US Charts : Adele’s ’21’ Spends 20th Week At #1/ Whitney Houston Sees Sales Increase Of 10,000%

Published: Wednesday 15th Feb 2012 by David


As was to be expected, Adele‘s set at the 54th Annual Grammys has led to a boost in sales of ‘21‘, her latest LP.

To be exact, with 237,000 copies sold this week, it enjoys a sales increase of 95%.

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In at #1, the album’s 20 week supremacy marks the longest run atop the chart since ‘The Bodyguard‘ soundtrack’s release  in 1992.

With her Grammy stint only accounting for two days of sales, ‘21‘ is set to top the chart again next week, which will see it beat the latter’s record.

Elsewhere, Whitney Houston‘s ‘I Will Always Love You‘ comes in at #3, following the icon’s death on Saturday while Madonna‘s ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ rises one spot to #6, with a 44% sales increase since last week.

Returning to Whitney, her ‘Whitney: The Greatest Hits’ compilation disk is this week’s #6, brought on by a 10,419 % rise in sales in the space of four days.


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  1. ChristinasCOMING February 15, 2012

    That Adele reign just won’t let up.

    That mi amigos is what you call a reign.

  2. Theman February 15, 2012

    Simply astonishing………

  3. MISHKA February 15, 2012

    The sad thing is, Whitney’s daughter will never see that money, Whitney didn’t write her songs.

  4. now what now? February 15, 2012

    either America is really depressed..or somethings in the water. who else could possibly still buying this cd?
    I got it and haven’t listened to in since this summer.

  5. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    I think Adele is very talented but also rather overrated…vocally speaking her range is limited, as well as her timbrical palatte…
    Amy Winehouse was better in that sense…
    I guess that’s the advantage of being one of the only artists whose main thing is singing in the scene nowadays, but IMO compared to Monica, Brandy, Nicole, Jessie J and of course Beyonce…her vocals ain’t all that

  6. Teacher February 15, 2012

    February 15, 2012 at 12:03 pm
    That Adele reign just won’t let up.

    That mi amigos is what you call a reign.

    Y r u #Stuck on Rihanna?……I guess u gotta follow smbdy since ur fave ain doin s*** nd hasn’t been relevant since 2003………
    That mi amigos is what u call #Pressed

    Congrats Adele n Whitney!

  7. Teacher February 15, 2012

    February 15, 2012 at 12:28 pm
    I think Adele is very talented but also rather overrated…vocally speaking her range is limited, as well as her timbrical palatte…
    Amy Winehouse was better in that sense…
    I guess that’s the advantage of being one of the only artists whose main thing is singing in the scene nowadays, but IMO compared to Monica, Brandy, Nicole, Jessie J and of course Beyonce…her vocals ain’t all that

    I was thinkn this too…..I guess it’s because she’s white and has soul….*shrugs*…

  8. Gaga’s Army February 15, 2012


  9. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @ MrDiva

    Well… I’m half agreed by your comment. Adele is talented indeed, but she’s famous because she evoke that emotion with great songs & (may I say) no gimmicks/hype at all. She wrote her lyric/song (from her personal heartbroken) & spoke to the listeners.

    and also, Adele became famous not because she have a greatest vocal (ala Whitney). although she didn’t have super wide range… Her voice still great & has sumthin special/unique style.

    anyway… Congrats to Adele & Whitney <3

  10. NICK February 15, 2012

    now what now? either America is really depressed..or somethings in the water. who else could possibly still buying this cd? I got it and haven’t listened to in since this summer. I think Adele is very talented but also rather overrated…vocally speaking her range is limited, as well as her timbrical palatte…Amy Winehouse was better in that sense…I guess that’s the advantage of being one of the only artists whose main thing is singing in the scene nowadays, but IMO compared to Monica, Brandy, Nicole, Jessie J and of course Beyonce…her vocals ain’t all that

    I AGREE WITH THESE 2 SOOO VERY MUCH- PLEASE UNDERSTAND I AM NOT HATING ON ADELE, YES SHE HAS A NICE CD, BUT DAMN people? who in the world is still buying this damn cd?!?!?!?!? hahahaha she is NOT that amazing, I am sorry-

  11. L February 15, 2012

    Some of u are coo coo birds! Adele sh*ts Brandy and MOnica anyway. Hello. Brandy got outsung by a 5 yr old one time. She can’t sing high.

  12. Ass February 15, 2012

    . @Mr.Divabitch

    I agree with you 100%. What’s happening is quite clear. The “majority” alway want to see people who look like them do what others do, not as well.

    This is the way of the world. Thereis a certain currency that Adele, just like other before her, who are less talented( I.E. Vadge), who largely sell on this fact.

    They pale in comparison to many of there contemporaries. #fact

    I won’t say they don’t have talent. But does their talent equal the sales no.

    It’s not just the race thing, but that’s a major factor.

    Janelle Monae+ Monica + Brandy’+ Beyonce’s vocals>>>>> Adele’s.

    But who’s selling with mediocre vocals and music. And why?

    But good for her. If it wasn’t her it would be another. Just like Susan Boyle and Taylor Swift.

    Talented yes, but mediocre compared to their contemporaries….

  13. Ass February 15, 2012

    .. @Nick
    Obviously I co-sign your statement.

    @ mishka

    Bobby Kris wont see as much as if Whitney wrote her material, but she still will see millions. She won’t want for anything.

  14. ChristinasCOMING February 15, 2012

    @ teacher and diva b****

    We’ve had this talk before u stupid queens. Adele is reigning right now because she’s a breath of fresh air from all these manufactured s** selling gimmicks who only sing about s** and drugs. Adele is very talented and relevant. It’s more than what I can say for your favs.

  15. LaLa February 15, 2012

    & about Brandy, did she have super wide vocal range??!
    I need an enlightenment…

    I though her voice is raspy, cool & all.

  16. DRB February 15, 2012

    I’m an Adele fan but I don’t consider a powerhouse by any means. Vocally (and musically), Amy was far superior but I love Adele for what she is. Her strength to me is her emoting and honesty.

    Regarding her success, she’s selling so well b/c she has no true competition. No one else is singing and if they are (Jessie J), they have s*** music. She’s seen as an album and not just the single of the week. Who else can have #1 songs without a video and basically not promoting an album for 6 months. I still don’t understand why they even bothered for a video for SLY.

  17. xoxo February 15, 2012

    whether you admit it or not, Adele officially snatched your fave’s wig.

  18. Zevenen70 February 15, 2012

    did someone just wrote that Brandy is a vocalist? hahaha, i once saw her life, yes saw, hearing was not a good idea.. omg she better lipsing for her life!

  19. Gaga’s Army February 15, 2012

    Stupid Adele..her music is generic and so common. 🙁

  20. Dev February 15, 2012

    Really!? who doesn’t have the adele Album?
    I agree with some of the comments. I like adele but 19 was a better album and she also isn’t the greatest singer. I think part of her success is due to her sound being honest and old school against all this pop/dance trash

  21. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    Brandy does not have a 5 or a 4 octave range
    I think she has 3, maybe slightly more
    She is a low mezzo, maybe a contralto
    Though the timbre of her voice is not so deep

    BUT her thing is her harmonies, how she creates this layers of sound with the harmonies that her range allows, using the different parts of her low end.

    Adele is talented, good singer, but IMO she is not unique
    She is very much a mini-me of Amy Winehouse as Duffy was before she went off the grid.

    Adele does echo back to a certain time, the 60’s and 70’s soul/pop music
    Which a lot of people are nostalgic about, so that’s her strong point

  22. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    Oh and recently I listened to her “Rolling in the deep” studio acapella
    And was surprised to hear how she has SEVERAL notes that are really not pitch centered (kinda FLAT) specially at the end of the phrases in the first chorus.
    Kudos to her for not using auto-tune, BUT I wonder how the hell did someone approve that track and didn’t go back and fix those things either by re tracking or simply comping from a better take…

  23. Madge February 15, 2012

    People are right about me. If I didnt flash my cooch, and drain the young of their blood. I would have been dead 200 years ago!!

  24. tyra February 15, 2012

    people like what people like her riegn aint going to let up for a year i say congrats to her i love her music

  25. LaLa February 15, 2012

    ^”She is very much a mini-me of Amy Winehouse”

    I never think about that at all ever since I heard “Chasing Pavement”. The thing I like about her is… the swing of her voice, the combination of the melody & deep lyrics. + it’s different than the other dance tracks we heard on top 40 right now.

    & I don’t get it why you kinda irk that she’s blowing up right now. The God of Fortune is on her side right now. just let it be… at least she’s not strained & scream right? lol

  26. LoLo February 15, 2012

    It’s good that Adele is succeeding in an industry that is all about image and over-exposure, but in a way it is worrisome that it is still selling so well because nothing else is being released that can compete. The music industry is in a serious rut.

  27. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    I ain’t mad at her, I like her, I think she is talented, I think she is beautiful
    I think she is a competent singer, and I like her music. But I do not think she’s “all that” as she’s been hyped to be. And I thinks he herself knows that, as she is a humble nice chick.


    I ain’t no queen. I’m a princess…queens are too f****** old…princesses are young and pretty.

    And don’t even go talking about singers singing about s** coz I will list:
    -Genie in a bottle
    -Come on over
    -When you put your hands on me
    -Get mine, get yours
    -Still dirrty
    -Not myself tonight

    And boom g3rl you dead.

  28. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    And yeah, Adele is an Amy Winehouse mini-me
    Or at least very inspired by Amy…
    Just compare to the cadence of their voices, it’s a similar styling
    Same with Duffy…

  29. LaLa February 15, 2012

    Yeah I agreed she’s not “ALL THAT” but… what hyped do you meant? *clueless*

  30. Gaga’s Army February 15, 2012

    I really hope you can start reporting on other stories soon, TMZ. I hope Whitney rests in peace, but enough is enough.

  31. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @ MrDiva

    anyway… I find it funny. that you’ve comment about Adele’s vocal range & she’s a mini-me version of Amy + too much hyped around her… while you never mentioned THAT about your current idol *cough cough ga ga* xD

  32. Teacher February 15, 2012

    February 15, 2012 at 1:20 pm
    @ teacher and diva b****

    We’ve had this talk before u stupid queens. Adele is reigning right now because she’s a breath of fresh air from all these manufactured s** selling gimmicks who only sing about s** and drugs. Adele is very talented and relevant. It’s more than what I can say for your favs.

    B**** u stan for Christina..need I say more..#NEXT——–>

  33. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    Gaga has never been refered to as a “vocalist” or as “having an amazing voice” the way Adele’s limited vocal talents have been hyped.
    She is a performer and musician and yes she can sing, in the same way David Bowie was in the 70’s.

    That said, I do like Adele a lot, but for me she is in a similar league to Norah Jones, not Mariah/Whitney.

  34. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @ ChristinasCOMING

    please, think before you talk. or atleast remove your ‘stans’ name first bb.

  35. ehh February 15, 2012


  36. ehh February 15, 2012


  37. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    I wanna commend you; you always express yourself ever so eloquently in a dignifying manner. It’s quite a contrast to your username lol but you have your reasons. As for Adele’s reign, i agree about her vocal skills but i think she deserves her success. She dropped 21 in a climate where every one in the business was tryna channel their inner Lady Gaga. One of arm marketing that’s immeasurable in terms of response is HYPE. i know people who bought the album cus everyone did, now it’s nothing but an antique on the back stack. It’s an approach interscope used to launch Lana Del Ray and Rihanna’s team uses constantly. The difference with Adele it was absolutely via word-of-mouth. I believe Adele/ team had hyped 21 as Gaga did BTW, it wouldnt be nearly as successful as it today

  38. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 15, 2012

    Wow.. Adele’s album could maybe sell 30 million if she keeps this up.

  39. TOM February 15, 2012


  40. SARA February 15, 2012

    beyonce stans need to leave the post yall hate too much on everybody.

  41. LaLa February 15, 2012

    Grammy Sammy: “I believe (if) Adele/ team had hyped 21 as Gaga did BTW, it wouldnt be nearly as successful as it today”

    This!!! Her singles speak for themself. & that’s why I’m asking what Hyped is surrounding her? beside the fact; that people buying her record & the media covered that story…

  42. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    That Gaga considers herself one of the best voices in the industry does not mean the industry or her team have hyped her as such. Let’s remember how Christina just recently called herself “the voice of this generation” and said “I’m known for being a great vocalist”. It’s similar case…

    Gaga has never marketed her music or marketed herself as a “vocalist”
    Her music has always been about the production and the message and the glam
    Vocals have always been secondary. That doesn’t mean she can’t sing though, because she can…

    But Adele’s team have always made it about her singing, with the music being secondary…so for me that marks a difference 🙂

  43. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ Grammy dammy sammy

    MrDivaBitch is my Glam persona, in the same way Ziggy Stardust was for David Bowie or Sasha Fierce for Beyonce 😉

  44. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    Ah ok cool, i can imagine what your diva b*tch persona is like. God knows i knowa few 😉

  45. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @ Mr Diva

    *wrinkle my forehead of confusion*

    but isn’t that a lie what LG said in the article??! She claimed herself as one of the GREATEST voices in the industry! & ofcourse the industry didn’t reckon her as a vocalist with her okay/good vocals & all of that cool glam ‘surroundings’. *she’s a great performer though*

    on xtina could you gimme the link of the article? I haven’t read it yet*

    Ofcourse Adele’s team promote her as a singer… coz How else should they promote her?? but it’s not like them promoting her as; “Adele is the best vocalist on todays Industry” o,O Am I right??!


  46. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    Staying at no1 for multiple weeks is hype in itself. Adele’s hype emerged from her initial success which was based on the quality of 21 and the hype has elongated her tenure. Her hype is not a bad thing because her music spoke for itself these days we have producers comparing albums to thriller b4 they’re released n artists hailing their work album of the decade. The Gaga vs Madonna issue is an example of how fair weather folks jump ship based on hype.

  47. LaLa February 15, 2012

    anyway sorry i need a proof or link…
    coz bb, you’ve known for twisting a stories.
    *no hate just stating*

  48. Bey Fan February 15, 2012

    Adele is AWESOME….. of course when someone is selling like hotcakes, their talent comes into question.

    EVERYONE knows that Adele can sang……is she the best vocalist out??? thats a matter of preference.

    But regardless of what is said, Adele has definitely set the bar. Not over advertising, not releasing a bunch of videos, not doing a lot of interviews, but still managing to sell far beyond any of her fellow musician.

    KUDOS to her

    I still wanna know tho, WHO IS STILL BUYING HER c.d. …lol

  49. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ Grammy dammy sammy

    Well, MrDivaBitch is a futuristic music android infused with a human soul through a process of alchemy. Created to be the ultimate glam rock god, but its alchemy allows it to metamorphose into different versions of himself capable of different music genres 🙂 and his vocals were created (as if by magic) combining the voices of a deep bass and a high light coloratura soprano (again, by alchemical mysticism), and thus something unique and uncanny was made.

    That’s basically the main story of the character, I’m developing it further for maybe a full performance show 😛

  50. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @Grammy Sammy

    Ah I see… ‘that kind’ of hype. I thought the Hype created by her team or media.

  51. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 15, 2012

    ok,I’m not a fan of Adele(though I love 3 out of 4 singles of hers that are out on radio),but saying Adele is not a powerhouse singer is absurd! the girl can sing just as good as the best vocalists of our generation namely, 1)Beyonce 2) Christina Aguilera 3) Jennifer Hudson 4)*she’ll fit perfect right here* Adele i.e 5)Brandy 6)Monica(and maybe Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood). So my fellow HIVES,while i respect your opinion,i say let’s call a spade a spade! The girl CAN SING,but it is very true that her success is also heavily influenced by the mere fact that she’s WHITE and has SOUL (an obsession i’ve seen many peeps seem to have) Let the hate be for the lesser fanbases especially the TARDS!

  52. oh baby(b****** will deal) February 15, 2012

    oops,forgot to throw gaga in that mix of best vocalists of our generation,she’ll fit perfectly in the parenthesis in the #6 spot along with the idol winners 😉

  53. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    Here, I uploaded a pic of the article for you
    It reads…

    “As far as Aguilera is concerned, you can go ahead and call her a diva. ‘Of course. Hello! Do you know who you’re talking to? I’m a female, I’m very assertive and I’m also working on a show called The Voice and I’m known for being a powerhouse vocalist – and I’m sorry, but a GREAT vocalist”.

  54. Theman February 15, 2012

    Adele is a brilliant vocalist. She has a powerful voice with her own distinctive sound. She does not sound like Winehouse or Duffy both of whom are great. Adele’s voice is very polished and emotive. She is amazing. Brandy is good, but running all over the place with harmonies isn’t that impressive either. Adele also has a much better tone than Beyonce. Singing is about tone. Beyonce is a skilled singer with a basic voice. You people are retarded you ought to be excited that she has helped revitalize this industry. Adele is Adele. Thats what makes her special. Beyonce is nobodys Mariah/Whitney either. “Rolling In The Deep” was recorded just fine. She’s selling beause she has an amazing album, not because she’s white. People are just pissed that she’s in control while their favorites are nowhere to be found. It’s awesome to see an album doing this well again. Way to go Adele.

  55. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ OH BABY

    Can Adele sing as well as Beyonce, though?
    Of course not.
    She is good but she ain’t that good, at least not as good as she is HYPED up to be.

  56. Theman February 15, 2012

    Was Beyonce’s success due to her wearing blonde hair? It’s ridiculous. The girl (Adele) changed the game with an incredible album and thats why she’s doing so amazing, not to mention that she is very infectious and has a massive amount of charm.

  57. Theman February 15, 2012

    Adele has a better tone than Beyonce, and she sings as well as Beyonce. Beyonce may have a little more range but thats about it. Adele is far more polished in her sound than Beyonce is.

  58. Theman February 15, 2012

    People act as though range is everything. Alot of singers have alot of range but don’t know what to do with it. Beyonce is just another good singer. There is nothing spectacular about her voice. Do not try to act like she’s a blueprint for singing.

  59. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ THEMAN

    “Singing is about tone”
    That has got to be one of the most ignorant statements I’ve read in a while.

    Tone and its beauty or lack of it is ENTIRELY up to personal opinion and taste
    Some people go crazy about Fantasia’s tone, others think it’s annoying as hell
    Some people think Christina has the best tone ever, others think it’s dime a dozen
    Some people simply adore Beyonce’s tangy tone, others think it sounds like a bag of cats in a dryer machine.

    All those things are matters of personal taste…

    Singing is not “JUST” about tone…tone is important in that it makes a singer instantly recognizable, but it’s not what makes someone a great singer.

    So what is it that makes someone a great singer?
    Being able to sing IN TUNE, ON RHYTHM and in harmony with the musical structure to creative musical phrases and patterns to express. And that’s just the basics of it…if we start thinking about what makes someone a great TECHNICAL singer…we have to think about breathe support, resonance, range, register coordination, legato, agility, etc etc etc.

  60. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    And yeah, Beyonce IS a better technical singer than Adele


  61. LaLa February 15, 2012

    @ Mr Diva

    from what magazine is that anyway? *I rarely read her article since she always rambling the same thing* lol…

    & well my comment on that article is:
    that’s true though… she is one of the GREAT vocalist in her time. Just like @ Oh Baby said… + that Billboard/Rolling Stone magz that write she’s on top 100 singers.

  62. LaLa February 15, 2012

    LOL… @MRDIVA… @Oh Baby didn’t even said Adele’s voice/range/technical = Beyonce. Sometimes I just “can’t” at your comments. you sounded pressed even though you claimed to “I do like Adele a lot”. SMH

  63. Sterling Infinity February 15, 2012

    I’m still heartbroken about Whitney Houston…I find it hard to believe.
    If you see anyone hurting either help them or pray for them but above all
    don’t talk about them when they are down!

  64. Songscribe February 15, 2012

    In no particular order, the list of greatest singers in this generation would include Jennifer Hudson, Brandy,Xtina,Kelly Clarkson,Beyonce,Monica and maybe Adele coz most think so even tho i m not sure. You can choose your number 1, it all depends on what you looking for.
    This ‘bag of cats in a drying machine’ joke by @missdiva is funny as hell.

  65. JohnVidal February 15, 2012

    How is it four days of sales for Whitney´s greatest hits??? It is 2 or 3 only, from Sunday to Tuesday.
    I want to say The Bodyguards 20 weeks at the top were probably consecutive, not up and down for a whole year. Still Adele´s current reign is impressive. but I really want it to change now. We need more talented huge acts to compete with her cos she has it so easy now

  66. JohnVidal February 15, 2012

    I agree with @theman Adele is better singer than Beyonce overall. Same with Whitney and Mariah, why? Because their tone is unique, special, touch people´s hearts. Adele is more recognized with just one album all over the worls than Beyonce is with the long career she already has. My parents who don´t follow the music world are already touched by Adele, not to mention how popular Whitney or Mariah are cos of their voices. Beyonce… I don´t even know if they know a song by her at this point. And all are great singers, but Brandy, monica, jennifer… have not stunned people like Whitney, mariah or now Adele… never
    Still Whitney/Mariah>>>>>>>Adele don´t get me wrong
    What i want to say is technique and range is not all, emotion, sounding good and a special tone is what makes a VOICE
    And then you have Whitney and very few others who have IT ALL

  67. Jayla February 15, 2012

    U people must be teens…. Monica and Beyonce are AVERAGE at best vocally…. enough said

  68. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012

    @ LALA

    I just can’t at your reasoning…
    So Xtina is so great because a survey of opinions not based on actual vocal assessment but on personal preference says it so?
    I suppose Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra are absolutely worthless because they weren’t included in the list, right? And going by that list then one would think Bob Dylan is a much better singer than Whitney Houston. And of course, “greatest singers of all time” yet no classical singer was included…not even one the ignorant lessers would know, such as Pavarotti.

    Oh yes, that list is so accurate.
    Anyway…*fluffs hair*

  69. 9 February 15, 2012


  70. MRDIVABITCH February 15, 2012


    What does “sounding good” even mean? Because what can be good for you might not be good for me…that’s why music is not based on emotion (which is weak and imprecise) but math and science, and with science one can even explain why cerain music touches people emotionally.

    And about Adele being more recognized than Beyonce…
    Beyonce has more Grammys than Barbra and Whitney combined, does that make her better singer than them?
    Alanis sold 30+ mill of her third album, is she a better singer than others who do not sell that much?

  71. JohnVidal February 15, 2012

    I was not thinking about awards or sales. just how you can see people truly feels inside about cretain artists. Michael or Whitney are so great for different reasons that even my dead grandmother feel their loss. Hmm Beyonce is not in people´s minds when it comes to voice, Adele already is. Sorry
    Beyonce´s tone is not unique and cos of that she will never be better than the true timeless voices. And sorry but popular music being more about science than emotion… I think you got that wrong
    I usually agree with you but not today. Beyonce´s great technical skills can´t make her be loved around the globe cos of her voice. Sorry

  72. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    Wow he sounds lik the creation of a mad scientist. I dint know diva b*tch would be so multi-layered like you’ve molded him into be. Id def love to herre him take the stage lol. Are u/divab*tch on twitter?

  73. WRTP February 15, 2012

    I don’t believe this billboard chart stuff because first they said van halen”s album was way ahead of adele”s that she could never be able to top them it was already on record and that was just yesterday. but now they say she’s number one something is very shady here do we actually ever know if all this chart stuff is for real.because if her album been number 1 for 20 weeks than the bodyguard soundtrack should be 40 weeks because adele’s voice cant touch Whitney Houston not ever this is nothing but a lie no one in their right mind actually believe this.I think people really believe they just found the white version of Whitney Houston LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Grammy dammy sammy February 15, 2012


    Sometimes u say the most nonsensical things, what exactly is your proof that Adele is more “recognized” than Beyonce, whatever that means. She’s doing great n it shows in her numbers. No need for biased corroborated bogus statements.

    How can Adele be a better singer than Beyonce when she technically cant sing as good as Beyonce, thats like sayin rihanna is a better singer cus she has a “unique” voice. Beyonce is well-recognised for her voice mind you, thats the difference when pll say she is talented n girls like rihanna n katy perry are gimmicks. She doesnt need to churn out depressing ballad after ballad to prove that hence her versatility. Her voice in particular has been recognised n praised by legends incl Patti Labelle, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder to mention a few. Maybe u need to do some research cus ur view on Beyonce is simply based on your fondness (or lack thereof) of her.

    Emotion is a very relative term,u may not feel much from Bey but go watch her tour dvds, there are people in tears from just watching her perform, they feel what u dont feel as well as i and many of her fans do.

    And nobody is loved universally nobody not MJ not Whitney not Adele not Beyonce

  75. Ass February 15, 2012

    . @MrDivaBitch

    I love how extensive your knowledge of music is. I’m also loving how you are shutting the ignorant down.

    You and I both said Adele had talent. But when you make valid points on thus site people call you a hater.

    All the women we mentioned have better technical skills as far as singing goes, and for me better tone.

    People can be so basic with their analysis on this site.

    Sales mean your the best. Blah blah blah. Like we said Adele has her talents, but there is nothing astonishing about elevator music..

    ++And for the pressed. I’m not even a Brandy nor Beyonce fan. But I don’t let sales, dictate what my ears can clearly hear…

  76. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! February 15, 2012

    Why bring race into this? Adele is nothing like whitney… . van halen was predicted to be number 1, selling roughly 180,000.. but then adele won 6 grammys and sold loads more… Dont see why you dont believe it, just cause adele will break the bodyguard record.

  77. Small_Angel February 15, 2012

    Love Adele, Whitney and Christina Aguilera. Vocal Talents!

  78. WRTP February 15, 2012

    because they said that van halen was so far ahead of adele that she wouldn’t be able to catch up even after the grammys cause that sunday was the deadline for the scanners and the grammys don’t start until 7 or 8 pm and it wouldn’t be enough time for her to get ahead of them thats why I don’t believe it.

  79. Theman February 15, 2012

    Beyonce isn’t better technically. Herr stans just see it that way. Calling Adele’s music elevator music is very lame, does that make Beyonce’s music equivalent to strip club music.

  80. Ass February 15, 2012

    Once again. Learn how to read. I’m not a beyonce Stan so you can get off that. You can say what you want but beyonce is the better technical singer.

    Your disdain for her has blinded you to that fact.

    The fact that you addressed me as a beyonce stan, proves you comprehension leaves a lot to be desired….

  81. Ass February 15, 2012

    Also, you are very transparent. Out of all the artist that were named in comparison, you chose to only bring up beyonce. I wonder why.

    Look down and tuck it in, your hate is showing.

    I was here>>>>> anything sung from “21”
    Since you wanna get specific

  82. Theman February 15, 2012

    “Someone Like You” >>> Any Beyonce song………

    You’re the one constantly talking about Beyonce. By the way if u could read u would know that i said stans not u. Big difference. Learn to read properly.

  83. Ass February 15, 2012

    “Beyonce isn’t better technically. Herr stans just see it that way. Calling Adele’s music elevator music is very lame, does that make Beyonce’s music equivalent to strip club music.”
    Your words jackass! Now if your now trying to say you were talking to more than me, then you need to learn how to write.

    By saying “herr stans just see it that way” you were implying I am a stan.

    Also “calling Adele’s music elevator music”. Who else did that but me?

    You were talking to me, and because I called you out for not getting that I said I’m not a beyonce fan. You decided to change your tac.

    Nice try you big dummy.

    Any one of Beyonce’s ballads>>>> to any of Adele’s music to fall asleep to.

  84. Ass February 15, 2012

    Also hun, you really need to backtrack. I metioned 4 artist(beyond Adele). YOU are the one who keeps bringing up beyonce.

    Scroll back if your confused dear. my talking about 4 for artists and you picked out one to go after.

    Like I said your transparent….

  85. Ass February 15, 2012


    Check him many times you brought up beyonce. Lol! You’ve got jokes. I brought her up once, before, you started going off the rails!
    P to the power of pressed Hun?! 😉

  86. Ass February 15, 2012


    Check how many times you brought up beyonce. Lol! You’ve got jokes. I brought her up once, before, you started going off the rails!
    P to the power of pressed Hun?! 😉

  87. Theman February 15, 2012

    Sry Adele’s ballads are actually of great artistic merit not regular generic bs. Stans still is plural not singular, thus you need to learn the difference between the two. When i mentioned the elevator music and what u said that was two separate situations. Stans mean more than one. You means one. Understood? 1+1=2. Done……….

  88. LaLa February 16, 2012


    LOL here we go again… you’ve going deeper into what I said bro.

    My comment toward xtina article was refereeing to LG’s statement on the article bro. (please don’t dodge/take it to another discussion). *100 singers BS list aside* Many people/media/musician/vocalist (Whitney,Celine,Etta, etc) said that Ms. Aguilera is one of a great singer on todays music.

    So it’s legit that she claimed herself about that. & in LG’s case… she claimed that herself BUT without any backup from any media or other legendary singers about her being one of the greatest vocalist. But then again… it’s a matter of personal taste.

    Btw… You always rambling about greatest vocals, non flaws voice, this, that… And you being so dramatic about Adele’s voice range & hoping it will be like Beyonce/Whitney/Mariah range?!?… WHY Bro! She is what she is. Why need to compare her to others??? Because the HYPE???! What kinda hype you meant??? (I still waiting for a damn LINK!). If it’s about the charting HYPE… Well, people do DIG her music. Could you blame them for buying it.?? (at least her music speak for itself).

    And Please, stop thinking that every female vocalist/singer out there must have criteria to sing more than 2 octaves & to sing it flawlessly. I don’t get your mindset… yet you’re NOT a big fan/stans of Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Leona Lewis, J Hud. Lol (<– coz they are some of the best singers on todays music). Sorry but I sense that you here just TROLLING but oh yeah maybe that’s the inner/dark soul of MRDIVABITCH robot. Lol xD

    & Now it’s clear that your statement: “I do like Adele a lot” was a damn LIE! 😛

  89. Ass February 16, 2012

    Like I said fool you were referring to me. I’m fully aware that the s at the end of stans meant it was a plural stamens idiot.

    The greater point was towards me. Which is why you didn’t seperate the statements.

    Your entitled to your opinion, just as I am. So enjoy your “muzack”.

    My point of your obvious disdain for beyonce, was never retorted though, was it?

    Wanna tell me again who is the one who kept bringing her up?


    Check your neck.

    Done and Boom.

  90. Ass February 16, 2012

    Also do you understand what implication means moron?

    By saying only beyonce stans could possibly think she sings better than Adele, was a blanket statement that included ME.

    You obviously don’t understand English very well. I never said “stans” meant only me.

    Your trying to hide behind sematics, because you are so biased against one artist.

    Also because you know I am technically right about your blanket statement.

    Reading is fundamental. Learn the words you write before you use them, coco.

    Boom and pow.

  91. MRDIVABITCH February 16, 2012

    @ LALA

    I don’t stan for Beyonce simply because I am not a fan of her music
    But I respect her talent and consider her a good singer,
    in fact, a good technical singer.
    I like Kelly Clarkson but for me she is very hit-or-miss when it comes to vocal performance, that’s why I cannot stan for her.
    Jennifer Hudson…big voice and range, but very little control over it, she has pitch problems and she tends to have bad coordination between registers. That’s why I don’t stan for her.
    Leona Lewis…big range, pretty voice…but lots of pitch problems, breathe support issues, and her voice wobbles out of control when singing in the lower register…that’s why I don’t stan for her.

    Whose vocals do I stan for? Mariah, Whitney, Lara Fabian, Monica Naranjo, Ella Fitzgerald, Annie Lennox, Lisa Fischer…and to a lesser extenct Vanessa Amorosi, Anastacia, Aretha and Patti.

    So yes, I do compare everybody who claims to be “about the singing” to them.
    But I also enjoy people like Lady Gaga and Kylie Minogue, who are not vocalists but competent singers though ocassionally they can certainly deliver some amazing vocals.

    And PS: Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they often stink of s***. I don’t deal on opinions, I deal on facts. Unless a list is based on actual vocal assessment and not just “I like this person” then it’s b*******.

    And I already gave you the link, are you blind? Here it is again:

  92. MRDIVABITCH February 16, 2012

    @ ASS

    Beyonce’s coloratura runs in “I care” s*** on Adele’s entire history of vocal performances so far.

  93. Ass February 16, 2012

    . @Mr.DivaBitch

    You are just so on point. I’m not a beyonce stan because I haven’t liked moatbid her material since her first album. I don’t feel that alot of her material really challenges her skills. On a stage though, I can hear her real range and technical singing. On some studio material as well, like the song you just mentioned.

    Like you said facts are facts. Some people are so biased, there opinion is beyond fact, in their eyes.

    I love it. Because we are being honest means we are stans.

    What great powers of reason…

  94. Ass February 16, 2012

    moatbid = most of

    * sorry for so many errors. Typing on an iPhone.

  95. LaLa February 16, 2012


    that link is Not about Adele HYPE bro! ~____~
    can’t you read my comment???!

    & oooookayyyy at your reason that you’ve not a fan of vocalist from todays singer, but…. a fan of gaga & kylie, who rely their music on visuals & flashy image with an okay voice??? *rools eyes of confusion* & you also give them a pass about their vocal flaws just media/their team not Hype them as a vocalist…. I… See……… *rool eyes againnn* xD

    ALSO… why you still comparing Adele to Beyonce???! o___O!??!??! super SMH

    #I Can’t#

  96. LaLa February 16, 2012

    *nevermind about my 3rd line…
    coz that’s a replied @ASS comment.

  97. LaLa February 16, 2012

    *nevermind about my 3rd line…
    coz that’s your replying at ASS comment.

  98. MRDIVABITCH February 16, 2012

    @ LALA

    What vocal flaws are you refering to?
    Kylie can actually sing in tune while dancing, and live she has held a sustained soprano high C in operatic voice. Gaga also has very good intonation, and she has belted very clean G5’s live.
    Of course, they aren’t perfect vocalists, but I would dare say Gaga is on a higher vocal league than Adele.

    And I will look for an article hyping Adele, I remember one in Rolling Stone where they pretty much lick her asshole clean.

  99. LaLa February 16, 2012

    Of course, they aren’t perfect vocalists”

    & Why can’t you say the same thing about Adele?

  100. LaLa February 16, 2012

    *instead ‘digging’ that Adele is not that unique, a mini-me version of Amy Winehouse. her range is limited, as well as her timbrical palatte. she is in a similar league to Norah Jones… etc.

  101. JohnVidal February 16, 2012

    Hmmm please. when it come sto music:
    Whitney Houston>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce
    Mariah Carey>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Beyonce
    I was here better than any song on “21”??? Buahahahaha Please, pick any Celine Dion´s album from the 90´s and you have each and every song slaying I was here so bad that it´s not even funny ( and I was here is one of the best Beyonce songs ever, so imagine the rest…)

  102. Theman February 16, 2012

    Bottom line is Beyonce’s bubblegum ballads have nothing on Adele’s. Her ballads are so grea?t but nobody cares. Adele’s voice,tone >>>>>> Beyonce. Beyonce’s voice is bland. Alot of her high notes seem forced. She abuses her vibrato to no extent. You’re not a stan but everything Beyonce you’re defending? Sit your silly a** down. Most people like Beyonce for her performances not her voice. She’s a visual artist. Gaga’s voice is good but don’t go over the top with her. Kylie? Lol she’s cool so i’ll leave that alone.

  103. Theman February 16, 2012

    Meanwhile, “I Was Here” is basic as heck to “Someone Like You”, Adele’s songs are way more polished…. Bottom line……..

  104. Ass February 17, 2012

    I’m not defending anyone asshole. Stating the facts of the situation. I stated I dont like most of he material past her 1st album.

    But her skills as a vocalist kill Adele.

    Like I said look back and see who is the one who brought beyonce up. That would be you!!

    You still refuse to answer the questions I posed to you, because your hate and b******* over take your reason.

    Since you won’t reply to the questions posed. It shows that you know your full of s***.
    >>>>>> next!

  105. Ass February 17, 2012

    You sit your dumbass down. Don’t you Stan for Mariah? You really wanna go after beyonce for “bubblegum” music.

    Shut the f*** up. You prove how stupid you are with every statement.

    B**** please!!!

  106. LaLa February 17, 2012

    @ MrDivaB*tch aka Mr.Know-it-All: “And I will look for an article hyping Adele, I remember one in Rolling Stone where they pretty much lick her asshole clean.”

    So…?! Where’s the proof bro??! 😐
    You’re talking about “Rolling Stone pretty much lick her asshole clean.” & all the ‘false’ HYPE about her. but that JUST IN YOUR delusional imagination without bring any proof until now.

    now how does it tasted to lick your own ass clean?!
    if it’s yummy… Good for you! ha..ha… what a joke~
    *applause & leave*

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