Hot Shots: Madonna’s Super Bowl Stage Revealed

Published: Wednesday 1st Feb 2012 by Sam

As the world awaits Madonna‘s Super Bowl showcase with bated breath, the electrifing stage she’ll be taking to this Sunday has been unveiled.

Check out the breath taking set, via TMZ, after the jump…


We can only hope the 53 year old’s performance is as enticing.

Your thoughts?


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  1. DMWN February 1, 2012

    It’s gonna be the most talked about Superbowl performance of the past 10 years…and…when it’s over, Madonna will still have her career! Unlike…well, ya’know! LOL

  2. Ant xoxo February 1, 2012

    The Queen is 53 years old and still snatchin’ wigs left and right. Upsets?

  3. Bey Fan… February 1, 2012

    DAMN…. nothing is a surprise anymore…

  4. UnMutedOne February 1, 2012

    That’s one hell of a stage…

  5. MicroPop February 1, 2012


    The music industry will be destroyed by the QUEEN of MUSIC.


  6. Bey Fan… February 1, 2012

    If this performance doesn’t live up to the hype, Im gonna be upset. The only reason Im watching the game is because she’s talked this halftime show in about 4 interviews….

    Ohhhh and I want NE to beat the Giants…… NY is getttin a little cocky.

  7. White girl mob February 1, 2012

    Wow this looks like its going to be boring… Modanna is a crusty ass dirty p**** h** and nicki Minaj is a Kim clone clown and M.I.A. Is irrelevant

    Nobody gonna remember this performance when its over real talk

    They should have gotten kreayshawn she has a bigger fan base then them 3 h***

    Kreayshawn debut album is going to do mad numbers it’s first week while nicki Minaj & modanna flop like crazy

    They stand nowhere near kreayshawn she on a whole another level hahaha

  8. Minajesty February 1, 2012


    are you still talking? nicki done 375,000 in the 1st week, i would be surprised if kreayshawn hits the 50k mark, as she is yet to have a top 50 single. nobody cares about kreayshawn other than you incase you havent already noticed.

    i like mia nicki and madonna but they are making this performance out to be the second coming of jesus or something!

  9. Dax February 1, 2012

    White girl mob, stick your shithead in the toilet and flush. Nobody gives a f*** about Kreayshawn except you and her manager. I don’t even think you’re a fan of that non-celebrity, I think you just decided to come here spamming her name in a desperate attempt to get some attention. You weak.

  10. WARACK February 1, 2012

    I think the only missing element is a singer… Like honestly, performing is more than just a show. It’s about talent. Although those three have stage talent, they pale in compasrison when it comes to connecting with and captivating an audience on pure voice and song. The Beyonces and Mariahs of the world are the ones that would actually bring something to the show. They would sing live, but I can garuntee M, NM, and MIA aren’t going to much live. They will be too worried about the spectacle…

  11. Heh February 1, 2012


    Tell that to most of the “singers” who’ve been on Star Search and American Idol who could sing their b*** off and still never made it…and if they did couldn’t sustain a career for the long haul. Performing is MOSTLY stage presence, personality and the ability to excite a crowd. If Mariah performed at the Superbowl, THAT would be a forgettable show.

  12. tyra February 1, 2012

    the fossil is really doing the most for this show aint she well will see what all the hypes about real soon

  13. JDGAF February 1, 2012

    That stage costs more than what your favs will earn in 10 years. Only the queen could command something that extravagant. You mad? You should be!

  14. acem February 1, 2012

    Just those pictures slay. The actual show is going to be explosive.

    Haters line up single file so I can one by one kick you all in the nuts.

  15. White girl mob February 1, 2012

    Wow people on TGJ hates kreayshawn guts wow! I’m almost close to the Finnish line
    I’m so good at this!

  16. Nahjee February 1, 2012

    @white girl mob I knew your ass was a poser it was to good to be true you You on here riding for kreayshawn who is nowhere near beyonce, Rihanna, nicki Minaj, lady gaga,

  17. PYTFROMAL February 1, 2012

    Here comes the gimmicks because she’s incapable of putting on a show without a crew of people onstage. I’d rather see Queen Janet because she doesn’t need such nonsense like hairy cooch.

  18. MovieAmi February 1, 2012

    If you’d rather see Janet, then grab a newspaper and find out when the next local supermarket is opening. That’s what she plays these days.

  19. RDK February 1, 2012


  20. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_IS_ROYALTY February 1, 2012




  21. Bojan February 1, 2012

    What is Madonna without big stage production, singing LIVE alone with mic???

  22. DIONFATALEI February 1, 2012

    Get ready too be slayed by Queen Madonnasus.

    I have no doubts that Madonna will put on a great show because she’s one of the best performers/entertainers the world has ever seen.

    …and to the idiots throwing shade emphasizing that Madonna can’t put on a show w/o stage production and singing LIVE you are one depressed fool. Madonna sings LIVE while also doing choreography, hyping the audience and playing instruments. She has also done a performance w/o extreme props plenty of times but this is the SUPERBOWL thats the whole POINT. Just because your favs just stand in one position and sing boring ass ballads that nobody cares for doesnt mean you have to hate on my fav who can carry an entire show.

  23. ThatBoyLuke February 1, 2012

    LOL at Sam trying to shade Madonna by mentioning that she’s 53, yes she’s 53 and still slaying your faves lol The reason a lot of Janet stans are going off is not because of what Madonna has or hasn’t said but because they’re insecure because in the current music industry Janet is commercially irrelevant and Madonna is still as big as she’s ever been.
    The stage looks amazing and Madonna and M.I.A will slay, hopefully Nicki will do good as she’s performing FOR the Queen.

  24. Dave February 1, 2012

    I’m so excited to see MADONNA I can’t wait

  25. MadonnaLover February 1, 2012


    Please, maybe you should watch Live 8, Live Earth, and her first live performance she did when she was young. You are so ignorant, seriously.

    Madonna has done plenty of shows where she moved a whole crowd of fans without any theatricals, so shut the f*** up.

    Awesome stage.

  26. MadonnaLover February 1, 2012


    Slay em boo.

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