Hot Shots: Lil’ Kim Shows Off Her Cakes

Published: Sunday 18th Mar 2012 by Rashad

Mind. Out. Of. The. Gutter!

The Queen B Lil Kim was all the buzz when she dropped by Palermo’s Bakery this weekend.  Seen snapping a few photos with fans/bakery workers, the ‘How Many Licks’ hitmaker was said to be taste-testing/designing a cake for a friend’s baby shower.

Fans may be ready to find out what the pint sized rapper is (musically) cooking up herself, but until then, they’ll have to catch her performing the golden oldies on BET’s Rip The Runway .

Tidbit:  Might we add, Kim is looking…dare we say it…Great!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Nicole March 19, 2012

    Queen b**** of hip hop

  2. Tbozfan10 March 19, 2012

    Her fans are so lucky that she cares about them so much to be taking these random photos for them in the bakery store. That will certainly make up for the fact that she’s been promising them for seven years now that her album will be released just around the corner.

  3. HateNicki March 19, 2012

    Team kim4life

  4. Love on top March 19, 2012

    She is looking great for lil kim standards YESS! But over all she still looks a mess *plays how many licks and P**** pops* gimmie anther 1 kim

  5. kimberly March 19, 2012

    I was just going throught lil kims videos this past weekend and was wondeering, does niki minaj rap. I went through ladies night video with all these females rapping and is wondering what is niki doing and introducing the young people to? why must she wear these crazy outfits she did not start her career with? why must she sing pop to crossover? WHY THE HYPE AROUND NIKI?

  6. Nats March 19, 2012

    Dont u worry what Nicki is doing, isnt this post about Kim, Nicki is readying a full on sophomore hip hop album for her fans ? Kim’s cakes are fakes, one minute she is flatter than a pancake, and the next she is popping in some ghetto club with a full rotund ass. Dont be mad cause Nic is giving us what we want and Kim is posing with pastry.

  7. nikoyuki March 19, 2012

    Kim is just like any other black woman, our ass and hips grow with age. So shes all real, think you. Seen it happen with the older woman in my family all the time. They started out small and petite. Then their ass and hips spread with their age.

  8. IF U SEEK AMY March 19, 2012

    Why every time there’s a Lil’ Kim post Nicki Minaj name comes up? This is about Kim!! Say It With Me K-I-M! Kim isn’t worried about Nicki so why the f*** are yall worried her. They are totally different artist on two different levels to a certain instinct (cough, but I’m not gonna go there but I’m sure yall know what I’m talking about) Kim is doing her own thing and on her grown woman status feeding all the haters. lol I love it. P.S. I thought this post was gon be about some different cakes *wink wink* lol

  9. :l March 19, 2012

    NIKOYUKI come on now,i am a fan of nicki and even i now that nicki,s back side is work on i admit that,and you are going to swallow your spit and leave that comment about kim deffending her and you know that kim,s hip and other sh-t is fake sigh.

  10. Tbozfan10 March 19, 2012

    If Kim magically grew an ass and hips in a few short years then I guess Nicki did too. Lmfao. For real tho…

    I know nicki has a fake ass but at least I can admit it.

  11. glum March 20, 2012

    I wonder if the people even knew who she was. Not in a rude way but…

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