Watch: Braxton Family Values (Season 2- Episode 13)

Published: Thursday 9th Feb 2012 by Rashad


Switch that messy Kardashian nonsense off! The Braxton sisters are back and in a big way.

After warming our hearts with their debut season, Toni, Trina, Towanda, Traci, and, of course, Tamar, return to the small screen with season 2 of their hit WeTV reality series ‘Braxton Family Values’.

You can now check out episode 13 of the latest season below…

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  1. mr.m February 10, 2012

    Toni Braxton >>>> ALL YOUR FAVES

  2. REALRasta February 10, 2012

    Tonite was a sad episode and touchy,, sisters came togther to show how family should be when crises strike….

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  3. YOOSONDALOOSE February 10, 2012

    Love it, such a good episode!

  4. YAAAS BOO! February 10, 2012

    What is up with Trina’s accent? Aboot, shoocase?! Is she Canadian? btw I have no sympathy for Vince. He’s a swine. He’s mouth is always opened and his tounge exposed. nast. Lose weight heffa.

  5. vicky7 February 10, 2012

    To YAAAS BOO-I feel sorry for someone like you -to call this wonderful kind hearted young man a swine. WOW-Vince is 3/4 of the American population, I have no words for someone like you. Your comments is shameful and low but then again you live underground so you would know the difference. Karma baby!!!!!!! for being so MEAN!!

  6. vicky7 February 10, 2012

    Correction-you wouldn’t know the difference….

  7. voneeluv February 10, 2012

    wouldn’t it help if he (vince) lost some weight… i know its not easy but hell if jennifer,randy jackson, star jones can he can, he must for his life.

  8. Sammi February 12, 2012

    Will Trina please stop pretending like she’s highly intelligent and making up words. The more she pretends the more ignorant and uneducated she appears to be.

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