Nicki Minaj To Jay Z : “I’m Coming For Your Spot”

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 by David

As a man, Jay Z is one of Pop’s more celebrated entities, admired for his music as well as his well publicized business feats.

The ‘Blueprint‘ for many a musician turned mogul, his rags to riches story is astounding to say the least- and now, find out why Pop force Nicki Minaj has plans to follow suit below…

Speaking to Allure Magazine, she explained:

I had a little conversation with Jay-Z at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. He said, ‘Congratulations on all your success.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I’m coming for you. I’m coming for your spot, Mr. Mogul.

With her brand going from strength to strength with every deal she signs, here’s to Minaj exceeding her own expectations   to fare better than any other act has fared before.

Indeed, while she’s got a long way to go before ever matching Jay’s success, there is no doubt that she is on the right track, especially with her Young Money agreement  ensuring she makes a profit from all of her ventures.

Your thoughts?

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  1. MISHKA February 15, 2012

    Girl, you’re signed on ‘BABY’ Money.

  2. MUSICISME February 15, 2012

    What spot might that be? Not nothing to do with Hip Hop… He has Talent… She does not…. *sigh* Nicki doesnt realise she is slowly killing off herself…

  3. Lax February 15, 2012

    Good for you Nicki, claim those things as
    if they was already yours.

  4. tyra February 15, 2012


  5. kimberly February 15, 2012

    lmao. jay z don’t sing nor make funny cry faces. He doesn’t put just words together in his songs. Jay z has an empire and a strong of music’s biggest mogul. Niki please stop …keep comparing yourself to lil cockroach and leave jay z alone. Do you really think you will last in hip hop until 42 yrs., you are 28 now and still using barbie for sales. b**** bye. i really can’t. Only one album released and you that confident???your fans need to pull you down from the sky girl.

  6. Natasha February 15, 2012

    NICKI!! i am a huge fan of yours but you just jumped too far girl. Int no way your can go for his spot because he is light years ahead of you hunn.. nooo way!!

  7. Lax February 15, 2012

    What ever it take to make money, the money do not care who owns it.

  8. drfenty February 15, 2012

    but sam….you slam rihanna for having a ‘360’ deal many times saying she is always short changed but turn around and praise nicky on her ‘360’ deal..

    and considering you have no idea what is detailed in both i find it interesting that you have polarizing opinions on them.

    and there is the simple fact that rihanna has obviously had longer running, larger more lucrative endorsements including fragrances, makeup, skin care, fashion design, electronics and more recently TV and FILM.

    EVERYONE knows your feelings towards miss fenty but can u at least be fair and unbiased once in a while?

  9. ImMadAsHell February 15, 2012

    Nicki, please stay in your lane, & that’s the pop lane of the music industry. I don’t even like JZ but I know he’ll do a number on you.

  10. Lax February 15, 2012

    Set your goals high and go for it, no matter how people try and
    say this or that just stay on that road of success and keep reaching
    for the stars. Just make for sure and remember that they talked about
    Christ. No one give a s*** about what many might have to say just stay the course.

  11. Queen Of Dragging [Hottie] February 15, 2012

    She has HUGE ego.

  12. kimberly February 15, 2012

    lmao if lil wayne and company cannot have the empire jay has right now, does niki really think she will take the spot. I really can’t with this new so called pop stars. I don’t think they know how to handle fame. first of all niki is a disgrace to hip hop. I must feel really bad for jay. after he adressed auto tune in one of his songs to bring hip hop back, i don’t know how he is going to address the downfall of female rap.

  13. JP February 15, 2012

    I’m not the biggest Nicki fan, but this just gave me life. Jay-Z is major overrated anyway. How appropriate for a female to challenge him.

    I’m not really feeling her new Music, but I’m sure I can warm up to Nicki.

  14. kimberly February 15, 2012

    @ lax, I understand what you are saying but you never set unrealistic goals. You set them and gradually reset and reformat how you are going to get it. niki has one album out, she doesn’t know the industry inside out. she is clueless. She can get a more realistic goal and when she has achieved it then she can come for the greats. Of all persons to come for. Atleast she can say some other rapper. she has crossed her pop lane and jump into hard core rap. If I were niki i would be afraid to even say that in an interview. I would keep that to myself cause first of all fans are not promised to you.

  15. Lax February 15, 2012

    They talk smack about Rihanna day in and day out about not being on
    his level, her level and all kinds of negative bull crap but many of the artist
    are stiill making bank no matter what. It’s not the size of the Boat it’s the Motion of the Ocean……..
    To tell the truth all of us are going to have to pay the same debt that Whitney paid
    and we too are going to get that final curtain call and the big ten four is going to be
    not how good we song, are how many Units of Music we sold but was we ready to Enter thae Kindom of God, Real Talk.
    OHHHHH And that book of Life will not Record how many Ass Holes Loved or disliked your Ass….

  16. My name is Tom February 15, 2012

    it seems like people have no concept of patience anymore. Nicki WILL not only take jay’s spot but pass it as well. Judge this post when she’s been in the game for 15 years people. She’s probably gotten farther than any rapper within the first 2 years of signing and she’s still considered to be getting a buzz. You gotta see the big picture people.

  17. My name is Tom February 15, 2012


  18. Lax February 15, 2012

    @Kimberly While i do Respect what you are saying but as a Little Girl
    Who is playing with her Dolls and dreaming that she want to be
    beautiful and have a real house like her doll house that is only
    dreaming, no one said that all dreams come true, but the least a
    person can do is dream, because you do not have to PAY MONEY
    dreaming , now do we.

    See in bibical days There was a great Factor that revealed itself and
    is still going strong this day and that is FAITH: Things Hoped for but
    things that you could not see. Sarah had Faith when she gave conceived
    and gave birth at a very old age. Moses had FAITH When he build that Aok.
    And dreaming & Faith goes hand in hand kind of to me and i might be wrong but i kind of was bought up to dream BIG, HAVE A HEFTY HELPING OF WISDOM & FAITH, OLD SCHOOL TRAINING.

  19. HALF AMAZIN February 15, 2012

    “Retaining and owning her 360 rights” is a VERY misleading phrase. In a 360 deal, the label profit shares, period. Sure, the percentage she shares, she will retain and own but no one knows what that percentage is. And to the people suggesting that 360 deals are for lessors think again it is the music industry’s way of life now. iTunes and digital music killed a lot of profit for record companies so they get more off of the artist. Madonna, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Nicki…….360! I wouldn’t be suprised if Beyonce’s contract has been renegotiated into some type of 360. That’s why you see artists selling everything in addition to music and some s*** they have no business like Justin Beiber branded nail polish…i mean wtf?

  20. DOLLBAYBEE February 15, 2012

    nicki u reaching babygirl but i’m afraid u need to stay in your lane cause longevity is something I don’t see your career having…

  21. Davon February 15, 2012

    JAY-Z IS NOT POP. WTF? who wrote this s***? “As a man, Jay Z is one of Pop’s more celebrated entities” he is the farthest thing from Pop. Ugh people who write for this site is so IGNORANT.

  22. Davon February 15, 2012

    And Nicki…SIT THE F*** DOWN.

  23. flawda February 15, 2012

    Jay-z success came from being himself and setting the trend. Nicki Minaj success came from not being herself and following trends(Madonna, Gaga, Lil Kim). It’s for that reason why i don’t think she will be hot in 3 years, she is not artist built for longevity, SHE IS A GIMMICK.

    Not to mention Jay-z has always been a independent artist and his own boss. Birdman and Wayne are gonna continue to push her gimmick and not allow her to have a voice.

  24. KAT DELUNA FAN February 15, 2012

    I agree.Nicki knows what she is doing,if Gaga made more money than Jay in a short amount of time,Nicki can do it too.

    Nicki is the smartest management strategies for black singer after Matthew’s knowles.

    A big part of Jay’s power is with Beyoncé. hence the “Upgrade U” song and the “you bring me just to compliment the deal” sentence.

    People keeps sleeping on Nicki to me.I am not a big fan of her music and i stanned for Bey but Nicki can go further than anyone if she continues.

    *Bow Dow *

  25. MRB February 15, 2012

    She really gets on my nerves but I dont think she was trying to disrespect him! I think she was saying in a HIP HOP way I want to be on your status! In my opinion it is possible because Jay Z has been in the game for over 25 years rapping so in her 2 year career she has sold ablums that can match his sales! NO SHADE!!!!! The only reason Jay Z has the money he has is because he is a very smart business man and he married Beyonce because other races didnt listen to him like that until his he changed his style and grew up!! Only the black community really supported him because Jay didnt get his credit until the early 2000 years when he was rapping since the early 90s!!! Not taking any of his accomplishments away from him because he is the MAN but over all it took him a lil long to get here!! She kinda walked in the game and really started a serious BUSS that people somewhat like! Im not a fan of Nicki but I do see her hustle for tryin to be bigger then music!!!!!!! If she keeps goin this route and able to continue her BUSS she could do it!!!!

  26. TWITTER.COM/SEAN_IS_ROYALTY February 15, 2012


  27. @antertain February 15, 2012


    Be thats a good thing. It’s good she has the drive to do it but that material needs a step in the right direction first.

  28. TRUSTORY February 15, 2012

    Its a little different Rihanna In NOw way played the same hands on role in shaping her Career. What made Rihanna A star was a TON of molding by people around her. SHe is Dope and has swag, that”X” factor, but she hasnt been that same type of BOSS from the Jump. Kanye said it himself. People want to dismiss her, because they dont like her. Well Lesten I dont buy britney Spears’ Cd’s but guess what the Chick is a Media Mogul. Nicki more than Any Female Rapper and really more than Any Artist in the Last 2 years has shown that type of promise interms of having Massive success. this is No brainer Marketing here. This Chick got on a Record with Kanye and Jay-z And Outshined them both. C’mon give credit were it is due.

  29. KAT DELUNA FAN February 15, 2012

    Lmao l am not a Nicki Fan at ALL,trust me but …Nicki never says something which is not ready to happen already (see her madonna song & superbowl performance).

    -Nicki started her label “PINK FRIDAY RECORDS” check her new songs credentials on iTunes & “make me proud feat drake” lyrics
    -Nicki is probably launching a new clothing line (see her connections with Versace)


  30. kitteneyez2012 February 15, 2012

    no way in hell that hapening theres only 1 jay z bless his heart

  31. Jennifer February 15, 2012

    She is so full of herself and it’s off putting.

  32. RDK February 15, 2012

    the level of ignorance on this post from these cowards are unreal,music didn’t mention in nickis comment she was talking about business,you all think jay-z built is empire off music only half of that is in mega business moves that he made and was successful at it,

    nicki looks up to jay all knows that,she have a drive and ambition and big dreams and she go,s ofter them,something most of you on here are lacking,she believes in her self and take chances,so you all can stay there doubting her an laughing at her saying it,s impossible,mean time she is there working hard at trying to bring all her dreams to fruition…but no surprise her coward will always laugh at a trier,i respect people with ambitions..f-ck naysaying cowards.

  33. DNJM February 15, 2012

    Y’all are reaching! She prolly said it in a joking way. But Nicki HAS ALWAYS said she wanted to be mogul. And give her, her credit. Shes jumped on tracks with almost all of your faves and was the spotlight of all her verses. Shes been signed for 2 years now and have NOT been off the billboard top 100 YET. She hasnt even faded a LITTLE yet

  34. Always love you, Whitney (RIP) February 15, 2012

    She’s needs to stop this foolishness. Taking kim’s spot is one thing but don’t ever compare yourself to jay-z. Wtf….

  35. SHESDUMB February 15, 2012


  36. Those That Cannot Do, Stan February 15, 2012

    Lol, hatred of nicki is f****** with people’s reading comprehension skills. That’s pretty funny.

    This isn’t labels, genres, music or personality. This is about BUSINESS, a topic sadly not understood thoroughly in the black community.

    The fact is Nicki has done more in the business sense is 3 years than most people have in 10 and she hasn’t even peaked.

    Nail polishes. Magazine covers. Tv spots. Clothing line. Personal lipstick shade with MAC + VIVA GLAM partnership. BRAND recognition.

    Nicki really could take Jay Z’s spot given more time because she damn sure has redefined the business game for rappers. The best part being she’s done it in LESS time. Absolutely no shade to anyone but how long did it take Kanye to come out with a clothing line?

    I can understand hating the girl’s music but you damn sure can’t complain on her business because she is slaying. It’s refreshing to see a black female withsuch a powerful internal business acumen.

  37. RDK February 15, 2012


  38. ehh February 15, 2012


  39. flawda February 15, 2012

    @ Kat

    Jay-z owns his record labels, his labels are independent. Nicki does not own s***, Baby and Slim own Pink Friday just like how they own Young Money. Wayne and Nicki gets distribution through Cash Money Records and get the title of being name president, but they don’t own s***. Why do you think Wayne doesn’t cake as much as Jay-z despite his artist (Drake, Nicki) sells all these records, because Baby and Slim are ripping them off.

    LOL at the idiots who think Jay-z is hot because of Beyonce, Jay-z is the one who gave Beyonce credibility after the whole Destiny’s Child fiasco and everyone hated her. He’s been successful way before she was even on the scene, dude had Rocawear, solo career, etc.

    As for Nicki, like i said she is just another flavor of the month type artist just like how Ja Rule, Nelly, Lil Jon, Ashanti, etc were flavors of the month. What seperated Jay-z from everyone else is his longevity and not relying on trends or gimmicks. At different points there were artist who were hotter than him (DMX, Ja, Nelly,etc), but he outlasted them when their run was over.

    The question will be what happens when Nicki Minaj fans either grow up or they jump on the new flavor of the month artist. Will she be able to adjust? What happens when the music business goes back to substance (Adele, Bruno Mars,etc), and lest gimmicks, how will she stand through the changes.

  40. YOOSONDALOOSE February 15, 2012

    LOL 😀

  41. flawda February 15, 2012

    Longevity > being hot

    Some of ya’ll are too caught up in the moment, hiphop fans have the attention span of a 2 year old. What they like now, they won’t like in 2 years. Don’t believe me then look at Nelly, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Ashanti,etc.

    Artist like Jay-z, Mary J, Beyonce, etc are rare breeds who stand the test of time.

  42. ehh February 15, 2012

    jay z cannot rap he steals lyrics just like his wife!

  43. KAT DELUNA FAN February 15, 2012

    Lmao Dont make the f*** laugh today @FLAWDA
    Jay gave him credibility for what? credibility ?
    So it’s because of Jay she performed with Prince?she performed for MJ tribute? she performed at the national anthem at the superbowl?She was doing promotion around the world when her contempories(Jay include) werent going further than the VMA? It’s because of him she performed at VH1 Diva 2 singles deep in her career?Please you dont know s*** about beyonce..and jay for that matter.
    Jay stans always has this credibility b******* argument but no receipts.The truth is Bey gave him credibility because nobody was takin him serious until 2002/2003 ..coincidentally

    Jay is hot because of bey while 50 cent aint because he was dating Chelsea.

    As for Nicki,she is going further than any rapper (male or female) if she wants to just like Gaga made more of her tour,won more grammies/VMAs than the other popstars.The same way Adele tied Beyonce she once called King.

    Nicki is apart of young money because being apart of a crew make you less vulnerable.Jay is somehow apart of a crew (Bey,kayne,rihanna,neyo ..) as well.Nicki is not stupid,she knows what she is doing,l understand what she is doing (l used to be a bey fan for years,l know what made Bey the top b**** and Nicki has that potentiel).She went for shouting out DJ HOLIDAY to singing with Madonna (no #1 single out) in less than 2 years……….She can pass EVERYBODY if she keeps up
    Nicki knows what she is doing.Sit back and Watch

  44. ehh February 15, 2012

    f*** beyonce and jay z they are old news white people love nicki minaj more than they love beyonce right now. beyonce doesnt deserve the 16 grammys she got and jay z was a biter he took so many lyrics from other rappers and if you take away all the samples he used you can tell that he cannot rap he just has hot beats like n***** in paris hot beat but stupid ass song .

  45. ehh February 15, 2012

    @kat you are making no sense and as for neyo he doesnt f*** with jay z or rihanna he has his own label liar! you sound dumb beyonce and jay z are the two biggest frauds out there yes nicki copies lil kim but jay z is just a fake gay fish.jay z is the antichrist calling himself hova and nicki minaj was looking demonic on the grammys like she joined the illuminat with that priest and she was possessed by roman just trash. these singers and rappers are going straight to hell workers of lucifer.

  46. ehh February 15, 2012


  47. flawda February 15, 2012

    Jay-z gave her hiphop credibility on Crazy in Love, you have to remember people were still blaming Beyonce for those two chicks being kicked out of the group at the time. Performing with Prince, came way after that when she established a solo career. You seem to have a bad memory for some reason, you are acting like there was this big demand going into Beyonce’s first album. All that nonsense you just typed about Prince, VH1,etc were after the fact when she got her solo career popping off.

    Jay-z first album came out in 1996 and went gold, his second album came out in 1997 went platinum, his third album came out in 1998 went 5 times platinum, fourth album came out in 1999 went 3 times platinum, fifth album comes out in 2000 went 3 times platinum, sixth album comes out in 2001 goes 2.5 platinum. He meets and start dating Beyonce around that time.

    That’s over 15 million albums sold at the time, starting Rocawear in 1999, owning his own label since 1996, discovering Kanye and Just Blaze,etc way before Beyonce popped up on the scene. Somehow she gave him credibility, spoken like a idiot who don’t know music history or have a revisionist history.

    LOL at Jay hot because of Beyonce, Jay-z biggest albums and singles to date were pre Beyonce. You’re gonna have to try again.

    Dude came into the music business on a business first mentality and being his own boss. He experienced success way before she did.

    As for all you’re other rhetoric, that crew s*** is temporary. As soon as that s*** isn’t hot anymore, then everyone falls off, don’t believe me look at G Unit, Death Row, Murder Inc, etc. Like i said, the music business is real cyclical and peoples attention span is real short. People will jump on a new gimmick soon, especially when Nicki Minaj truly isn’t a talented or timeless artist like an Adele.

    All these artist like Nicki, Katey Perry, etc are just flavor of the week artist. They are all interchangable as hell with their over the top gimmicks and Europop redundant music.

  48. itsme February 15, 2012

    Nicki you will always have BABY money…please #sit

  49. HOLLAND February 15, 2012

    Nice joke she made. Shame to see you all make such a negative blast out of all these things said!

  50. KAT DELUNA FAN February 15, 2012

    She gave him cred on her own song CIL but he could do it when she was featuring on Bonnie & Clyde? You dont make sense whatsoever.
    Going by your logic that Hip hop crdibility helped her to gain stans for a raggae second single Baby Boy ..please.Beyonce’s songs feat Jay are always more successfull than when she is featuring his songs (see Lift Off). The cred’ you are talking about,you dont have any proof or logical arguments to prove that point because none of bey accomplishements (ie her endorsements deals etc..) came from that b******* cred’ foolery.

    l’ve never said Jay wasnt successfull as a business man,he wasnt takin serious in the game until 2002/2003 when he met Bey.If Jay stans dont wanna ackonwedge that,l dont care.l dont stan for Beyonce anymore and l could care less.

    I am turning you back the argument about attention span,G Unit,Murder Inc it’s Roc Nation’s turn.

    Nicki is about to launch her PEPSI COMMERCIAL,only few big names can claims that.The lastest Black singer to be their spokeperson was BEYONCE.So yeah,l repeat she is going further than everybody and the Best thing you can do to Nicki is to underestimate her.

    I am NOT A NICKI STAN/FAN,but I can see it cristal clear.

  51. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    Your theory is flawed too. Street cred has nothing to do with being business savvy, becomin top dog which is Nicki’s aim, we all know white folks are the main consumers in terms of brands. I dunno what u mean by ppl still blaming Beyonce for dc shake-up, the group went on to become more successful n popular as DC3. So if they’ve been supporting DC that long, why would they have an issue when Beyonce went solo? She was afterall the lead singer …..

  52. london February 15, 2012

    O_o Can someone please direct this girl to a corner…by herself, and just leave her there!!!

  53. haterzstaypressed February 15, 2012

    You haterz either lack comprehension skills, or are just plain f****** dumb. Per Young Money Press Release:

    “The battle among labels to sign Minaj heightened this summer and finalized with Minaj signing an exceptional and very unique deal with Young Money/Universal, where she retains and owns all of her 360 rights, including merchandising, sponsorships, endorsements, touring and publishing.”

    Rihanna does not OWN her 360 deal, her label does. Jay-Z is making more money from Rihanna than Rihanna is making off of herself, period. She signed away her RIGHTS. Nicki Minaj RETAINED her rights, especially her PUBLISHING and TOURING which is where she will make the most money – much like Beyonce and Lady GaGa. You do not have to have a number one when your singles have digital sales in the multiple of millions (SUPER BASS EXCEEDING THE 4 MILLION IN DOWNLOADS. AS A MATTER OF FACT, ALL OF HER SINGLES FROM PINK FRIDAY HAVE SOLD IN THE MULTIPLE OF MILLIONS.). Owning your publishing, touring, and merchandise is extremely important and Nicki deserves praise for it.

    Love her or hate her is your choice. Underestimate her to your own peril. But you cannot sleep on her business acumen because at this pace, she will have hundreds of millions of $$$.

  54. JER February 15, 2012

    ThatNickiJuice ridin hard today

  55. MichaelAngelo February 15, 2012

    Boooo! She will NEVER see it. She’s not raw enough. She’s a huge made up put together product. I hate to be a ream snatcher but she would have to make some major modifications to even be considered.

  56. flawda February 15, 2012

    5 years from now we will see when 90 percent of these gimmicky and trendy ass artist aren’t around. At some point it will have to be about substance and that’s where most of these artist will fall off. Only so long before a fake ass, fake tits, and a over the top custome starts getting old to people.

  57. Another Star February 15, 2012

    Hilarious :-):-):-):-):-) GIRL SIT THAT FAKE ASS DOWN SOMEWHERE.With that STUPID S*** YOU PULLED AT THE GRAMMY’S.The industry dogged her gimmicky ass out for it too.

  58. kimberly February 16, 2012

    @ Flawda thank you for putting so many good points down. I have seenmany artist come and go and at their present time like you said were flavours and their fans thought they would never disappear. The biggest shock is 50 cent. JAy has been through it all. Rappers come thhey go, those hotter than him and more hyped but he still remained true to himself. There he is most respectfull rapper. Had white people running in the store to get his cd’s.
    In the next 5 – 10 years I would love to see these artist maintain these gimmicks. Niki is so business swavy yet still made only 6 milllion last year!!!!! Please people have fun with these gimmicks until people get tired of these techno pop on the radio. It will not last forever. To mention \beyonce the same will happen. Artist will come and go, but she stays to her root and will be there years to come. bravo.
    Niki will never see that sucess of Jay and those who come against that know nothing about jay and music history.

  59. kimberly February 16, 2012

    btw why can’t she go for lil wayne instead. I thought she was the female yeezy. What happen to him now. he is not enough for her. PLease niki. i would accept that if you were over a decade in music but you only have 2 years and one cd out. please learn from 50 cent and others. humble yourself

  60. Ja’mila Dior February 16, 2012

    Yess Nicki Claim Your Title & Don’t Worry Bout Your Haters Cause Until They Are Writing Checks With Your Name On Them Their Worthless.

  61. WHOGONNAMEBOO? February 16, 2012

    Niki Minaj isnt ever EVER gonna make it to Jay Z’s spot

  62. iSTANFORNOONE February 16, 2012


  63. DAMN SHAME February 24, 2012

    Nicki Minaj might be a good and know what to do to get money. She still is untalented trash. She can’t sing (auto-tune doesn’t make you sound like no Mariah Carey), she sounds like complete s***. Everything she talks about is disgusting and retarded. She makes no damn sense. She’s plastic meaning fake. I mean this grown ass lady calls herself a barbie doll. I see why this chick is getting attention though, you have to be half brain dead or death to actually think this chick is one of the best artist? if this is what you call talented please tell me what lane is Mariah on? what lane is Mary J Blige on? What lane is Missy Elliot on? What lane is Jasmine Sullivan on? please, let me know. Lady Gaga have some weird outfits but her lyrics make a whole lot more sense than this barbie doll trash. As for Jay-Z he is such a hypocrit. He disses Rihanna for talking to Chris Brown and being a bad example for the young females yet Jay-Z is praising Nicki Minaj. This half naked, no dancing, no singing, can’t rap un-talented ass. People really pay money and s*** to boost this chick up, she doesn’t deserve to be in the spot she is in. I dont care how anyone takes it, after that Stupid H** song she should feel every more dumb. You talking about she’s going to tone it down for the little kids who look up to her but yet she comes out with a song stupid h**. THIS CHICK IS TRASH. If you can get on Lil Kim, she can get it too. H**’S ! S** is what’s selling. Nicki Minaj is lyrically trash. If it wasn’t for her light skin, retarded looking b***, stupid ass cartoon faces looking like she has down syndrome ass she wouldn’t be s***. Probly sucking off the whole entire Young Money and everyone else in the industry to get some attention. These artist need to stop lying, take the beat off and listen to what this chick is actually saying.

  64. jensua gay dumaguit April 27, 2012

    i love you so much nicki minaj…….mmmhhhuuuaaahhh

  65. Vincent rex April 27, 2012

    Nicki minaj…..i always see pink friday in every write up attached to her picture….wats the meaning of that?

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