felt bad for him because no one would let him get past the Rihanna thing…. but now I feel like he’s a bit of a d***** bag. He needs to grow up a tad and stay clear of the b*******, cos it’s overshadowing his talent.

  38. Jewelz February 23, 2012

    What ever happened to Treading Water? Oh and what about Calypso? He said that would be on F.A.M.E…. that didn’t happen so why isn’t it on this one either?

  39. Nika February 23, 2012

    Can someone get @TheGreatLacefront some meds plz b/c that chile is GONE.

  40. Luke February 23, 2012

    Where is CALYPSO?!?!?

  41. CBE February 23, 2012

    People be tripping like s***! who said this the official trackllist Chris didnt even announce on Twitter,even RCA has said nothing.

    Nas was announced as a feature on one of the songs do you see him in this list?
    Biggest fan was kinda gonna be named One of those nights and now I see both tracks on this list WTF! TGJ… sorry I wont believe on this one. hoping chris puts TREADING WATER,OPEN ROAD I LOVE HER,FOOLS WITH YOU(omg my favourite).

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