New Aaliyah Album On The Way, Says Producer

Published: Sunday 4th Mar 2012 by Rashad


Fans of late R&B chanteuse Aaliyah were sent into a frenzy today when Jeffrey “J. Dub” Walker, of the famed production group The Hitmen, took to Twitter to announce (click to enlarge):

Fans may recall that Walker is the craftsman behind many favorites (‘I Refuse’, ‘I Can Be’, more) of Aaliyah’s 2001 self-titled, third venture.  And, while the singer’s longtime collaborator Timbaland long revealed that the singer recorded a wealth of material for that album, only 15 made the final cut (while others featured on the singer’s posthumous greatest hits package).

Alas, while no dates have been revealed to accompany Walker’s announcement, any hints at new music from the songbird are enough to get us at TGJ headquarters excited as ‘Steady Ground’ has long been a favorite of ours.

Take a listen at the cut below (featuring contributions from the late Static Major):

The news comes shortly after Canadian singer Keshia Chante revealed the status of the ever sought ‘Aaliyah’ movie. As nearly 10 years have passed since we heard new material from Miss Haughton, we say ROLL ON new album!

Thanks Army of Queen Aaliyah for the tip!

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    I think this is great 🙂 I personally can’t wait to hear new unreleased/unheard material from her.

  2. TheAaliyahPolice March 4, 2012

    this is what da f*** im talkin bout; f*** all yall faves; AALIYAH BOUT TO SNATCH WIGS A-F******-GAIN

  3. HeavyHeavy March 4, 2012

    omdz this is like a dream come true, so excited <3

  4. Shan’ay LenaMonroe March 4, 2012

    I speak for all Aaliyah fans when I say the album has been much anticipated. We all miss her more and more as the years go by. I personally see how much music has changed since our dear angel Aaliyah been called home. I’m not here to compare today’s artists with 90’s artists HOWEVER I will say it was about talent in the 90’s. Aaliyah has a voice and could dance both on and off the stage, never auto tune! Today’s R&B and Pop Artists should take lessons when Aaliyah new album drop.

  5. KELIS March 4, 2012

    Yes, cant wait for the new album, been waiting and hoping they’d release another album since the greatest hits was released a decade ago, hope this album is promoted by the label too, The Aaliyah Legacy lives on!

  6. Love Jeffery March 4, 2012


  7. musicmann March 4, 2012

    looking forward to it.

    Aaliyah was the original, the one who started it all. She’s the godmother too all of these wannabe broads that’s out now.

  8. VA STAND UP!! March 5, 2012

    I love that picture of her! She looks so beautiful!

    This news is so exciting! I always figured there was more material from her that Hadn’t been released! The ‘I Care 4 U’ album only had a few unreleased tracks but the majority were just some of her biggest hits. I remember ‘Steady Ground’ and it was one of my favorite unrelesed songs. That and ‘Death of a Playa’. I can’t believe it took them so long to decide to release more music. But I guess there is a reason for it. *shrugs*

    I just hope that this material is truly of quality and not just a bunch if unfinished tracks like they did on MJ’s posthomus album. I wonder if Tim & Missy are gonna be featured on the album. I guess we’ll see. Excited either way!

    RIP Aaliyah! We miss you baby!

  9. Adrian March 5, 2012

    Really excited to hear some new material from the original R&B princess. I still keep ‘One In A Million’ in heavy rotation.

    @Aspire91Inspire on Twitter.

  10. Teyah March 5, 2012

    Aaliyah wasn’t really that big globally when she was alive. Her album sales went up after she died. And now they wanna release an album 10 years after she died. I’m not trying to be racist but I think only black people in the US still know who she is and will be the only ones buying the album. It will flop.

  11. trillafood March 5, 2012

    That pic is like 11 years old and still look like it was taken in 2012. She was so ahead of the game with her look.

  12. Kay March 5, 2012

    There are no words that can express how happy I am right now. I was in tears when I read this. I’m still emotional. RIP Aaliyah Donna Haughton! She is TIMELESS!

  13. MsThing485 March 5, 2012

    Shut up Teyah. Very few posthumous albums released over a decade after the death of the artist sell through the roof, so what’s your point? You’re not making some keen prediction. However it ultimately sales means nothing. This album will be for the people who want it, period.

    Sitting up there on some pretend high horse, trying to be a music snob. Nobody appointed you Billboard sales analyst.


  14. Dev March 5, 2012

    I can’t believe ive never heard this before. The intro is amazing but i think they should update the beat just to modernise it. Also, if there’s any left unfinished songs they should make duets

  15. Jordan March 5, 2012

    I used to love this song. I also liked the other song with Static “I Am Music.”

    I hope that they don’t update the songs too much honestly. They should definitely tweak them a bit. But they need to keep their original essence. No use to updating something that was clearly recorded over ten years ago.

  16. Teacher March 5, 2012

    TGJ staff if yall b****** would stay off of RihannaDaily yall wouldn’t need Aaliyah’s fans to to tell you about this! Ole dusty c****!


  17. Army Of Queen Aaliyah (Queen Of Urban Pop) March 5, 2012

    YASSSSSS ! Thanks @Sam For The Shoutout And Post ! Queen /.\ Is Coming Hopefully Tim & Missy Will Help Produce And Bring It ! 🙂 Because After Queen Liyah Passed Tim’s Music Hasn’t Been The Same 🙁 I Want Some Ground Breaking Aaliyah/OIAM Slaying Beats + The Aaliyah Tracks That Show Off More Of Her Range That She Didn’t Put Out (Cause We All Know Baby Girl Had RANGE )

    Also To The Wanna Be “Billboard/Sales Analyst” Sit Down Hunny ! If You Look At Aaliyah’s Sales She Sold Way More Outside Of The U.S. So She Was Never LOCAL Like You Faves And Always Went Multi – PLATINUM #YouMad ?!

  18. Chet March 5, 2012

    It’s crazy that 10 years after her death, Aaliyah is STILL relevant. That speaks volumes in itself. I’m not expecting this album to go 3X platinum or anything, but like someone stated earlier, it will be for those fans who want the music, and trust, there are A LOT of us. And Aaliyah sounds great on Steady ground, even though it’s only the demo version. She didn’t need those studio tricks. What was always dope about Aaliyah is she could make a hit record with integrity. Nothing was ever dumbed down about her music. You don’t get that nowadays.

  19. number1k9 March 5, 2012

    I don’t like the idea of new Aaliyah music.

    Why’d they wait THIS long to releast posthumous music from her?

    If they try and make the music super current (Dance Pop or Electronic feel), instead of giving it that old school (true R&B) Aaliyah sound, it will be an extreme fail on their part(s)!

  20. musicmann March 5, 2012

    @ Teyah

    Aaliyah was popular overseas what the hell are you talking about? Are You That Somebody, Try Again, and More Than A WOman broke records in several different countries. She also toured WW several times and recieved great reception there. OIAM sold nearly 8 million copies WW when she was alive. Get your facts correct and stop hating. And if only black people buy her albums, WHY is that a problem anyway?

  21. Army Of Queen Aaliyah March 5, 2012

    Also That Pic Is Still SNATCHING WIGS ! #Slay-Liyah

  22. Kay March 5, 2012

    I definitely agree all of Aaliyah’s pics slaaaaaay! And please don’t change much about the music. Some of the best sounds came from that time period. I really don’t want to hear some updated over produced track. I want to hear AALIYAH.

  23. Fiercebxtch March 5, 2012

    My QUEEN will SLAY these ears AGAIN <3 I hope this happens soon.

  24. Kay March 5, 2012

    Btw to all the nay-sayers about how well this album will do: Aaliyah is the Queen. #thatisall

  25. Fiercebxtch March 5, 2012

    No need to worry about Album Sales. Liyah’s fans are STILL here
    & I’m pretty sure she has/will get new supporters. >>>>>>>

  26. Tami March 5, 2012

    Can’t wait jumps up and down……The only thing if they ever I mean ever try and pull that stunt that they did with Michael’s Album I’m going off.

  27. Ashleey March 5, 2012

    I think they should just release some unreleased songs but not a whole album… it would be like they’re making money off of her even when shes dead :(..but if her family is cool with it. *shrugs*

  28. Crayola March 5, 2012

    @Ashleey Thats how I feel.

  29. Army Of Queen Aaliyah (Queen Of Urban Pop) March 5, 2012

    I Hope Her Label Puts Good Money And Promotion Into This On Some Over EXPOSED Type Of Campaign ! To Help Boost The Sells Of Her Previous Albums And The New One + A Slay-Stastic Single If Pop/Urban Pop Something Like “Are You That Somebody” Or “Try Again ” If R&B Then “One In A Million”, “If Your Girl Only Knew” Or “The One I Gave My Heart To”

  30. CARL March 5, 2012

    Such great news to wake up too, excited about this new album; I reflect about Aaliyah’s music, its just a shame she didn’t get to see her career continue to flourish. I’ll definitely be purchasing this new album though 🙂

  31. kimberly March 5, 2012

    i thought that was ciara singing.

  32. B@tchplease March 5, 2012

    So excited was just bumping her music yesterday. Can’t wait….

  33. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) March 5, 2012

    I can’t describe how happy I am!! This has made my day!! It’s actually made my week!! Aaliyah is my favorite r n’b act of ALL time, she had so much to offer, SOOO much. Having some unreleased material would be fantastic. Maybe there will be some gems in the upcoming album, I can’t wait. I guess this release will prove that her music is TIMELESS!!!

    I love her…May her soul rest in peace.

  34. Tyler March 5, 2012

    Wait isn’t static major dead as well??? R.i.p. to both artist

  35. xoxo March 5, 2012

    i like aaliyah, but they are obviously trying to milk her death for all its worth.

  36. IheartAaliyah March 5, 2012


  37. YOOSONDALOOSE March 5, 2012

    Aaliyah rocks, can’t wait. But it will be weird. R.I.P Aaliyah!

  38. Teflon Boy March 5, 2012

    @CHET…, ‘What was always dope about Aaliyah is she could make a hit record with integrity. Nothing was ever dumbed down about her music. You don’t get that nowadays’> THIS!

    ^u said it best. The reason people still feel Aaliyah 10 years on is because she left herSELF on record. Certainly as many of us discuss on here day in day out that is not the case for most artists in the charts today, inc. the so-called talented ones. Anyone luckily enough to have witnessed Aaliyah’s contribution during her life learned that it is possible to make hit records not solely for the sake of bank and so-called ‘brand furthering’. Not only was her music credible and innovative but had some sense of depth, even if on occasion said depth was only present in the craft of the song itself.

    An Aaliyah fan knows, it is not enough that someone is selling through the roof if their material is devoid of integrity. Aaliyah was respected and loved because at the very plainest level, she gave a s***. Too many acts today are way too concerned with their packaging to bother crafting good music to base all the hoopla around. I’m proud that Aaliyah doesn’t have a ‘StupidHo’ or a ‘TurnMeOn’ in her collection.

  39. Jessica March 5, 2012

    @TEYAH: Why are you mad?? Is it because Aaliyah had musical talent than most of these wack artists that are out now??? The Aaliyah and One In A Million albums are classics and in 2012 it’s still fresh the day that it came out, so stay mad!!! By the way I’m Canadian in which I’m not from the US, so to say only people buy her album from the US sounds stupid, moron!!! Also not only black people buy her album idiot!!! Before Aaliyah died, she was in Japan promoting the 3rd album, research that before opening your mouth, idiot!!! LOL!!! I hate people who think they know s*** but they don’t, NEXT!!!!

    Anyways, I wouldn’t mind for a new Aaliyah album, I always think about her and what album she would’ve been dropping if she haven’t passed away, One In A Million and Aaliyah still sounds fresh like she just released it, Aaliyah was ahead of her time. I like this new song Steady Ground- it sounds fresh and it was beautifully made. Static Major was a great producer, I’m saddened that he’s gone also, but both of there music lives on!!!

    R.I.P Aaliyah aka Babygirl and R.I.P. Static!!!

  40. Justathought (Azealia Banks is coming…) March 5, 2012

    She will forever have my support.<3

  41. Bey Fan March 5, 2012

    I dont like the idea of a new album. But I suppose her die hard fans are really excited.

    Age Aint Nothin, One in A Million, and Aaliyah are all I want to remember her by….. She was classic, beautiful, and talented. And had potential to be really big. I wonder why they waited over ten years to try and do this? I just hope they’re using her voice. And dont try to make it fit with “todays” music.

  42. I.D. March 5, 2012

    Hmmmm……. Posthumous albums that AREN’T completed before the artist’s death are never usually that good. Without that artist’s full input, and everybody else putting in their two cents and also having their say without the artist being able to put their foot down spoils the artist’s vision, and then turns into a hot mess. Just sayin’.

    But I truly wish this project the best of luck.

  43. B4REAL02 March 5, 2012


  44. Onyx March 5, 2012

    God! she was beautiful in every way, i’m so happy for this, i have a big crush on Aaliyah back in the day.

  45. Boopi March 5, 2012

    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I cannot wait for this new album!!! Music is actually starting to excite me again. To the idiot who said Aaliyah did not sell that much until she passed, please crawl out from under the rock you have been under because clearly you are lost.

  46. jhon gerardo March 5, 2012

    eres bella

  47. Nye March 5, 2012

    I feel like the album may accompany the biopic…Keisha Chante looks alot like her…

  48. Ja’mila Dior March 5, 2012

    Oh how i missed my girl’s voice over such a beautiful melody. Aaliyah fans she’s back this what we have been waiting on is more music.

  49. STR8FACTS March 5, 2012

    🙁 I agree with @BEYFAN

    I love Aaliyah dearly, I’m so afraid of this as a whole though.

    First things first, I don’t think the music industry today will appreciate her music unless it is auto-tuned DOWNE and has some sort of electro dance feel which is 100% NOT Aaliyah.
    Secondly, The public won’t appreciate the rawness of this music either, Steady Ground as good as a song as it may be, you can clearly hear that Aaliyah didn’t put her all into this song and it isn’t picture perfect as I’m sure she would’ve wanted which leads me to my next point ..
    Third, I’m not sure Aaliyah would be happy with unreleased music of hers being released to the public being that she was such a perfectionist and made sure everything she released was up to her standards. We all know how extra producers can be when they are working on posthumous albums, I hope they don’t overshadow her talent by some over-zealous production.
    Lastly, since Aaliyah’s family doesn’t have full control over her estate, this album won’t have anything to do with them or their wishes .. nor will any of the profits be theirs so how can I support this album? who is it benefiting? as a fan, the selfish part of us might want to get our hands on anything unreleased from Aaliyah, but think about it, her immediate family .. mother, brother, & father are not behind anything that has her name on it anymore .. therefore this is not something that they have given their blessing too.

    IDK but I couldn’t support that personally. Lord knows I love Aaliyah so much, I wish all of this wasn’t so messy.

    R.I.P. Baby Girl. :'(

  50. Bey Fan March 5, 2012


    AMEN…. couldn’t agree more

  51. Despicable Me! March 5, 2012

    @Str8facts you know missy elliott tweeted me saying Aaliyahs Brother has full control of her music so i dont know where you getting this her family aint getting nothing from her how do i know like i said missy elliott tweeted me after asking her if she could put Aaliyah in one of her song

    i tweeted: “I Know You n Tim Have some Unreleased track from Aaliyah Please I beg to use it for ur New Album!!”

    Missy Replyed: “no babygirl family controls her records that’s a @RAD_6 her brother who would be in control of her records babes sorry”

  52. MK March 5, 2012

    Oh goody, once again Blackground prioritises their dead artists over the ones that are alive

  53. swagg March 5, 2012

    well of course I love love love Aaliyah so i cant wait for any type of new music from her…even tho i hate to bring her up i have to since ppl think she is the pinnacle of success Beyonce solo career has sold 30 something mill worldwide …Aaliyah has sold 32 mil worldwide..although she sold well after death she sold the majority of that during her life..i’m just saying she had great sales..and had about 6-7movies lined up before death she was getting ready to be even bigger…any way R.I.P babygirl hope your fam benefits because i’m buying your new music

  54. STR8FACTS March 5, 2012

    Honey, I was just about to read you. Seeing that you can’t type proper english and your sources are just word of mouth i’ll leave you with this ..

    And there you have it, from HER brother HIMself. Chile, I don’t know how many times I have to come on TGJ and comment and let you guys know her family DOES NOT want any type of movie, album, etc. being released? They are still very sensitive about their baby girl which is completely understandable and also, they aren’t trying to capitalize off of her or profit. Her legacy has reached far and wide and what more can they do for her? She is an ICON already in her own right and has made a lane for herself in this industry that no b**** can EVER graze. With that being said, Aaliyah’s legacy will stay how it has since she died, nothing more, nothing less. Though we all might want something new from Aaliyah, we have to remember that she is no longer here and also, like I have said time and time again, a lot of this s*** people keep coming up with is AGAINST HER WISHES. If you are a TRUE Aaliyah fan .. you’d know that. I just feel horrible that that producer just got everyone excited for absolutely no reason and furthermore releasing a statement like that without consulting the family. This is what I mean when I say who the hell is behind this so-called album? NOT HER FAMILY. The fact that any producer would go along with releasing material of a deceased artist without consent from the family is disgusting and just shows that they are in it for the money. This s*** is so damn messy it hurts my heart for both babygirl and her family. I honestly wish they would just let her rest in peace and let people remember her from what she left us with.

    R.I.P. BabyGirl *

  55. e March 6, 2012

    she was a mediocre singer, not much different from ashanti, ciara, nivea,……..etc. she was a great dancer tho. if it weren’t for fools like drake this would have never happened. thank him on twitter

  56. musicmann March 8, 2012

    @ E

    Negroid please.. Aaliyah would sing circles around those girls you mentioned.. Listen to “Giving Up” a song that WHITNEY HOUSTON herself praised Aaliyah for. Get those ears checked. Also, The One I Gave My Heart To, I Care 4 U, Street Thing, and At Your Best should also end those ignorant claims. Aaliyah wasn’t the best singer in the world, but she could sing a ballad and NOT sound a hot ass mess.

  57. Aalonso March 11, 2012

    @ “E”……..what does Drake have to do with anything? You people say some of the DUMBEST things.

  58. Shi April 4, 2012

    Tears are inside of my eyes hearing this new song, ‘Higher ground”, I miss Ms. Aaliyah Dana Hougton since she has passed. I miss you Aaliyah. With pain still inside of my heart, I am more than just a HUGE fan of Aaliyah. Aaliyah was just like you and I and always cared for things she cherished. Her smile sent a million chills to her fans. She wanted her music to speak for itself. She is just flawless. I love you Aaliyah. You are always and will always will be number 1 to me. PS. I wish people like Drake and The Dream would STOP messing with her music. Yes. You too are a fan, just write a damn song about her, NOT mess with her masterpieces and destory Aaliyah. Her memory still lives on. Also people need to STOP comparing Beyonce and Aaliyah together. They are different and Aaliyah and Beyonce knew one another and were friends. So to compare them together is like comparing her music to a different sound of music. STOP iT! Aaliay was not ever about that and we should not be either as being her fans or supposed fans.

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