Behind The Scenes: Teairra Mari Teases ‘U Did That’ Visual

Teairra Mari is definitely turning up the heat for her not-so-PG offering ‘U Did That’. Featuring rapper 2 Chainz, Miss Mari took to our friends over at BitchieTV to give the skinny on what fans can expect from the sexy clip.

Set for inclusion on her yet-titled, upcoming release, this cut is just one of many fans can expect via her new listing on Rico Love‘s ‘Division 1’ imprint.  We’ve already taken you behind the scenes of the song’s creation, now get into the behind the scenes action of the forthcoming video below:

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  1. Onyx February 19, 2012

    Does anyone really knows some of the artists on this site?. i didn’t know this girl.

  2. KAT DELUNA FAN February 19, 2012

    ^you are? nobody knows you 😕

    Go teairra,the video looks cheat,the previous video in black & white seems better.
    She was great in LHH

  3. Onyx February 19, 2012

    Kat girl i’m not famous but this site is about well known singer right?

  4. KAT DELUNA FAN February 19, 2012

    How do you becomes well known w/o feat on those blogs?

    All those girls out there werent famous before they become famous,people forget that but it’s the truth.

    Teairra is not popular but she is known is the urban community

  5. Onyx February 19, 2012

    Well i don’t know her is that a crime.

  6. DEDE February 19, 2012

    OMG da f*** is she wearing

  7. My Pretty Body February 20, 2012

    I love teairra praying she makes it BIG

  8. #TEAMROWLAND February 20, 2012

    AFTER I READ THIS I WENT TO YOUTUBE TO LISTEN TO THE SONG AND ITS A WIN!!!!!!! Pray that it gets its promotion …..

  9. WOW February 20, 2012

    Really?!?!?! Is she serious!!!! I pray that something happens….because her stylist and makeup artist needs to be Fired!! She looked totally crazy, WTH…fake silver bottom eyelashes!!! Cheap lingerie and let’s not talk about the weave. Hope you succeed but you need a better team.

  10. Dev February 20, 2012

    I didn’t need to look at the clip, the stills said it all. This girl always looks cheap and oversexualised and this is what i didn’t like when she first came out. She’s pretty and has an okay voice but thats where it ends. She needs a new team …. and some real friends because this look is a no

  11. Parisian Boy February 20, 2012

    For those who don’t know her, Teairra Mari was signed under Roc-A-Fella Records where she released an album. The first single was Make Her Feel Good in 2005. After that, a girl named Rihanna arrived in the game, and Jay-Z chose to fire Teairra from Roc-A-Fella to focus on Rihanna carreer. It’s sad, because Teairra Mari has talent. A beautiful voice and a real flow.

  12. ka$h February 20, 2012

    OMFG why the f*** is she now marketing herself as a glorified p***-star i mean i know times are hard buh she should not have to resort to this level.
    on a side note: she was perfect before why the hell did she go and get booty shots

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