Has Madonna’s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” Tanked?

Published: Wednesday 22nd Feb 2012 by Sam

It all started out so well.

Backed by a mammoth promotional campaign, Madonna‘s “comeback” single ‘Give Me All Your Luvin” seemed poised to smash charts globally.

And yet, merely weeks removed from its release, the song is far from faring well in a number of key territories.

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In the UK, a market which Madge has consistently sold in, ‘Luvin” has received anything but that. Indeed, the Nicki Minaj and MIA assisted cut has only managed to scrape the Top 40, peaking at a lowly #37. A feat which sees the track serve as her worst-performing lead single in Britain, and one of her worst performing here full stop.

The single has also fared poorly in Australia, peaking at #25 on the ARIA.

Stateside, the track has enjoyed a somewhat better run, becoming the 53 year old’s first top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100 since 2008’s ‘4 Minutes’, after hitting #10 last week. Yet, backed by the epic buzz of her Super Bowl showing and a cunning radio deal with Clear Channel, anything but that success would have been a colossal disaster.

And yet with the effects of both dimming, many find it no coincidence that the track’s radio spins and iTunes buys have ground to an abrupt halt.

Which begs the question; just how successful is ‘Luvin”? 

In one regard, it’s served its true purpose of “advertising” its accompanying album ‘MDNA’, as well as the singer’s forthcoming tour – causing fever pitch anticipation for both. However, it’s also arguable that – given its “youthful” composition and lyrical content – the track has failed in its quest to cement her Madegesty’s relevance to today’s teen-dominated audience.

For yours truly, the track tanked before release, given the multiple flavours of garbage it served up. There’s keeping up with the Joneses, and there’s defecating on your discography – something ol’ Madge has done many times over with this cut. Unfortunate, as on paper, the trio of Madonna, MIA, and Minaj seemed like home-run and then some.

We can only hope ‘MDNA’ serves up better, serves up fresher.

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  1. Humberto February 22, 2012

    This song is so weak. She needs to release Girls Gone Wild RIGHT NOW!

  2. MISHKA February 22, 2012

    She played it too safe.

  3. kimberly February 22, 2012

    well like i understood the single was tied to preordering the album, so I think that it did just fine on the charts. IF MADONNA did not do her promotion like that then her itunes sales would push the single

  4. The One and Only Miss Perrylicious February 22, 2012

    it’s not a flop,.. other songs on that album will slay.
    Come on,… your are talking abut Madonna.
    she has a very huge fan base, and majority of them is not familiar with digital (iTunes) world.
    Just wait for the physical copy. 🙂

  5. NANA YAW February 22, 2012

    The song is a massive flop!

  6. LucianK February 22, 2012

    Yup, it’s a Rated Flop!

  7. YAAAS BOO! February 22, 2012


  8. KD February 22, 2012

    I doubt she is worried. She is still selling out arenas and that is where all the money is…let the Flo Rida’s of the world top the singles charts.

  9. Spunkypoop February 22, 2012

    I personally liked the marketing strategy and political logistics behind the single and album promotions (I get it) but at the end of the day if your song isn’t hot it just isn’t. I love the song and predicted a #1 hit due to the hype and clear channel back up not so much because I liked the song. Madonna did sound a little too immature and did play it very safe on that song and I guess she thought because she had MIA and Nicki Minaj on it that it was destined to go #1. The music video was fun and fresh to look at. Let’s not mention the Super Bowl in which she used as a massive promotional tool, unlike any other legend or artist who ever graced that Super Bowl stage. However, It did not work in her favor. Oh well, maybe it’s all karma from talking smack about Janet Jackson (lol) or maybe it’s just simply the wrong single choice.

    She is about to release another single, “Girls Gone Wild” which I feel isn’t a good choice…again she playing safe. I think she should release “Turn Up The Radio”.

  10. JohnVidal (RIP Whitney-true great) February 22, 2012

    It seems it´s her worst first single from a new album ever, both when it comes to quality and to success.
    The funny thing is that she did this to appeal the retarded itunes generation and failed while if she would have released a great and mature song she would have probably perform better on the singles charts. Who knows. Now that people are on Adele mode, if she would have released a “Frozen”, maybe it would have been better for her
    She is gonna sell the same amount of albums she´s been doing these last years anyway. Great first week and quickly fading (which is great, no other 53 year old pop star can do that)

  11. Fkh February 22, 2012

    Welp.. that’s what happens when you put Nicki on a track.

  12. c*** February 22, 2012

    well it’s currently #10 on the billboard hot 100… omg such a flop!

    no1curr about the UK, so sit your pressed ass down sam. bye!

  13. Lax February 22, 2012

    Madonna have still got it going on even after all these years.

  14. Nicole February 22, 2012

    It’s gaga’s time , I guess Queen gaga is laughing her ass out looking at this old bitter b**** who is doing shity pop music #act your age Madonna

  15. B Lamont February 22, 2012

    This is funny, cuz it’s TRUE. The song is BOOTY TRASH, but what Madonna is good at is stirring up hype and she accomplished that. It’s just sad that the hype was wasted on this horrible song. It sounds like a 2012 version of Hey Mickey…not a good look for a 53 year old.

  16. Davon February 22, 2012

    @Nicole-Yeah Lady gaga is laughing when her album Born this way flopped as well as every single off it.Madonna’s album doesn’t come out for a month and some change and she was no.1 in 50 countries. People were/are PRE-ORDERING the album. Her tour sold out in 20 mins. She had to add on dates. Which also sold out lol. Sit your ass down. Have you seen Gaga’s new stage? She made it so elaborate and theatrical so that you HA HA “Monsters” won’t notice that she has 0 TALENT

  17. Steve February 22, 2012

    I think it’s actually done really well considering how BAD the song is.

    This is the kinda track i would expect from Willow Smith, not Maddonna.

    Kudos to her for trying it, but stick to something a bit more mature IMO

  18. JohnVidal(RIPWhitney-true great) February 22, 2012

    I´d like to add that I hope there are at leat a few songs good-great on the album. Cos it´s looking really bad

  19. ThePleasurePrincipal February 22, 2012

    ‘Luvin’ sounds like something we’ve all heard before and I think for someone who is considered ‘innovative’ I think it’s a step back especially since it features Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. to try and garner their fanbase. Read into that how you’d like.

  20. Jasmine February 22, 2012

    I think older artists that come out with generic material do not get success. There is some kind of higher expectations on older artists to be innovative. That expectation seems to come from their fan base as well as newer consumers looking to buy something different than the generic blah that is dominating the radio play right now. With that said the song Madonna released was current and generic which is good to capture attention for a couple weeks and then fizzle away like all the other generic blah that is out now.

  21. KAT DELUNA FAN February 22, 2012

    1-She took a 4 years break.This s*** kills careers period,you dont take break nowadays,you just dont.

    2-She came out with a sound really taken for the new girls “Nicki,Gaga,perry..”,when you are a veteran you need a new sound or do what the youngins do…but better.
    The song sound just O.K.

    3-The song is not a flop,it’s just not a smash hit.

  22. Carl February 22, 2012

    Flop, 53 year old trying so hard to be young. Its flopping because she made us gritch so bad watching her dance to think if she’ll pop a hip out at anytime. Some ppl say Madge is killing other icons like Janet and Mariah but you have to realise Mimi and Janet still have intact careers that doesnt look like they are trying so hard to fit in. Janet’s catalog overshadows anything she does today and I believe thats good cause it just shows she was that damn good. Madge in the other hand like we know your the Queen of Pop, we know u brake records, so what are u trying to proof? All she doing is just making herself look like a damn fool on stage and with her current music. Her music hasnt been iconic since the late 90s. Stop f****** it up with garbage like this. Like we get it, your Madonna!

  23. Ass February 22, 2012

    I think the song is relatively successful. It’s mindless drivel, and the features feel forced.
    Here’s to hoping for better material from the material girl on the rest of the albums tracks.

  24. Popeater February 22, 2012

    The song is trash!!!

  25. itsme February 22, 2012

    I guess she thought Nicki would help her out…LOOOOOL!


    Maybe she should have gotten Rhianna or Britney for the track…and if she stopped hating on Janet maybe she would have agreed…

  26. therealest February 22, 2012


  27. YOOSONDALOOSE February 22, 2012

    Its true! It has charted and sold properly. She should be worried!
    She is becoming an album person rather than a singles person.

  28. Naudisweet February 22, 2012

    Massive Madonna fan, however I’m not here for her new music. I will be buying a ticket to her concert though. She hasn’t released anything good since Music. Madonna after the year 2000 is bleh. Her tours are great though.

  29. Annw February 22, 2012

    Desperately digging/reaching for negativity much Sam? Madonna is the epitomy of longevity. She proving she is STILL a force to be wreckoned with whether the single goes number one or not. Top ten is no flop by any standard.

  30. Onyx February 22, 2012

    Well the song is a flop on the UK Charts and the Australian Charts, however considering the quality. the song is doing well everywhere, is top 10 in the US the biggest market in the Music World, i think it has a moderate success, personal i don’t think the song deserve to be #1 coz is too bad and i like what i see coz maybe she goes back to make amazing songs after the results. Madonna is the only artist who flopping on a side and in the other side is successful, she make history in the charts with this song becoing the artist with most top 10 hits of all times, she is 53 years old and still she’s overshadows most of the singer of 26 years old, if you can’t destroy an old act in your 20’s then you not worth it, coz this are your best years, if can’t do that now imagine in your 50’s this is for the youngs like Lady Gaga ect, ect….. and i like Lady Gaga, is not that i’m mad because of the lack charts success of the song in some territories it’s just that some people on here are so happy like if Madonna’s career is over, please her name is everywhere when you open a book of Music and the breaking records that the musicians have made on the Musical Scene.

    Here is one of the reason why the song is flopping in the UK (the other one is because is so bad, hahahaha).
    In the United Kingdom, the single debuted and peaked at number 37. A significant proportion of download sales were discounted by The Official Charts Company as a result of a promotional offer that allowed the song to be downloaded for free if pre-ordered with MDNA.[39][40] The song had fell to number fifty-one the next week, with many sales of the single dropping.

  31. Arie February 22, 2012

    Not sure why everybody is suprised that is a crappy song and no one was amused when she started dissing Janet Jackson. She forgot one important detail that her fanbase is matured they are not into that BS. It may have been cute in the 80’s but not anymore. She would know this if she was hangÏng with people her own age.

  32. Kc February 22, 2012

    she is put in a higher standard so when she put out this song I knew it would not do well. This is something for someone in their teens not for madonna. She needs to wise up and put something out that is worthy . I love madonna but I am just being honest . The song was just to young and dumb for her standards. she should have known better than that.

  33. JP February 22, 2012

    I agree KC…when you’re that old with that much money…people expect more from you.

    And the song is just bad lol

  34. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO February 22, 2012

    Well, I don’t like it so I don’t care.

  35. jim February 22, 2012

    normally I don’t like to cheer when someone fails.

    but madonna ciccone needs to go home and do some crochetin or something.

    i am sorry madonna. but unless you are cher. aint nobody holdin they breath for you.

    this is harsh. but its the truth. you were ugly on the inside. and now you shrivelin up on the outside too. people dont like that. ugly old heaux dissing classy females just looks sad. you have to be attractive in some type of way

    we do not want you. bye old heau

  36. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) February 22, 2012

    The Singles Will Flop

    The Album Will Sell

  37. Remey February 22, 2012

    This is funny:

    Did Sam report Beyonce’s Run the World as a failure? Because it surely did tank. As a matter of fact….didn’t all her singles tank? Why would Madonna care? She is Madonna. If you refute this argument with anything else, then everyone should hold Sam accountable to his statements about how Beyonce not caring about singles when she “sold” albums.

    Madonna’s album sales are going to skyrocket. However, if they don’t, why should she be concerned. She has nothing left to prove. She is set for life. Madonna even said in her recent Brit interview that she tours and gets behind the music so she can “pay bills.” Even though she’s set for life…this just shows that she isn’t too concerned about making iconic statements anymore.

  38. JER February 22, 2012

    Um if you thought this song was going to do ANYTHING beyond the Superbowl, you are a f****** idiot. Madonna already had “Girls Gone Wild” lined up as the 2nd single the week before the Superbowl. The video has been filmed and will come out prob next month. Madonna used MIA and Nicki, the Superbowl, and her Superbowl themes video to get press for “Give Me All Your Luvin” and put herself back on the map. AGAIN, IF YOU REALLY THOUGHT “GIVE ME ALL YOR LUVIN” WAS A SMASH YOU ARE AN IDIOT. It did what it was supposed to. Not EVERY single is meant to be a LEGENDARY SMASH CAREER DEFINING 5-MONTH LONG hit. I swear these new f*** have no clue.

  39. Angel987 (BEYONCÉ STAN) February 22, 2012




  40. Jenissa February 22, 2012

    I’m not sure why people are saying it sounds like what everyone’s putting out. I don’t think so, it’s a retro ’60s surf pop-rock song with new electronic and dubstep elements. There really isn’t much out there like that on the radio right now. As for the promo, lots of pop stars have those promos where they play their song every hour. Let’s not pretend like she doesn’t. Gaga, Bey, Britney, Rihanna, Katy Perry and others have done the same. I think Interscope messed up by releasing the song on a Friday when it only gave it 2 or so days to chart rather than a full week. In the UK it did not do well because sales of the song were disqualified since they were sold together with the album (which top the charts in basically every country that has iTunes). Otherwise it would’ve topped the charts in the UK. She got a couple #1s and several other spots in the top 10 in many countries. This song becomes her 43rd top 10 Global Hit. It’s a hit, but not the kind of hit SHE usually gets (Hung Up holds the still-standing record with it going to #1 in 45 countries, 4Minutes also had a huge number of #1 spots worldwide).

    She’ll still do well and will sell out stadiums worldwide. She’s likely break the record she set for the most successful tour of all time by a solo artist. There’s no other female that has been in the business as long as she has that still has the kind of success she has. That fact that she’s constantly used as a barometer by which all the new popstars are measured and she’s still put head to head against newbies, says a lot of about her power and relevance. Haters can keep rubbing their hands together, but Madonna will continue to succeed.

  41. Jenissa February 22, 2012

    @JIM LMAO. Your delusion is astounding. Cher has been far less successful than Madonna (she’s sold less than 1/3 of the records Madonna has) with longer gaps between successful periods. Not only has she been far less successful, she’s also been far less powerful, in control of her career, and influential. She toured for YEARS on her Farewell Tour & made less than what Madonna did in a few weeks with a few dates! For the longest (’60s-early ’90s) she didn’t even write any of her songs and her former husband completely controlled her career initially. It only took Madonna a few years after she arrived on the scene to surpass Cher’s 20-year career (at the time). Cher has dissed many others, but somehow it’s only bad when Madonna does it (even if often it’s as a response to someone else’s disses)? Do you defend Mariah too for dissing others? There have been a lot of “divas” who have dissed others, especially newcomers, but everyone’s panties only get bunched up when Madonna does it.

  42. David February 22, 2012

    We are talking about MADoNNA…. I may not like the woman much… BUT she is over 25 years in the GAME….. There is no such thing as flopping….

  43. Jordan February 23, 2012

    Yeah yall stay reaching.

  44. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) February 23, 2012

    the single is a failure. by all means !

    give us “Girls gone wild” already !!

  45. Fabu February 23, 2012

    I feel that single is a lack of respect for her fans. That stupid song will go nowhere.
    She needs to change her attitude and be nice to the new girls and to the world.
    That “buy my concert ticket -$350- because I’m worth it” made me NOT buy tickets.
    Learn from Janet, she acts her age and in the end, she won the war.

  46. JJ Robins February 24, 2012

    The song is terrible. Its so immature for a 50 something year old.

  47. Chaz February 24, 2012

    Love Madonna. But the song isnt what I expected. Hearing the megamix of Girls Gone Wild , Luvin and Turn Up The Radio, I dont think radio will be spinning her this year. The lyrics, from what im hearing, of those songs ARE EQUALLY as generic as ” Lovin “……….The best track Ive heard is MASTERPIECE, and that is just alright…nothing special.

  48. John March 15, 2012

    IMHO – It’s not a flop
    Rather an interesting marketing strategy
    Although I imagine a high chart position was, nevertheless, desirable
    it doesn’t seem to be ( looking at the Album and promo as a whole ) the prime objective
    As I see it – The purpose of ‘ Give Me All Your Luvin’ is as follows
    1) To act as a memory hook – love it or hate it the track is an ear worm
    2) To communicate that Lady Gaga, despite being genuinely talented, is a fraud –IMHO
    it’s no accident that the song has a ‘Hey Micky’ quality to it – IMHO It serves to highlight the reductivness of Gaga’s’ Born This Way’ – essentially Madonna saying – ‘ I can be even more reductive than you – see!!’ ‘ I can copy myself – see’ ( drawing on her own past looks) ‘ I can apply the same strategies -see’ – ‘ Look I’m even on your Label – See’
    3) To cause controversy/ hype ( Gaga references/bickering) Madonna acting like she’s a teenage girl ( when she’s a 50+ year old mother) – i.e. twirling her hair
    4) Encourage people to watch her super bowl performance ( it worked) – pay a whack to see her up and coming concert ( will most likely work)
    5) Act as a loss leader for the album – 1) In terms that it was bundled to encourage pre orders of MDNA and 2) because most of the real music gems seem to be on the album ( album sales ( in terms of digital profits) are where the moneys at – For example, I have no interest in the singles but I’ll be buying the album

  49. polly March 21, 2012

    Its only faired a low enrty in the UK because the singles sold really well on ITUNES as part of a MDNA album pre-order. So the singles that were sold did not count towards the chart enrty. However MDNA is already NO1 in many countries on pre sale numbers.

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