That Grape Juice Presents…The Spill on Karina Pasian

Ever keen on keeping the masses abreast of fresh and often underrated talent, That Grape Juice presents ‘The Spill’ – a renewed look at not-so-new, yet active, acts.  Much like its ‘Freshly Squeezed’ sister segment, this assay aims to put the magnifying glass on talents who may not appeal to the buying public on a broad scale yet are still serving material that could easily spin side-by-side with some of today’s top hits.

Covering a kaleidoscope of genres, ‘The Spill’ is set to feature some names you probably know and love as well as some you’ll (soon) be glad to know.

Our sophomore entry comes from none other than Karina Pasian.  This Grammy-winning native New Yorker has been earning kudos for her musical know-how before she even earned her driver’s license.  Classically trained pianist before her first kiss and sought after by major labels before prom, the now 20-year-old beauty first gained buzz for her 2008 debut album ‘First Love’ featuring the fan favorite ‘Slow Motion’ (featured below).

Since then, the songstress has mainly been maximizing her exposure via social media outlets.  Winning praise for her vocal displays (showcased regularly on her Youtube channel PasianEntertainment) and her head-bobbing collaborations (including Brandy remake ‘BrokenHearted’ with R&B crooner Sammie), Miss Pasian is set to take a leap back into the limelight by her lonesome with the December 2011-released ‘Trip To Venus EP’.

Beforehand, press play on ‘Slow Motion’ below:

Already winning rave reviews from critics for her latest effort, find more on Pasian and her forthcoming musical ventures after the jump (via ThisisRNB):

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  1. Dev March 3, 2012

    She can sing but her voice is laking some element that makes it interesting, maybe that was to do with age and now she’ll do better

  2. aishaaguilerakeys March 3, 2012

    Her song isn’t bad, and she manages to distinguish herself from other piano players who sing, like Alicia. I wish her all the luck in the world. Well, her talent has already been confirmed via her Grammy win, guess now she’s after the fame and money. Good luck to her. It would be awful if she was compared to A Keys, though, because although she also plays the piano, she has her own style which makes her unique and sets her apart from Alicia.

  3. Millhouse March 3, 2012

    Her music is sooo fuc*ING BORING, ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY. She is a young girl doing a whole bunch of whack ballads. Atleast when Alicia came out, the songs were HOTTT!!! i agree with the other poster. Her voice is lacking something. I have heard many girls sing like her before. Her voice is not unique and I dont know what else could help this girl… Her styling is all wrong, and .. oh gosh… I think this one is a lost cause…. I see more potentioal for TIffany Evans to be real… At some point Karina you have to realise that the sound that you are going for is not whats poppin. IDK if your dad is picking the songs for you or something, but if you really want to make it, ima need a BANGER!!!

    I doubt this post will get more then 10 comments cuz no one cares… You havent put yourself out there. We dont see you showing your personality on youtube, we dont see you anywhere… and your material is lacking… maybe you should get from behind that piano for a while and just sing in front of the mic. youre hiding behind that piano. STEP IT UP CUZ IM NOT IMPRESSED… SRRY TO BE SO BLUNT, but i would like to see you do well and I got be honest

  4. MH March 3, 2012

    I loved her first album! I love her music and I really like her new look, it suits her.

  5. MelyB March 3, 2012

    I liked Karina’s debut album and like how her parents refused to allow her to be overly sexualized and turned into something that she wasn’t. She has been allowed to grow & mature both as a young woman and artist. I’ve seen a lot of her youtube posts during which she performs and jokes around with her family.

    It’s sad that young women in the business like Karina, KeKe Palmer & Tiffany Evans get labeled as boring because they work hard at their craft while keeping their clothes on and their personal business out of the limelight. I guess if Karina performed half-naked on top of her piano more people would pay attention. I am rooting for this young woman and continue to wait for the pendulum to swing back to a time when people can appreciate talent over style & scandal.

  6. X. March 3, 2012

    Millhouse sounds like a f****** hater yo

  7. Millhouse March 3, 2012

    @X – Karina is that you? Im not A HATER, …like i said I would like to see Karina do well in the industry. Everyone is wondering why she hasnt blown up yet, and thats because her music is Boring… She has nice songs but they are very boring!… What is the big deal with singing over a HOT beat??? Just cuz she plays the piano doesnt mean that her music has to sound all slow and drawn out and boring… Tiffany Evans was doing that same thing and look where it got her…. That music wont work in 2012 unless she wants to stay underground. Tiffany changed her look around, got some new songs, and some hot beats, added some choregraphy and now I can see a future for her. HEr video was Great!!! Im not saying Karina should do exactly what Tifany is doing but I need something different from Karina other then the piano… Karina’s songs are not radio friendly, they sound more like album fillers… I can go to any talent show around the country an watch a girl sing and play the piano, but what is going to set Karina apart from everyone else….

    To me it just seems that she has not found herself yet… I honestly think that she is holding herself back from her true potential because her father wont let her explore a little bit more. They are set on making her the next Alicia Keys but that wont work because Alicia Keys is still relevant… If you’re gonna steal someone’s style then you gotta do it when the person is no longer hot…. EX… NIcki vs KIm

  8. Millhouse March 3, 2012

    Aretha played the piano too but she aint sit behind that s*** everytime she performed…

    Toni Braxton plays the piano but she doesnt do it on every performance.

    Lady Gaga plays the piano
    Prince also
    Even Alicia had to get from behind that piano a few times to show her performance skills… MANY singers play instruments but eventually that no longer becomes interesting. especially with today’s industry, people want to see a show, not a piano recital

    All im saying is stop hiding behind the piano Karina…. We want to see YOU!!!

  9. Millhouse March 3, 2012

    & thanks to me, you made it past 10 comments …. you can send me a thak you card later

  10. March 3, 2012

    @Millhouse I agree with most of the things you said, but you kinda sound like a hater lol

  11. emmi3 March 4, 2012

    this girl is wesome heard two of her songs like 2 years ago and since i have been waiting for more development on her …its finally here!!!
    karina has a beautifull voice

  12. Millhouse March 4, 2012

    im not a hater, im a realist

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