Kelly Rowland Performs Whitney Houston’s ‘How Will I Know’

Published: Monday 20th Feb 2012 by Sam

Since bursting onto the scene 15 years ago as a staple member of Destiny Child, Kelly Rowland has told anyone who’ll listen that Whitney Houston is her idol.

As such, the legend’s passing on her birthday was sure to have a profound effect on the 31 year old.

In her mourning, the ‘Motivation’ singer has chosen to celebrate Houston’s life through song, performing ‘The Greatest Love Of All’ at last night’s Power of Love Gala, before tributing the late star again while performing at Club Papi Factory.

Watch Ms. Rowland honor her hero with the classic ‘How Will I Know’ below…

A stunning showing, which really underlines Whitney’s impact on Kelly’s vocals (see: power runs).

We’re not sure what it is, but recent performances have really seen Ms. Kelly show up and show out on a vocal tip; particularly given that the odds -in many eyes- were stacked against her singing Mariah and Whitney cuts.

We’re hopeful it’s “this” Kelly which shows up on her upcoming new album. Because, as much as I enjoyed ‘Here I Am’, the album was moreso rich in its hooks and commercial appeal than it was in moments of true vocal brilliance.

Radio today may be flood-filled with barely-there vocalists, yet I say, if you’ve got it, whip it and work it! Especially when striving to stand out from the pack.

Your thoughts?


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  1. quanberg February 20, 2012

    Kelly sounded amazing, truly amazing love love love her

  2. EdwardPonton February 20, 2012

    Wow she killed 6:14- 7:58 Her vocals are soaring.

  3. Love Kelly February 20, 2012

    I think she’s up the duff. I’m sorry but…………..I spotted it with Bey really early on before 4 dropped there was a change in attitude, appearance and vocal. Bey started to glow just like Kelly has been the last few weeks not to mention she is starting to fill out from mid down.

  4. Alex Thomas February 20, 2012


  5. DC3 February 20, 2012


  6. @ZOEBOI954 February 20, 2012


  7. pat February 20, 2012

    she sounds good…kelly has her confidence back…..she’s the type of artist who’s vocals depend on it

  8. BAA February 20, 2012

    I wanna hear her Slay All The Man I Need! #Kelly Rowland..The Next Great Diva!

  9. BOOGIE BEEESH February 20, 2012



  10. BAA February 20, 2012

    @ X Y Z….Hi Kelly’s number one fan. I know ur dumb retarted ass good and i know u will b here to gossip about The New Diva N Charge..MS. KELLY! So gossip on f***** lmao

  11. geeeeeesssss February 20, 2012


  12. X,Y,”and Z” February 20, 2012

    @Sam —

    I had a dream: I went down to my local “Best Buy”, I asked the cashier where they kept the CDs and if she was a Kelly Rowland fan. Sam, she looked at me, then she turned into a Rowdog, hoped over the counter and flew down the isle towards the laptop computer section. So, I then went over to my local “Target” and asked to be directed to the CD section. Sam, the store then turned into one giant kennel: barking “Rowdogs” everywhere. I couldn’t take it – I ran outta there!

    So I ran to my car and then tried to make a hasty retreat (or so I thought). On the way home, I turned on the radio. I couldn’t find anything good to listen to. So I tried to turn off the radio – wouldn’t you know it, the roads then started to turn to “Alpo” and the car couldn’t move – the wheels of the car were all stuck, up to the axels, and just spinning: Dog food flying everywhere.

    So, scared witless, I got outta the car and started to run. But I just kept on falling down: up to my hips in horse meat! So I decided to swim, I mean, if I’m THAT deep, might was well, right? Well, I swam and I swan. Then, after sometime, I had to stop to catch my breath. Sam, swimming through dog food (horse meat) is back-breaking work! But, just as I caught my breath, and was again read to swim, a fish came up to me. He just stood there, looking at me. I said “can you talk?” He looked at me and said “you’ve been standing in front of the Whitney Houston CD section talking to yourself.”

    Sam, what does it all mean…??

    X,Y,”and Z” – “..this year, Halloween fell on a weekend, me and ghetto boys went trick-a-treatn’…”

  13. why you mad?i February 20, 2012

    She sounded good singing another Whitney song again. She even sounded better singing Whitney’s songs than singing her own.

  14. X,Y,”and Z” February 20, 2012

    @BAA re: Feb 20, 5:19 pm —

    Sticks and stones may break my bones but snarling “Rowdogs” can never hurt me!
    (..they won’t go down to their local Best Buy/Target to buy CDs neither)

    X,Y,”and Z”

  15. Craig February 20, 2012

    @geeeeeesssss that must be one of the dumbest comments I’ve seen in awhile … Have u seen how many artists have covered whitney songs in the past week?! And kelly is one of few artists whose not just jumpin on the whitney bandwagon and haven’t uttered her name in years .. Kelly just a year ago in interviews were talking about the inspiration whitney was to her … please SIT DOWN!

  16. mhud February 20, 2012

    show them what you gat maam.queen kelly rowland 4eva

  17. JohnVidal February 20, 2012

    I agree she sounds better singing Whitney songs than her own songs… but amazing??? Really? Hmmm…ok I see there are lots of people who still have not heard about the greats
    Love Kelly though. Of course she can sing. And she seems like a great and lovely person. Her talent is not that amazing though.

  18. Rihatan February 20, 2012

    Kelly sounds really really good. Keep going. We want ballards on your next album!

  19. MichaelAngelo February 20, 2012

    She does sound really good. i think her voice is better for that era in music.

  20. Geeeees February 20, 2012

    That goes for kelly and all them other artist not just Kelly! She don’t even do destiny child songs like that

  21. Yes Kelly February 20, 2012


    Kelly was asked who her greatest idol was on X Factor in December and she said “Whitney Houston”. If you know nothing about Kelly I suggest you look up some pictures and watch a couple interviews and you’ll see. Her whole everything is Whitney inspired and her tall, sample size, looking like a black barbie, classically beautiful with class and style likens her to only Whit (Donna was not the beauty Kelly is). Whitney was her idol. No bandwagon here.

  22. !!!!!!!!! February 20, 2012

    She sounded real good. I hope she starting to understand what kind of artist she needs to be to make a difference.

    I will need her to not do any more tributes for a little while. Pretty soon people will start calling her out her name for riding Whitney when its really not like that.

  23. lyric commander lee February 20, 2012

    ms kelly better work – you can look at her and tell she aint playin – this is the woman i stan for and will always stan for on her good and not so good days – she is still ms kelly – rowldawg baby!

  24. Collegegirl February 20, 2012

    Love this new confidence! So proud of her!

  25. K ANDB4EVER February 21, 2012


  26. 80sBaby February 21, 2012

    She sounded amazing singing How Will I Know. Omg, I thought the people who said she sang Whitney’s material better than her own were just exaggerating, but you guys are right! She needs to channel Whitney more often.

  27. Steph February 21, 2012


  28. MRDIVABITCH February 21, 2012

    Love Kelly, but her intonation isn’t good enough to sing acapella…

  29. X,Y,”and Z” February 21, 2012

    “Sounded amazing”..?!
    “Awesome performance”..?!
    “Kelly sounds Incredible”..?!
    “Kelly better work”..?!

    No wonder the b**** is as delusional as she is! (going up there KNOWIN good-n-well she’ll be inviting comparisons to Whitney Houston.) *sigh*

    The almost-40-something-year-old Kelly Rowland: Different day – same fail . Same fail – different year.

    X,Y,”and z”

  30. KD February 21, 2012

    @ X,Y,”and Z”

    Your spiel is getting boring, funny how you haven’t said s*** about your obsession, Chris “you wish he’d d*** you down” Brown, collaborating with that talentless hack (your words I believe) Rihanna yet you find time to troll every Rowland post.

    SAM: – I do not understant your need to post every damn Kelly Rowland perfomance…she really isn’t that great.

  31. K ANDB4EVER February 21, 2012

    @KD Sam post can post every kelly performance because there are fans that wants to see it like me…Just like you want to see every Beyonce performance. Anyway these last few live shows kelly has done she sounds really good live. F the haters that dont give credit when its due….

  32. Matty February 21, 2012

    kelly’s so awesome! haha, shoulda just done the whole song tho! i luvs me some accapella!!

  33. @antertain February 21, 2012

    Nice job Kelly!

    Destiny Child Chocolate Hotness

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