Watch : Rihanna Quizzed On Chris Brown Reports

This week, a ‘very special’ remix of Rihanna‘s ‘Birthday Cake‘ is set for release, to coincide with her 24th birthday.

With reports suggesting that the singer’s ex boyfriend Chris Brown is to feature on the cut, Fenty has spent the entire week under criticism for what some are calling an ‘irresponsible move’.

Now watch what happens when she is quizzed on her  work and relationship with the entertainer, below…

It’s funny she’s trying to play it coy, when we  all know her team is behind this dirty ‘stunt’.

For, after ‘You Da One’ failed to break major chart ground , it’s no surprise cheap tactics are being employed to generate buzz for its follow up.

If Team Chris is smart, they’ll avoid Ms. Fenty like the plague, as any possible link between the two will bring on even more negative press for his cause.

As well as generate even more attention for videos like this:

Your thoughts?

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  1. D.Strock February 19, 2012

    I don’t see why this warrants any attention at all. How often have you seen some broundbreaking quote come from anyone being quizzed by paparazzi?

  2. talkthattalkNAVY February 19, 2012

    that guy is such a p****. alright what he is saying is true but honestly, have we heard of any other reports of chris beating a girl? no. so he learned his lesson. leave it alone. s***. the guy could have been more nicer.

  3. BadGirl23 February 19, 2012

    Is this news guy serious and wtf are they laughing at?? They’re acting like he committed murder. I don’t condone his past behavior and he certainly added fuel to the fire with HIS OWN actions but this ish right here is past insane and this is what’s on the “News”, wow.

  4. TurnItUpJust February 19, 2012

    Wow this blog is always on Rihanna’s d***, and is always dying it

  5. Aishaaguilerakeys February 19, 2012

    Well, it’s not like she’s going to say,” yea, I’m down for CB”. As for Andy Lévy, everyone deserves a second chance. I know what he did is unacceptable and wrong, but apparently peeps have started to forgive him.

  6. Boo! February 19, 2012

    Sam, gwarl….REALLY? Smh

  7. haterzstaypressed February 19, 2012

    TGJ, you cannot blame it all on Rihanna, for Chris Brown LOVES every minute of it. The BOTH of them are playing games to boost their sales and create scandal and drama. Chris AND Rihanna could have easily denied the rumors but they have NOT. So don’t just blame Rihanna. Stop being so damned biased and call it the way it is… both camps are being manipulative.

  8. Lax February 19, 2012

    Every one deserves a second chance, that is true but it seem that
    even though Rihanna & Chris have both moved on there are still
    those few a/h who want to bash the hell out of both of them. And
    even when s*** went down like what BB Did to both of them there
    still some of Chris fans who still give Rihanna that booth to her ass
    so even though we have seen Rihanna move on down the road in the s
    sense that she can talk about it and move right on, Chris on the other hand
    has showed that he get hot when they mention Rihanna’s name. If Chris
    & Rihanna has any inkling that this could be Career Suicide Collab. and
    they do it any way then they are the one’s who’s going to have to suffer
    talk that way and get away with it then what does that tell RIHANNA AS TO THE MIND SET OF CHRIS AND HIS FANS, Therefore if RIHANNA DECIDES THAT
    This is the way she want many of breezy’s fans talking about her then the ball is in RIHANNA’S COURT,,,,AND WE WILL ALL JUST HAVE TO WAIT AND SEE WHO’S RUNNING THIS MUTHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. mobwife February 19, 2012

    This bullsh*t is impacting Chris Brown and truly exposes RACIST AMERICA’S continued agenda againt him! I am very upset that the RACIST AMERICAN ANIMALS (country music’s resident W**** miranDUH lambert, who sleeps with married men, the evil man-hating feminist, etc.) have taken to bullying Chris Brown because they are angry he won a GRAMMY. Chris earned that Grammy. He is not a media darling and he worked his ass off to get it! This negative backlash is all because they claim he doesn’t deserve to be accepted back into the music industry after 1 fight 3 yrs ago, while of course embracing TRUE WIFE BEATERS: Richie Sambora, Eminem, Ozzy Osbourne, Jackson Browne, Glen Campbell, Rodney Atkins, Tobe Keith, James Taylor, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, Jayz and tons of other ADULT MEN in music, television, and film.

    In order for their continued RACIST agenda against Chris to work, they have to keep Chris and Rihanna apart. The idea that these two would record a song together means they can no longer be used as cannon fodder for the so called war on violence against women agenda. I think we all see at this point the damn aganda against so called abuse is total bullsh*t! They have to go back 3 years to make an example of two teenage blacks when just 3 months ago Country Superstar Rodney Atkins beat the hell out of and tried to smother his wife, Tammy with a pillow in front of their young son. Why have they not been used to discuss so called domestic violence/abuse against women? Why have I seen Rodney Atkins being applauded by the country weastern folks without regard for what he did to his wife in front of their child?

    I THINK ITS TIME FOR PPL (black & white) TO STAND UP AROUND Chris and Rihanna should they collaborate. The fact that these two young blacks are being singled out (especially Chris) makes me sick to death! If there was ever a doubt about racism in America being alive and thriving, look no further than Chris Brown!

  10. Lax February 19, 2012

    Chris and his team are supposed to be in the know just like
    Rihanna’s team is and if many feel that Rihanna need chris ro make
    her single larger than life then how did she make her other hits as bi=g and chris wasn’t in or on any of them. Chris is not bagging away and Rihanna don’t need CHRIS, DESPERATELY NEED RIHANNA FOR HIS COMEBACK THEN,,,HE WILL DROP HER LIKE A HOT POTATO ONCE HE GET HIS CAREER BACK ON TRACK AND SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES THST HE DID NOT NEED RIHANNA.

  11. D February 19, 2012



  12. UGh February 19, 2012

    her team is obviously behind this. they must be laughing their ass at all the foolish people who believe this nonsense. Even if she were to chose a song to remix with Chris Birthday Cake is so stupid. Next———————>

  13. Lmao February 19, 2012

    Anyone who beats a WOMAN does not deserve a career. F*** chris

  14. riri February 19, 2012

    If this is not true why can’t rihanna deny it and move on. The song is s*** to me but I am sure others may like it. Chris brown can go f*** himself, he hasn’t shown any remorse. He is not humble, hence: his tweets shows that he is arrogant twat.

  15. Lax February 19, 2012

    What is really amazing is how he won a Grammy
    but what is talked about the most over shadowing
    his Grammy win is what he said back to Lambert
    on Twitter that is really something, now this fewllow
    talking smack about brown man it is hard to win in
    the Industry. I know that Rihanna get her share of
    hate and rejection so i guess it’s true when they say
    getting bashed goes with the Business Aspect of
    I hope that Rihanna let Chris do his by himself and she keep
    doing her’s by herself that way it will keep down comfusion.
    That way Chris fans cn keep cursing her out and name calling her.

  16. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) February 19, 2012

    The journalist has a point. Chris and his fanbase can be very immature, I personally enjoyed the video and his sarcasm, even though I love Chris Brown’s music.

    And I just LOVE how TGJ is acting like they’re rooting for Chris Brown, yet they posted the video that, according to the commentary, shouldn’t get any more attention. Classy and not hypocritical AT ALL! 😛

  17. MissImpartial February 19, 2012

    I agree with you on the racism part. And do you know that Miss Miranda” I am using Chris for publicity to promote my single” husband honoured country star Glen Campbell at the Grammys. Mr Cambell is known for committing domestic violence through out his marriage. Maby by she should look closer to home before she talks about her Chris.

  18. VA STAND UP!! February 19, 2012

    TGJ why are y’all acting like a bootleg gossip site? Are y’all this desperate for hits now?! What was the point of even posting this? She didn’t say ANYTHING!! It was just a typical video of the paps harassing a celeb and getting completely ignored!
    There was no point in posting that old as video of that ignorant f*** from that racist network! Why the f*** would you bring up old drama?

    It’s blogs like this that keep hyping this s*** up! Nothing has been confirmed by either camp and y’all are reporting RUMORS like it’s fact! Y’all are like a music version of M** at this point! Get your s*** together already!

  19. Lax February 19, 2012

    They can’t keep chris out of the industry and even though he owned up to his
    Mistake and have moved from that dreadful night he’s a black man and he
    need to realize that each and everytime that little bell goes off in his head and tell him to act up he have got to somehow learn how to slient those demons in his head, period.

    Yes he made one mistake over 3 years ago but he opened that wound up again when he pushed are what ever he did to that chair, and they just added that to his
    record he had already. It is to many to fight and chris has a right to speak on things
    that bother and effect him i grant you that but there is a way to live this down. If he
    and Rihanna wasn’t so high profile artist then there wouldn’t be a problem but since they are then it is what it is. He was doing great, then he through that chair, then he got that under his belt and there’s word og=f him being at Rihanna’s Bday
    party and i don’t know but it seem to me that if they was after my ass for every little thing i did i would spare my own self the embrassement of being at my ex’s party
    and trying to get people to sign a paper saying i wasn’t there that don’t make sense to Society and trust Society has a lot to do with these Artists career goals.
    Then,,,He won a Grammy, what is wromng with him placing his Grammy on a shelf to look at and Ignore what is being said about him??? I maen while he do have a right and i will say it again I wished some B****** would try to make me not Talk! If he had not gone to Rihanna’s Part and if he and Rihanna had not had people guessing who was on her song and if he chris had not said a word about wwhat Lambett said then we would not be having this talk are this post.
    What would be happening next week if Chris had not gone to Rihanna party
    and had not said a word back to anu=y one and had not been mentioned to be the world schoker and suprise on Rihanna’s song,,, Hmmmmm i am curious
    to see how this one plays out since many of the mainstream Bloga has picked up on this and are writing and firing off about how they feel about the possible Collab.

  20. nicoyuki February 19, 2012

    I really cant for the love of God understand why you guise San for Nicki and try to clown Rihanna. She is a better artist then Nicki. She may not be the best singer in the world but Ms Fenty knows how to put together a hot album. Rihanna is sweet loving and down to earth. If you look at Nicki interviews and s*** that b**** always has a f****** chip on her shoulder. Or give people the side eye, she always likes pissed. And it’s really disrespectful. I never see that in Rihanna. It always a undertone with nicki.

  21. Lax February 19, 2012

    Rihanna can do hat ever and say what ever and she’s right no pain is
    forever but if she have worked this hard and want to throw it away so
    the next best thing can step right into her spot then so be it. Rest
    assured that there are many hot pretty things waiting in the shadows
    to fill her spot and take that spot that Rihanna is in now for their own
    spot and they will be laughing all the way to the bank. Rihanna had better
    realize that there are many people who want her Ass off the Stage and out of the Spotlight and they will give their eye tooth for her to be gone forever. People in
    the entertainment Indusrty or often time Ruthless and very cold blooded and don’t
    give a dam about artist who don’t see eye to eye with them, they will do what it
    take to get you out of the equation.

  22. mobwife February 19, 2012


    You sound like a damn fool! You honestly think Chris Brown enjoys racist attacks against him? GTFOHWTBS

    Well when are these same ppl going to hold men in other genre’s of music that don’t share CB’s skin color to the same level of abuse so they too can enjoy all the attention? And what is there to deny if they are indeed working on two joint projects as has been intimated?

  23. Lax February 19, 2012

    There’s Racist all over the place and there’s
    noting wrong with firing back at their asses
    when they come after you.

  24. Borilove February 19, 2012

    The question is, is this move good for their career,specially Rihannas? cause if this turn out to be Bad, its gonna really Hurt Rihannas career. Is this move necessary?? Will see..

  25. zania February 19, 2012

    @mobboss I agree with the racist comment you made.
    I think its necessary for Rihanna and CB to do this song together, so the media will leave CB alone about the 2009 incident, it will show the world that they have moved on and she has forgiven him so why are you so mad. CB has a girlfriend, so I think they are trying to make a point, that neither Rihanna and CB can move on unless the media moves on. Rihanna fans doesn’t see what she is trying to do, they are so mad that he might be on the song and not looking at the statement she is trying to make. When the media attacks CB about the 2009 incident, all it does is have Rihanna to have to re- live the incident all over again, she can’t move on,when all she hear about is the attacks against CB. The media really doesn’t care about Rihanna, they just care about a juicy story and using the 2009 incident to attack CB and using it as a cover up for DV. They really don’t care about DV, because they would be focus on all the other celebrities who are involved with DV situations. Rihanna and CB is a go cover up for hidden racism for people can leash their hatred onto without people questioning it, because they can use the excuse that its not racism its about protection for all women, and we know that isn’t true because they could’ve use all the other celebrities as subjects in DV case not just CB.

  26. mobwife February 19, 2012


    Sweetie, I can agree with you in part but let’s stop playing games here! He is a very young man who had 1 fight with Rihanna 3 years ago. Let’s not continue to pretend that 2 ppl were not actively engaged in that 1 fight. They were both very young and the mistake they made had nothing to do with the rst of us! The only reason racist america is bring this s*** up is because they cannot figure out how to stop him. ACCORDING TO THEM, they were suppose to say when he could return and under what circumstances. Chris didn’t wait on them AT ALL! He is part of the D.I.Y. generation. He networked online with fans, industry cohorts and brought his own career back from the brink. THEN had the NERVE to walk away with the most PRESTIGIOUS AWARD in the music industry a GRAMMY!

    These folks are beside themselves with anger! He achieved all of this witout their knowledge, blessing or concent! This recent weeks worth of attcks had nothing to do with a tweet he had the right to send (WE ARE A FREE PPL RIGHT? SLAVERY IS OVER RIGHT?). He has been relentless attacked just because he WON A GRAMMY. Country music’s resident dosen’t know CB from a can of paint and could give less than a damn about Rihanna. That s*** simply want sell a record using the 2 of them and their hardship form 3 yrs ago. If ppl sit around and allow these racist attacks to continue, and they kill, maim or injury CB then WTF are ppl going to say or do then? Also, who has the right to follow any young person so closely to lay and wait on them to say or do something that they can exploit. These ppl don;t want him in the industry. How can ppl based on principle only allow this BS to continue? Now they can dictate which R&B artists can or cannot be in the music industry and which one deserves what for black folks? WTF is this? REALLY?

  27. Teacher February 19, 2012

    Lol that was funny!

  28. JER February 19, 2012

    ???? Yes, ThatFLOPJuice knows everything. And yes, of course it was Rihanna’s Team even having Chris Brown’s name in their mouth. Don’t get me STARTED on using peoples names ot get attention. Don’t MAKE me go in on your fave using her pregnancy, her baby, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Michael Jackson dying, Etta James dying, and Whitney Houston dying to try and keep her name in the press.

  29. Steph February 19, 2012

    I hate FoX news!

  30. mobwife February 19, 2012


    LOL, YES! MiranDUH, Country Music’s RESIDENT W**** who has literally screwed her way through the country music world (literally), has the nerve to flap her gums. Glen Campbell boot-kicked and stomped his way on a regular basis through the head of county great Tanya Tucker. He even knocked out her two front teeth during one of his many domestic violence episodes! Yet Country Music’s RESIDENT W**** has the nerve to jump genre’s, ethnicities, and age to attack 22-year-old Chris Brown about one fight he had with Rihanna THREE YEARS AGO? WHAT THE F*CK? But when you have no black leadership a trick like this one can do and say whatever she wants I guess!

    To top that off, this is the same s*** that sleep with SEVERAL MAARIED MEN, the last being her current husband who left his pregnant wife for her trampy tail! Now what type of woman claims to be a “supporter of women” but turns around and stabs another woman in the damn back? MiranDUH is truly Country Music’s RESIDENT W****……psss, PASS IT ON! 🙂

  31. Lax February 19, 2012

    To be truthful i don’t give a fukkkkk about rehashing what happened long ago as long as rihanna did not get Killed and she is still with us i am happy for that> And none
    of us and i mean not a single fukkkkin soul know who passed the first lick and if i had been Rihanna and chris was my man trying to be bickel dam slick fukkkkkin everything in a skirt and his bytch had been calling and i saw her name come up i would have bopped his fukkkkkin ass too, don’t even try and fukkkkkin think that any of you know who throwed the first punch, it don’t matter a fukkkk brcause as all of you can see the BILLBOARD & OTHER Entityies are threating Rihanna’s Ass big time if she go along with this Collab. And she and Chris both will lose not those of you who are typing they will lose.

    When you see that many in the Industry are trying to give Rihanna fair warning and
    if she goes ahead with this we will all see together, now want wr. And stop trying to put words in my fukkkkkin mouth you dirty bytches who hate on Rihanna with a passion because i can look through the b’s and see it for what it is.
    And another thing you nor me can stop people from doing what they want to do now can we? tHERE ARE MANY rACIST OUT THER AND there are many ass holes who want that incident to be RIHANNA’S FAULT AND SHE HAD BETTER SEE THAT BEFORE SHE LOSE IT ALL AND HER MAIN SONG THEN WILL BE,,,,WHITNEY’S ALMOST HAD IT ALL IN BEHIND A FELON! Many like me want
    NAMES AND SAYING THAT SHE HIT CHRIS FIRST WILL NOT ERASE HIS PASS OR THE STUPID ass thing he have done since that dreadful night and cursing the world out is not going to clear him and what him being on her song is going to do is to fukkkkk her career up and there want be jack s*** any of you nor me and the navy can do.AND THERE’S NO USE IN TRYING TO REASON WITH A/H BECAUSE MANY WANT RIHANNA TO BE THE LOOSER AND THEY WANT TO TRY AND MAKE CHRIS THE VICTIM, CARRY ON BECAUSE WE ARE GOING TO RIDE THIS WAVE UNTIL IT GO OUT TO SEA. DO NOT TRY AND TELL ME NOR THE NAVY WHAT HAPPEN BECAUSE YOUR FULLLLLIN ASSES WAS NOT THERE UNLESS YOU WAS RIDING ON RIHANNA’S G-STRING…

  32. haterzstaypressed February 19, 2012

    @mobwife Let us get one thing str8… If Chris Brown and Rihanna wanted this type of publicity to end, then their childish asses would put a stop to it. Do they? F*** no they don’t. You got Chris Brown acting like a f****** kid popping off on Twitter to some WHITE chick knowing damn well the world is watching him. They WANT him to make a mistake so they can castigate him as the big black OJ Simpson of his generation. Chris Brown plays INTO this s*** because he has anger issues. His mama even popped off on his ass wanting him to grow up. Why feed into the stereotype when you don’t have to? So STFU with all that booty chatter because I am NOT the one to come at. I’m not against Chris Brown but I am NOT going to excuse his infantile behavior. END OF THAT DISCUSSION. NEXT.

    Rihanna needs also to sit her ho ass down too. Her hyper-sexual antics and her thinking she’s the baddest b**** is tiring. All this “F*** YEAH DON’T CARE” attitude will find her in the same position as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and everyone else in the “27” club – which is DEAD for no damn good reason. The weed smoking, the drinking, the f******, the partying, the d**** shopping – all stunt queen antics that will catch up to her ass if she doesn’t STOP.

    The both of these kids need to fall the f*** back and stop giving folks reasons to hate on them and diss them. If she does a duet with Chris Brown the BOTH of their careers ARE OVER. It proves that she used his ass all along – and it proves that he’s a f****** idiot that abuses women. They need to either COP TO THIS STUPID DUET OR DENY IT, but stop playing f****** games.

    So f****** childish. I’m not a Beyonce fan but I may very well change my stance toward her. At least she’s stayed out of trouble, worked hard, got married, and had a baby.


  33. Lax February 19, 2012


  34. mobwife February 19, 2012


    You sound insane! You men is not continously begging for forgiveness and crawling around on his hands and knees to these fools? Funny when you stand erect on your own two feet with little regard for what the so called popular media has to say then you are an UPPITY….. ARROGANT…..UNREPENTANT …..NEGRO WHO AS COUNTRY MUSIC’S RESIDENT W**** SAID” needs to be put back in his place by the barrel of a gun”

    You sound crazy! When Eminem, Glen Campbell, Charlie Sheen, Mickey Rourke, Rodney Atkin’s and the other have to beg to be in the industry for actual cases of domestic violence, then we can talk about! #GTFOH

  35. YOOSONDALOOSE February 19, 2012

    Obvy she wouldn’t have answered. Its the press.

  36. mobwife February 19, 2012


    That comment had me heated…LOL 🙂

  37. jamir21 February 19, 2012

    I cant believe that I am saying this but:

    I am sick and tired of hearing about the “incident”.

    It was years ago….let it go !

    Rihanna is doing her thing and Chrissy is doing her`s.

    We`re still grieving over Whitney`s death but yet were still hearing about this MESS !

  38. juanito2628 February 19, 2012

    its a stunt, rihanna and her team knows how much this will affect her music career, not her personal life. they are just using “rumor” to get people hyped up for the remix. and for those of you who say why didnt her team or her just shoot these rumors down, its because the b**** loves money, and all this publicity gets her money. besides the person on the remix is probably big sean: ass ass ass ass, rihanna: cake cake cake cake

  39. Lax February 19, 2012

    @MOBWIFE,,,Less all of us try and agree to disagree that Billboard was
    Wrong for the open letter to both of them Chris & Rihanna and less agree
    that Lambert was wrong in what she did to call Chris out and fox news man
    was wrong and less leave it at that rather than bring up what happened 3
    years ago we owe it to Chris & Rihanna to let the pass stay gone i try my
    best to not call chris out of his name like i have done in the pass because
    that is not helping jack s***. And we have got a choice either keep rehashing who did what are let it stay buried in their oass where it belong. Many of us see something types about our fave and it is hard not to say something back, that is just how it is but they should be able to do their job of entertaining the masses and keep making music and it does not matter if people love one better than the other as long as they both know that they are loved. They are yong and it is pass rime for them to let go of yesterday and live for the moment and we can agree to disagree because that is all part of living…Often time i know i clown like crazy but in all of it i mean no harm to any one…..Not even You…

  40. mobwife February 19, 2012

    “You got Chris Brown acting like a f****** kid popping off on Twitter to some WHITE chick knowing damn well the world is watching him.”

    YOU MUST BE HIGH! He said nothing that was inappropriate and he did not pop off directly to anyone. He made a general statement about various ppl indicating he should not be forgiven for his sins, and should not have won a Gammy, her ass just happened to be one of the many. And why the f*** can’t he have state how he feels when ppl who don’t know him like that W****, can say whatever the f*ck they want to to him and about him? AGAIN, I THOUGHT WE WERE A FREE PEOPLE….PERHAPS NOT HUH?

    AGAIN, BABY CRACK IS WACK! What anger issue?. They talk bad about him 24/7 since he won a GRAMMY and when he says f”uck you get off my back”, IT SHOWS HE HAS ANGER ISSUES? WELL GODDAMN, I MUST HAVE THEM TOO! I would have been joined a “terro**** group” by now! WHAT “infantile behavior”? What type of damn behavior our these SO CALLED LOWLIFE ADULTS EXIHIBITING? “Infantile behavior” right? YOU HAVE HIM CONFUSED WITH “FIXED NEWS” & MOORANDUH country’s resident w****!

  41. haterzstaypressed February 19, 2012

    @MOBWIFE stop being insulting. No one is on crack nor high. You are up Chris Brown’s ass so much that you talking s***, my dear.

    Chris Brown made a terrible mistake by beating the s*** out of Rihanna over two years ago. He has repeatedly made mistakes by acting childish and foolish in public – oft twitter rants, breaking windows and tearing up a TV studio, throwing homophobic slurs around like it’s okay, among other various stunts. Um, yeah, he has anger issues whether you wish to believe it or not.

    I gives two shits about Fox News and Miranda Lambert. What CHRIS need to do is stop playing right into their hands. That’s on Chris and his team – no one else.

    I tell ya, sometimes his fans are his worst enemy by feeding into his “victim” status. Hold his ass accountable and tell him to stop feeding into the b******* (whether it be Rihanna, the media, or his anger) so he can be happy and successful. Otherwise y’all are a bunch of enablers and feed into his “Do no wrong” attitude.

    Since u keep talking about Crack… well babygurl u can put that in your pipe and smoke that s***. Take a big hit for me… mmmkay? Deuces!

  42. commanderofthedancefloor February 19, 2012

    first the rumor was created by fans not rihanna they just decided to let people think that and let the free promo roll on!! and who knows the collab could be chris brown so that can also be why they havent said anything!!

    but either way we will know next week!!!

  43. Onyx February 19, 2012

    Wow what a great great Music News.

  44. Aunt Jackie February 19, 2012

    *Sigh* The truth of it doesn’t even matter. It’s a stunt if it’s true of if it’s not. Rihanna doesn’t need to do s*** like this. It’s tacky. I’ve never liked her, but I understand her appeal. This s*** right her is not appealing at all. Chris Brown, who I am a fan of, is getting on my phucking nerves with his tweets. He needs to ignore idiots and grow up–and avoid Rihanna and her teams stunts. He doesn’t need this type of press either. They are both superstars already, isn’t that enough? Do they have to be press-whores, too? Boo!

  45. trisha24 February 19, 2012

    By reading all the comments, you can tell who are the real racists/haters. And you can tell which ones were for Chris/Rihanna or both. Also it’s ashamed that this blog has turned into M** sister just for hits. We really need to open our eyes before it’s to late. My parents told me that when you had a fav you would still support other artists too. Even to the one who were using drugs fans did not go against their fav . Now if they died from drugs that’s different. Whitney is gone and you know and I know that we talked s*** & laugh at her. But if you notice Amy died and her race said nothing bad about her . WE NEED TO WAKE UP ASS UP.

  46. R****** Navy Fails Again! February 19, 2012

    February 19, 2012 at 2:58 pm
    TGJ, you cannot blame it all on Rihanna, for Chris Brown LOVES every minute of it. The BOTH of them are playing games to boost their sales and create scandal and drama. Chris AND Rihanna could have easily denied the rumors but they have NOT. So don’t just blame Rihanna. Stop being so damned biased and call it the way it is… both camps are being manipulative.


    That is NOT true! Chris HATES drama! Why the hell do you think he refused to do interviews this year? He’s sick of being ass about her crazy ass!! He’s tired of being linked this desperate attention seeking w****!! Chris doesn’t need pon de forehead for publicity! While her last two singles “You Da Flop’ and ‘Talk that Flop’ are no where to be found on iTunes! Chris current single is in top ten on iTunes and his video for ‘TUTM’ has 2 million hits in two days! Chris doesn’t need any negative publicity for the goat!!

    It was Rihanna’s team who have been hyping up this overrated song for the past month! It was someone from HER camp that said the feature would ‘Shock’ everyone. Why should CB have to release a statement? It’s Rihanna’s song! SHE needs to be denying the rumors that they are working together! SHE is the one who is gonna recieve the backlash from working with him! SHE is gonna look like a damn fool doing a raunchy s** song with a man who whooped her ass! The world is gonna see how desperate her ass is for working with him! She will do ANYTHING for a hit!

    Chris isn’t the one on twitter with all the suspicious tweets about missing someone and RT’ing love tweets from The Notebook twitter page! Rihanna has been insinuating for MONTHS that she wants Chris back and they are ‘secretly’ hooking up! She knows what she is doing! She is trying to break up his relationshop because she is JEALOUS and LONELY and can’t stand to see Chris happy without her!!

    Chris team HAS released statements TWICE denying that he is back with her!The first was back when US Weekly posted that BS story about them hooking up and the most recent was with TMZ!! Chris is happy and chilling in Miami with his current girlfriend having a ball on the beach! He doesn’t want Rihanna’s crazy ass back! He is happy without any drama in his life!!

  47. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Whitney Houston) February 20, 2012

    “Rihanna needs also to sit her ho ass down too. Her hyper-sexual antics and her thinking she’s the baddest b**** is tiring. All this “F*** YEAH DON’T CARE” attitude will find her in the same position as Amy Winehouse, Kurt Cobain, and everyone else in the “27″ club – which is DEAD for no damn good reason. The weed smoking, the drinking, the f******, the partying, the d**** shopping – all stunt queen antics that will catch up to her ass if she doesn’t STOP. ”

    @Hater You are so pressed

    FAIL. Rihanna is a pop star. Going out and being seen is part of her job. And another thing, F****** and weed smoke didn’t kill Cobain or Winehouse (or any of the 27 club members for that matter). One was suicidal and mentally ill, the other was an alcoholic and recovering heroine addict. Seeing Rihanna with a drink in her hand every now and again, or at the s** toy shop, does not put her in the same boat as Winehouse and Cobain. It doesn’t even put her in the same boat as Lindsay Lohan or Britney Spears. And she can f*** whoever she wants. Unless it’s somebody’s husband or someone violent, then who gives a rats? Oh, wait, you do.

  48. David February 20, 2012

    Racist attacks…REALLY…lol…smh

  49. haterzstaypressed February 20, 2012

    You know what? You Rihanna & Chris stans can have several seats right now. I’ve defended both of these artists on this website constantly. But I call it like I see it. I expect better from ALL artists in the game. I love Nicki Minaj but when her ass acts up, I call her out on it. Same with Lil’ Kim, Beyonce, Rihanna, Chris and anyone else. I’m not one to kiss anyone’s ass, nor will I be pressed over any artist. If you Chris Brown and Rihanna stans can’t see the train wreck about to happen then oh f*****’ well.

    Yes it is racist that the media harps on Chris Brown. That’s as plain as day. But he plays into it with his volatile behavior. Yes many in the industry are worried about Rihanna’s antics (public drinking, weed smoking, hyper-sexual behavior) and if she did this stunt just to boost sales then it’s effin’ pathetic. If it’s not true then both artists should DENY it… but no, they feed into it. Those games are for children and obviously some of you ARE children because you eatin’ it up. GTFOH with all that noise.

    Have fun with the games, folks. I’ve grown tired of this discussion. #ratchet

  50. arie February 20, 2012

    this is the best move for Chris brown’s career, he has what most artists would kill for which is creative control of his career. Everybody is using a formular that has been proven to work which is axactly the reason everybody has just become someone elses clone. He has become unpredictable and that can be scary because he might just stumble on an idea that will force everybody to aknowladge him as an icon. Unfortunately because Rihanna benefited from their fallout she might not be as lucky because whether she likes to admit it or not her career needs the media. Unless her main focus with this is to do the right thing. The media will always be on Chris Browns case he just needs to learn to pick his battles wisely and he will be just fine.

  51. arie February 20, 2012

    Chris has what Michael Jackson never had which is the internet, social media and most importantly the will to fight back. Most people will start noticing that Chris Brown is winning when they stop referencing the incident when they write articles about him. I will say this to everybody sit back and watch him make history I can see the headline now. This is gonna be fun to watch.

  52. Lax February 20, 2012

    @ARIE, While you might be right on some parts but sweety all of the artist need the media what ever are you smoking on???? Chris feds right into the stage and is loving the hell out of it because if he din’t he would not be mentioned, or he would step right up to the plate and clear this up. No matter if many think Rihanna need this kind of s*** or not she still is showing growth and keep saying that the beat down got her this far if your narrowed minds want to keep thinking that no dam body cares. Many are watching from the side lines to see how this plays out. To me they are both great artist and that can’t be taken from either of them. I will say it again it’s great that they are friends and i feel that is where they should leave it and keep working toward their career goals.

  53. Lax February 20, 2012

    The beat down robbed Rihanna of her Cover Girl Endorsement and some
    other things which was not easy to swallow. You can please some of the people some of the time but it is impossible to please all of the people all of the time.

  54. Lax February 20, 2012

    Chris & Rihanna do not need each other to succeed in
    Life they are both Super stars and rightfully so. Both
    or independent of each other.

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