Hot Shot: Rihanna Goes Back To Black For ‘Where Have You Been’ Video

 A new hair color always signals something new on the horizon for Barbadian beauty Rihanna.  This time, of course, is no different.  For, while on set of the video which ironically asks the question critics have for years asked about her talent, Ms. Fenty shared this snap of her new dark locks for the ‘Where Have You Been’ visual.

As announced here, the infectious dance track is being serviced as Riri’s next official single in place of the parent album’s once reported, Jay Z-assisted title track ‘Talk That Talk’ .  And, as evidenced by the photo above, you can count on the Grammy winning vocal less to put her true talents on display.

Insert smoke and mirrors.

Thanks NeonLimelight!

Your thoughts?

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  1. CHRISTYN March 8, 2012

    Can’t wait!

  2. MARQUESTQ March 8, 2012


  3. RIHLUV March 8, 2012


  4. yuppitsme March 8, 2012


  5. Remey March 8, 2012

    Wonder why TalkThatTalk was pushed to the side? I think the tension with Jay Z may have something to do with it. However, maybe TTT was not received the way it should have been.

    Where Have You Been will definitely slay, but I think she should do a video to Birthday Cake, With the hype, it’s guaranteed to slay the charts….even another number 1. However, Def Jam ruined it by not pushing it on iTunes.

    TeamNavy, what are yall doing?! You are confusing me!!!!

  6. Phoenix March 8, 2012 confused. Will this be her official third single or her fourth single. Was talk that talk another her third single that flopped or was it supposed to be the third. someone clear this up for me please.

  7. Theman March 8, 2012

    She looks beautiful.

  8. JJFAN1814 March 8, 2012





    if we really really want to talk about smoke and mirrors , rihannas is the last person , that fake juice should be talking s*** about..

    helll ur fav middle name is all smoke and mirrors, so stop with all that b*******…

    rihanna has never lied about her sales, trust and believe with 11 number 1 singles if def jam was buying them, they would also buy her albums also..

    u just mad rihanna is a bad bish without having to lift a finger, while ur fav is in the back ground plotting the next look at me im still relevant crap….


    wait a minute I thought that rita girl was here to replace rihanna, why is JAY Z is putting in money into rihanna

    i would think, he would use all that money to make that chick bigger than rihanna right?

    thats why i say some people needs to shut the f*** up….jay z has a special relationship with rihanna, he is NEVER going to replace the chick

    so i say, keep hoping and praying for rihanna to be gone, IT AINT GONNA HAPPEN, as long as jay z is still alive..

  11. KAT + BEYONCE + GAGA : : RUN THE WORLD March 8, 2012


    WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Jordan March 8, 2012

    I’m very confused with these singles treatments lol.

    I guess if Where Have You Been is a huge hit then it could technically serve as the second real single? IDK

    It’s a shame that TTT won’t get a video 🙁 That is my second favorite track on the CD

  13. KAT + BEYONCE + GAGA : : RUN THE WORLD March 8, 2012

    I Love it!

    She’s doing it like Beyonce!!!!! Surprising us with new vids


    1- We Found Love, as you know, gonna be #1 on the Year-end charts.

    2- You Da One did NOT flop.. it jumped from around #60 to #14 the 2nd week.. Which is great..

    3- Talk That Talk isn’t doing well duo to the lack of promotion.. However, since the song has charted at #31 on the BBH100 after the album came out (way before being announced as a single) and stayed for another week : some singles can’t do that. So let’s give it a chance.

    4- Birthday Cake was just for fun. Just a buzz/promo single. It’s charting without being released for purchase : SLAY.

    5- Where Have You Been isn’t out yet, but it’s gonna slay. It has charted on the BBH100 at #66, so it has that charts appeal like TTT.

    I think she should end this era with ‘Roc Me Out’ and then ‘Red Lipstick’ (Urban single) and then go to sleep because this’s not healthy!!!!!

  14. COOKIE -DIVAS- TONI B. RIHANNA March 8, 2012

    She giving me Africa tribal tease. This video will be HOT!!!!!!

  15. 2/11 Songscribe March 8, 2012

    Where Have You Been @Sam, that you still aint ashamed of Shading Riri, when she is slaying yo fav without trying. I guess a few stans are under intensive care now that TTT bumped back to the top 10.

  16. MISHKA March 8, 2012

    Another one? Chile…

    People are TIRED to inhale , Rihanna. Can we exhale too? Seriously, this “Talk That Smoke Express’ has got to pause.

    Plus the song ain’t all that. Generic europop. Inna or that girl from Cascada can easily tackle this.

  17. TRUTH March 8, 2012

    Anyways the more I listen to it the more ideas I got. This cannot be some basic video.

    I keep seeing Rihanna rock climbing without any ropes like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2 and canyoneering all over trying to find her man. I also see her diving deep into the ocean to this under water universe slowly turning into a mermaid looking all over the ocean for her man. Then she goes into outter space and all the alien clubs still no luck. She is about to give up and then finds a time machine in one of the places she has been and then starts to travel through time and in the end she finally finds him

    This video needs to be epic

  18. 19 is Underrated March 8, 2012


    Let’s compare their last 2 singles::

    Rihanna’s 3rd single: “Talk That Talk” :
    No video, but released on both Mainstream and Urban radios .. and on its new climb, it’s struggling for top40 on the Hot100, and the top10 on the BB R&B HH songs chart.

    Beyonce’s 4th single “Love on Top”:
    The video was released back, and it’s without any kind of promotion slaying on YouTube100. The song was released ONLY on the Urban radios, leaving space for the upcoming “End of Time”, and now it’s #1 on the BB R&B HH.

    So, I’m sorry. Who’s slaying without trying again??

  19. 19 is Underrated March 8, 2012

    Sorry, that was @2/11 Songscribe

  20. JER March 8, 2012

    Allow Rihanna to apologize for not making this a video where she flails around in a leotard with 2 other dancers. Or wear 30 pounds of chicken grease while naked looking like a damn L’Oreal commercial. Or swaggerjack Khia and everyone else in the game to makeup for the lack of creativity. #READ

  21. KEVIN March 8, 2012

    Rip king KING

  22. YOOSONDALOOSE March 8, 2012

    Looks good!

  23. Samentha Jones March 8, 2012

    @19 is u.r.

    your right. specially that rihanna will never slay like beyonce slayed on the videos side. her live@roseland dvd is selling way good.

    singles maybe, albums maybe, but videos..beyonce runs the it and no one come closer.

    anyway i think this era was the best era. unlike others.

  24. keri hilson two new movies and 3rd album 2012 March 8, 2012

    rihanna is doing her thang 5 grammys 11 number ones breaking records haters gon hate tho

  25. Stans make me LOL March 8, 2012

    Let’s be real! 4 out of the 5 Grammys are for her merely for providing vocals on the chorus of a rap songs, you can’t compare that to Christina Aguilera, Gaga, Melanie Fiona or Beyonces Grammys.

    BUT ANYWAY…. why won’t she release “Watch n Learn” that’s my jam, I bloody hate “Where have you been” and image when she sings it live…. GOD HELP US ALL!

    It seems that perhaps Riri and her team wanted to see if she could go back to making RnB music and being full dressed, but since “U da One” and “Talk that Talk” failed to chart in the top 10, they have to go back to the electro pop, hair colour change and naked Rihanna to get sales !

    p.s. Why does she have to post THIS pic on twitter, shes a major narcissist.

  26. commanderofthedancefloor March 8, 2012

    i am so happy for this song which i, along with over half the people who bought the album thought that it should of been the next single!!

    but i still think she should keep talk that talk and release a video because each week i noticed it moving ten spots higher on itunes it has already gotten in the top 40 and just a few weeks ago it wasnt even on there and also it has moved up on billboard the top 50 again so with a video it would definetly be top 20!

    @some beyonce fan

    no hate but beyonce performed love on top at the VMAs remember after that the song jumped to #20!!! thats promo hunny!!! no shade im just saying

  27. JP March 8, 2012

    I agree @ STANS MAKE ME.

    She should have released Watch n Learn.

    Single Lineup Should Have Been:
    1) We Found Love
    2) Watch n Learn
    3) Where Have You Been
    4) Birthday Cake Remix

    I was never really impressed with U Da One or Talk That Talk.

    She looks hot in the pic though. Nice to see her body is back.

  28. karla March 8, 2012

    Stop lying @stand make me mad. Umbrella and only girl in the world were Rihanna songs. So those Grammys were her accomplishments. So Jay z shouldn’t have gotten a Grammy with Rihanna then by your logic. And Melanie Fiona shouldn’t have gotten hers by working with cee- lo, and fergie or kid crudities for all of the lights? Or Sean Paul for collaborating with Beyonce for baby boy? If the people who chose to put Rihanna on their song knew of a better option they wouldn’t have used her. She brings flavor to any song and frankly make the song a hit. So trying to downplay her Grammys is a bit stupid. She deserves them all.

  29. Yellow Gorillah March 8, 2012

    I hope the kidz are ready for rihanna to SLAY the CHARTS!!

    Yall crazy if you think Def Jam would let Birthday cake over shadow the GREATNESS That is WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!

    + Are bey fans really calling Talk That Talk a FLOP When it has charted HIgher then Who run the world LOOOOOOOOOOOL Children behave.

    You can’t call You Da One A FLOP When it has Charted Higher then ANY Single to come out of 4 #Oops

    Talk That Talk album is back in the TOP 10! When she has been performing only ONE SONG!

    Where have you been will go #1

    Then I hope WATCH N LEARN! Then end era with DRUNK on Love or Rock me out

    + There wont be no New Rihanna album till Next year m aybe finally your favs can get a HIT LOOOOL!

    They say she is a singles artist when she has SOLD Talk That Talk with ONE Song!

    *Sips M***** Juice*

  30. nicoyuki March 8, 2012

    My fav song on the album, I play it on the daily. It better not be so basic s*** either cause she can do lots of themes with this song. And why is Rita and Beyonce being bought up, I mean one is just getting started so let the girl found her way. And the other is on her why to being the biggest superstars of this decade. Come on Ppl do better.

  31. Stans make me LOL March 8, 2012

    @ Karla…… alright chick calm down…. my mistake… 3 out of her 5 Grammys are for her featuring on somebody elses track. In my opinion I don’t think singing a chorus or a verse on somebody else’s song (unless you also wrote lyrics for the track) should grant you a Grammy.
    Jay Z, Sean Paul, Kid Cudi, Fergie and Melanie Fiona all wrote on the tracks that they also leant their vocals too…Riri did not, so YES I will downplay Rihanna Grammy’s!!!!
    She does however bring flavor to songs and because she is popular right now, it makes the song a hit.
    But any who she stay doing her thang and I stay doing mine, so its not that serious!
    Have a great day Rihanna stan

  32. Legends are born not made/ MJ a gift from god March 8, 2012

    shes so hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love her

  33. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse +Whitney Houston) March 8, 2012

    However I feel about those remixes, they did their job. TTT album surged back into the top ten on BB 200. If WHYB goes to #1, Rihanna will truly be the teflon b****. Controversy and backlash don’t stick to her. She takes the hit and keeps it moving.

  34. YellowBone March 8, 2012

    #OFFTOPIC Some inside scoop: ”Talk That Talk” WAS planned to be Rihanna’s next single. But Jay-Z didn’t want to do the video cause he and Rihanna are currently not on speaking terms, maybe they’ll push the song later or not at all.
    She really done pissed him off. But for some reason I wish his plans with Rita don’t work out. Cause it doesn’t come from an honest place like with Rihanna, he genuinely believed in her capabilities when he signed her to DefJam and later RocNation.
    He’s just doing this cause Rihanna doesn’t always does as he pleases and he knows he can’t afford to lose here RIGHT NOW and so does she, only if he’d had another artist who was just as or even hotter than Rihanna.
    Which Jay aims to be Rita.

  35. SWEETA THAN A RICE CAKE March 8, 2012

    iM SO GLAD THE BLONDE IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now she looks like my Rhi Rhi instead of every blonde mixed/wannabe chicks walking around. Keep it for a lonnnng time Rhianna

  36. 19 is Underrated March 8, 2012


    I’m not comparing “Run the World (Girls)” worldwide charting / top10ing to that of “Flop That Flop” .. and you already know which one charted higher in the U.S. …. I’m not mentioning the disaster flopping of “Cake” …. I’m not mentioning how you and your Navy fellows are stupid as hell when you call Beyonce’s videos “singles” ……

    but I’m talking about “Love On Top” which is SLAYING on the Hip-Hop AND climbing the hot100 WITHOUT being released on mainstream radios..

    Rihanna’s singles are getting WACK..

  37. yohze March 8, 2012

    nice shirt. as usual.

  38. Bey Fan March 8, 2012

    OMG…Not this song …ughhhhhhhh….it sounds like Only Girl and WFL….Im sooooooooooooooooooo tired of this dance music. FUCKKKKKKK

    She has more songs she could release. “Watch -n-Learn is my joint. But I guess this will get her another number one.

    I guess if the fans are happy, thats all that matters…..

    I hate Where Have You Been…. I cant believe ppl aren’t burnt out on this dance music crap.

  39. Bey Fan March 8, 2012

    Ohhh she looks s*** in the pic…..

  40. jhongerardo March 8, 2012

    unica s*** adorable

  41. karla March 8, 2012

    @19 since your talking about Beyonce ‘s success on the hip hop charts. Know that Rihannas second single you da one was #1 on the dance club play charts. So you da one was a hit in its own right. I hear talk that talk all the time on urban radio, on heavy rotation. Also birthday cake is also moving up the billboard charts. Not to mention the album moving back up the charts as well. Sounds like Rihanna has nothing to worry about.

  42. HALF AMAZIN March 8, 2012

    Words & Phrases to Retire in 2012

    “Throwing Shade”…….Lil’ Kim coined that phrase in ‘Crush On You’ in 1997 when most of you were in second grade. “Imma throw shade if I can’t get paid/blow you up to your girl like an army grenade…” Thanks Kim! We’re done.

    “Stan”…….Stan was a character in Eminem’s video for his song with the same name in 2000 (when most of you were in 5th grade). Cuz Stan was a wackadoo, the term stan for you insane fans just stuck. But after 12 years, Stan moved back to 2000, where he wants to live for the rest of his life.

    “That/It/He/She is Epic”…..Everything is epic when YOU like it. But sometimes folks, that word is just a blatant exaggeration and you know it. George W. Bush thought his 2 terms as U.S. President were epic. o_0

    “That/It/He/She is a Flop/Flops/Flopped”….Everything is a flop when YOU hate it. That guy who landed on the moon is such a flop cuz he didn’t land on Mars…yup! o_0

    “That/It/He/She Slays/Slayed”…..I just cant.

    “Era”…..Word from the music media, leaked to the public and overused. Since when should be like oh I like so and so’s album because that was a great era??? Completely gratuitous.

    “Swagger Jacker”….I just cannot.

    “all phrases from Tamar Braxton”… All of those can go.

    In other news….
    The order of singles people have suggested for TTT is interesting. Record labels aren’t banking stacks like they used to so please believe they are gonna milk a good cow dry. There’s no way in bloody hell they would have released ‘Where Have You Been’ after ‘We Found Love’. The chart domination formula is to release urban then pop and have the songs charting simultaneously.

    My suggestion would have been:

    1. We Found Love (pop)
    2. We All Want Love/Birthday Cake (without Chris brown) (slow tempo pop AND a certified p**** popper)
    3. Where Have You Been/Cockiness (pop/urban)
    4. Watch N’ Learn (urban)

    The regular version of the album only has 10 full length tracks which is a hot steaming mess. I come from a time when cd’s were damn near $20 but they had on average 14+ full length songs. The recording industry is broke now so they will only pay for 10 tracks and additional songs are paid for by the artist or we’re forced to buy the “deluxe” version later. Womp womp!! I bought the deluxe version of TTT. I like ‘Do Ya Thang’ but ‘Red Lipstick’ sounds like a leftover from Rated R and waaaay out of place.

  43. tyra March 8, 2012

    black hair suits her the most hope she keeps it although id like to know what her real hair looks like it must be fried with the constant dyeing

  44. POP ROYALTY ( RUDE BOY) March 8, 2012

    s*** !!

    i thought b****** like @yellow were #Team Rita when ” Birthday cake” remix got released !!!

    Do U b**** 😆 !!

  45. 19 is Underrated March 8, 2012


    OK, I’m not a Rihanna hater, and “Roc Me Out” is my 3rd most played song ever.. but some of them keep on saying Beyonce flopped just like she’s not doing her thing!!

    Beyonce had 3 Dance/Club #1’s off this album, 3 top5’s on the hip hop, her album sold 2.5mills ww, and her 1st two singles charted VERY well globally.. “Countdown” flopped but “Love on Top” is gaining more popularity now worldwide and on the Dance/Club songs chart, next single will be “End of Time” the so called-hit, and she’s SLAYING on iTunes Music Video downloads and YouTube, ….. so you can’t say she’s not doing her thing..

  46. 19 is Underrated March 8, 2012


    – NAVY
    – HIVE
    – NAVY
    – H.I.V.E.

    Just tell me where to stick my nose

  47. Anne March 8, 2012

    Like the dark hair much better; never heard the song but hope it’s better than TTT.

  48. mobwife March 8, 2012

    She looks so much prettier with her natural hair color. We’ve seen enough color on her for awhile. Perhaps she will get back to the GGGB Rih I use to like! ?

  49. mobwife March 8, 2012


    Actually TTT isn’t a bad song. I think you’re right about the tension with Beyonce’s pet camel! I hope she stands by her decision to move forward with her life and stop allowing others to “yank her chain” like she’s a dog on a leash. Gay-z has some nerve with his long history of beating women, calling females everything but a child of God, stabbing Ung etc! 🙁

  50. Teacher March 8, 2012

    Stans make me LOL
    March 8, 2012 at 8:16 am
    @ Karla…… alright chick calm down…. my mistake… 3 out of her 5 Grammys are for her featuring on somebody elses track. In my opinion I don’t think singing a chorus or a verse on somebody else’s song (unless you also wrote lyrics for the track) should grant you a Grammy.
    Jay Z, Sean Paul, Kid Cudi, Fergie and Melanie Fiona all wrote on the tracks that they also leant their vocals too…Riri did not, so YES I will downplay Rihanna Grammy’s!!!!
    She does however bring flavor to songs and because she is popular right now, it makes the song a hit.
    But any who she stay doing her thang and I stay doing mine, so its not that serious!
    Have a great day Rihanna stan

    Rihanna won two grammys for Run This Town and she wrote her part on that song…so again u FAIL……..Run This Town was originally Rihanna’s song but Jay-z liked so much he asked Rihanna for it…..

  51. I’mjustsayin March 8, 2012

    Rihanna won two grammys for Run This Town and she wrote her part on that song…so again u FAIL……..Run This Town was originally Rihanna’s song but Jay-z liked so much he asked Rihanna for it…..

    Rihanna must have written a sentence max, in the credits her name is listed after Jay, (Kanye West;Jeffrey Bhasker;Shawn Carter;Robyn Fenty) and Jay has 2 verses, unless you are going say she helped right his verses too, there isn’t much more to be credited with. Where are you getting Run this town was orginally Rihanna’s song and Jay asked her for it? lol Next you are going to say All of the lights was Rihanna’s but she gave it to Ye. This was Kanye’s song for Jay.

  52. 19 is Underrated March 9, 2012

    You’re right guys. Same way, 2 of her 11 #1’s are for providing chourses on rap songs.

    Considering Rihanna has 11 #1’s, Beyonce has 9

  53. riri March 9, 2012

    she looks hooooooooot! Glad the black hair is back!

    i dont really care for her music! I hate dance music!

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