Watch: Brandy & Monica Prep For Pre-Grammy Gala *Updated*

Published: Thursday 9th Feb 2012 by Rashad

‘Everything To Me’ maestra Monica sent fans into a frenzy moments ago when she shared this official snap of today’s rehearsal session for Clive Davis‘s annual Pre-Grammy Gala.  Joined by ‘It All Belongs To Me’ co-star Brandy, the diva duo is set to unveil the first live performance of the soon-to-be hit at the bash this weekend.

Much to the diva’s delight, their run through was guest by none other than ‘Run To You’ belter Whitney Houston and daughter Bobbi Kristina.  Taking to Twitter, Mo shared Whitney’s thoughts on her tune with Brandy:

The stop was undoubtedly appreciated by both young singers who have been quite vocal about their admiration of The Voice throughout their careers.

See more snaps (courtesy, in part, of Rap-Upbelow:

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  1. Quan February 9, 2012

    Yesss! I love these two, especially MONICA!

  2. diva February 9, 2012

    Bran & moe


    my two bad bishes…..together making sweet music together….

    it would be nice if they made a whole album together….that would be epic…

    just thinking about it…makes me giddy with joyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..

  4. Bran Star February 9, 2012

    Awww, isn’t that sweet of Whitney to come and show her support for her industry babies! 🙂

    Last year it was the two of them cheering Whitney on stage, and now she’ll do the same! Yes!! R&B Divas!!

  5. NICK February 9, 2012


  6. Jessica February 9, 2012

    I agree with Nick- SUPPORT THIS SONG AND REAL MUSIC!!! It’s time to bring back the soul in music and bring back R&B in the forefront again and as to why we love it in the first place, especially the 90’s vibe!!! Can’t wait for these ladies that I grew up listening to drop there albums!!!


  7. Almond Joy February 9, 2012

    F*** Brandy……. I need a Whitney & Monica duet like 10 years ago. UGH!!!!

  8. Almond Joy February 9, 2012

    Brandy should duet with her flop sister Kelly Rowland instead of trying to ride Monica’s coattails.

  9. Jessica February 9, 2012

    @Almond Joy : Awww, are you MAD??? LMAO!!! Are you mad that Whitney respects Brandy and Monica like daughters and they are making more money than your fat ass?? lmao!!! Are you mad that Brandy and Kelly have a friendship and you don’t?? LMAO!! YOU ARE SO DAMN PATHETIC AND SAD. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, GO TO A MENTAL DOCTOR, GET SOME MEDS AND SIT IN A CORNER AND GET HAPPY WITHIN YOURSELF. CLOWN!! LMAO!!!

  10. Bran Star February 9, 2012

    @Almond Joy

    You’re so PATHETIC, it’s sickening! I see that you’re still pressed and Brandy still has your mind on lock. Poor that. For your information, it was Monica’s idea to have Brandy duet with her on this song so if you wanna be upset, be upset with Monica.

    Anways, in other news, I’m really warming up to the song. It looks like RCA’s really going all out to promote this song, and it hasn’t even been released to iTunes yet!!

    2012, #TeamBranica, let’s do this!

  11. pat February 9, 2012

    i love both girls…monica stans please dont start….cause monica’s been through a few singles that NOBODY was checkin for on this album….and tho her last album was bigger than human…bran has the crossover career……so she and bran both benefit equally from this duet…..STOP IT

  12. THE REAL B(RANDY) February 10, 2012

    I wouldn’t feed anyone’s pathetic rants of negativity. It must be sad to wake up and go to bed with such hostility.



  13. ashgino February 10, 2012

    why does whitney houston mannerisms scream crackhead again, in this video clip? she seemed really jittery….

  14. REALRasta February 10, 2012

    I am loving the Monica and brandy love
    hope we see clips frm the Pre showw

    Follow me on twitter : DaRealRastaBwoi and
    check out my videos and subscribe

  15. YOOSONDALOOSE February 10, 2012

    Beautiful! Love it!

  16. COOKIE -DIVAS- TONI BRAXTON, RIHANNA February 10, 2012

    Brandy is generous and kind. Monica not so much.

  17. Yes Stelle!!! February 10, 2012

    All I could see was Brans discomfort whilst Monica was talking about Whit. The Ray J and Whitney hook up always seems to happen when Whit seems to have fallen off the wagon so their relationship must really be taking its toll on Brans respect for Whit.

  18. DaHotNig February 10, 2012

    Check the stats!!! Brandy has shitted on manica and that yodeling since the beginning of their careers! Brandy as an artist, actress, songwriter, producer, have made more impact and more money than MANICA! Don’t get me started!

  19. Twhist February 10, 2012

    @ Dahotnig chile please get started honey! You need to check and see who’s the MORE prevalent artist. Your opinion doesn’t count sweetie. Let’s stick to FACTS, people could care less how the f*** you feel. I suggest going to and they have the artist list 1-50 of the most important and influential artist in the past 25 years…..Monica’s number 24 and Brandys near the bottom….she 47 out of 50….Now let’s see how you argue your way out of that FACT from the musical bible itself Don’t come for Monica with opinion cause we all have those. Facts can be proven!

  20. One reply February 10, 2012

    TWhist ??? How old are your comment screams Teen… BRANDY is and has always been more relevant than MOnica, RIAA which keeps track of US sales for artist still rank brandy as one of the top 40 highest selling female artist of all time.. Monica is not on that list.. Sorry and billboard conducted a survey ? Which are what ?? Opinions… Of course Monica is up there she just had a number one album DUUUUUHHHHHHHHH That doesnt make her more famous it means she’s current.. This duet is Monica’s third single and she’s just getting press!!! brandy’s album nor single even have a title and the buzz couldnt be larger… Stop with the nonsense I love both ladies but your facts are all wrong !!!!

  21. MusicBoyKameron February 10, 2012

    I love this! Whitney always cracks me up…even without her saying anything and just watching her body movements..she makes me laugh…lol she reminds me of that ” Hilarious-I always speak my mind” aunt that everyone has in their family.

  22. BROCKAs Da Queen February 10, 2012

    ALMOND JOY shut yo ass up!! is you crazy??? brandy doesnt ever have to ride a coat tail she is that B**** who can sit out for a whole decade and still come back and people would be waiting! Monica is good and all but they are 2 total different artist! Brandy is way MORE MAINSTREAM AND CROSS OVER.. so go to hell!!! BRANDY AND MONICA IS BACK IN FULL EFFECT!! #90’sMUSIC

  23. LouLou February 10, 2012

    Can we go one post with out everyone arguing who’s the better artist? This song and buzz is good for both of them because none of them are as popular as they used to be. Let’s keep it peaceful!

  24. Twhist February 10, 2012

    @ one reply I’m lmao I never mentioned RIAA. Take your time and read the comment again…the did consider sales in ranking which makes your point opinion not fact lol since you brought up sales….again Brandy sold more albums, but Monica sold more single and has had longer stinks (weeks) on the chart than Brandy. Then you talk about how many singles Mo is on…too funny Brandy just got her a record deal with RCA Monica has NEVER been without one and by the motherfucking way, when was the last time Brandy had a number 1 or single??! Now I love both ladies, but don’t come for Monica! If y’all don’t like her don’t comment elsewhere cause I’m not having. FYI One Reply have at it with your next reply lol I don’t attend every argument I’m invited to…not teen here! Good day!

  25. Bran Star February 10, 2012

    Monica stans, please refrain from trying Brandy in any way, shape, or form or else things will get UGLY please believe! Truth be told, this is the biggest buzz for Monica’s New Life album because before Brandy was involved, no one cared. If anything, you should be greatful she asked to have Brandy involved in her new project.

    Anyways, I wish both of them success…Especially Brandy, because they’re performing on her birthday!!

  26. Betty February 11, 2012

    Ok Brandy fans we got too get Brandy into this her body language is like she’s afraid! We all know that woman can sing her ass off she need’s too get that in her head! We all got her back! We all got love for her! Come Brandy get that confidence baby girl! Slay this! You are the best Brandy you can’t be touched! But i’m getting afraid that you are afraid of something!

  27. Songscribe February 11, 2012

    All having been said and done, i love and prefer Brandy’s vocals. She needs to be confident

  28. Adret February 11, 2012

    Whitney Houston is DEAD

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