A Powerful Read: Cissy Houston Writes Letter To Whitney

Published: Monday 20th Feb 2012 by Sam

While certains sects of the media try to chew, dissect, and dismantle the unshakable greatness of Whitney Houston, here at That Grape Juice we opt instead to celebrate her life; one which touched so many.

And while the world in unison mourns her passing, the star’s transition will resonate with none more so than her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston.

An ever-present rock for Whitney in life, Cissy’s potent letter to her daughter (as published in the booklet for her ‘Home Going’),  tells of a love death can’t diminish.

Cissy’s touching words below…

Our thoughts and fervent prayers remain with the Houston family at this trying time.

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  1. Cockiness February 20, 2012

    almost cried reading this…

  2. BEEyonced February 20, 2012

    I cry.

  3. Shocked February 20, 2012

    Wow. Just. Wow.

  4. Lol February 20, 2012

    That was beautiful

  5. JohnVidal February 20, 2012

    I´m an atheist but I feel like crying!
    Poor Cissy. You gave the world so much bringing this gorgeous girl to life

  6. Spe3cial February 20, 2012

    May she R.I.P and my heart n prayers go out to her family in friends….it was very obvious @ her funeral that she was a special person and was loved.

  7. QueenSize February 20, 2012

    God bless Mama Houston. No mother should have to bury their child.

  8. Love and LIGHT February 20, 2012

    Whether you believe or not, SOMETHING prepares you for the transition of a loved one. I Believe just what Ms. Cissy stated: “I believe the spirits allowed you to come after all.” And I love the fact that what is reported is uplifting about Ms. Houston. There is no need for a downtrodden recollect of whatever it is people believe they may know about her. She was ours and now she is HIS. RIP Ms. Houston and God bless ALL the family to come together for the sake of all the children between B. Brown and Whitney. It is very necessary.

  9. Ad24 February 20, 2012

    Whitney Houston was the greatest artist of all time and NO ONE will ever compare! Her beauty, her pure voice, her powerful voice, her soulful lyric and the amazing way that she seemed to mean every word or note she sang, Singers tend to be great at one thing, Whitney had it all! … Love and music are Whitneys legacies, and love in music!

  10. dee February 20, 2012

    tears…just tears…so beautiful…R.I.P and God Bless her mum and family..

  11. kevin February 20, 2012

    Poor Whitney. She didn’t see it coming but Cissy did. Now I know Whitney was special. don’t need awards and album sales to tell me otherwise…

  12. TRUTH February 20, 2012


  13. Josh86 February 20, 2012

    I believe everything stated in that letter. If you followed Whitney, you’d always see Cissy in the background. She wouldn’t say much. She just wanted to let her daughter live her life because she didn’t know when the time would come. No more worries now Ms. Houston. GOD has her.

  14. BIGGESTAALIYAHFAN February 20, 2012

    That just made me want to cry. Wow

  15. coco February 20, 2012

    beautiful. beautiful.. I cried.

  16. MISHKA February 20, 2012


    Bye Nippy!

  17. Courtney February 20, 2012

    Cissy’s letter was beautiful and straight to the point. a parent is never supposed to bury a child before them. losing Whitney has been really hard for Me I’ve litterally heard her music since before I was born and been a fan since I can remember never mind that she was about 11 months younger than my mom

  18. Justathought (Azealia Banks is coming…) February 20, 2012

    Absolutely beautiful. I could never even imagine losing someone I have birth to, especially at such a young age. Just remember Cissy she’s in a better place. RIP Whitney

  19. blessedk February 20, 2012

    A beautiful letter, written by a beautiful mother for her beautiful daughter. Job well done Cissy. You did what God wants us to do and that is to “train up our children” as believers of HIM. That is the greatest gift a parent can and will ever give to their children. We love Whitney, but HE loves her more. Thank you, God, for all of the gifts you have given us. We are blessed.

  20. Onyx February 20, 2012

    So Emotional just like all Whitney’s songs.

  21. Shay C. February 20, 2012

    I cried & cried…and cried while reading this!! *smh* This made me 4give my loved 1’s that’ve wronged me b/c life…is short & nothing is for certain, but The LOVE of God.

  22. Jordan February 20, 2012

    Aw man this is so sad. RIP Whitney.

  23. grapers February 20, 2012

    I don’t have a strong belief in god. Quite honestly, I hate even trying to believe in any god. These beings seem to be non-existent for me. Yet reading this letter, I just feel good for Cissy. The lost of a daughter that you had just talked to 30 minutes before would be such a huge burden of grief to bear, to think about. If Cissy’s heart is comforted, I’m happy for her.

    I do tend to get a little leary on too much dependence on certain things meaning that a god provided it. What do you do when something devastating happens and there is no god to answer?

    Also I do wonder if human spirits can travel. Like did Whitney travel to her ? If so, did something interrupt her from going back to her body? Is it even possible? Well I’m comforted by her being comforted.

  24. SureYaRight February 20, 2012

    oh gosh this made me cry…

  25. deej February 21, 2012

    I absolutely believe that Whitney visited her mother. If you believe in GOD then you know that ALL things are possible. I thank God for loaning Whitney to us for this short time. Whitney began her career singing in church so it’s only fitting that her final appearance was in the church. I cried for days when MJ left us and now Nippy is gone…To the KING and the QUEEN…you were both like none other and we can only hope that GOD will eventually loan us a few angels to remind us of MJ and Nippy in the future.

  26. NikkiIsChillin February 21, 2012

    In tears. I join with Whitney’s mother to say ‘Rest In Peace Nippy’.’ It just so hard to let go. I continue to wish the best to Mother Cissy and her daughter Bobby Kristina.

  27. YOOSONDALOOSE February 21, 2012

    So beautiful… R.I.P Whitney

  28. B Lamont February 21, 2012

    Wow, just WOW

  29. Brandy February 21, 2012

    beautiful, just beautiful (tears)

  30. def February 21, 2012

    I remember my grandmother saying that the Lord never allows anything to slip up on her; she always knew when something was going wrong with us. I do believe that the knock at Ms. Cissy’s door was God’s Holy Spirit coming for Whitney and preparing her mother for Whitney’s transitioning.

    I understand what my grandmother mean now that I have children and one grand child if you STAY close to God he will never let anything slip up on you, he will prepare you before hand.

    The loss of Whitney Houston has hit so many of us in a strange way, as if we knew her personally.

    May she RIP, and may the Lord give her family strenght as time goes on.

  31. B_STANNING February 21, 2012

    God had to get a hold of me reading this because i broke down. This was powerful.

  32. Von February 21, 2012

    We’ve got celebrate those we claim to love and admire while they’re still alive. My sister sent me the entire program so now I can post it to share with all of Whitney’s fans who loved her through her trials and tribulations. May she rest in perfect peace.

  33. LoveHer4Life February 21, 2012

    Wow!!! That’s unbelievable.

  34. nippyfan February 22, 2012

    Tears but comforted knowing that Cissy understood that this was God and it was time for Nippy to go back home. Still can’t believe she is gone. RIP Whitney. The greatest to ever pick up a mic

  35. HANNAH February 22, 2012

    I cried reading this as well. My grams always said that if the good Lord was going
    to take a loved one that sometimes we would be blessed to know. I lost a Love
    to cancer and I will never forget it. I was awakened in the middle of a sleep. With my cat batting at a what looked like a little green ball bouncing around the room and next to it was a white figure. I jumped up and said his name and the while figure went out the window and the green ball went over my dresser knocking his picture off in the floor and then went out the window behind the white figure. I grabbed the phone and called the hospital and they said that he had passed about 10 minutes ago. I don’t mind telling you it was a blessed and different experience but I knew in my heart that he stopped to say goodbye.

  36. Shalonda February 22, 2012

    God Bless the Houston family may their love and belief in God be a cover of comfort as they grieve our beatiful angel Whitney….

  37. Melissa M. February 23, 2012

    CRYING…..such a sweet note, my heart continues to break for the Houston family and my hope is that they find comfort in the Lord as they cope with the loss of their beloved daughter, sister, mother. I WILL MISS YOU WHIT, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

  38. April Compton February 23, 2012

    Wow! Words can’t explain how I’m feeling right now:-( My heart goes out to the Houston family. May the Lord continue to be with you during this difficult time & Lord keep your loving arms around Bobbi-Kristina give her a sence of peace, for we know you won’t put anymore on us than we can bare. GOD BLESS this wonderful family! It reminds me so much of my own family.

  39. Pamela M. February 23, 2012

    I believe this with all of my heart and soul. The Lord/God has blessed me to hear the heavenly hosts sing to Him on the throne. Their music and voices are so amazing and beautiful. Words really can’t explain what their sound. On this side of heaven Whitney Houston had the most beautiful voice. I believe that she is resting in peace. The bible says ‘to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.’ I truly believe that Whitney is with the Lord. She is sooo happy. If God allowed her to return to this earth she would not want to do so. Mrs. Cissy Houston you will see your beautiful daughter again. God Bless you and your family. R.I.P. Whitney!

  40. Gina Marie February 23, 2012

    This is a beautiful beautiful love letter…you can tell it was written straight from the heart and like many others on here it made me tear up as well…for some reason Whitney’s death has been extra sad and troubling to me…. ….R.I.P. my fellow Leo your with your heavenly Father now.

  41. edith maletsky February 23, 2012

    TO CISSY; i saw you were born Sep 30 l933, and i was born 10 days later
    so we are the same age…..and i have buried 3 children, all died suddenly
    in different ways, different decades, and different locations…
    so my heart certainly does go out to you, Cissy……to have such a heartbfeaking
    loss at this age……my thoughts are with you as a Mother Who Knows.
    exactly how you are feeling. I wish you Peace and Grace.

    • DORIAN FLOOD January 8, 2013


  42. Gina February 23, 2012

    there is only love

  43. Tangela February 24, 2012

    This is a awesome letter! You are truely a strong God fearing women! She has gone to soon in my eyes but God timing is always on time! Love you Mrs. Cissy for giving us your daughter for a time and now she is resting with the angels on high!

  44. Z. February 24, 2012

    People who don’t believe, trust in and have a relationship with God and Christ don’t understand what peace and joy they are missing. The spirit truly does inform and warn you of what is to come– when you truly trust and believe. I am so glad that Whitney received such overflowing love.

    Even though her life was cut short because she again was falling back into sin–sins that God previously brought her out of, therefore it was time to go.

    See, when you are a BELIEVER and you fall into sin God will send messengers to point you back in the right direction.

    If you obey Gods’ prompting and turn from your sins all is well but, if you refuse to come out of sin after God repeatedly sends people into your life to tell you the consequences of disobeying God and to point you to God as the way out, then, after repeated attempts to save you from eternal death( your souls separation from God after you die) God will end your life to prevent you from going back into your sinful nature thus giving your soul rest with him and not with satan( the destroyer of souls).

    Whitney was going back into sin, drug use may have only been part of it. God so loved her because she loved him with all her heart that he took her home to prevent her from losing her eternal salvation that was bought and paid for by the ransom death of Christ Jesus/ Yeshua HaMashia.

    Even in the death of a BELIEVER Gods’ name can still be glorified. Whitney was blessed by God with a talent that was enjoyed worldwide so, while her death was necessary to stop her sinning, because of her worldwide recognition, many people were able to hear and receive the word of God who may have previously never contemplated a relationship with God and Christ.

    So, even in the saddest of events God is glorified and His name is glorified throughout the earth. The fact that her mother allowed the world to be guests at her daughter’s funeral was no accident. The word was preached worldwide on her funeral. Many people came to Christ that day-Jew and Gentile alike. Satan will never triumph over the believer who has put their faith and trust in God and Christ.

    We may never know what Whityney experienced in her life that drugs and alcohol was needed to help numb her pain. It would be a testament to Gods’ grace if her family did an interview with Oprah and revealed some of the things that Tyler Perry refered to in his portion of her funeral service also my heart is troubled by Kevin Costner’s statement that Whitney’s message to young singers would be “guard your bodies” when I heard that I couldn’t help but wonder if she was ever physically assualted early in her life or while on tour and we just don’t know about it.

    I think her private story might help so many people worldwide if there is more that we don’t understand.

    Anyway God bless her family and loved ones. Blessed are those who die united in Christ. Amen.

  45. Bill February 24, 2012

    Dear Cissy, What a truly beautiful and heart felt letter you wrote to your daughter, it really shows the deep love you both shared. I would like you to know how you have inspired and helped me also. I have been getting odd and unexplained messages my entire life. Always knowing the last time I would see a loved one alive, young or old. Always knowing when the spirits showed up to guide a dying relative home. Being visited by my relatives when they have passed. It has always frightened me and caught me by suprise. When I read how the holy spirit came to visit you when Whitney was born,( it gives me goose bumps and chills every time i read it) It was a revelation to me. That these messages had always been from the holy spirit and has brought clarity to me for a lifetime of messages. Thank you, Thank you so much for having shared this with us all! I am a 56 yr old disabled White male veteran baptised and confirmed catholic with 6- adopted special needs african american and mixed race A/A children who are all baptised catholics. From 8-18 yrs old, whom i love with all my heart and soul. The holy spirit lives within us all. Whitney was a truly special person. Thank you for sharing her with the entire world. May god grant you peace and comfort knowing she will be waiting to give you one of her warm hugs and to smile in your arms once again. Love, Peace, comfort , and joy to your family forever on.

  46. Moni February 24, 2012

    God Bless this Family! I lost my mom four years ago and that was the most devasting time in my life. Through having such a wonderful family and blessed friends God has brought me through it and God will bring this family through as well, I trust and believe in his words that comfort will come to Mrs. Cissy and Krissy keep looking towards the sky and you will feel Gods presence and Whitney’s spirit…..

  47. olivia February 24, 2012

    beautiful my heart goes out to the family, this letter left me speechelss and with watery eyes. we love you whitney and your love and light graced us while you were her and it will continue to beam on us through the sun while your with the lord. your love for jesus is very very inspiring and i know he used you to get aour ATTENTION and to regain our faith. thank you lord thank you ms cissy thank you for the anel you gave us. you will live forever with us. i choose not to read anything negative about you because you weren’t a negative person and i want to remember you in the upmost respectful way always. WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!! REST IN PARADISE

  48. SuGizzy February 24, 2012

    Dear Ms. Cissy and Bobbi-Kristina,
    Im soo srry for your loss. When I heard that Whitney was gone… it was so so unreal to me… I cried, “not Whitney!!!” I kept saying to myself… I still cant believe she’s gone. This letter you wrote is so uplifting, because we now know that you are going to be at peace. Bobbi-Kristina… you are who I worry about the most, how are you coping? I hope fine, I know it’s not going to be easy. Please look to God and the support of Ms. Cissy and family. I think about and pray for you. May Whitney RIP.

  49. koko February 24, 2012

    I teared up that was beautiful R.I.P Whitney we love you

  50. Lady Tee March 7, 2012

    Powerful. I believe in the Power of the Most High God. I believe that God speaks to us, and gives us in sight on things to come. Mrs. Houston my heart goes out to you and Bobbi Kristina, but I’m comforted in knowing that God is the source of your strength. Thank you for sharing Whitney with us. I will continue to pray for you and your family.

  51. sandra fox March 12, 2012

    I would like to address this to Mrs.Cissy Houston.. I am in a bond with myself and i am haunted by my own doings , I am not good with me .. I don’t know what is going on but what i do kno is that i feel the actions of my self control not being able to do it all alone . I find the people around me surpresses my self worth which doesn’t matter if they are not around but i do understand that me being alone is absolutely a lonely place and i might find myself submerged under my own water, but my tub isn’t big enuff i would drown in my drunk stage of mind that makes me overwhelmed with just me being out of control when my family is not there or here for me .. I don’t want to succumb to the anxious life of me wanting to live just for my kids.. i’m not a singer but i sing for the joy of their happiness, i sing because of tomorrow i will grieve for them because they are my children but i want to live because i am supposed to see them through their trials and tribulations.. ohh my Lord and savior give me the strength to make it right for me not at the end but for the beginning tshowing us (the world) your TRUEST BLESSING …”THE VOICE” o see me and my children through the clouds of joy for me to carry on for my grandchildren.. I want my grandchidren to say to me “I LOOK TO YOU ” in (WHITNEY HOUSTON’S VOICE) … Thank you Mrs. Houston for ur hand in showing us (the world) YOUR TRUEST BLESSING… ” THE VOICE “

  52. SANDRA FOX March 12, 2012

    My apology to those on my first note .. BUT AGAIN…
    I would like to address this to Mrs.Cissy Houston….
    I am in a bond with myself and i am haunted by my own doings.i am not good with me .. I don’t know what is going on but what i do know is that i feel the actions of my self control, not being able to do it all alone. I find the people around me surpressing my self worth which doesn’t matter if they are not around , but i do understand that me being alone is absolutely a lonely place and i might find myself submerged into my own water, but my tub isn’t big enough. i would drown in my own drunk stage of mind that makes me overwhelmed with just me being out of control when my family is not there or here for me. I don’t want to succumb to the anxious life of me wanting to just live for my kids. I’m not a singer but i sing for the joy of thier happiness. I sing because of tomorrow . I will grieve for them because they are my children, but i want to live bacause i am supposed to see them through their trials and tribulations…
    Ohh my Lord and Savior give me the strength to make it right for me not at the end but for me at the beginning to see my children and I through the clouds of joy for me to carry on for my “grandchildren”.
    I want my grandchildren to say “I LOOK TO YOU” in (WHITNEY HOUSTON’S VOICE).

  53. m October 16, 2012

    just mabe if she wood had let some one like her that she kept away just mabe god wood had let her stay god put the help in place but cissy lie kept her from not allowing it how much do she realy be leave in god

    • DORIAN FLOOD January 8, 2013


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  58. BohnB January 11, 2015

    Time Out! Here! 2015

    Whitney Houston—RIP
    No! No! No! Beloved Mother Cissy Houston……

    Your daughter died from a broken heart
    It started in the early 80’s……..
    In 86 she threw the ring
    back at him after finding out from a
    third party what!!! what!!

    He not being Man enough to come
    and tell her himself! Apologizing as a
    Real Must Do! and Should Do!
    Asking for Forgiveness…..

    THE ESCAPSIM….the drugs a symptom
    The cigarettes…..a symptom
    Bobby Brown….The Rebound Love…..
    from a broken heart.. a symptom again!!!
    Bobbie Brown always asking himself this question always!

    I wonder If Whitney was really in Love with me?…..
    Listen to him he always always asked that question…..

    It was from a deep love she had for another
    man that you the family adored and she was engaged to…
    He broke her heart……

    Some women when they fall in Love they fall deeply! deeply! deeply!!! and ever so hard….
    IT’S HARD TO GET UP AGAIN!! they be slipping & sliding!!!
    cannot get up….Some make it but wobbly and holding on
    Whitney RIP was in Love with this ONE fella

    Think Back MY Beloved Cissy Houston..
    She was ready to be married and engaged
    He Broke Her Heart…..That was when it all started….
    She was hurting, running and in denial (Broken Hearted)
    Her–Spiraling…started from that moment right there
    when that incident occurred……
    Symptoms were the ….drugs,cigarettes,
    Bobbi Brown a rebound love Not the TRUE LOVE…
    Strange behavior all symptoms of her death outwardly..
    Inwardly That Broken Heart… from that incident ..

    A Broken Heart Whitney RIP was never herself again..

    Beloved Mother Cissy Houston this is really for you..
    But this is communication today the world see’s
    this But it’s really for you …
    It was a Broken Heart Whitney RIP had

    Clive Davis Got It ALL Wrong…….Look out for
    My Letter to you on this….

    My Beloved Mother Cissy Houston, Ive been watching
    you since the days of Elvis Presley as back up a
    Singer….. This is coming out off my Spirit Man!!!

    You see Jesus Christ did not die from what man
    did to him..He laid down his life so we could live…
    That was the Plan from the Beginning to the End…

    He died from a Broken Heart! Because he LOVED US

    Thats why I say come out of the 1st ADAM
    AND COME INTO THE 2ND (SECOND ADAM) Jesus Christ!!!!


    He wanted her home and to not suffer from that Broken Heart!!!! ANYMORE….For the Heart only Belongs to him!
    and no other….
    So much So! Not even a HEART SURGEON CAN HEAL IT……
    My Beloved Mother Cissy Houston I ADORE YOU!!!!

  59. Adrienne Castle-Sutton February 10, 2019

    Cissy Houston Thank You for sharing your Beautiful Book about Whitney. I Love Whitney with all my heart. Thank you for sharing your Beautiful Daughter with the world!!

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